Horned God Rises

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Horned God Rising

I am writing this because I need to get it down before I forget it. My name is Jasmine King. I know that sounds a little like a stripper name, but I am really not. My mom was sort of a hippie and said I was named after her favorite incense. Guess it could be worse, I could be Patchouli King or Musk or something. I have always been a bit off. Got really tired of being called “Jazz the Spaz”, though Jazzy was kinda cool, and for a while I styled myself J.K like the Harry Potter lady, but too many people thought it meant “Just Kidding”. So Jazz I am. I am 25 and have been into alternate religions since I was 15. Started off with stupid stuff, like trying to be like those girls on Charmed, playing with Ouija boards and a couple of failed love spells with rather catastrophic outcomes, I finally found a teacher who let me into the real scoop and taught me the rules.

The thing I like most about being a Witch is the freedom from guilt. I mean if I do something wrong I am supposed to make up for it, I can have remorse for my actions, but not being guilty all the time is so cool. My Mom was a free spirit but my Gramma scared the bejeebers out of me when I was a teenager trying to get me to fear her God and keep myself pure for Jesus. My present religion not only says sex is not bad, but it is actually a sacrament. Even masturbation can be holy if done with proper intent. It’s like praying but a LOT more fun!

Anyhow I do not have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend right now (I am bi too, BI the way Laughing) but I have a few fellow followers of the Craft that I share my body with when the need arises. There is Cassandra, she is like ten years older than me and has the most amazing squirting orgasms, you need a snorkel to go down on her. Then there is Lars. He is a Norse practitioner but I do not hold that against him. Currently I have been spending time with Charles (I refuse to call him Chas like some of his friends because Chas and Jazz would be so sweet I’d need insulin!) Chas is about 4 years older than me and been studying the Craft for that much longer as well. He has been initiated to the third degree but he is too busy trying to get a degree in Library science to do much coven work. He is sort of shy but he is really intense sexually, makes me cum til I scream!

So, I have been working with these two other women, not really a coven, more like some friends just doing Sabbats and Full Moons together for now. Both of them are a bit older but only been doing this like a year.

Thea (Her real name is Janice but we all think Thea is cooler!) is a sweet blonde with pale, pale skin. She has really nice breasts (We practice skyclad which is witch-speak for naked!) and has just started getting some pagan themed tattoos. She is married but her husband is more into sports than her so that is kinda sad because she has some really horny times and I had to go shopping with her to that adult store “Temptations” to get a dildo. She was mortified to go alone. I offered to show her how it works but she blushed like crazy.

The other girl is Vixen. Her real name is Gloria but her long pretty auburn hair reminded us of a fox. She has skin like cinnamon, and tits that are like double Ds at least. Her nipples are as big as the tip of my thumb, probably because she had two kids and breast fed them. (Lucky little snots!) She shaves her snatch, and Thea and I have talked about how we should do it too, like a uniform for our little witch triangle, like being bald sisters or something. She has these really sexy round hips and she reminds me of the girls in those old fantasy paintings by Frank Frazetta. She is horny too, and we have kissed couple times after Thea has left and she let me tweak her nipples and I swear she came but got embarrassed by it. She kisses better than anybody I know and she says her husband ignores her now too. What is the deal, she is GORGEOUS!

Anyways they sort of look to me to set things up because I have had a little more experience. Samhain is coming up. (By the way, it is pronounced Sow EEN or Sow wen not Sam Hane like some screwy private dick in a 40s novel!) Mundanes (Or muggles) call it Halloween and these guys had never really BEEN to a cool ritual. There are a couple open rits around but I relay wanted to do something special with just us. Since we live in the Southeast, it is still not too freezing out. I have some facebook friends in Denver and sometimes it is snowing on Samhain there. My grandpa has some land about 45 minutes outside of town, part fields but with like 4 acres of woods. I have gone camping there before and gramps is too old to go out there now. We made a fire pit right in the middle of the trees.

So we had been reading about The Great Rite, which is witchspeak for ritual sex. Very few witches do it now because even our religion is getting all PC and stuff, but I think the idea of a priestess and priest representing the Goddess and God making love is really mind blowing. So I called Charles and asked if he was in. I took him out there the week before so he could find the place. There is a gate with a rutted road. I told him to drive up and then once he was through to dim the lights and park just inside.

