Hit The Showers

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God. Not another three years of gym class, I thought to myself the first day of p.e. my sophomore year. I always hated it because I hated competing with all the other guys who were always so much stronger than I was. I was always the topic of everybody’s jokes in the locker room. “Greg. What was THAT out there, today? Don’t know how to dribble a basketball, or what?!!” and other demeaning remarks hardly kept my spirits high. This year might be different though, I realized as I was changing into my exercise clothes. All summer long I had been working out, jogging, getting in shape. I thought from now on I’m not going to be the class joke. Seeing all my peers undress, exposing their nice young dicks as they were putting on their jock straps made my sweat a little. But the best part about this was, I could see that my summer workout program paid off, physical wise. My chest and arms was every bit as buff as the other guys, and I was even getting a six pack.

We got out onto the floor and Mr. Benton made us run 10 laps around the court. Jason and Kyle were right behind me making jokes. “Oh. I bet Greg won’t be ahead of us for too long.” “Don’t trip over yourself, Gregie!”

I was about quit. I had all this extra strength to run, but I couldn’t stand the jokes. Then I heard a familiar voice. “Stop it assholes. Can’t you see Greg has changed?” I turned around and coming up from behind Jason and Kyle was Randy. Gee, I thought. I didn’t recognize him in the locker room. Randy who always had real long hair had cut it quite short and all his acne seemed to disappear. His athletic 16 year old body caught up with me. “Hey Greg! What? You got out this summer and became Mr. track star?” I cracked a smile a bit as he wiped some sweat from his forehead. I couldn’t help but notice his muscle shirt. His arms looked tan and magnificent. Not too big, but not too small either. His dishwater blonde hair getting a little darker with the sweat rolling down his hairless face. “Don’t let canlı bahis those jerks pick on you, Greg. You are better than that.”

“Gee. Uh, thanks, Randy for telling them off for me” “I could tell you’ve been working out, Greg. Good job.”

“Thanks…well I like your hair cut.”

“Oh…well I thought it was time for a change”

Mr. Benton blew his whistle and told us to stop talking and so I didn’t get a chance to say anything more to handsome Randy. I started smiling knowing that this year will most likely be better. I even have jocks talking to me now. Sure Randy, was always different. He was the only member of the football team to talk to me, but he was friendly like that with everybody. And at least he was noticing my change. We went onto pushups and sit ups and it was hard to keep my eyes directly in front of me. Randy long body kept my necked turned most of the class.

At the end of the hour Mr Benton got all or our attention and announced. “Okay. Its close to 2:00 and maybe some of you read in the bulletin about the student-teacher challenge.” A couple of guys nodded. Whoever wants to take on the teachers to a game of basketball…go ahead and stay dressed…the rest of you can go and shower.

Not only did I not want to play basketball, but I didn’t want to play AND lose against teachers, so I quickly got into the dressing room. Damn! I thought to myself as I was undressing, I won’t get to see a lot of naked bodies showering next to me! It seemed as if every guy wanted to play except me and then I noticed Randy staggering in.

“You’re not going to play basketball, Randy?”

“No man, I never did like the sport. Football is my game.”

“Oh. I just didn’t feel like I’d be any good.”

“Don’t say that Greg, with your build you seem like you’d be good at any sport.”


Wow, Randy was really impressing me here. I slowly got undressed. I was kind of nervous now exposing myself to someone I was liking so bahis siteleri much. I was afraid of what my cock would do. He walked past me with his dick and balls bouncing around. Man that guy’s got a package, I thought as I stared at the back of him, noticing his firm ass-tanned as well, I might add.

It was all steamy in the shower when I walked in. Randy was lathered up, and my heart started pounding fast. I turned my back to him so that he wouldn’t see my growing dick.

But I had to grab another look I though. I had to check him out fully naked, fully soaped, fully hot. I turned around and he was just standing there letting the water wash off the soap. I should have turned sooner, but I couldn’t help it. I was just fixed in a trance at what was in front of me. Suddenly I jumped back when I heard

“Hey!!” Randy shouted at me. Startled I turned back around. Randy came up to me and gave me a light punch on the arm. “Are you GAY or something?” Randy screamed.

“Uh…no…uh why?” I was so embarraced at that point I just wanted to curl up in a ball.

“I saw you staring at me. Now in the locker room just now!”

“Uh…Randy…uh. I didn’t…” Randy cut me off…

“Well, I was staring at you too.”

“What?” I shouted in surprise. “Uh. Greg. I don’t know. I’m very confused. I was looking at you and thinking how badly I want you. I I can’t believe my feelings. I always thought I was straight, but sometimes when I see….”

“Shhhh” I told him as he buried his head in my chest.

I didn’t quite know what to do…hear I had a 5’11” hunk resting against my chest with warm water running down both of our smooth naked bodies. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t have to do anything.

“Well…you stare at me too, huh Greg? How dare you!” he said with a grin as he lifted his head and bent grabbed for the soap.

With the bar he started rubbing my chest….working his way from my neck to my dick. He got his hands all soapy and bahis şirketleri then rubbed my now-hard cock with his hands. I could feel cum being made in my balls as he gently lathered my pubes. I started to gently nibble on his nipples. With one hand I was squeeziing his tight muscular pecs and with the other I was stroking his dick. He and I both let out a sigh as we were feeling every square inch of each other’s bodies.

“I love your body,” whispered Randy. Your brown hair, your green eyes…your nice dick.” I closed my eyes as he kept stroking my well lubricated soapy dick. He then gently pushed me to the floor. For some reason the warm grimy floor was a turn on for me. With the bar of soap he started rubbing my ass. He took the bar and glided it up and down my crack. “Does that feel good?” I whispered a yes as a turned around on my back with my dick proudly announcing its presence. He soaped up his dick and grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders. Not ever doing this before, and neither did he I was little worried how his monster cock would fit into my asshole. He slowly but surely got it in there. It hurt so bad at first. I wanted to tell him to stop but as he got inside of me deeper and deeper I wanted the action to continue forever. I started stroking myself really fast as Randy shouted “Stroke the same speed I fuck you.” So when he slowed up I slowed up and when he started pounding me fast, I started stroking my dick fast. I knew I was about to blow…but from his groans I could tell he was ready, too. Just as cum shot across my chest…quickly washing away with the soap and water. He pulled out and came on my scalp. “I want to wash your hair” he said as he ran his fingers though my now-slimy hair.

I couldn’t believe that I could…that Randy would…that we would…that..well…that this was happening basically. We just sat there for a while…in the shower. Randy turned the temp down a bit….so the cool water could cool us off a bit. We could hear the rest of the guys starting to enter the locker room so we stood up and he went over to his shower head…and just smiled at each other as Kyle walked in.

“God! You two are STILL here showering? The game lasted an hour!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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