Her Son’s Best Friend Ch. 02

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This story is told through the eyes of a woman, Barbara Bradley, 42-years old, married for the second time. Her husband is Terry and she has two children, a son and a daughter from her first marriage. Two of her son’s best friends have just given her mind-blowing sex and she still languishes in the after-glow. casino siteleri

I knew that I would have to move soon, to get up out of my bed, to go and shower and wash the smell of MILF sex off me … to dress more sedately to welcome my husband home from his hard day at the office. This had been a day in which he had rejected his wife – the sexual temptress, unknowingly sending me into the arms of the two young men who had subsequently brought me an afternoon of sexual delight.

After I showered, I changed the sheets that were stained from the cum of Jeremy and Kurt, mingled with the juices from my body. At last, weary from the pleasant ravaging of my body, I stood in the doorway of my bedroom and surveyed the appearance of the room, ensuring that it would look normal to my husband when he entered in an hour or two. It was in this doorway that Jeremy had stood only hours ago, dropping his tracksuit pants to expose that gorgeous large penis, beginning the events that brought out multiple orgasms in me.

When Terry arrived home that evening, he was unbelievably horny, like out of control horny, wanting to take me to bed for a quickie before dinner. That could be disastrous because there was no way I could accept any penis inside my vagina tonight, maybe even tomorrow or the next day. Jeremy and Kurt had given me such a workout with hard-driving fucking that my passage was so sore and sensitive. It wasn’t just the amount of sex from these two young men, but the size of Jeremy’s penis that had filled me like I had never been filled before.

I stressed out while cooking dinner, wondering how I could quell Terry’s need for sex. After he had rejected me at his office, my suspicions had been that he was having sex with his PA and that they may have planned a lunchtime session. But for him to come home this horny made me reconsider that he might be having an affair.

After dinner, I cleared our plates away and when I came back from the kitchen, I stepped up to the table, standing opposite my husband. Then, taking Terry completely by surprise, I got down on my knees and crawled under the table, pushed his knees apart and slid in between them. Reaching up to unzip him, I reached a hand in and pulled out his penis and closed my mouth over it.

The sound of my husband’s moans as my wet mouth enveloped the head and half the shaft of his rapidly rising penis told me how surprised he was at my actions. Our two almost adult children still live at home, so we never indulge in any sexual activity out of our bedroom. However, Adam was away at the moment and our daughter’s tertiary studies would see her out until ten tonight.

I really worked at giving Terry the best damn blow-job he has ever had. I knew that if I could get him to cum here at the table, it would dim his horniness enough to avoid the embarrassment and possible exposure that would follow if I showed pain if we had full-on sex. When I had built up a strong rhythm and I could hear his breathing becoming ragged, he did try to push my mouth away, yelling “No Barbara, I want you in bed, I want to fuck.” But I pursued my task so diligently that he quickly gave up and allowed me to suck his cum all the way to the surface, having it spit from the tip of his penis and splash to the back of my throat. I even swallowed, which I am normally reluctant to do.

He somehow pushed his chair back from the table and I moved with him, so that when he opened his eyes again after blowing his wad into my welcoming mouth, I was still kneeling between his thighs. His now limp cock still rested on my lower lip, traces of his spent cum dribbling down to my chin. He laughed, “Wow, what brought that on?”

I just giggled for reply. betasus

So I dodged a bullet that night. Although he had come home, wanting to make love to the woman who had seductively teased him in his office that day, my husband had alternatively been very impressed with my impromptu blow-job and the added risk of doing it in the dining room. So we went to bed, he very satisfied with the outcome of the evening and me obviously satisfied with the incredible pleasure that I had drawn from the two young men this afternoon.

In the days that followed, I thought about that afternoon of unbridled lust over and over. While I had told Jeremy that it would never happen again, my mind turned over and over, considering how it might be possible. I knew that it should not, that was when the moral me stood up and rejected the sordid scenario of (a) cheating on my husband and (b) doing it with my son’s best friends, (c) with young men that were less than half my age.

It was hard to justify a reason for wanting to have another day like that one. Yet in the darker areas of my mind, a box had been opened and my body lustfully craved another opportunity to have one or both of them bring me the delights casino oyna that I savoured that magical afternoon.

