Holly’s Day of Dreams

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Holly had been anticipating this day ever since she had interviewed for the position with Ohio University. Three months after the interview she had accepted the university’s job offer and now she had finally moved back to Ohio. Her hazel eyes sparkled as she read the road sign that declared the exit off of US33 for Athens, Ohio. How many times have I taken this ramp? Holly wondered as she left the highway and turned toward Ohio University, home of the bobcats.

She had graduated from Ohio with a Masters degree in Education and was now returning to her Alma Mater as the Dean of Education. A position she would never have imagined holding when she was a young naive freshman.

Her full and sensual lips parted to reveal an alluring smile as she crossed the bridge over Hocking River and entered the campus. Her mind raced over activities she had planned for her first day at work as the new Dean. Her smile broadened as she continued down Richland Avenue towards Baker University Center. At thirty three years old she was the youngest person to be appointed to a Dean’s position and she knew there would be some resentment from the older factuality that now reported to her.

Let them resent her, she thought as she turned off Court Street and into the factuality parking lot. She couldn’t resist the urge to rev the engine of her blue corvette. She stepped from her car and paused for a moment to admire the colonial architecture of the campus buildings. Her smile widen as she saw McCracken Hall and remembered a long ago night. Yes, she had fond memories of this place she thought as she walked towards her office.

The early morning heat caused her conservative baby blue blouse and navy blue skirt to lightly cling to her lithe body. Her reddish brown hair, a visible sign of her Irish heritage, barely brushed against her collar as she opened the door to the administration building.

Upon entering the building she turned right choosing to take the stairs to her office on the third floor. She had always kept her body toned and very seldom rode in an elevator or on an escalator. Her heels echoed against the walls as her firm legs and thighs propelled her up the staircase.

Suddenly she heard a door open on the landing below her. The sounds of conversation reverberated through the buildings corridor as two of her professors began to climb the staircase below her. Unconsciously her hips began to sway causing the hem of her conservative skirt to brush against the railing. The rustling sound seemed to entice and beg the men to look upwards.

The men fell silent and a jolt of electricity raced from her brain down her spine and finally settled into her hips as her imaginative mind envisioned the men looking up from below and staring at her panty encased womanhood. She blushed slightly with anticipation and at the thought of the embarrassment their stares would cause.

A familiar feeling was penetrating her groin as she reached the third floor landing and opened the door into the aisle that lead to her office. She heard the men resume their conversation as they exited the stairway at the second floor landing.

Holly strolled down the aisle until she reached room 317. The mahogany door had her name elegantly engraved on the titanium nameplate. Holly Galloway — Dean of Education. She caught herself acting like a freshman as she almost knocked on the door. She shook the cobwebs out of her head and turned the brass knob and entered her carpeted office.

The light of the chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling shimmered off of the walnut paneling that lined the walls of her office. Four leather chairs and a matching couch faced her walnut desk. Two of the walls contained built in bookshelves that were filled with the works of classic authors. Hemingway, Blackstone, Stowe, Tennyson and Tolstoy were just some of names she read as she walked around the room to her desk.

Standing with her back to her desk she gazed out of her plate glass window. Her office window provided a panoramic view of the lovely south green. Straining her eyes she could just barely make out Martzolff House, the dorm where she started her college career. Looking left she could see fraternity row along College Avenue. Her mind traced her path from that long ago night. In her mind she named off each fraternity as her head turned and her eyes strained to see each house. She continued to smile as she remembered her path across campus through McCracken Hall past Voight hall and finally down to Sigma Kappa.

A knock at her door disturbed her reminiscence. She sat down in her high backed leather chairs as she called out. “Please come in.”

At the sound of her voice, the door swung open and in walked three students. Holly guessed they were fraternity members from the swagger in their steps and the crest embroidered on their shirts. “Good morning gentlemen.” She said as she walked from behind her desk and shook hands with her nearest guest. “Alpha Epsilon Pi I believe.” casino siteleri She said looking at the fraternity crest on his shirt.

