Hotel Concierge Service Pt. 01

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This is my first all women story. I hope you enjoy it. I would like to thank Emma for all her help editing.

This story has BDSM including spanking and submission. It’s about a young submissive woman who works at a hotel. She spends her evenings fantasizing about a woman at her gym.


As Michelle works out, her breathing is getting labored with each additional squat. Her eyes as usual glancing across the gym to the raven beauty several mats over. As a regular gym patron, she has seen her every night for the past 2 months. Michelle finds herself staring, watching her infatuation grow with each workout. Her tanned, toned body perfectly sculpted.

She is completely enthralled watching the subject of her fixation work out harder and harder. She imagines licking the sweat of her perfect body. Sliding her tongue along her wet pussy lips and along her asshole. Michelle can feel her own pussy heating as her imagination goes wild.

After her workout, Michelle heads to the shower hoping, like each night, that her obsession will enter as well. Her heart stops as she enters, walking confidently to the stall across from her, leaving her towel in her locker. She can feel her pussy warm watching the water glisten off her perfect breasts, guessing them to be C cups. She marvels at how firm they are for a woman of her age, which she surmised to be early forties. Her dark nipples harden as she slides her soapy hands across them.

Not able to look away, Michelle watches intently as she soaps her pussy letting the water rinse off her shaved sex. Michelle, wonders how her pussy tastes, if she likes her nipples bitten or sucked. Closing her eyes she turns, letting her hands slide down her own body with thoughts of her racing in her mind. As Michelle’s fingers rub across her throbbing clit, her pussy tingles and she knows when she gets home she will bring herself to orgasm dreaming of being dominated by this green eyed Goddess.

“Excuse me,” a strong sexy voice asks, bringing Michelle out of her sexual haze. Michelle opens her eyes quickly removing her fingers from her pussy, turning around to the person behind her. “My name is Bella. I have noticed you here for last few months. Would you like to go for a coffee?”

Michelle looks up at her, as she is at least three inches taller than her five foot six inches. “H..hello, I’m Michelle. Her eyes slowly scanning the naked body of the confident middle-aged woman standing in front of her. “Y..Yes, I would like that,” feeling her nervousness and excitement.

“Meet me in the entrance in twenty minutes?” Bella smiles as she looks deep into Michelle’s blue eyes.

“Sure, that would be great. I will see you then,” smiling back as she turns off the shower, covering her breasts, suddenly a little self-conscious.

“Excellent, see you then,” Bella’s eyes scanning Michelle’s wet naked body, her tongue slowly sliding along her full upper lip.

Bella winks and turns around walking out of the shower as Michelle watches her ass sway. Now beginning to breathe again, realizing what has just happened. “Oh my God,” she thinks to herself leaving the shower.

Picking up her towel, she begins to dry her body, her mind racing as the towel slides across her large D cup breasts, barely able to believe what just happened. She begins to recall her many nights alone fantasizing about Bella.

Twenty minutes later she is waiting in the entrance, nervously anticipating Bella. Her heart skips a beat as Bella walks through the door. Her long hair flowing, her breasts emphasized by her low cut revealing black top. She is wearing jeans that fit her perfectly, showing her magnificent body.

“Hey Michelle, sorry I’m late,” Bella says as she walks up to her.

“It’s ok, just got here myself,” Michelle returns, sneaking a peak at Bella’s perfect breasts.

“Shall we?” she asks, opening the door for Michelle.

“Absolutely,” smiles Michelle walking through the door breathing in the intoxicating scent of Bella as she passes by.

They walk across the street to the coffee shop, get their order and take a seat in the back corner. Bella, picks up her mug, their eyes locked, as she takes a sip.

“So Michelle, tell me about yourself,” Bella asks in an assertive tone.

She takes her sip as well, “Not much to know. I’m 28, I live alone and work at the Marriott down town.” Michelle takes another sip of her steaming tea.

“Oh really, what do you do there?” Bella continuing to look deeply into Michelle’s eyes.

“Just a hotel concierge,” she comments beginning to feel her body heating from the intense glaring from Bella.

“Are you seeing anyone Michelle?” asks Bella, leaning forward her eyes slowly scanning down Michelle’s body making her feel almost naked.

“No, no I’m not,” answers Michelle.

Bella takes another sip. “Do you like women, Michelle?”

Michelle cannot believe the directness of this woman, focusing back at Bella, “I like men and women.”

“Oh, I see,” her voice softening. Slowly, canlı bahis she moves her leg letting it softly brush against Michelle’s. “Do you like strong woman Michelle?”

Feeling that Bella is peeling off her clothes, her pussy moistening between her legs. She just nods.

