Her Soulmate’s Wife

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Marie paced in the sitting area of the hotel room, her anxiety growing as she waited for Colin. He had phoned twenty minutes ago to tell her that he and his wife were in the area. He told her they would be there soon. For the first time in real life she’d lay eyes on the man whom she’d first befriended, then cyber-fucked, and subsequently fell in love. She was nervous as hell; what if she didn’t measure up to Colin’s wishes?

The whole meeting was Kate’s idea. Colin had somehow let it slip that Marie was bi (Marie was still not clear on how that tidbit found the light). Kate had suggested that the three of them get together. If they didn’t hit it off, Colin and Kate had another room. If they did hit it off….

A knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts and she took two long strides to the door in her knee-high leather boots. They were her favorites. Worn with a nice business suit, they were somehow conservative. Worn with other outfits…and they were provocative. She had chosen them on purpose tonight. They went wonderfully with her multi-hued skirt, lace top and suede jacket. They went deliciously with the filmy black panties and bra she wore underneath.

She swung the security bar back and opened the door. Colin was standing in the doorway, grinning like an idiot. His hazel eyes twinkled as he took her in and she resisted the temptation to fling herself at him in front of Kate. He glanced at what Marie was wearing and then at his own T-shirt, jeans and leather jacket.

“I guess I underdressed a bit,” he said, huskily. Marie’s eyes flicked down and saw the bulge already forming in his pants.

Good, she thought.

Kate walked in behind Colin, taking her in as well. Marie was satisfied to see the slight widening of her eyes and hear the briefest catch in her breath. Marie smiled, hoping it was warm and didn’t carry a single hint of satisfaction.

Kate was almost as tall as Colin and had long, straight brown hair. She was voluptuous, her massive breasts straining against her shirt. Marie wondered briefly what her nipples looked like, and wondered then if she’d have a chance to find out. Kate was large featured, and that brought possibilities.

They all hugged each other and said their hellos. While she was in Colin’s embrace, she moved her hips ever so slightly to rub against his erection without Kate seeing. Colin’s hot-breathed groan was muffled on her neck. She had to have him, and it seemed he had to have her.

They sat for a while and made small talk. Colin’s eyes kept flicking to Marie’s cleavage as he talked. His eyes were hungry and the bulge from his cock had not diminished. Marie noticed that Kate was eying her as well. A silence fell.

“I hear that you know massage,” Kate said. Marie blinked for a second and then nodded.

“I have a special way. My massages have been known to garner marriage proposals.”


“Oh, yes. Would you like me to show you?”

Kate turned to lie down on the sofa and Marie sat behind her, working her fingers into the woman’s shoulders and neck. She nodded to Colin to grab Kate’s feet and begin to massage, which Colin did after a moment. Kate made a slight moaning sound and closed her eyes.

Marie felt the tension leave Kate’s body. She kept her fingers moving, slowly broadening her area of massage. Kate’s skin felt luscious beneath her fingertips. She needed to feel more. Her hands began to make larger and larger arcs, slowly dipping beneath the collar of Kate’s shirt. Kate arched her back ever-so-slightly and Marie smiled as she slid her hands all the way in.

Her fingers probed the large mounds gently, sliding along the top of Kate’s bra. When she dared, she slipped her fingers beneath and slid them around the areolae before finding the hard nipples at their centers. Her thumbs rubbed circles and pinched them slightly, and Kate’s breath caught in her throat.

Marie felt a hand on her neck as Kate pulled her mouth down to kiss her. Their lips met gently at first, and then Kate’s tongue slid eagerly into Marie’s mouth. The two tongues twined together, hungrily, eagerly, seeking each other as Marie’s fingers continued to cup the other woman’s breasts illegal bahis and play with the large nipples.

Marie broke the kiss with Kate and drew her tongue down her flesh. She pushed the collar of Kate’s shirt down low enough to see the right nipple and flicked her tongue across the turgid flesh. Kate moaned aloud as Marie deftly licked and suckled her nipple.

“Bedroom,” Kate whispered as Marie sucked as much of her massive tit in her mouth as she could. “Please…bedroom.”

Marie slid way, smiling. The trio moved into the bedroom, stopping to stand in front of the king sized bed that took up most of the room. Marie moved Kate to stand in front of her and slowly began to take the taller woman’s shirt off. Kate had dressed for the occasion, too, it seemed. The bra was silky green and barely held Kate’s enormous breasts from breaking free. Kate was already reaching behind her to unhook it.

Marie gasped as Colin’s hot breath suddenly blew across the nape of her neck. The gentle nip of his lips on her flesh sent a spike of liquid fire coursing through her veins. Her pussy twitched as the fire began to burn inside. It had been so long.

“You, too,” Colin whispered. She felt the warmth of his hands as he took off her jacket and began to slide the lace top up her body. As his hands reach her own sheer bra, he slipped a finger inside to caress one rigid nipple, and Kate finally freed her breasts from her bra. As they tumbled out, Colin pinched the nipple of Marie’s just hard enough to send a shock through her system. Her knees felt weak, but Colin held her up with his strong arms.

