Hot and Steamy

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One of the favorite memories of my youth is of weekends spent at our family cottage. It was located on a large lake with the only access being by boat from a marina five miles distant. The cottage was self-serviced except for TV and telephone. Going there was like going back in time and although the town where we lived was relatively small in size, it was still civilization. Friday evening could not come soon enough for us to pack up and leave for the lake.

The cottage was located on a bay that provided protection from the sometimes-rough conditions of the main body of the lake. The bay was crescent shaped and over a mile in length, mostly beach with occasional rock outcroppings splitting the beach into shorter sections. Our lots were large and the cottages screened from each other by trees but visible from the beach or docks.

One of the rock outcroppings separated our beach from our neighbors. They were a Finnish family, the parents were immigrants but the kids born and raised with us. Being of Finnish origin, a cottage for them would not have been complete without a sauna, and they had built one on the rock outcropping separating our beaches. Deeper water off the rock allowed them to leave the sauna and jump directly into the lake, winter or summer.

We became weekend friends with the family who made the sauna available to us. Our family did not use it a lot, and my mother would not permit us to join them. They did it naked you see, but admittedly only after dark. I yearned to join them. They had a very beautiful daughter Anna who I worshiped through my teenage years, but never had the courage to date.

At any rate I had left home for college and then found work on the other side of the country. I had not been to the lake for over five years. I returned home on one occasion for a two-week vacation and decided to spend a few days at the lake during mid-week. The kids would be in school and I virtually alone in the bay for several days, just the way I wanted it. It was mid-September; the days were quite warm and the nights very cool. Perfect conditions as far as I was concerned. A walleye run was on and I planned to spend most of my daylight hours fishing from our boat.

I came provisioned for at least a month and was full of excitement as I pulled into our dock. I sat back in the seat of the boat and looked up at the cottage, unchanged for many years. It was built up on a slope rising from the beach and framed by a stand of birch trees, the leaves now turning yellow with the arrival of fall.

As I began to unload the boat I glanced down the beach. As I expected there were very few boats tied to docks so I seemed assured of a quiet few days. The neighbor’s dock was also empty and I presumed that they were not present. I continued to work away moving back and forth to the cottage with supplies and was surprised to hear, “Hi there Jim, it’s been a while!”

I looked up to see Valma, the wife and mother of the Finnish neighbors, waving at me from the deck of their cottage. Although Finnish born she had acclimatized to our way of life and retained only a slight accent. She had always seemed to be in the background in my earlier life, working away and keeping things in order. Her husband Peter drank a lot but she was able to steer him on the straight and narrow along with her two exuberant trouble-seeking sons.

I waved back and shouted, “Good seeing you Mrs. Niemi, will be over after I finish here, where is everyone?” I gestured towards the empty dock.

She replied, “Peter had to go back to work, the boat’s at the landing in case he can get free to return before Friday.” She looked great, I had always thought her quite pretty but my carnal thoughts had always been focused on her daughter Anna. She leaned ahead on the railing as we exchanged words, bunching her breasts forward to the point I was hoping one might pop out. “Come over when you are free.” She returned into her cottage.

I busied away, started the gen-set, pumped water to our storage tank and generally cleaned the place up. It was no longer used regularly and there was a musty smell to air out and beer to get cold in the propane fridge. It was late afternoon by now and I decided to put off fishing until tomorrow. I grabbed a beer and walked over to chat with Valma.

She must have been watching for me because she came out on the deck as I approached. I guessed her age at somewhere between 45 and 50 and she looked stunning. She was a blond with blue eyes and was wearing a blouse with plunging neckline along with cut-off jean shorts, reminding me of Daisy Mae in the Lil Abner comic strip. This was a different looking woman from five years ago. She had changed from the harried mother and wife to a very attractive woman. She looked reborn, being freed from the daily worries about her rambunctious children looked good on her.

“My goodness Mrs. Niemi, you look radiant, you must be living a good life.” We brushed cheeks as we shook hands.

