Her Daughter’s Private Tuition Pt. 05

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Summary so far, if you haven’t read what’s gone before! bahis siteleri

From giving Tess private tuition to help her with her GCSEs, and beginning a part time relationship with Megan, her lawyer mother, I’d gone through various parties, and sex games, with her mum; a liaison with her ex’s girlfriend; and along the way, had sex with Tess’s friend Daisy, from college.

Megan had caught Billy, a young friend of Daisy, in bed with Tess, and wanted to know if that relationship had ended…the complicated web of sexual adventures continued…


The text read, ‘Hi daddy, remember me, it’s Daisy?’

Intuitively I knew the answer, but I had to reply with, ‘Yes, I do, how did you get my number?’

With a ping, the reply came back, ‘I sneaked it from Tess’s phone.’

I needed to be cautious, so I sent back a bland text. ‘How are you, I hope your studies are going well.’

We were quickly into a rapid exchange of texts, and I wondered if it would present an opportunity to find out about Billy.

‘I’m cool daddy, how about me knowing Tess! It’s a small world.’

‘Yes, I hope you’ve been discreet about us, Billy, and her mum.’

‘Yes daddy, that’s cool. Only see Billy on and off. He has an older lady now.’

‘Thanks Daisy, well done.’

It seemed then that Billy was occupied elsewhere, and Tess was not on his radar, I could reassure Megan, at least.

But Daisy was now in flirting mode, and I had to be on my guard.

‘So are you still a naughty daddy?’ Daisy was fishing, in her flirtatious way.

‘Daisy, you shouldn’t ask such questions.’

‘Ffs daddy, you fucked my ass, how naughty is that?’

I hesitated, my reply was as non committal as I could make it.

‘We had a great time Daisy, I try to remain good!’

The reply was direct. ‘Well, invite me round, and you can fuck my ass again.’

How many times does an old guy like me get a proposition from a twenty year old like that?

‘Stop tempting me Daisy, you’re being very naughty now.’

‘Well, if I don’t get an invite, I might let something slip to Tess.’

There was no way out of that one, It was not worth the risk.

‘You’re incorrigible, please don’t tell Tess anything. You win. Text me tomorrow, and we’ll fix something.’

‘Cool daddy, can’t wait. xx.’

The pinging stopped. What on earth had I got myself into, yet again?

The only saving grace was that there was good news for Megan, but how could I tell her without her knowing I’d spoken to Daisy.

The only way I could think of, was to ask Daisy to back up a story of me running into her in town, and having a conversation where she said that Billy was off the scene with his older lady. A weak solution, but just about believable.

The next morning, before I’d barely woken up, my mobile pinged.

‘Morning daddy, hope you’re hard.’ grandbetting

Daisy was correct, I was!

‘Stop it Daisy. Shall I phone you, instead of texting, are you on your own?’

‘Yes, no lectures till 11am, phone me, I’m in bed still.”

Yet again, I was jumping into the unknown, bed to bed conversations have a habit of developing.

“Good morning daddy, how nice to hear your voice.” Daisy’s voice had that deep sexy edge.

“It’s nice to hear you,” I replied.

“I hope that cock is nice and hard daddy, I remember it deep inside me, in my pussy, and in my ass.”

“Mmmmmm, I remember how sweet you tasted.”

“Oh fuck, yes daddy, you know how to eat pussy.”

Daisy’s sultry tone was making me harder, I held the phone in one hand, and was gently squeezing my cock with the other.

“I hope you’re gonna eat me again daddy, suck my clit, and do you know, I’m rubbing it now. Rub your cock for me daddy, stroke it up and down, mmmmmmmmmm…oh yes, go on.”

“Oh god Daisy, you’re so sexy,” I whispered into the phone.

“Now daddy, you’re gonna make me cum, your black bitch is rubbing her clit so hard, oooooooh, mmmmmmm, yes, go on, rub your cock, ohhhhhhhhhhh, please.”

My cock was rock hard, and I could hear Daisy’s breathing becoming shorter, and then she began to moan in short, regular gutteral sounds.

“Uhh…uhh…uhh…uhh…uhh…oh fuck daddy, oh, your bitch is gonna cum! Oh god…Oh godddddddddddddd!”

Daisy’s cries in my ear made me want to gain my own release, I was gripping, and rubbing my erection in rapid strokes. In not many seconds, a spurt of semen shot upwards, and over my stomach followed by a second, and then a third.

“Ohhhhhhhh, god I’ve cum too, oh yes, yes, oh, mmmmmmm!”