“What do you think, Kate?” he asked. “Do you think Marie needs her tits sucked?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” Kate replied. Marie stood, dumbstruck as the woman how seemed so shy moments ago slid forward and took the nipple Colin provided her. Kate’s hot mouth was large enough that when she put it on Marie, most of her breast was already taken up. Kate sucked and Marie gasped as the rest of her went in. Kate’s other hand hungrily caressed her belly as Colin pulled her shirt off of her. He unhooked her bra and then, as Kate drew her mouth down to Marie’s nipple, took the other one into his mouth.

The feeling of two mouths on Marie was exquisite. Both Colin and Kate suckled her as though they were starving and had found manna. Colin’s hands continued to explore her exposed flesh, while Kate satisfied herself with pulling Marie even closer. Marie’s knees were getting weaker and she needed to take control of the situation fast.

As Kate drew back to get a better taste, Marie stopped her with a hand. She gently pushed back on Colin, almost regretfully as his wonderful mouth and tongue drew one last circle around her nipple. He moved back as Marie slowly pushed Kate towards the bed. She leaned forward and kissed her again and her hands found the button on Kate’s jeans. In moments, Kate’s jeans and panties were on the floor.

Kate smiled, her eyes half lidded, and crawled backwards on the bed. Marie followed, pressing herself on top of Kate’s curvy body, kissing her deeply again. Then she slid down her body, kissing every inch of the voluptuous woman as she did. Her mouth found the big nipples again. She kissed underneath Kate’s massive breasts. She dipped her tongue into the navel. When she finally placed a gentle kiss on Kate’s pussy, Kate let out a moan that shook the bed.

Marie smiled and began licking around Kate’s dripping box. She was musky and Marie lapped at her juices as they slid out. Her tongue flicked up and down the lips, pausing to tease the large clit at the top. Kate shuddered, and then to Marie’s surprise, she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs so wide that her swollen lips yawned open like a lazy flower. Her scent filled Marie’s nostrils and she couldn’t help but dive in. She stuck her tongue into Kate’s hot pussy, lapping up the cream off the walls, licking the cervix, and sucking on the lips when she pulled out. She dabbed her tongue around Kate’s ass, rimming her to get every drop of nectar she could get, before diving back in.

As she began sliding her index finger into Kate’s large cunt, she felt Colin flip her skirt over her ass. She waited illegal bahis siteleri for him to slide her panties down and was surprised to feel his warm breath through the fabric as he blew on her pussy. He worked his mouth on her, not moving the sheer panties, rubbing her with his nose, his lips, his teeth and his cheeks. She knew that the panties had to be soaked through with her juices by now. As she slipped a second finger into Kate and devoured her pussy, Colin closed his mouth over the top of her mound, sucked in a little, and then hummed. The vibration of his lips and teeth on her clit made her gasp and jerk, sending her fingers deep into Kate’s already twitching cunt. Kate cried out in pleasure and ground her hips against Marie’s face.

Still reeling, Marie felt the panties slide down her ass and somehow disappear off of her legs. Colin’s tongue began again, starting from her ass and slowly sliding down her dripping lips to her clit. Back and forth he moved, slowly lapping at her, from clit to ass and back. She could feel herself dripping and knew he was licking up every drop.

When his tongue finally parted her lips, she cried out. Her first orgasm was coming and she wasn’t prepared for it yet. She could feel it starting to burn in her belly, and she was determined not to come alone. Abandoning the slowness of her ministrations, she slid not just the third finger, but her whole hand into Kate’s dripping cunt. Kate cried out and bucked, and Marie devoured the woman’s clit, sucking it between her teeth and flicking her tongue across it.

Colin’s tongue was everywhere. Inside her licking her walls. Outside lapping her clit. Inside cleaning her cervix. Outside sucking on her lips. He seemed to be everywhere at once, his tongue all over her pussy. She knew she was close and was determined not to go first. With one last flick of her fingers, she found Kate’s G-spot. At the same time, Colin stuck a finger lubricated with pussy juice into Marie’s ass.

The room exploded. Kate’s hips bucked up and down, her hands in Marie’s hair, pulling her face into her open pussy. Marie screamed against it, her pussy clamping down on Colin’s tongue, gushing juice into his mouth and on his face. Her knees gave and she slid down, pinning Colin’s head to the bed as he continued to lick every drop from her.

Marie wasn’t sure how long the three of them laid like that. She was semi-conscious when Kate rolled her on her back. Marie cracked on eye open as Kate smiled, her head between her legs.

“My turn,” Kate whispered. And dipped her head down.