“Michelle,” Bella leaning even closer, “I can see you staring at me every night. Do you like what you see, Michelle?”

Michelle can feel her breath increasing, her nipples hardening under her bra. Again she nods, feeling her face heating, knowing she is blushing.

Bella slides her hand under the table whispering, “Say it,” her hand touching Michelle’s thigh.

“I do,” she whispers back, feeling herself being drawn into Bella’s spell.

“Spread your legs Michelle,” Bella commands as her fingers glide up to her burning pussy.

Michelle not able to control herself, not wanting to, spreads her legs as directed.

“Mmm, good girl,” purrs Bella, her finger now sliding along her pussy. “So warm,” she says as she caresses Michelle’s dripping pussy.

Bella leans in, knowing that Michelle is hers. “I want you to go home, and rub your pussy for me. Do not cum.” Her full pink lips press softly against Michelle’s. “Do you understand Michelle?”

A soft moan slips past Michelle’s lips, “Yes, fuck yes. I understand.”

Bella continues to rub Michelle’s pussy, feeling the dampness building between her legs. “Good girl,” she whispers again, biting softly on Michelle’s bottom lip.

“I want your cell number,” she orders, removing her fingers from between Michelle’s legs picking up her phone.

Michelle sighs, not wanting her to stop and gives Bella her number as she types it into her phone.

“Now go my pet,” Bella says, “I will contact you soon. Remember, you do not cum until I allow it.”

Michelle nods again, shocked at how fast this woman is able to get to her. She stands up, taking a last sip of her tea, recalling the word pet.

Bella stands up with her, pulling her closer, leaning in to her ear. “Michelle, it was a pleasure to meet you,” nibbling her ear moaning softly.

Her pussy on fire as she leaves the shop, walking to her apartment, thoughts of the last few minutes replaying in her head. Fuck, she thinks to herself, rushing into her apartment, not knowing if she will be able to obey as ordered.

Quickly she removes her clothes, marveling at the dampness of her panties, moving to the bed and spreading her legs. Her fingers find her smoldering pussy as her eyes close, rubbing softly while playing the night’s excitement in her head.

Still amazed at the speed that Bella was able to control her, she slips a finger into her tight pussy, sinking it deeper and deeper. Michelle moans as her finger slides in and out, her lips tight around her, dripping as her orgasm slowly builds.

Just before reaching orgasm she stops remembering the orders of Bella. Frustrated, she slips out her wet finger, bringing it to her lips tasting her sweet nectar.

The next day Michelle is at work, thinking about Bella. On edge from not coming. Her nightly routine of masturbating as she thinks about Bella not ending in her usual orgasm. She is a true submissive who enjoys pleasing everyone around her and has had several Mistresses and Masters in her exciting short life. Her pussy is constantly wet, always thinking about Bella.

Her roaming mind, always causes her panties to be soaked, requiring that she bring several changes to work each day. By lunch time, she normally heads to the restroom, rubbing her pussy needing to release. However, today is different, she is obeying this stranger who has quickly taken control of her.

Several minutes later, her juices flowing, the sound of the room service phone ringing brings her back, her hand warm from rubbing her dripping pussy. She picks up the phone, answering, “Hello, how may I help you?” her voice a little shaky.

“Yes, I would like another pillow, the two in my room are not acceptable,” the sultry, sexy voice on the other end of the line causing Michelle’s pussy to melt.

“Very sorry to hear that ma’am. What kind of pillow are you looking for, I will bring one up to you right away.”

“I need a much softer one, a very soft one. These are much too hard for me,” a subtle sexual tone in her sensual voice, slightly emphasizing the word hard. “Please bring it as soon as possible, I am eager to get to bed.”

Michelle breathing harder, her hand rubbing between her legs under the desk as the sex filled innuendos replay in her dirty, sexy mind. Suddenly she realizes the person on the other end of the line is Bella. “Holy shit,” she moans, her body panicking. “Fuck Fuck. Fuck,” her worry turning to something else. Slipping her hand under her skirt again, sliding over her wet panties. She slips two fingers into her warmth, moaning in her mind, needing to release so bad.

She gets two pillows and tells her co-worker that she will be taking her dinner break now after bringing pillows bahis siteleri to room 953. Her hand is shaking as she presses the elevator button, envisioning Bella laying on her bed with her toned legs spread, her pussy lips parted and dripping onto the expensive cotton sheets.

Knocking on the door, Michelle says, “Room service, I have your pillows.”

“Come in, come in the door is open,” a bit of frustration in her tone.