Daisy’s breathing had slowed, “Oh daddy, mmmmmmmm, you sexy man, thank you.”

“Thank you, Daisy, it’s a long time since I had phone sex.”

As I struggled to wipe up my spunk with a tissue, Daisy added, “I want the real thing soon daddy, when are you going to invite me round?”

“Well I need a favour please Daisy, but I’d love you to come over, maybe tomorrow evening? Are you free?”

I explained about the story I was to make up for Megan, and Daisy was happy to go along with it, she also casino oyna said that she’d love to see me the next day.

I gave Megan the news about Billy, and it seemed a big relief for her, however, she couldn’t help making a joke about Daisy and me, and bumping into her again.

The next morning Daisy texted again. hiltonbet

‘Looking forward to tonight daddy.’ was all it said.

I sent a text back, ‘I can’t wait.’

Daisy was due to arrive at 8pm, at five minutes past, I glanced out of the window to see a black RangeRover with darkened windows, and dark tinted windows, pull up outside. I watched as out of the driver’s door stepped Daisy in a tight black pencil skirt, tight low cut bodice, black stockings and black patent high heels. Her hair was done in blue black dreadlocks, and her lipstick was the brightest red.

“Fuck me,” I said under my breath, “Fuck me,” I said again.

I hurried to the door, and flung it open, and said, “You look fucking gorgeous!”

Daisy greeted me with the broadest smile, overflowing boobs, and my nostrils were filled with expensive perfume. On tiptoe, on the doorstep she kissed me, open mouthed, and with passion.

“Hello again daddy, you like the look of your black bitch?”

I just nodded, unable to speak, and licking my lips with the taste of Daisy’s lipstick. Already there was some smudged on my shirt front.

“Where did you get that car? I asked.

“Oh, it’s my mum’s, she lent it to me for a couple of days.”

“God, is she some merchant banker, or did she win the lottery?” I chuckled, knowing that I was being sexist.

“No, she runs a couple of hotels, and a night club. She likes her cars.”

“Anyway, come in, you just look amazing, can I get you a drink?”

“Just a tonic water, I’m driving,” there was a pause, “unless I’m stopping the night, in which case I’ll have a glass of wine.”

Neither of us spoke, as I poured her a glass of sauvignon.

We stood in the centre of the room, and facing each other, sipped our wine. The eye contact was electric, Daisy’s brown eyes, bored into me, creating all sorts of feelings inside me.

“Tess was right, you’re quite a handsome chap.”

“She said that? When she reaches eighteen, she’ll make some boy very happy.”

“Well I’m old enough, I’m your young black bitch.”

Very deliberately, she placed her glass on the coffee table, and took a step back. Reaching behind her, the bodice was unclasped, and it fell to the floor, leaving her voluptuous boobs swelling over the top of a black lacy bra. The zip was pulled down on her skirt, and when it fell around her ankles, it revealed her dark thighs, black suspenders, black stockings, and tiny lace panties.

“Wow Daisy, sooooo sexy,” the words drifted out.

“Take me to bed, unless you want to have me here.” My heart stopped.

Stepping forward her body pressed up against mine, those boobs rippling in her bra. Her fingers felt for my cock, and it was already hard.

“I want you on my bed, I can have you down here for breakfast. Daddy might have his black bitch in every room in the house.”

It felt slightly odd using this language, but Daisy seemed to enjoy the role playing.

She let me lead her upstairs until we got to my bedroom door, where she entered before me, and stood in the centre of the room, and unhitched her bra. As it dropped to the floor the full glory of those wonderful breasts was exposed, Their voluptuous fullness, the succulent dark nipples.

They swung from side to side as she wiggled the minute black, lacy panties down over her thighs, over the suspenders, and let them drop to the floor, stepping out of them, and bobbing down to pick them up.

Stepping towards me, she pressed the lace into my face, letting me breathe in the musky perfume of her pussy.

“Now daddy, I want you to undress while I make myself comfortable.”

Daisy sat on the bed, rearranged the pillows so that she could sit upright against the brass bedhead. She spread her thighs, cross legged, exposing her smoothly shaved pussy. I could see her pussy lips plump, with what looked like a hint of moisture making their edges glisten.

“Go on then daddy, take your clothes off, I want to watch.”

As I began to unbutton my shirt, Daisy’s fingers started to massage her pussy, and slide between their lips.

“So daddy, you remember last night, you made me cum on the phone, well this is what I was doing.”