Marie’s already sensitive pussy began to twitch as Kate ate her out. Marie slid her hands up and pinched her own nipples, enjoying the view of Kate’s brown head bobbing between her legs. She was beginning to plateau, though, when Colin came to her, his throbbing cock standing before him. He didn’t say a word, just slid the head between her waiting lips. Marie loved the way his cock felt in her mouth as she was being eaten out. She bobbed her head, taking more of him in as he thrust his hips forward, fucking her mouth. Marie reached out and grabbed his ass, pulling his cock all the way into her, deep throating him. She grinned inwardly to hear him groan. He slid his cock out of her mouth and kissed her on the mouth. Then he walked to line up behind Kate.

Marie watched as Colin inserted his wet cock into Kate’s hole. His hands slowly slid down the woman’s body, his first strokes long and luxurious. Then, his hands clamped down on Kate’s hips and he began to slam into her. Marie felt Kate’s breath quicken as she licked her deeper, sliding one of her long fingers into her pussy. Marie was enjoying the show, but she wanted something more. She wanted a better view.

“Sixty-nine me,” she said. “Let me see Colin fuck you while I eat you out!”

Kate didn’t hesitate. After a few moments of realigning, Kate was straddling Marie’s face and her tongue was once again in Marie’s pussy. Marie began to lick Kate’s clit as she watched Colin slide back into the sopping cunt. After a few minutes, Colin’s rhythm began to pick up and Marie left Kate’s clit and began licking and sucking on his balls. Colin groaned and pumped Kate’s canlı bahis siteleri pussy even harder. Marie suddenly felt his balls clench and she watched as he thrust deep into Kate. She could see the muscles of his cock spewing his seed into Kate’s pussy. He slid out and Marie stopped him long enough to suck his and Kate’s come off of his cock. Then, she dove into Kate’s messy pussy. With deft strokes, she cleaned up every drop of Colin’s come, swallowing each morsel as she looked him in the eyes.

Her meal done, she moved Kate off of her and put her on her back again. She motioned Colin to come forward and, together, they went down on Kate. Marie took the low road, licking Kate’s ass and pussy lips. Colin feasted on Kate’s clit. They met inside, their tongues twining together inside Kate’s hot cunt. Marie looked up as they continued and noticed Kate was devouring Colin’s rod. He was already hard again.

Kate came again, moaning around Colin’s shaft, her pussy walls trapping both his and Marie’s tongues inside. The orgasm lasted for a few moments, and then Kate laid back, a satisfied smile on her lips.

The three laid back for a while, both Marie and Kate in Colin’s arms. Kate played with Colin’s balls while Marie slid her hand along his shaft. After a few minutes of stroking, Colin came with a groan, his seed spilling onto Marie’s hand. She licked the hot semen off of and settled into his arms.

“I need to take a shower after that,” Kate said, suddenly. She swung out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. The sound of running water started and Marie looked at Colin. He was still wide awake.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Still horny. You?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Marie slid down his body and began working her mouth around him again. It didn’t take her long before his cock was once again hard as a rock. She slid back up his body and straddled him, teasing his cock with her pussy lips.

“We probably shouldn’t, huh?” she said.

“Probably not,” he agreed.

“She could come out at any time.”

“Any time.”

“We’d be stupid to.”

Colin grabbed her hips as she slid forward, and thrust the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. With his hands, he guided her slowly onto him until she was completely impaled by his turgid flesh. The feeling of his throbbing shaft in her was delicious.

“Totally stupid.”

She began to slide up and down his shaft, clenching her pussy walls as his cock slid in and out of her. “My God, you’re so tight,” he hissed. “You feel so incredible. I’m not going to last long.”

“Good,” she said and reached around behind her. She clenched her pussy once again as she grabbed his balls. Colin’s hands tightened on her hips as he thrust all the way inside of her. His hot come shot into her, spurting again and again, filling her up. He kept pulling her onto him, as if he was trying to get his entire body into her. He ground his hips against her, his pubic bone rubbing against her clit. It was too much for her and she came as well, feeling her pussy twitch and squirt onto him.

They sat like that for a moment, as if neither could let go, before he finally slid out of her. She leaned back and nuzzled into his arm.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

“Definitely not.”

“Not while she was in the shower.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

Water continued to splash in the bathroom. Kate’s shower was stretching on.

“Wanna go again?” he asked her. She looked down and saw that his cock was standing up again. She grabbed hold of it and he moaned against her neck.

“Definitely not,” she said, and pulled him on top of her. He impaled her again with one long stroke and began to pound in her so hard she climaxed before she even knew she was ready. He emptied himself into her again, his cock twitching inside her.

He rolled off of her again, and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. Later, when the sky had grown dark, Marie awoke to find Colin still in bed with her. Kate was nowhere to be seen. Marie got up and went to the bathroom. The light was on and the door was partially cracked. She pushed it open and found no one. On the counter, there was a note. She read it, disbelieving.

“He’s yours now. I hope you two find happiness. Maybe we can do this again sometime. –K.”

Marie smiled. She had Colin to herself now.

However…it never hurt to share from time to time.

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