We went to the clearing and casino oyna cleaned out the firepit and then got a load of branches for firewood. We raked the area around the fire to get rid of anything pokey. He even set up a fire with kindling and a little wood teepee thing and told me he’d get me some pinecones dipped in wax to start it. The idea would be we would go out there, just us three gals, and do a rit. I’d bring a boom box with some drumming on it and we’d invoke the Horned God, Cernunnos, Herne, Arawn, and Pan even! He’d come out of the woods wearing some cool ren fest clothes and his antler head dress (I and never seen it but he said it was cool) and then he’d take me right there in front of the other two girls, then he’d stay for our cakes and wine (Nothing too serious, we had to drive back) Once it was over I’d introduce him (The girls and already heard me talk about him. Who knows might be a cool way to start a group if we gel. We got so excited planning he pulled my jeans down and licked me standing next to a tree, then spun me around and took me hard. I pulled up my shirt so my nipples could feel the bark. When we came together we both just yelled like animals. It was so hot!

Oh, I did not say what I looked like. I am about 5’4″ and have brown hair, though it has been a lot of different colors as I experimented over the years. I have C cup breasts with small pink nipples that get really puffy when you touch them and hard as pebbles if you suck on them. I am not gorgeous, in fact I could use a bit more hips to be curvy. I am not Playboy material, but I try to make up for it by being the best and most enthusiastic lover I can be!

So I told the girls and they were pumped. The Saturday before Halloween promised a warm dry night. I packed the car with stuff for the fire, some water, a couple blankets for the deed, a shovel to put out the fire and a boom box with a drumming CD. I threw in a couple flashlights and a battery operated lantern because the moon would be just a sliver.

As we drove out, with S.J. Tucker playing on the car CD player, I told them legends of the Horned God. I talked about him leading the wild hunt, looking for souls who were trying to escape crossing over. I told them how sometimes he would come in spirit form and fill the priest with his essence. I also added slyly that sometimes if the offering was right he would come in the flesh and ravish the Priestess. They giggled at this and Thea got really red, but there was a sense that it was less embarrassed and maybe a little turned on. We were to get there at 530 while it was still light and go in to make the fire. I told Charles to be there at 630, right after sundown. We put our cell phones in the trunk, and I gave Vixen my extra car key because it would be a long walk if we got locked out.

So I took the pinecones and set them inside the cone of wood Charles had laid (Smiling because that was not the only thing that got laid that day!) and lit a match and sang a little charm that I and been taught to invoke the fire spirits. The pine cones caught and within a few minutes the branches were burning merrily. In about ten minutes I added the bigger branches then I stood up and began shucking my clothes. It was a tit bit nipply for sure. My two gal pals looked at me like I was a bit loony. Thea said “For reals?” I nodded sagely and said “The Old Gods wish us to be naked and free in our rites.” Actually I imagine they do not care and it was that horny old goat Gerald Gardner that wanted us naked but it is still a cool thing to be starkers outside.

Thea giggled and pulled her sweater up over her head. I watched as she reached back and undid her bra, letting her sweet white mounds free. I was torn between watching her shimmy out of her jeans and ogling Vixen as she unbuttoned her shirt almost like a sexy striptease.

Thea laid her pants aside and then hooked her thumbs into her tie dyed panties and pulled them down. “Tadaaa” she said and I gaped at her bare pussy. Now I felt weird because I was going to be the only furry one tonight!

Vixen said “Welcome to club smoothness!” and she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to show she had no panties on at all. Her clit was swollen enough I could see it like a little pink pearl at the top of her slit.

I stepped up to the fire. Fire warmth on bare skin is heavenly, even though it made my ass feel cold! I reached my hands out to either side and they stepped forward and grasped them. Looking across the fire at these two beautiful and sexy women got me wet in seconds. I swear Vixen was trying NOT to look, and Thea had her eyes closed and was swaying slightly like she was already starting to get in the mood. I threw a circle up around us, making sure to visualize a door coming back from the parking area so Charles could make his dramatic entrance.

I reached back and turned on the drums and turned them up loud enough to cover the sounds of Charles’ Honda and so he could find us easier by sound. We started dancing around the fire, still holding hands. It was so hot seeing their breasts bob as we did the grapevine step. So we broke our hands and kind of went free form, dancing each with one another. Vixen danced really close, so that our nipples touched and canlı casino it was like she had 9 volt batteries in them. She must have felt the shock too because her eyes got really wide and she gasped. Thea and I swayed like a girl dancing with her mirror and her lips were so sweet that I reached my hands up and cupped her face then went forward and kissed her. I expected a little peck before she freaked out, but instead she reached up and grabbed my wrists and she kissed back, opening her mouth and shooting her tongue into mine. It was so unexpected I just about came right then. As we pulled apart she looked at me, like she was afraid she had done something wrong, or gone too far, I laughed and then planted a really fierce one on her, smashing my boobs against hers and she put her arms around me and pulled me close.