Slowly Michelle pushes the door, looking at the large luxurious suite, “Hello, it’s Michelle,” she keeps walking to the bedroom.

“Michelle, I am glad you brought them. Just put them under my legs, like a good girl,” that term once again bringing back her fond submissive memories.

Bella is laying spread out on the bed, over the covers in a sheer black negligee. “You look much different than when I see you at the gym,” tapping on the bed. Michelle moves closer noticing she is not wearing any panties.

“Here my pet, sit next to me,” feeling Bella’s eyes burning into her.

Michelle walks over slowly, not able to look away from Bella’s bare pussy, hardly covered by the sheer black lace fabric. “You look a little different from the gym as well.” She sits on the bed, mere inches from Bella’s glistening pussy. “Shall I put these under your legs now?” Michelle slides down the bed, her eyes still glued to the woman’s exquisite sex.

She looks at Michelle, “You may call me Mistress Bella,” she asserts while lifting up her legs causing the fabric to fall past her wetness.

Michelle moans, her hand shaking as she slips the pillows under her perfect, toned legs. Her words making her pussy drip even more.

“Tell me Michelle, were you a good girl,” Bella spreads her legs a little wider, whispering, “Did you go home last night and rub your pussy for me, without coming?”

Michelle nods whispering, “Yes Mistress Bella.” Her eyes still drawn to Bella’s pussy, then she looks away.

“Michelle, I did not say you may look away. Do you not find me attractive?” she starts rubbing her pussy, pushing her middle finger inside her wet hole, moaning as her lips fold around it.

Michelle looks back, gulping eagerly watching the finger sink into Bella’s shaved, wet pussy. She moans feeling the wetness between her legs.

“Michelle, when you stare at me in the gym, do you wonder what my pussy tastes like?” asks Bella, her finger sliding in and out of her dripping hole.

“Yes, Mistress Bella,” she confesses feeling her face turning red.

Bella pulls her finger from her dripping cunt, whispering, “Would you like to taste my pussy now, slut?”

“Yes Mistress Bella,” her eyes focusing on the wet finger Bella is presenting.

Bella says, “I have rules for my pets. No clothes in bed. Remove your clothes like a good girl,” her wet finger motioning her to savor her sweet juice.

Hands shaking, pussy dripping, Michelle unbuttons her blouse, seeing her nipples poking through the soft white camisole. Slowly she pulls off her top, tossing it to the floor, then sliding down the spaghetti straps of the cami, the support falling too, as her large breasts fall slightly. Bella’s eyes perk up seeing her hard, erect nipples peak over the white camisole.

“Mmm, very nice.” Bella starts rubbing her pussy, remembering Michelle’s breasts from the gym, getting her finger more wet for her new found sub.

“Now the skirt my pet,” her eyes glued to her sex.

Slowly reaching down as the camisole falls to the floor, her hands hooking the skirt sliding it down her long legs.

“Oh dear,” Bella moans seeing Michelle’s pussy lips clearly visible through her sheer soaked panties.

Michelle blushes again, pulling them down, they slightly stick to her shaved pussy lips. Again, another soft moan coming from Bella, “Show me. Fuck, show me,” her well-dressed eyes not able to look away.

The panties slowly slide down Michelle’s legs, agonizingly slowly they part from her wet cunt, a visible wet trail follows along her thigh.

“Closer my sweet slut, closer.”

Michelle crawls up the bed, her large breasts swaying. Each hard nipple aching, needing to be sucked and licked as they softly brush against Bella’s lace negligee.

“Open your mouth, do it now,” an insistent Bella demands.

Michelle quickly obeys, her tongue slipping out too, the moments feeling like hours, her heart pumping knowing Bella’s pussy juice will taste so good. Many nights in bed she had fantasized about tasting her.

Slowly Mistress Bella slips her pussy soaked finger into her greedy mouth. Michelle swirls her tongue over it, wrapping her pink lips around it. Sucking and licking, Michelle’s pussy now dripping down her inner thigh.

“Such a good slut. I knew you were,” leaning in, “You are my slut now. Nod if you agree.”

She nods in agreement, not wanting to have Bella remove her finger until she’s completely devoured her sweet juice.

“Michelle, tell me, do you like being told what to do?” Bella continues pushing her bahis şirketleri finger deeper into Michelle’s warm mouth.

Michelle nods, her eyes not leaving Bella’s as she lowers her hand to her naked pussy, enjoying Bella’s sweet taste.

“Did I say you may touch your pussy? Immediately Michelle removes her hand from her needy hole.

“I’m Sorry Bella, I won’t do it again.”

