Hole in the Wall

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NOTE: If you’re an avid reader of my other works, some of the names in this story may sound familiar. I suppose you could consider this story some world building! If that’s something you’re enjoying, please let me know with comments and feedback! I’m definitely trying something risky, so any of your thoughts are very welcome. As always, enjoy! bahis siteleri


“Hey, Daniel, what seems to be the problem?” Jillian asked as she walked into Jupiter’s. Jupiter’s was a one-stop shop for all types of clothing, and on the main road of a small New England town, it was constantly bustling. Jillian was the owner, a hardworking woman, always willing to roll up her sleeves and tackle a new project. Today, however, she had no sleeves to roll up, wearing a tank top and jeans, the latter hugging her wide, maternal hips, accentuating the bouncing curve of her rear end.

Just a few minutes ago, she had been at home, relaxing by the pool on her day off when she got a call from her employee. On the phone, all Daniel had said was that there was a maintenance issue. She continued, “You said something needs to be fixed?”

“A customer complained, they said that there’s a busted wall in one of the dressing rooms. I checked it out and covered it with some paper so no one can see through the broken spot, but it still needs to be fixed.” Daniel explained.

“Oh man,” Jillian groaned. Aside from her kid, Jupiter’s was her life, and every penny that wasn’t going towards her son went towards the upkeep of the store. Now, she had to go repair a broken wall, which probably meant spending too much money at the hardware store.

“You’re good with your hands, and I know you don’t trust contractors, so I called you.” Daniel gave her a weak smile, still feeling bad for interrupting her day off.

“Yeah, yeah, that was the right call. Thanks for the heads up. Did you lock the door so no one accidentally uses it?” She asked.

“Of course. Here you go,” he reached under the counter and pulled out a small key on a thin keychain. “It’s the one at the end of the row, on the left. I put a sign on the door.” Jillian took the key from him and sighed.

“All right, I’ll go check it out. I just hope the damage isn’t too bad. Money is tight as is, another big expense is really going to set me back.” She shot Daniel a small frown, who shrugged in return. “Just keep things running smoothly up here.” Jillian said before walking towards the back of the store.

As she made her way through different departments, divided by clothing racks and half-walls, Jillian looked around at the customers around her. Summer was coming to an end, school had just started back up, and parents were taking their children back-to-school shopping; additionally, the store’s Labor Day sale was in full swing, so frugal shoppers were bargain hunting for the best deals.

We’re no Wal-Mart, Jillian thought to herself. But we’re still pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon.  tempobet

Passing the threshold from the floor of the store to the small corridor that held the dressing rooms, Jillian felt the environment change. There wasn’t the active air conditioning blowing back there like it was up front, so the air was warmer and, just slightly, heavier on her soft skin. Also, the light pop music that filled the floor was almost muted in the back. Jillian could barely make out the words of the singer, mostly hearing the bass line and the occasional high note.

As she strode down the hallway, passing door after door of dressing rooms, she counted that only the first two of the fifteen were in use, currently occupied by what she deduced to be friends trying on swimsuits, chatting as they changed. By the time she got to the end of the line of doors, she couldn’t help but realize how quiet it had gotten. The music was almost entirely absent, and she could hear herself breathing.

“Out of order,” Jillian read the sign taped to the front of the door aloud. Daniel had scribbled the note onto a sheet of printer paper with a big marker. She inserted the small key into the lock, opening the door, before entering and shutting the door behind her. As she stuffed the key into her pocket, she noticed another piece of paper taped to the wall between her and the next changing room. It was lower, down by her waist. Nothing was scrawled on this one, and Jillian approached it with confusion before grabbing hold of one corned and pulling it off the wall. She couldn’t help but let out a small gasp upon seeing what was casino oyna behind the paper, letting the sheet fall to the floor as she looked on at the gloryhole carved in the changing room wall.

Oh my god! Jillian thought to herself. Oh my god, that’s a—a gloryhole! She could hardly believe what she was looking at. It had been the better part of two decades since Jillian was in college, but she knew a gloryhole when she saw one.

Years ago, when she had been a student, Jillian joined a sorority and found out she loved to party. At one frat house in particular, Jillian had discovered a love for gloryholes, and quickly stacked up an impressive resume of encounters. By the time she graduated, though she had made sure to remain anonymous, there were rumors all around the campus about which co-ed’s mouth was on the other side of the gloryhole in the infamous frat house. However, when she graduated, Jillian decided to leave that part of her life in the past. Two decades later, she was almost fifty, a single mother who owned her own business, and, because of her busy schedule, hadn’t been laid in months. Now, she stood in a dressing room in the store she owned, staring at a hole carved in the wall. Almost instinctually, she dropped to her knees, examining it closer.