When my son Adam returned from his holiday, I was nervous around him. I was constantly looking for signs that Jeremy or Kurt might have revealed to him that his mother had given them an afternoon of unbridled sex. But Adam was just his normal happy vibrant self and it appeared that the boys had respected me and not kissed and told. Then I went on to worry whether their silence meant that they would pursue me again. What would I do, how would I react if they came to my door any day and wanted to do me all over again? I was afraid that I would have little resistance if they did.

About two weeks later, Adam asked me if he could have his friends around for a pool party. While I was nervous at having both Jeremy and Kurt in my home again, I felt that there would be safety in numbers and besides, there was no valid reason to deny my son having his friends over.

The day arrived, a Sunday … there was quite a bunch, 4 girls and 6 guys, including Adam. Naturally, Jeremy and Kurt were there, they were very polite to me, addressing me as Mrs Bradley, just as they had done when their penises were inside me. My husband Terry chose not to stay at home, going out with his mates to watch a baseball game and our daughter was also out with her friends, so it was just Adam’s 20-year old friends and me, the 42-year-old mother.

I watched a fair bit of the swimming and all round horseplay of testosterone-driven young males and giggly teasing females from my kitchen window. Although there was a gender imbalance in the group, I did notice one or two decided couples emerge through the afternoon, particularly as the alcohol flowed. Jeremy — yes, he of the larger than life penis — seemed to have hooked up with an attractive young woman.

Her name was Georgia and about 3pm she came into the kitchen to talk to me. It was pleasant all-about-nothing conversation at first, but then she got around to telling me how she and Jeremy had become an item just a few weeks ago. She raved on about her feelings for him and that she hoped it would really lead somewhere. Then she suddenly hit me with a bombshell request.

“Mrs Bradley, is there somewhere Jeremy and I could go … err, I mean, in your house, like a room with a bed in it, where we could, like, do it?” She looked sheepish, like a little embarrassed, but she had still been bold enough to ask.

I didn’t know what to say. My moral code was back in the previous generation, and each generation coming through perhaps pushed the envelope just that bit further. Terry and I had recently talked about our reaction if either of our kids wanted to bring a partner home to stay and to sleep with them in their room. We agreed that it seemed pretty normal to do that these days, although it would have horrified our own parents.

But this was a bit different. Why wasn’t young Georgia asking her own mum if she could take her new love Jeremy to her own bed? She could see the stunned look on my face and was experiencing my long silence.

“If you don’t want us to, Mrs Bradley, it’s okay. It’s just that we have been building up to this moment for a few weeks, and I’m … err, sort of on heat right now. I … err, oh God, I want him so badly this very moment and I am so wet down there. Mrs Bradley, it’s not like I haven’t had sex before, I’ve just never done it with Jeremy, and I so want to.”

Just a minute … I am getting information overload. Did this girl really need to tell me just how wet she was? This seemed so weird in view of my having had sex with young Jeremy just two weeks ago. “Did Jeremy get you to ask me?” I was curious to know. perabet

“Oh God no, Mrs Bradley, he doesn’t know what I’m planning. I wanted to get your permission to use a room, a bed you know, and just go back out by the pool and take his hand and lead him inside there. He will be so surprised.”

I was at least reassured by that. I knew that I was only a MILF to Jeremy, but I felt great affection for him, not just for the sex we had had, but also for having seen him grow up from a 4-year-old to now. I hated to think that he would be blatantly flaunting his real love in front of me at this time. But Georgia’s words reassured me that he was not, and in fact, I wondered then if Jeremy would be embarrassed that Georgia had asked me for use of a bedroom.

The next consideration, as Georgia looked to me expectantly for my answer, was whether she knew how big Jeremy was when fully erect. Had they petted that much for her to have felt around and found that she could not wrap her fingers around its girth. If she had had sex before, as she claimed, then she would know that other young men did not enjoy the dimensions that Jeremy did. Then I wondered further whether that afternoon that I had enjoyed with Jeremy and Kurt had been pre-planned to give Jeremy some experience at fucking a woman. In other words, to get practice on me because he knew he would soon have to perform for his new girlfriend Georgia.

That canlı casino did seem a distinct possibility as I stood here in my kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, confronted by the cool young woman, Georgia who wanted me to let her use a bed in my house to fuck with her stud boyfriend. “Err,” I stumbled as I struggled to give her the answer she wanted, “how about the guestroom, it’s just back there behind the laundry, through that door there.”