She blushed a little, casino siteleri her pale blue eyes sparkling as she murmured, “So do you Jim, you are a man now, no longer a pain in the butt peeking at us coming out of the sauna. And please, call me Valma.”

We both laughed and I replied, “Well, nakedness was sort of new to me, and my mother would never let us join all of you. And besides, I never did see much in the dark.”

She said, “I know, I know, it was not such a big deal for we Finns, it was part of life in the old country, but we soon realized that being naked meant different things here. Well, some different things anyway.”

We moved on, bringing each other up to date on our lives and families. She invited me to have dinner with her, but I begged off stating that I still had things to do at the cottage. As we parted she said, “I’ll start up the sauna, you can join me if you like. I’ll be Finnish style, but you are free to do it your way.” She laughed in a manner that suggested she did not believe I would accept her invitation.

But I replied, “Love to, always wanted to be a Finn.”

I think that my reply surprised her but she continued, “It’ll be ready by sundown, just come on in when you want to.” A pause and then, “You don’t have to come as a Finn you know.” But she was smiling and my thought was that she was hoping that I would come exactly that way.

The strange encounter unsettled me and I could not quite believe that I might soon be naked with Valma, my neighbor, mother of my teenage friends; and even more so, the wife of big Pete the Finn. I busied myself with straightening things in the cottage and making a meal. She had to be kidding. I was sure she would not be naked in the sauna. I continued to argue with myself while peering out down the beach for any signs of her. There was heat emitting from the small stack indicating the propane burner was indeed heating the sauna stones inside.

I cancelled my plan to go fishing in the late evening, too many things to do, too many thoughts of what might happen later. If I did go in naked, could I keep it down? I mean, sitting beside this naked woman could only have one affect on me. I would get hard. What would she think? Surely when the Finns were all naked in the sauna, the males did not have hard-ons.

And why was Valma acting so out of character? She had always been pleasant but had never ventured any particular warmth towards me, or anyone else. She had never been in the least flirtatious with other men that I could recall. And she had never dressed in plunging necklines and tight to the ass jean shorts. Damn she looked good as the vision of her tits almost popping out of her bra flashed back to my mind. And the way the tight jean shorts barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks fueled my fantasies. Stop it; contain yourself, your mind runs faster than events. I took a deep breath.

The sun was below the horizon as darkness settled in creating a reddish glow over the tops of the trees on the other side of the lake. I went back and forth to the window to see if Valma really would make an appearance. And then, a voice from the dusk, “Jim, I’m going in now, join me when you’re ready.”

I raced back to the window to catch a glimpse of her standing in front of the entry portal. She was wearing a white robe. God, would she be naked under that robe? Did I really want her to be naked when I got there? Damn right. I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. I slipped on my flip-flops and hurried over, shivering slightly either from the cool air or anticipation.

There is a little vestibule inside the first door to the sauna. One removed their outer clothes before entering the second door into the heating compartment. Ah God, her white robe was hung there, but she could have something light underneath; a bathing suit, bra and panties, or of course she could be naked like a Finn.

I stripped off my tee shirt, paused and pushed down my shorts. Good, at least I was not hard, what the hell, be brave. I opened the door and entered the steamy interior made more mysterious by the light from a yellow bulb bringing to mind old movie scenes of opium dens in the Far East.

Valma was sitting at the end of the lower bench. She was naked as hell while shielding her tits with one arm. I was holding a protective hand in front of my cock as well. It was obvious that we could not hold these positions all night and as soon as her arm came down, I lifted my hand. Still not hard, good, but I had the feeling that it would not be too long in developing.

I moved closer to her, she was smiling, “Glad you came,” she said, “It would have been a lonely sauna without you.” I looked down at her tits, damn big ones; they hung like gourds and had long nipples jutting out like the tips of fingers.

She smiled at me when I looked back up at her, “Might as well get used to it, I like you looking at them.” There is little pretense about Finnish people and usually what you see or canlı casino hear is what you get. As if reminding herself of my nakedness, she slowly lowered her eyes down my chest and belly to my cock that was now squirming and expanding as the blood flooded in. Her eyes lingered before she said, “I hope you don’t mind me looking at you, you have a beautiful body.” Her eyes went back to my cock.