Slap! Bella’s hand smacks across Michelle’s face, “What did I say MY name is, you stupid whore?” her voice filled with both rage and lust.

“I’m sorry Mistress Bella, it won’t happen again,” the humiliation doing its intended job on her smoldering hole.

She grabs Michelle’s face, “It better not my slut or we will be done here.” Letting go demanding, “Now lay back on the bed, I want my pussy licked.” She leans in, “If I do not cum in two minutes, you will not be coming tonight either. Nod if you understand.”

Michelle’s eyes widen, nodding, knowing she will need to cum shortly. Her pussy is on fire, needing to be touched and fucked hard.

Bella kneels beside Michelle’s beautiful head, holding onto the headboard. Her pussy just out of reach of Michelle’s greedy mouth. Mistress Bella reaches back grabbing Michelle’s nipple hard, making her moan loudly. “Sssshhh, you’re going to get us kicked out.” Again she grabs her nipple, covering Michelle’s mouth with her wet cunt as she lowers herself, twisting her nipple as Michelle screams into her Mistresses wetness.

Slowly she moves her wet pussy back and forth over Michelle’s eager mouth, pulling off her negligee tossing it to the floor, her magnificent breasts on display, nipples hard as diamonds. Michelle has seen her naked many times in the showers, and fantasized that her lips would be sucking her hard dark nipples. Never in her wildest fantasies did she think she would get to see her perfect breasts from this angle, while her tongue is buried deep inside her tight wet cunt.

Bella reaches lower rubbing her fellow gym patron’s pussy, whispering, “I hope you are as good at licking pussy as I think you are,” moaning as she presses her pussy harder over Michelle’s eager mouth. “Remember, two minutes,” she starts rocking faster across Michelle’s soft face.

“Mmm, such a good little slut,” her body grinding harder over Michelle’s expert mouth. Bella slips a finger into Michelle’s soaking pussy, softly saying, “Oh, I see someone likes eating pussy.”

Michelle too far gone to hear anything, think anything. Her only focus is getting her Mistress to cum quickly. She slips a finger into Bella’s ass making her moan.

“Yes, my slut. Fuck my holes like a dirty little sub.” The words driving Michelle horny as she fucks the holes of her new found Mistress.

“Right there, my pet. Fuck so good, my slut,” Bella getting to the edge, grinding harder over Michelle’s eager mouth. “You are such a pussy licking whore. Don’t stop, fuck!” Bella’s pussy tightens, her release taking over.

“Fuck, Fuck, I’m coming you slut. Don’t you fucking stop,” Bella still fingering Michelle’s sopping cunt. Rubbing faster on her sub’s throbbing clit, feeling her orgasm about the hit. Her pussy is grinding, squeezing Michelle’s eager tongue as wave after wave spills out of her, Michelle feasting on every drop, doing her best to swallow it all.

When she finally calms down Bella turns around, bending into a sixty-nine position as she starts fucking Michelle with 3 fingers, stretching her tight cunt, licking and sucking her throbbing clit.

“Mistress! Mistress! May I cum for you?” begs Michelle.

Bella moans, impressed with her submissive’s restraint. Michelle’s pussy tightening around her pounding fingers as she yells out, “Cum my slut, cum for me, like a good girl,” her fingers relentlessly pumping as Michelle explodes onto the new pillows.

“Fuck, Fuck Bella, I want you. I want this. I’m yours,” moans Michelle, her pussy spasming, coming again. Bella now spreading her fingers in Michelle’s quivering cunt. After three strong waves, she pulls out of her pussy, licking Michelle’s cum from her drenched fingers, the sweet taste not disappointing her.

She turns over on top of Michelle, kissing her pussy soaked lips. Whispering, “You are mine now, only mine.”

Michelle, her eyes glazed and content, smiles, whispering back, “only yours, Mistress Bella.”

Bella slides next to her new toy, her hand caressing Michelle’s warm body. “What time do you get off, my pet?” she says with a smile, her fingers dancing over Michelle’s erect nipples.

Looking at her, “I just did, so good Mistress Bella, thank you.”

Bella slaps her breast, “Such a bad girl, I will need to punish you later.”

Michelle’s eyes widen, “Mmm, I would like that a lot,” as a sad look comes over her face. “I better get going, my dinner is only thirty minutes.”

Bella pulls her close, kissing her softly, again whispering, “I want you here, the second you finish.”

Smiling, “I finish at 11 PM, and I will be here as you command.”

“Good girl,” she smiles back, reaching into a case, saying softly, “One more thing before you leave. On all fours my slut.”

Looking at Bella, feeling her pussy tingle, she quickly gets onto all fours, “Is this good, Mistress?”

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