Her finger tips slid between her pussy lips, exposing the pink, wet texture of her cunt. As they dragged upwards they circled the hood of her clit. She gasped, as I watched her tiny bud grow larger, and as she moistened it, her eyes closed for a few seconds.

My mouth must have dropped open because, suddenly, she said abruptly, “Don’t stop, undress!”

Focussing again, I slid off my shoes, and unsteadily took off my socks.

Daisy continued to rub her clit, probe her cunt, and I undid my belt, and unzipped my trousers. I let them drop to the floor, quickly stepping out of them. My cock was clearly erect, canlı casino as it pushed out the fabric of my boxers.

I heard Daisy stifle a groan, but she wanted to see my cock.

“Get those off daddy, let me see you.”

As I dropped my boxers, my cock seemed to get harder, pointing upwards towards the ceiling. I wasn’t sure if the tiny gasp was Daisy appreciating what she saw, or whether it was her stimulating her clit.

“Mmmmmmmm, gorgeous. When I heard you cumming last night that is what I had in my mind. Now I have to tease you!”

I went to join her on the bed.

“Stop! you have to wait and watch! Your turn will come daddy.”

So standing, self consciously, at the foot of the bed, I watched as Daisy continued to masturbate herself. I tried to resist touching my own cock, but my right hand ended up just squeezing it lightly.

The sight of this black girl, in her black suspenders, nylons, and high heels, sitting with her thighs apart, one hand rubbing her clit, the other hand pinching each nipple in turn, was incredibly erotic.

I wasn’t sure how long it took, but Daisy started to cum. It wasn’t a loud, thrashing orgasm; her head tilted backwards, her eyes closed, her mouth opened, and she came with a long, low growl, and the words, “Oh shit, ooooooooooooh…fuck.” Her thighs half closed, and there was a final grunt, “Daddy, oh daddy.”

“Daisy, that looked good,” I said, still standing at the foot of the bed, my cock, just a little diminished. I realised that I was waiting to be instructed.

Making herself more comfortable, Daisy beckoned me onto the bed.

“Kneel in front of me, here, so that I can suck your cock.”

I put my knees either side of her thighs, and kneeling upright, she took my cock between her lips. The intention was to tease, and she definitely did that.

Licking her tongue around the head, her fingers played with my balls, occasionally straying round, and under my buttocks. My cock assumed its previous hardness, and Daisy began to take it into her mouth. Looking down, I could see her full lips gripping me, wetting me, taking me deeper. Suddenly she gagged, and pulled back, stopping briefly, before pushing again, and gagging again.

Daisy held me by my hips at arms length. Saliva had dribbled down her chin onto the dusky rise of her breasts. She added to the wetness on my cock, by spitting further amounts on the shaft.

“Put it here.”

Daisy wanted my cock between her breasts. I leaned forward, and she squeezed her boobs around it. The temptation to slide my cock up and down was too much.

“C’mon daddy, I want your spunk on my tits.”

Daisy had done this before, I was sure. I was moving my hips, and Daisy’s breasts were engulfing my cock, testing my self control, and I knew where it would end.

Rising and falling, my cock slithering between her tits, I felt my need for release approaching.

“I know you’re there daddy, let go, let me have it all.”

I started to shoot my spunk, spurting first in a line around her neck, then shooting more over the upper part of her tits, and pumping out the rest between them.

“Oh god I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold on,” I muttered, and I saw Daisy smiling.

Provocatively, her fingers, scooped up some of my semen, and her tongue licked it up, savouring its taste. Mischievously scraping up more, she fed me with her spunky fingertips.

“You’re a kinky daddy too, aren’t you?”

Daisy moved to go and shower, taking off the rest of her lingerie, I watched her voluptuous, young body disappear, and heard the water flow. When she reappeared, casually towelling herself down, it was just as though she’d had a gym session, and was talking to a friend in the changing room.

“Have you always liked younger women Paul?”

I think that was the first time she had used my name. “l don’t necessarily have a preference Daisy, it’s just worked out that way with you, how about you, and older men?”

She was now laying on her side next to me, naked, head propped up on her elbow.

“I’ve always been around older men. Because mum runs a nightclub they’re always there. Mum doesn’t know, but on my eighteenth birthday, I had sex with the boyfriend she had then, in her office, bent over her desk.”

“You’re quite an adventurous girl,” I said.

“I just have fun, like you.”

“I’m just going to have a shower now, you don’t mind?”

“Go ahead, I’ll be waiting, I hope it revives you,” Daisy’s wink was unnecessary, as I left the bed.

