Her New Professor Pt. 06

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It’s been a while since I put up a Riley story. The previous ones have been heavily into dominance but this one’s my first lesbian effort – enjoy, it probably works as a stand alone, but check out the story up until now if you’re so inclined, and notice, hopefully, how my writing has improved!

Riley realised that she had crossed a bridge in her relationship with the Prof. He had tested her to the limit, and she had submitted to his authority. She had accepted that she would do whatever he asked, without question. Strangely it felt hugely relieving to let go, to let him take charge. She loved and admired him – more than admired, she worshipped him.

She wanted to mark his ownership in a tangible way. She thought about getting a tattoo, but he was appalled at the idea, lecturing her at length on their lack of aesthetic merit, how the concept of a fashionable tattoo was an oxymoron, and how the blue ink was evocative of death and decay, rather than youth and beauty. She was disappointed, thinking that she would probably have enjoyed the pain of the process, itself a symbolic submission for her master.

He was similarly unimpressed with the suggestion of a piercing, wanting to preserve the innocence and purity of her body.

In the end he gave her a collar. It was actually a thin leather necklace to anyone else’s eyes, but was tight fitting, with a metal loop that he could attach a lead to if he so wished. No-one would notice it, but she thrilled at the public display of her submission.

They played with the notion of a collar, he making her crawl around on all fours, and lick milk from a bowl, before being allowed to suck his dick, which then contributed to her milk. He made sure she licked the bowl dry. She sat up and begged with it held in her teeth, which he thought was cute, and inspired him to fuck her – doggy style, obviously.

A few weeks later, after a particularly robust love making session he announced to her that he would be hosting a special visitor.

“This man is very important to me, he was my supervisor for my PhD, and he taught me so much. We will need to look after him really well. He’s bringing his new protege apparently. I want you there with me, but they will need some female company too. I was thinking Emily, obviously, but we need another girl to even up the numbers, do you have any ideas?”

Riley didn’t have the first idea. There were girls she knew who had a bit of a reputation, but she couldn’t image being able to approach any of them, guessing what the evening might involve.

“I was thinking that he would absolutely adore your friend Amber,” he said.

“Are you kidding? After last time!” Riley spluttered, her usual deference blind-sided by the unexpectedness of his suggestion.

“I admit that she may take a little persuading, but I’m sure you could talk her around. I hear that she is still in a lot of debt. When casino oyna I spoke to her about what happened last time she was more sanguine about it than I expected. My old friend does go for the younger and more innocent type, so it has to be someone like her, I’m afraid.”

He wasn’t wrong; when Riley had coffee with Amber a couple days later and brought up the subject of her coming to a small dinner party with her, she was fine with the idea, indeed seemed quite pleased to be asked.

“Um, there is something else though, ” Riley said hesitantly, “we get new outfits paid for, and an envelope at the end of the evening.”

“Oh,” said Amber “it’s that kind of party?”

“I guess, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, it’s only some old guy we have to look pretty for.”

“I dunno, I could certainly do with some cash at the moment, and going shopping could be fun…You’d be there, right? We could look out for each other, yeah?” Amber looked to Riley for reassurance.

Riley reached across the table and took Amber’s hand,

“Course I would, sweetie.” She stroked the back of Amber’s hand, noticing how it, if anything, was even more delicate than her own, and brown next to her pale skin. She looked up and was trapped for a second in the full beam of Amber’s huge eyes. She broke her gaze feeling momentarily embarrassed and took her hand back.

She glanced up again, my god she was beautiful, a delicate Bambi of a girl, so perfect it was hard to believe that she had lived her 18 years in this world. She pushed away a grumbling feeling of guilt, smiled at her and said, “We’ll be fine, it’ll be fun!”

They met a few days later at the local mall. Riley had always been a jeans and sweats kinda girl, so Amber fell naturally in charge, taking Riley into expensive shops that she would usually never dream of. Amber was clearly very used to spending money, presumably her Dad’s, and knew exactly what she wanted, and seemed excited to have Riley to dress too.

They took some dresses into the changing rooms of a big store and striped down to their underwear together in a cubicle. Riley couldn’t help looking at Amber’s long, coltish limbs, in spectacular proportion to her little butt and boobs; her long shiny black hair, and brown skin so in contrast with Riley’s pale blondness.

This was obviously one of Amber’s favourite activities and she was much more confident in posing in front of the mirror and in touching Riley as she zipped and unzipped her and adjusted the figure hugging garments.

Being in such intimate proximity meant that Riley couldn’t stop images of their previous contact popping into her head. She remembered the feel of Amber’s soft thighs spread against her hips as her pussy was forced onto Riley’s erect plastic cock in the nightclub, and how good that dildo had felt rubbing against her own clit because of Amber’s movements. She felt her hand lingering on Amber’s canlı casino arm as she helped her out of a dress, and was rewarded with a look from the taller girl that seemed to be held just a microsecond longer than usual.