“Yes, Miss Galloway, Thad Turner interfraternity council president.” The young man stammered as his eyes riveted on her blouse. “We’re here to welcome you to the university.”

“I’ve heard of the council’s excellent reputation.” She said as she tried to gaze into the eyes of the six foot blonde headed young man. “Please take a sit and thank you for the warm welcome.”

“Delta Tau Delta, I believe.” she said turning to the slightly shorter dark haired man that was standing behind Thad.

“Yes, Miss Galloway, Mark Livingston, Vice president, nice to meet you.”

“Nice, to meet your, I have fond memories of the Delts. Please take a seat.” She said gesturing him to a chair.

“Sigma Pi I believe.” She said as she shook the hand of the last student who was red headed and much shorter than the other two representatives of the council. “It would appear we have something in common.” She said touching her hair.

“I’m pleased to meet you Miss Galloway. Joe Mckemman at large delegate for the council.” He had said as he shook her hand.

“Please be seated.” She said walking behind her desk and sitting in her high backed swivel chair. She smiled at the men and asked what they would like to discuss knowing they could have no idea that she would prefer to be discussing their sexual habits instead of any subject they might bring up.

The next hour was spent discussing the current status of the College of Education and how the Fraternities and the Dean could assist each other. During that hour Holly watched as the eyes of each of the council representative wondered from her face to her chest and then back to her face. She was tempted to see what their reaction would be if she unbuttoned the top button on her blouse but she had managed to keep that temptation under control.

Instead Holly leaned forward and folded her arms on her desk and allowed her 36B breast to lie on her arms. This position gave the men a clear view of her cleavage and the light blue lace bra she was wearing. She found her eyes wandering over the physics of the council members and wondering how well they would have represented their fraternities that night fifteen years ago.

Holly’s mind drifted back fifteen years ago when she had been an eighteen year old fresh graduate from Bartonia High School. She had been a cheerleader throughout high school while maintaining a near flawless GPA. She had found cheerleading both exciting but also embarrassing as she exposed her body to the watching eyes of the high school boys and their fathers.

Her mind was brought back to the present day when Thad coughed.

“Sorry.” She said. “My mind drifted a little over the items we have been speaking about. I will give them consideration and hopefully we can continue moving forward.” Holly said standing up and escorting her guest to the door.

“It was nice to meet you.” The council representatives said simultaneously as they exited her office.

Holly returned to her desk and sat in her chair. Her mind traveled back in time as she gazed out the window.

Holly’s grades and SAT scores had allowed her to gain acceptance to numerous colleges. Eventually she had narrowed her choices to Ohio University and the more famous Ohio State University. After visiting both campuses she had chosen the smaller and in her eyes the friendlier Ohio University.

Holly’s mind continued to stay in the past as she remembered her first days on campus. Moving away from the farm where the nearest neighbor was a mile away to the big city of Athens, Ohio population 21,000 was a little intimidating. However, her outgoing personality had helped her to quickly gain friends.

During her first year on campus she had tried out for and was accepted onto the Bobcats cheerleading squad. She affectionately remembered the days spent wearing the green and white cotton cheerleader outfits that showed off her shapely legs and firm thighs. She had speculated numerous times over the course of her career on the number of times a male cheerlead might have snuck a peek at her thighs as he held her high above his head.

Small pleasant sensations were rippling though her body as she recalled the feeling that had been generated in her body when one of the male squad members had placed his hand firmly on her butt and she recalled the thrill of knowing the television audience could clearly see up her skirt.

As part of the squad she had met Barbara Welch. Barbara was the head cheerleader and president of Sigma Kappa sorority. Barbara was the statuesque 6′ 1″ blonde with blue eyes that most men craved. Her 40DD breast had dramatically stretched her cheerleading uniform. Barbara was from Cleveland and Holly often set on the team bus memorized by the stories she would tell of the big city.