To this point, I had not murmured word one except possibly for a ‘hello’ that I may have uttered on entry. What the hell does one say to a naked woman whom you don’t know all that well, and who you are thinking about fucking but shouldn’t be? Finally I gasped out a few words, “You are very beautiful Valma, and I have thought of little else since this afternoon.” I looked back down at her tits.

She got up, turned away from me as she bent to to scoop some water with a dipper from a pail and toss it on the hot rocks. Steam flew up and the increase in temperature was almost immediate. The sweat was running down my face and off my chin. I stared at her ass cheeks before she turned and confronted me with the V of her legs and belly; her mound covered by her large trimmed bush. She smiled at me as she settled back down a little closer to me, “What did you say?” she asked.

I had muttered something under my breath, and she had caught it so I responded with a sheepish grin, “I said ‘oh fuck’ when I saw your pussy.”

She laughed loudly, “Oh that’s good, you can look all you want, just don’t count on getting any.”

I was okay with that; this was away more pleasure than I had ever imagined having at the cottage. And it was a start. I was not exactly a virgin and knew from experience that a ‘start’ could provide big dividends where sex was concerned. She was looking at me after all, she must enjoy what she was seeing and she was certainly in a receptive mood.

I sensed that she was open to suggestive chat and while looking deliberately at her tits I grinned, “Well, maybe no pussy, but will I be able to touch anything else?”

Quite frankly I could not really figure what she was about. This was a very different lady than the one I remembered from my youth. Her demeanor was teasing and provocative as she glanced down at my quite stiff cock, “Who knows, I suppose it could happen,” and she slipped one hand along the steamy bench between us, as if anxious to touch me.

We had entered an area of discussion for which we had not prepared and she became cautious, withdrawing her hand then just inches from my hip.

She said in a serious voice, “This was spur of the moment Jim. The thought to do this only occurred as we chatted today. My outlook on life has changed since the kids left home and suddenly I realize that I have not lived a full life. Peter and I married at sixteen. We were each the first lovers of the other. I have never had another man, but have been wondering what I might have missed. I’m sorry if I have been a tease to you, I simply wanted to see what it was like to be close and intimate with someone different.”

I replied, “Don’t be sorry, I am thrilled to be here with you, believe me. I will have no regrets no matter which way things go.” I was trying to sound noble and did mean most of what I had uttered, but to be honest I was sure now that we would fuck and I would be really stressed if we did not.

I reached over as she turned to me and took a long nipple between my fingers, rolling and squeezing it gently. She closed her eyes as I lifted the other tit in my hand and repeated feeling and squeezing that nipple. “My God,” I groaned, “I have never seen or felt nipples like yours, I want to suck them.”

Her eyes were still closed as she pulled my head down to the hot sweaty valley between her tits. She trembled as she reached between us and clasped my rigid cock in her hand. I moved my mouth from one long nipple to the other, progressively sucking in more and more each time, pinching my lips tight on them, pulling them out from her chest and releasing them. She used the shaking tip of a finger to circle my knob, oh so gently, teasing the little hole, running it down the base of my cock and back up in a hot suggestive manner.

We remained like this for some minutes. The only sounds were the hissing of the hot rocks providing a background for our heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. A sauna is heavily insulated and all outside sounds are completely dulled, magnifying those from the interior.

She pushed back from me and licked her lips as if savoring the feelings and senses we had aroused in each other. But I could tell that she was wavering like the dog that caught the car and did not know what to do with it. She was probably worried that she had allowed things to progress this far.

I pushed her legs open and moved my hand up her inner thigh from the knee to her pussy. I could feel the hot dampness of her slit on the lead edge of my hand. She moaned, “Jim, I don’t know. I’ve never been with another man.” But she spread kaçak casino more and covered my hand with hers as I slowly moved my fingertips back and forth along the length of the slit. I bent and captured a nipple between my lips. She cupped my head, holding it while I inhaled the nipple deep into my mouth.