Georgia’s face lit up and she reached out, throwing her arms around my neck, “Oh thank you, Mrs Bradley, you are so cool, Adam sure is lucky to have such a great mum.”

She planted a kiss on my cheek and spun around to leave. She was almost to the door that led back to the pool when she stopped, “Oh, I suppose I better get it ready, pull the top sheet back, make it look like our little love nest. Is it through here?” she asked and I nodded as she trotted off to prepare the bed for she and Jeremy to have their first sex together.

Soon, she was back, calling to me as she passed through the kitchen on the way to find Jeremy out by the pool, “It’s just perfect, Mrs Bradley, just perfect.”

I went back to my watching post at the kitchen window and saw the bubbly Georgia run up to Jeremy as he stood by the pool talking to, of all people, my own son Adam. What would he think of his mother giving his best mate a room to go and fuck his new girlfriend in? Then I had a touch of guilt as I watched the three of them … then again, what would Adam think if he knew that best mate had fucked me — his mother?

Georgia had Jeremy’s hand and eventually, she managed to take him away from his discussion with Adam. I watched as she led him half-way back to the house, then she stopped to talk to him. I could see the look on his face as she appeared to explain where they were heading. He smiled happily, as I guess any young man would when he suddenly found out he was about to bed his new girlfriend. I wondered if there would be a twinge of guilt from him for doing it in the same house as we had done it just two weeks ago. If he had been practising on me for this moment, there was a supreme irony about doing it under the same roof.

The explanation over, Georgia again tugged him along toward the back door that I stood alongside. I quickly busied myself, appearing to get some more food ready for the pool party. Georgia led Jeremy by the hand in through the door and I naturally looked up. She giggled, “Thanks again, Mrs B, and Jeremy thanks you too,” turning her head back to her new boyfriend, “don’t you hun?”

Jeremy looked at me very timidly, “Yes … err, yes I do, Mrs Bradley.” He looked to me as if it was a guilt look on his part, like he was looking to see if there was any anger from me. Perhaps my theory about him using me for practice was dead right and he was looking to see if I had worked it out.

“That’s okay, guys,” I said brightly, giving my tacit approval to what was about to happen in my guestroom. They quickly disappeared through the laundry door on the way to the guestroom just behind. tulipbet

The laundry had a shower and toilet attached and with the guestroom on the other side, it was intended to be a self-contained area for a lodger or relation to stay in.

I went back to my cooking for the party and resumed my watch out the window, enjoying watching the frolicking by the pool of my son and his friends. A few minutes had elapsed since Georgia and Jeremy had adjourned for their first sex session together. But suddenly I was startled by a loud shriek from the direction of the guestroom. I was in a sudden panic, it sounded like a woman’s shriek, was Georgia alright? What had Jeremy done to her? I felt responsible if anything happened to her because I had given permission to use the room.

I looked out to see if the shriek had been loud enough to be heard out by the pool. They had music playing out there, so they hadn’t heard a thing. I headed over toward the laundry door, went through it to the door on the other side behind which was the guestroom.

I heard another shriek, louder this time because I was closer and the sound wasn’t now competing with the music from the pool area. Then the shriek was followed by “No Jeremy, no, don’t.”

What should I do? What was this young man doing? Surely not raping her, he didn’t need to, she seemed so eager to have him. I stood at the door, debating whether to knock. Should I intrude? Damn it, I knocked anyway, adding, “Are you two okay in there? Is everything alright?”

There was no answer, but when I pressed my ear to the door, I thought I could hear sobbing. Damn it, I was going in. I turned the handle and the door opened. My eyes adjusted to the semi-dark. I could see Georgia lying on her back on the bed, she was naked, her legs spread. Jeremy was above her, also nude, his legs between hers, that long thick penis of his rested on her smooth flat tummy.

“I’m sorry to intrude at such a moment, but I heard screaming, are you okay, Georgia?”

She was sobbing, seriously.

“She’s become a bit hysterical, kaçak casino Mrs Bradley,” said Jeremy, his upper body raised above hers, his straightened arms by her sides.

“Do you know why, Jeremy?”

He looked at me standing by the side of the bed, “I … err, I might have been a bit eager to get inside her. I don’t know if I hurt her or just scared her. After the foreplay, it was feeling so good and she was so wet down there … I might have just pushed it in a bit quick.”