Holly and Barbara quickly became friends. canlı casino While Holly was attractive, it was through Barbara’s tutoring the she was transformed into the goddess that appeared on the sports field for the fans to adore. Barbara had shown her ways to dress that accentuated the natural beauty of her 5′ 7″ frame. She had introduced her to creams and lotions that were never heard of in Bartonia.

She remembered the days and nights spent cheering the football team in Peden Stadium the basketball team in the convo, the road trips to their various rivals and participating for the national cheerleading championship. It was during a bus ride back to campus that Barbara made the suggestion that would transform Holly’s college career and open professional doors for her after graduation.

“Holly, I’m sure you’re aware that I’m the president of Sigma Kappa.” Barbara had said on that fateful night. “What you probably don’t know is that I started out at Ohio University living in Atkinson House. I didn’t like the dorms but University rules back then only allowed sophomores or higher to live in sororities and fraternities. So I lived in the dorms for a year before I was accepted into the sorority. Fortunately the rules have changed and second semester freshman are now allowed in the houses.”

“The sorority has a lot to offer both during college and especially after graduation.” She had said continuing the conversation. “One of the women at Sigma Kappa has chosen to transfer to Ohio State next semester and that leaves an unexpected opening. I was wondering if you would be interested.”

Holly had never considered the possibility of joining a sorority but she admitted to herself that the closeness and noise of the dorm was very different than her large room and open spaces she had been use to at home. She had admitted to herself that dorm life was not what she had envisioned before coming to the campus.

“Well.” Holly hesitated. “I would need to know more specifics before I could make a decision. What are the criteria for joining? I thought rush and hell week were already over, how could I be allowed to miss these? What would I have to do to join? What advantages are there over the dorms and what do you mean offers after graduation?” Holly had asked.

During the rest of the three hour ride back to campus, Barbara and Holly chatted about dorm life versus sorority life and the connections available through the sorority after graduation. By the end of the trip Barbara had convinced Holly to pledge to the sorority.

“Stop by the house around eight tomorrow night.” Barbara had said stepping off the bus. “We’re having a house meeting and I would like to introduce you to the rest of the sisters. A midterm pledge is unusual but it has been done before. I’ll review the requirements tonight and we should be to determine your pledge requirements tomorrow.”

Holly subconsciously began to run her hands across her thighs as she remembered the night she first entered the sorority house. She had stood outside on College Avenue gazing at the sparkling white columns. She had gazed through the crystal clear windows as various members came into her view. Their apparent happiness reminded her of her family in Bartonia. The longer she waited the more she knew she needed to be a member of this house.

After knocking at the door she had been led to a large sitting area where ten of the sorority’s sisters stood waiting for her. They had been dressed in maroon and lavender togas with the sororities dove and heart emblem embroidered on the front. Pearl necklaces had hung from their slender and shapely necks. Barbara had been standing in the middle of the group as Barbara had begun to speak.

“Miss Galloway.” Barbara had said. “Have you searched your heart and do you wish to become a sister of Sigma Kappa?”

“Yes.” Holly had replied.

Sitting in her office chair, Holly’s skin temperature began to rise and her breathing became heavier as she continued to remember that night. She knew she should stop but she couldn’t control her desires as her hand slipped slowly under her skirt. She closed her eyes and continued to remember.

“Then Miss Galloway, from now until you pass or fail the sisterhood test you will be known as pledge Galloway.” Barbara had continued talking. “Do to the remarkable circumstances of losing a member in the middle of a school year the sisterhood council has reviewed our guiding principles and have waved the customary monthly requirements for pledge ship.” At this statement the council nodded their heads and began to form a circle around Holly.