Having spent what seemed to Riley to be an obscene amount of money on a pair of dresses and two pairs of high heeled shoes, they took a taxi back to campus, and went back to Amber’s room. Amber opened a bottle of wine and they settled down to watch a Netflix movie.

Riley could sense a tension in the air, it felt a bit like she was on a date rather than just spending an evening with a girlfriend. She felt nervous, but at the same was enjoying the innocent girlishness of this time in contrast with the raw sex focus of her relationship with the Prof, who, rightly or wrongly, had become her main social contact at Uni., particularly since he had made his disapproval of her spending time with boys plain. It occurred to her that she was lonely and she wondered whether Amber, by dint of her untouchable doll-like beauty, and her elitist accent and background might be too.

They had to lie together on Amber’s single bed to watch her laptop balanced at the end of the bed, and quite naturally found themselves snuggling into each other. Riley felt Amber’s bare arm go around her shoulder, then a little while later an absent minded kiss on the top of her hair. She looked quizzically up at Amber then spontaneously lent in and kissed her gently on her soft lips. Riley had never kissed a girl before. She wasn’t sure whether it was just the alcohol, but for some reason it felt right. Amber stared into her eyes before kissing her back, harder this time. They made out like a couple of virgins practising kissing, not allowing their hands to explore each other, or their tongues to probe, but gently, repeatedly, obsessively, enjoying each other’s sweet mouths.

Riley’s pussy was wet in her jeans. Amber’s body felt so slim in her arms. It was exotically different to a man’s, and their dance around each other so restrained. In a way it felt more kinky than anything she did with the Prof., but, at the same time far more intimate and yet innocent too.

Amber finally broke away giggling. Riley realised that she was quite drunk. Riley rolled on top of her, legs kneeling either side of her slim hips and peeled Amber’s t shirt off, leaving her in her bra and jeans, Riley took off her own t-shirt, then unbuttoned and unzipped Amber’s jeans. Amber was looking up at her, still giggling. Riley took a handful of jean fabric in her fists, ready to start ripping them down.

“Sooooooo? Are these coming off?” she questioned wickedly.

In answer Amber lifted her butt up off the bed and helped Riley in wriggling the tight jeans down past her narrow hips and down her super skinny long legs. Riley didn’t waste a moment before holding Amber’s thighs, reminding herself of the feel of them, before kaçak casino peeling off her own jeans.

They took off each other’s bras, intrigued by the differences in their bodies, Riley’s breasts pert little peaks with pale and tiny nipples, Amber’s larger and rounder but more flat on her chest, with brown and prominent nubs. They hugged and kissed, exploring the new feeling of being breast to breast. Riley’s thigh slipped naturally between Amber’s legs, Amber’s cotton wrapped crotch grinding down on it. Riley enjoyed being the dominant partner for once, controlling Amber’s pleasure as their kissing became more intense. Amber’s moans got louder as Riley’s leg rubbed on her clit. Riley’s hand found her breast, teasing the hard nipple, so much larger and womanly than her own, and she watched, fascinated as suddenly Amber broke their kiss as her back arched into her orgasm and she needed to cry out her pleasure, her fingernails clawing into Riley’s back.

“God, I wish you could fuck me like you did in the club,” Amber moaned.


“Yeah, I keep having these recurring dreams with you in, and you have a big dick. Is that really fucked up?”

Riley laughed, “I dunno, probably! But this is kinda nice too”

“Mmmmmm, God isn’t it! I can’t believe we just did that, I’ve never even kissed a girl before,” she took Riley in her arms and snuggled her.

“Is it my turn to do you now?” Amber said.

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” Riley grinned, and flipped her body around so her face was at Amber’s panties, and her own crotch was spread over her new lover’s head. She buried her face in Amber’s soaked gusset and tongued it forcefully, being rewarded with a guttural moan. She tasted different, a stronger more piquant flavour than Riley’s own juices, but she just threw herself into this new sensory experience anyway, relishing its novelty.

She felt her panties being pulled to one side then nearly exploded as she felt a little tongue tentatively exploring her slit. She pushed her groin down onto Amber’s mouth, encouraging her to lick deeper and harder into her delicate pussy.

She copied Amber and pulled her lacy panties to one side to inspect her pussy. It was striking different to her own. In contrast to the doll-like prettiness and elegance of the rest of Amber’s body her cunt was lewd, with thick, dark, chewable lips and a prominent erect clit, inside it was deep pink and liquid, and Riley plunged her tongue inside to feast on it.

They stayed like that for ages, mouths buried in each other’s sex, their whole world pussy, their own and their lover’s. They took turns to take the lead in pushing the other to orgasm, before managing somehow to maintain the focus to cum together in one last muscle wrenching explosion. They flipped back around, their aching mouths full of the taste of each other, their bruised lips tenderly kissing, before they both sank into a half sleep in each other’s arms.

Riley was so proud when she reported back to the Prof later, and they both came hard thinking of Amber’s perfect body and dreaming of pleasures to come.

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