I figured that I was home free until she stiffened and lifted my hand from between her legs and whispered in my ear, “Can we take a break? Let’s cool off in the lake first, and then see what happens.”

I whispered back, “Alright Valma, no problem, a swim it is.” But just to remind her what the next step would have been, I pushed two fingers into her pussy and fingered her gently but deeply. She arched her back towards me, almost crying, but then gripped my hand and pulled my fingers free.

We were both breathing heavily as we exited the sauna. She moved out onto the walkway over the water and jumped in. I could see her breasts flailing in the starlight as she disappeared into the black waters. I jumped in to one side of her. We broke surface together and without pausing we joined as one as the lake water gradually cooled our overheated bodies.

We kissed. It was actually our first kiss after touching and sucking each other for some half hour. Her big tits crushed each side of my chest, the hard nipples scratching my skin. Her legs spread and my cock moved between them without any deliberate effort on my part. We worked our way over to the beach and crawled out to lie in the sand, she on top of me as we clutched and kissed and fondled.

She pushed up to her extended arms allowing her nipples to graze my chest. I could feel the curly hairs on her bush rubbing along the bottom of my cock now squashed up along my belly. She looked determined as she whispered, “Go to your bed, wait for me, I must prepare for this, I will come to you quickly.” Her Finnish accent returned more strongly with these words, obviously she was dealing with some stress. She pushed to her feet and climbed back to the sauna to grab her robe and return to her cottage.

I was no longer certain that I was going to get laid although it would not be the first time that I had experienced rejection at a similar point. I returned to the sauna to recover my shorts and tee shirt and ambled off to my cottage. I toweled off in front of the window, watching to see if my neighbor would return. After a few minutes, I crawled naked onto my bed as per instructions. Amazingly, I was still hard. I considered getting off but did not want to spoil the possible return of my middle-aged lover.

I lay still on the bed after turning on a propane light located in the corner of my room. I heard nothing until the beaded curtains of my doorway clicked and parted and Valma was suddenly in the room with me. She wore a sheer robe, barely concealing a soft white bra and small lace trimmed panties. I lay there mesmerized at her beauty. She leaned over me, her breasts hanging down as her lips found mine. She smelled great, just the right amount of scent had been applied to make her even more alluring.

“If you still want me, I am yours tonight.” Her tongue slithered into my mouth as my one hand fondled a breast and the other slipped down her side to her hip and ass.

She straightened up and untied the robe, allowing it to fall to the floor. “Jim, if you desire me, you must say it in words, please.” She was sounding formal and foreign and it took me a minute to understand that she was serious. My stiff cock surely described my desire for her, but finally I stammered out, “Oh God Valma, of course I do. I want to be in you.” She unhooked the bra and her tits tumbled out, glorious nipples full and hard.

“Take my panties off,” she murmured, “touch my garden,” she ordered.

I rolled to sit up on the edge of the bed and pushed her panties down to her knees. I had to touch her. I rubbed my fingertips on her bulging mound, sorting and sifting between her curly blond and gray pubic hairs seeking the top of her slit. “Ahhhhhh,” she moaned as my fingers slipped between her legs and along each side of her pussy lips. She pushed her panties down and off as I continued to pleasure her hot cunt.

She climbed on the bed beside me. My fingers never left her slit as she crawled close to me. We shifted awkwardly as we attempted to lie side by side.

I was ready to enter her, but she whispered, “Slow now, no rushing, you will get all you want tonight, I am yours but I want to be loved and seduced. You are my fantasy come to life. A beautiful young man, hard body and filled with desire for me. I want to enjoy the rest as much as the beginning. You are the perfect one for me.”

She rubbed against me with every part of her body that could be applied. I had never before sensed a woman who wanted me inside her to this extent. I felt smothered in the sex emanating from each part of her as she moved, kissed and touched and rubbed me. I could not decide what part I needed to feel and suck most, her beautiful tits, the soft velvet of her ass cheeks, her engorged pussy or the taste and feel of her tongue and lips. They all demanded my attention at the same time. I was selecting from an erotic buffet of pleasure.

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