Barbara continued her statement. “These requirements have only been waved once before and for that instance the monthly requirements were exchanged for the Day of Dreams.” At the mention of the day of dreams the council moaned. “Pledge Galloway, the month of pledge ship will be reduced to a forty eight hour period starting tomorrow night. “

Barbara had kaçak casino handed her two envelops with the hand written numbers one and two on the outside. “Take these and read the contents of envelop one tonight. If you agree to the conditions and believe you can pass the requirements, return to the house tomorrow at eight PM. Do not open the second envelope but bring it with you tomorrow.” Once Barbara was done speaking the clan of women escorted Holly to the door without speaking.

Holly had opened the first envelope as she walked the tree lined streets back to her dorm. The autumn colored leafs had cast shadows on the enclosed instructions. Some of the instructions had been very clear and Holly understood why the requirement existed. Others had appeared cryptic and were harder to understand. This is what she had read.

Pledge to achieve sisterhood you will be required to know and recite the history of the national and local sorority. You must demonstrate knowledge of our colors, jewel, symbols, and nickname. These can easily be found by the one who seeks to be a member.

You who seek sisterhood must adhere to our criteria and be bound by personal growth with friendship to the sisterhood and service to the community. You must demonstrate loyalty to the community.

Seek out this knowledge tonight and return to the sisterhood tomorrow with this knowledge. A twenty four hour period will begin in which your knowledge and desire to be a Sigma K will be tested.

Throughout this night sisters wearing our loyalty pin will seek you out and hand you explicit instructions. You are to follow these instructions. Pending successful completion of this fist twenty four hours you will be granted the opportunity to complete the Day of Dreams and become a sister with all the rights and responsibilities thereof.

Holly had reinserted the page into the envelope and had chosen not to return to the dorm but instead had headed to Alden library to start her search on Sigma Kappa standards. At the doors to the library she had smiled knowing she was starting an adventure that would affect her entire life.

Within an hour she had discovered why the council had worn Maroon and Lavender as well as pearls and the dove and heart pendant. It was the sorority’s symbols. Then she had started her search for the meaning of the Day of Dreams. Two hours later she had found only a single reference and it only stated it was a rite of passage.

She had then searched for information on sorority life and the advantages that becoming a member would have in her life after college. Holly was impressed with the number of successful business and professional educators Sigma Kappa listed as current or former members. The more she had discovered the more she had desired to join the sisterhood. At four in the morning she had headed back to the dorm.

As she had been leaving the library a woman accidently bumped into her and dropped a package and an envelope Holly had bent down to pick the package and letter up and in doing so had seen her name inscribed on the letter as she had turned towards the woman, the woman left and all Holly saw was the now familiar lavender and maroon of the sisterhood.

She had opened the envelope and removed the single type written sheet of paper.

Seek out these fraternity’s and know there ways. Meet the council at Theta Chi tomorrow at noon. Wear what is in the enclosed package but do not open the package until the morning was all that was written along with a list of eleven fraternities. She had picked the package up and had turned back towards the library.

Holly had reentered the library and had started a new search on the listed fraternities. Two more hours had found her exhausted and with a mind now full of fraternity knowledge. She returned to the dorm wondering why the knowledge was required and what was in the package she dare not open.

Holly moaned softly in her office as she remembered returning late that night in the darkness to her room.

Lying in bed that night she had watched the clock not daring to be late to Theta Chi. Finally at eleven she had showered and returned to her room to open the package. She had found a bikini and robe both Lavender and maroon. She had dressed quickly. The top of the bikini had just barely covered her breast with the nipples clearly visible through the thin material. The bikini bottoms had been a thong that barely covered pubic hair. Her firm rounded ass checks had been on display for everyone to see.

Holly had hoped the robe would cover her but it had been very tight in the front and had ended just about the thong. Holly had hesitated that morning wondering if the sorority life was worth the embarrassment of walking across campus in this outfit. Finally her desire for sisterhood had overcome her embarrassment. She had known the other women of the dorm were staring at her as she had walked down the hallway and into the public area of the dorm.

Holly could feel her fingers getting wet as she continued playing with herself in her office. One hand was probing her pussy as the other fingers pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra as she continued to remember her initiation into the sisterhood.

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