I lectured him like a school marm, “Jeremy, did you learn nothing from me?” then quickly hesitated when I realised what I had just revealed out aloud. I think Georgia was too distressed to fully grasp what I had just blurted out. Since I could see his large erection resting on her flat tummy, the rest of what I had to say to the young man could justifiably stem from seeing his erect organ, so I continued. “What you have there is almost a lethal weapon, you must use it with care, particularly on somebody new. Georgia is obviously somebody that you care about.”

“Mrs Bradley, we did have foreplay…”

“Perhaps not quite enough, Jeremy.” I sat down on the edge of the bed, my left leg folded under me, my right still on the floor. I reached out and softly touched young Georgia’s forehead to quieten her distress, “Don’t stress honey, just calm yourself down.”

She eased her constant sobbing back to occasional sobs and turned to look up at me, “I was so excited at giving myself to Jeremy, I didn’t expect anything could spoil the moment. It’s just that he’s different to the only other two boys I have ever had sex with. Have you seen it, Mrs B, it’s big, so big!”

“Yes Georgia, I have seen it,” I was able to tell her so truthfully, but added “I can see it from here” to allay any suspicion that the young girl may have. “You’re right dear, it sure is big.”

“I mean Mrs B, I didn’t know they came that big.”

I was now using my hand to stroke her hair. She had certainly calmed down. She took me by surprise, lifting her head and dropping it into my lap. Although not yet joined to her, Jeremy shifted his body sideways to match her movement, bringing his face closer to mine.

“Georgia dear,” I started, “I went through exactly what you are going through just a while ago. I came across a man who was just as well endowed as your friend Jeremy. I was as scared as you obviously are now when he took it out of his pants. I was silly and I ran away, but only because nobody had prepared me for coming across one that size.”

“So what happened, did you overcome it, did you have him?”

I decided to blend two stories together to protect any revelation of my fling with Jeremy. I had started out talking about that neighbour from down the street, but now blended that story with having actually taken Jeremy into me. “Georgia, I told some girlfriends of my dilemma on being confronted with such a large penis. They persuaded me that I had really missed out on something special by rejecting the neighbour, so a few weeks later, I had the opportunity again, and this time I let him have me with that big penis.”

“Wow, did it hurt you? I mean, it was like seriously hurting when Jeremy started to put it in me.”

“Was that really pain, Georgia? Did it physically hurt, or was it just discomfort because he was so much bigger than those other boys you’ve had?”

“I don’t know, Mrs B, it seemed to be pain.” She paused, “Oh I don’t know, maybe you’re right, perhaps it was just uncomfortable, being so big and all. Was I being silly too?”

“No Georgia, I guess it was a natural reaction for a girl your age, but really, your vagina will expand no matter what size penis goes into you. I eventually found that out and it brought me exquisite pleasure.” Continuing the stroking of Georgia’s hair, I looked up to see Jeremy’s eyes watching me intently, his face so close. He smiled when I said what I did and I smiled back at him, looking down quickly with guilt, hoping that Georgia had not seen our shared moment of reflection.

“Are you sure, because exquisite pleasure sounds really good. Can you stay, I think I’d like to try it again, but I would feel better if you helped me through it. I mean, like you’ve done it and all with — I guess — one just like Jeremy’s.”

“Yes Georgia, one just like Jeremy’s.” I paused, “but I don’t know if I should stay. That’s a pretty intimate thing between you two, I shouldn’t be here with you.”

“Oh please Mrs B, pretty please, I’d like you to stay, and I’m sure Jeremy won’t mind. Will you Jer?”

“No I guess not,” was Jeremy’s response. But I was certain he would mind, I was certain he would be embarrassed to have me see him trying out his new technique on his new girlfriend … technique that I believed that he had learnt from me.

Jeremy’s agreement seemed to seal the deal for Georgia. She was a happy girl again, eager to have Jeremy for the first time … and I was to be the reluctant witness to this sexual coupling. I had never seen any couple have sex live, and in the flesh, as it were. I mean I had seen sex scenes in movies, but this was different. I was perched on the edge of one of my beds, young Georgia’s head lying back against my bikini-clad pubis, comfortably resting in the vee of my spread thighs.

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