As we broke away Vixen came up behind her and began kissing her neck from behind. Thea shuddered and I could see her nipples getting really hard in the firelight. I began contemplating throwing the blanket down before Charles arrived!

We danced more kissing and stroking arms, bellies, backs, necks, teasing without touching anyplace that would be overtly sexual. It was the best foreplay of my life so far. Vixen kept rubbing her nipples against me. At one point I went down in a shimmy move til my face was right even with her bald cunt. I could smell her ripe musky scent and my pussy clenched like I was about ready to cum. I was so ready for a certain priest’s cock by now.

Charles should be here by now, it was full dark. He may be waiting for the proper time, so I told the girls we needed to invoke him. I should have brought that cool invocation that someone read at the previous year’s Samhain ritual. Something about “Come where the round of the dance is trod, horn and hoof of the goat foot god!” and something else about lonely trees and forgotten shores and stuff, it had given me goose bumps to hear it read!

“Come, Oh Come, Oh ancient one” I began to chant and they took it up immediately. This went on for anywhere from a minute to five, because time gets weird in circle. I was vibrating inside now and I swear I could see a nimbus of light around the other two girls. I no longer felt cold, in fact I was sweating! Inspiration struck me and I said “The Old Gods love our sensual natures. Perhaps the Horned one needs an offering before he will join us!”

Thea asked, “What do you mean? We don’t do sacrifices or anything, you said so!”

“Not like that!” I said. “Sensual energy.”

Vixen laughed, “Well I am so horny right now it would not take much. You mean give him our climax?”

Wow, “climax”? Really? Do people say that anymore? Next she’ll be talking about turgid tools and throbbing organs!

Thea seemed relieved on one level but still nervous. I smiled at her “It’s OK, I’ll go first. I put the blanket down. It was a queen sized one so we had room. I sat down and spread my legs wide and began to stroke my wet cunt. Thea looked at me like she was hypnotized. I started pulling my nipples with my other hand. I swear lightning shot from them down to my cunt! My eyes were closed so I jumped when my other nipple had a mouth clamped onto it. I opened my eyes and saw Vixen latched on and pulsing with her tongue and doing this throbbing suction thing. That did it! I came and called out to the horned god. It was one of those wonderful long ones that usually do not happen until I have had like 5 or 6 good ones in a row. My hips were bucking and I stuck my fingers up inside me to feel the clenching wetness. Vixen surprised me by grabbing my wrist and pulling my fingers up to her mouth, and while staring straight into my eyes licking them. I had another aftershock just seeing that!

I kissed her then and there, tasting my own cum juice on her lips. She stiffened for a moment, then relaxed and kissed me back, reaching her hands up to cup my face and hold me there while her very sexy and expert tongue explored my mouth. By the gods, I LOVE tongue kissing! Most guys suck at it, and some girls won’t do it, but Vixen met every thrust with a parry. My cunt twitched again, ready for action once more.

We came up for air and I pushed her back onto the blanket. Thea drew closer to us, a mesmerized voyeur not wanting to miss any of the visual activity!