I can’t believe this… Jillian thought, amazed. Someone had been using her store to get off, and she had no clue until now! With the hole at eye-level, she noticed a thin strip of tape around the interior of the carving. She thought back to her college days and remembered that a lining of tape ensured a smooth surface, so there’d be no worry about splinters or scratches. Still in awe, she reached up with one hand and traced her finger around the hole, feeling the tape, before resting two fingers at the base of the gloryhole. That was the universal sign for “good to go,” and Jillian had fond memories of tapping her fingers before receiving a wonderful, rock-hard gift from a random frat boy on the other side.

The distinct sound of a zipper unzipping ripped through the air, and Jillian felt a chill go down her spine.

The sound was unmistakable, and Jillian knew exactly what it was as soon as she’d heard it. In the room next door, someone was unzipping their pants. She felt two fingers tap hers from the other side of the hole, so she pulled her hand back. Then, before she could react, Jillian watched as a large cock emerged from the gloryhole, jutting out into her dressing room, stopping mere inches from her startled face.

Oh my god! She thought, realizing she had been holding her breath. Jillian exhaled, and watched the member in front of her twitch hard at her hot breath. On the other side of the wall, she could here someone let out a small, almost inaudible grunt.

I thought I put this chapter of my life behind me, Jillian thought to herself. But now, with this… This thing in front of me… She examined the cock before her. It was rock hard, with a fat cockhead that was begging for her mouth. It had a decent thickness to it, and was fairly long, especially compared to the frat boys she’d taken care of in college.

A familiar urge overcame her, and she leaned in close, less than an inch from the strong member. The warm scent filled her nose, and Jillian took in a big breath as she reached up and wrapped one hand around the shaft, then the other. She appreciated how smooth the skin was, how rigid the shaft was, and how she could feel it throb in her small hands.

I can’t really do this… Can I? She wondered. I’m a mom. I’m in my forties. I can’t really be about to do this. I’m too old for a gloryhole, right? And yet, even as these thoughts swirled around in her head, Jillian felt her mouth watering, and she couldn’t help but lean forward and give the cockhead a quick kiss. It twitched when she did so, and she couldn’t help but sigh when she felt the much-missed warmth of cock against her lips. trbet

As she pulled back, she watched as the cockhead twitched in front of her, spilling a stream of precum. Just stop overthinking, she told herself. Just go for it. And go for it, she did. As if something switched on in her brain, Jillian began slowly stroking the cock in her hands, rhythmically moving her soft hands back and forth along the shaft in a smooth pepper grinder motion she’d mastered in college. In no time, the cock was spilling out more precum, and she couldn’t help but lean in for a taste, licking the tip with her wet tongue. The taste of a stranger’s precum alone was enough to bring canlı casino back more memories, and Jillian couldn’t help herself from leaning in and taking the whole cockhead into her mouth. She closed her eyes and whimpered softly as she relished a taste she hadn’t known she’d been missing for so long.

I can’t believe it… I just love the taste of this cock so much! She thought as she pumped her hands up and down, still in a careful rhythm, picking up pace as she began to suck on the cockhead that was resting in her mouth. Jillian plush lips were full and soft, puckering around the twitching tip. In her mouth, her tongue was brushing up and down against the tip, lavishing it with her saliva. The stranger on the other side of the wall let out another low grunt full of gratitude.

Jillian pulled away and stopped stroking, moving both hands down the shaft, towards the base. The cockhead was wet with her spit, and she couldn’t help but think back to her glory days. One reason she was so infamous in college was because of her ability to ignore her gag reflex. Now, decades later, Jillian didn’t know if that talent remained. The cock in front of her was, at minimum, eight inches, and Jillian knew she just had to give it a try. How hard could it be? She reasoned. I was able to do this every weekend when I was twenty years old.

With that confidence, she positioned the cock directly in front of her, took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide, and leaned in, swallowing the cock down. One inch, two inches, three inches, the cock glided across her tongue. Suddenly, when it was almost halfway down, the cockhead hit the back of her throat, and Jillian felt herself gag, choking on the fat cock filling her mouth. She gagged again and had to pull back, letting the cock fall from her mouth as she caught her breath. The cock was now covered in her spittle, with strands of saliva dangling from her lips to the tip.

Okay, she admitted. So maybe it’s not like riding a bike. Now determined to do it, Jillian repositioned the cock, aiming it straight at herself. She sat forward, pressing her soft lips square against the wet cockhead. With a newfound conviction, she took a deep breath in through her nose, again taking in the scent of warm cock, before pushing forward and taking the cock into her mouth, feeling it push past her lips, grazing her teeth, running inch after inch over her tongue. This time, she relaxed, and accepted the cock down her throat, all the way until she was pressing her nose against the wall between her and the stranger. She felt the hard cock throb in her throat, and couldn’t resist humming in satisfaction, which elicited a soft moan from the other side of the wall.

Jillian pulled back again, letting the fat cock drop from her mouth again, now covered in even more of her spittle. As it fell from her lips, she couldn’t help but drool a bit. This was getting messier and messier with every minute, and Jillian loved it.