I kissed my way down Vixen’s body. Her breasts had once been fuller from nursing, so they hung to the side a bit. I had never had the pleasure of such large and sweet breasts before. Her nipples were brown and huge and her areolas were swollen as well. I pulled the left one into my mouth and she moaned. I tried to reproduce that rhythmic pulsing sucking thing she did and it must have worked because she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her then arched her back and gasped. By Aphrodite’s tight nighty she was cumming just from me sucking her nipple! Thea was looming over us, and I think she could feel the energy passing between us and did not want to feel left out. She lowered her head, her blonde hair announcing her intention to latch onto the other nipple a brief moment before her pale pink lips tasted the first nipple she had since her mothers. (I checked afterwards, unlike Vixen and me, Thea had never played around kaçak casino with girls at slumber parties or sleep overs!) Now both of us were devouring Vixens nipples and I snaked my hand down to that bare path of her mound of Venus. Her clit was huge. I got a couple fingers wet and began to twirl around it. I did not know girls had clits so big. She was starting to thrust her hips pushing her clit against my teasing fingers. Then I got a surprise because I felt Thea’s hand over mind, her fingers questing. I grabbed her hand and pressed it against Vixen’s clit and let V do all the thrusting work. I began to stroke and tickle her inner thighs, something I really love when I am being eaten or fingered. I opened my eyes and stared right into Thea’s beautiful blue ones. I could see the firelight reflecting in them, and she smiled around her nipple, and I almost burst out laughing. If you’d have tried to tell me a month ago this would be happening I would have assumed you were crazy. About this time, old faithful erupted again, and I felt a surge of liquid come out splattering hot over my hand as she screamed. My very first real sex partner was a squirter. I had assumed all girls did it when they came and was disappointed when I did not. I soon found out how rare it was, and it was even more so unexpected because Vixen had nothing inside her, or so I thought til I realized that sneaky little Thea had slipped three fingers inside our mutual friend and drove her over the edge.

Thea held up her soaked fingers in awe, watching the firelight glisten off of the cum juice. I sat up and leaned over and pulled Thea’s index finger into my mouth, sucking Vixen’s wetness off of it like I was sucking a miniature cock. I was looking right into Thea’s eyes and she shivered.

Thea’s nipples were dark coral and the areolas crinkled up as they swelled. Vixen sat up and moved around behind our friend, sitting behind her, pushing her nipples into her back, and reaching around to cup both breast. She whispered “Your turn!”

I dropped to my elbows with my ass in the air. I was facing the wrong way for Charles to see when he came in, but I was more worried about tasting Thea’s sweet pussy than entertaining Mr. Better Late-Than-Never! Her freshly shorn cunt was still a bit pink; she probably had shaved it just that afternoon. I reached a hand forward and spread the lips. It was a bit too dark to fully appreciate the wavy, rippled shape of the rosy blossom of her nether lips (Sheese! she has ME doing it too!) I hoped the gods would be kind to me and someday I would see it by full light! She smelled heavenly. She had used jasmine soap and that mingled with the sweet musk of her excited yoni to produce an amazing scent. Her clit was hidden by a hood and I darted by tongue out to waggle back and forth across it. She jerked her hips forward so suddenly I found my mouth and nose pressed deep into a soaking wet pussy. Since I was in the neighborhood I darted by tongue out and pressed it inside of her wet tunnel. She began to rotate her hips against my mouth and was breathing really short and shallow. She had described her husband as such a dead beat in bed I wondered when the last time she had experienced getting her pussy devoured. I slid two fingers in her because I really love it when someone does that while they are licking me. She bucked so hard I thought maybe I had hurt her but when I felt a rush of warm liquid that tasted like musky honey and I knew different!

She was shaking and gasping for air so I thought I’d give her some rest and kiss my way back up her body til I planted one, all wet from her own juices on her lips and Vixen leaned in so somehow we were going back and forth in a three way kiss.

I jumped when the fire suddenly leapt up. It was like someone had thrown a handful of sawdust onto it. The clearing was really bright and I looked over Thea’s shoulders to see if Charles had crept in while I was busy, but saw nothing.

Vixen whispered, “It’s him!”

I was facing them both and their eyes were wide. Thea’s mouth was open and I could not tell if her panting was from fear or she was still coming down from her orgasm.

I turned and looked behind me. Charles had been a sneak and instead of coming in the same way we did he had circled around to enter from the north. I was impressed with his costuming! He had a set of antlers with 4 points on the left and five on the right, and these came out of a head dress made from a stag’s head with a mantle that hung down over his shoulders. He was wearing a black leather mask that only left his mouth and chin visible. He had dyed his dirty blonde beard black and trimmed it into a goatee. He was wearing a black shirt with puffy sleeves that went into black bracers covered in straps and buckles.. His torso was covered in black leather too; a surcoat kind of like what Boromir and Strider wore in Lord of the Rings. It was laced together. Under that were black leather pants and black ren-fest boots with silver buttons. He must have a friend who role plays or something because this outfit would cost more than his old rusted out Accord! He had black gloves with cuffs and silver studs sparkled in the firelight. He had a spear in his right hand, like 7 foot long. I could only imagine him driving here with it sticking out a window! His belt held a Celtic style sword I had never seen before in his house. Most of his swords were from mall shops and were too crappy to even hang on a wall!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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