With one hand around the middle of the shaft, she lightly slapped the hefty piece of meat against her lips. I feel like such a slut, she thought as the soft, wet sound filled the air. The cock was heavy as she switched to slapping it against her blushing cheek, spilling a combination of her spit and his precum across her cheek, dribbling down to her already-messy chin. She slapped it against her lips again before getting an idea that made her blush even more. Jillian planted a wet kiss on the the tip, then let go of the cock entirely, leaning back an inch.

“I want you to fuck my mouth.”

She could hardly believe those words had come out of her own mouth, at a whisper tone so low that she was nervous that the stranger on the other side may not have heard her at all. A silence hung in the warm air for a moment, and Jillian found herself holding her breath again. Suddenly, the cock pulled back, retreating into the gloryhole three or four inches, before thrusting back forward. Jillian knew what this meant, and excitedly centered herself again, leaning forward. With the next thrust, the cock was perfectly positioned to slip a few inches into her wet, warm mouth, open and eagerly awaiting the stranger’s big cock.

In no time at all, the thrusting cock began to fuck Jillian’s mouth, pumping in and out with a growing speed. She leaned in closer, and felt the cock knock against the back of her throat, making her let out small gagging noises with each push. Drool spilled from her open mouth as strands of spit dangled from her lips to his cock. kaçak casino Jillian could feel her face getting warm as she got dizzy from a combination of being briefly, repeatedly gagged, as well as just how aroused she was from all this.

She was broken from her dizzy state by the sharp rapping of knuckles on the other side of the wall. Three knocks, and, thanks to her past, Jillian knew what they meant immediately. She reached up, placed her hands back around the large shaft as it continued to thrust back and forth, and wrapped her plush lips around the fat cockhead as she felt the first blast of cum shoot into her mouth. betebet

Jillian pumped her small hands up and down on the thrusting cock, sucking softly, as the stranger on the other side of the wall let out grunt after stifled grunt, filling her mouth with cum, as rope after rope shot down her throat. She let out a soft moan as she tasted his hot, sweet cum, a familiar taste she’d longed for. Finally, he stopped thrusting into her mouth, and she slowed her stroke, coaxing out one last drop of cum onto her lips.

She let go of the cock, and the stranger on the other side stepped back, letting his spent cock drop from her mouth. As it did, Jillian couldn’t help but spill some of her mouthful of cum, drooling a glob onto her shirt, before audibly swallowing the rest down. She let out a hot breath onto the retreating cock, which let the stranger know she had an empty mouth. I knew I still have it, Jillian thought to herself, impressed with her own skills.

On the other side of the wall, there was a shuffling noise, and Jillian heard the zipper again, this time going up, as the stranger tucked their drained cock back into their pants. She had to fight off the urge to peak through the hole and see who was on the other side; the biggest rule of gloryholes was that you never break anonymity, unless you’ve agreed to it beforehand. Jillian didn’t want to peak and lose the trust of this stranger. As she listened to him open his dressing room door and walk out in silence, she knew she wanted to try this again sometime, and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize those plans.

After waiting a minute, Jillian stood. The cum stain on her black shirt was obvious. Well, I definitely can’t wear this back out on the floor. She took off her shirt, pulling it over her head, and looked at herself in the mirror. Standing in only jeans and a black bra, her cheeks were bright red, and her lipstick was smeared. Her lips and chin were wet and shiny, coated in her spit. Crumpling up her shirt, she used it to wipe off her chin and fix her lipstick. After retying her hair, Jillian nodded at herself in the mirror, now composed enough to return to the front of the store.

She reattached the piece of paper to the wall, covering the hole, and unlocked her dressing room door. A quick peak outside let her know that there was no one to be seen, so she stepped out, shutting and locking the door behind her. As she walked away, Jillian grabbed a discarded t-shirt off of a rack, something that someone had tried on but ultimately decided against. She quickly threw it on before turning the corner, walking back onto the floor of her store.

It’s a little tight, but it’ll do.

As she walked towards the front of the store, towards the counter, she felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning blowing on her warm face.

I wonder… Her eyes glanced around the room. Is my stranger still here? Are they now shopping around, right after I drained their balls?

Jillian got to the register, leaning against the cool counter, her eyes darting from customer to customer. It was a small enough town that she recognized all the men currently shopping, and knew some better than others.

I see Mike, she thought. He was there shopping with his son Kyle, who was her son’s best friend. But there’s no way he’d cheat on Lynn. She looked past them, noticing the local priest, who was picking out socks. Now wouldn’t that be scandalous!

She looked around some more, and saw more faces she’d seen around town. There’s the high school principal, what’s his name? Mr… I’m not sure. I haven’t been to a Back to School Night in a while. Her eyes shifted. Oh, I think that guy’s a lifeguard at the pool. Maybe it was him?

Her glance shifted again. There’s Karen’s husband Ron. There’s no way it’d be him. He’s so meek, there’s no way he’s got a cock like that. Who could it have been?

The answer eluded her, and Jillian knew she wouldn’t be able to determine who it was just from their faces. Honestly, she wasn’t even sure the stranger was even still in the store. All she knew for sure was that she needed to see the stranger again.

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