I needed to refresh, soaping my body all over with a hugely sexy young girl waiting in my bed was an aphrodisiac in itself. Stepping out of the shower I dried my body, finishing off as I went back into the bedroom.

Daisy was laying stretched out, one leg crossed over the other modestly hiding that pussy of hers.

“Tell me how you lost your virginity Paul.” The question was perhaps a natural one for a young person to ask.

“Oooooh it was a long time ago,” I said teasing, “but it was a friend’s auntie, I was stopping over at her kaçak casino house, she was a lot older, how did it happen with you?”

“It was with two guys actually, a bit of a game that went further than I expected. Too much alcohol as well. We were at this guys’ house, his parents were away for the night, and his older brother was out. We had been drinking a lot, and one of them suggested we play a strip card game, poker or something. You can imagine what happened.”

“Both of them? You had both?”

“Yes, none of us really knew what we were doing, both of them came straight away, it left me very confused about sex until I met Billy’s dad.”

“Wow, so that’s the connection,” I was getting a sense of how all this came about.

“Yeah, it got complicated, until we all actually owned up to what was going on.”

“How do you mean?”

Daisy laughed, “Come here,” she said beckoning me back onto the bed.

I lay down beside her, and she put her head on my chest, as I put my arm around her.

“Billy’s dad worked at my mum’s club, and they started going out, I was introduced to Billy, and we started seeing each other. It all got complicated when one night I had sex with Billy’s dad. Don’t ask me how or why, it happened, I seem to have a knack of giving in to guys. Anyway I was in a situation when I was having sex with both Billy and his dad. I couldn’t believe it when one night Billy came out with the fact that he’d had sex with my mum!”

“Fucking hell, Daisy, it’s like some sort of soap opera, what’s happening now?”

“It’s all settled down now, Billy’s dad has gone, Billy has another older woman, although I still keep in touch, and go to the occasional party with him. My mum has been really good about it, she was as worried about it all as I was, I think we both have a a need for sex.”

As Daisy was explaining all this, her hand was resting on my thigh, stroking it almost absent mindedly.

“You certainly have an appetite.” I watched as Daisy’s fingers ran up and down my thigh, and inexorably my cock started to lift itself from my balls.

“I think you want to play too,” Daisy said quietly, as she shifted slightly, in order to offer her lips to me. As we kissed very gently, I felt those breasts pressing against my side, and I could feel her fingers close over my cock.

Both of us slid down so that we were laying properly side by side on the bed. Daisy’s arms went around my neck, “I want you inside me again Paul,” she said.

There was no calling me ‘daddy’ this time, this was a young girl wanting to be made love to.

The kissing was languid, and gentle, soft little kisses, lingering longer kisses. Daisy’s lips were full and sensuous, and I enjoyed the unhurried exploration by both of us.

My hands were free to feel the incredible smoothness of her skin, everywhere I touched seemed perfect. I played with her nipples, I slid my fingers up and down her inner thighs. I knew she wanted me to touch her intimate parts when she parted her legs, but I just teased her, and refused to be drawn.

“She eventually whispered, “You fucking bastard, please…”

My cock wanted to be inside Daisy just as much as she wanted it. Neither of us could resist for much longer. I raised myself onto my elbow, and Daisy opened her thighs and welcomed me, as I rolled on top of her. Her arms still clung around my neck and shoulders, and as her thighs opened further, and crossed behind my buttocks, my cock slid deep within what was a very moist pussy.

The voice was soft, and gentle, “Oh Paul, slowly, make love to me slowly.”

My answer was a kiss, our mouths half open, our tongues just flicking briefly in contact before I raised my head, and we both made eye contact.

I raised my hips just a small fraction, but it was enough to bring a quiet gasp, and I watched Daisy’s eye close. With just a gentle flexing of my hips, I was beginning to hear her murmuring with pleasure.

As those movements continued, I was able to use my hand to bring her ample breasts to my mouth, and taking her nipples between my lips, I sucked hard. I knew playing with them really aroused her, and even though my cock remained quiet inside her, once I had started to suck, her body began to push against me.

Releasing her nipples, I concentrated on moving my hips, knowing that I was stimulating her well endowed clit. Each movement brought a muffled, “yes,” the responses coming rhythmically, and slightly louder each time. “Yes…yes…yes…” and then, in the moment before she came, “oh…mmmmmmm…oh yessss.” Her body shook, then shuddered. “Oh god Paul, that was soooo good, so fucking good.”

“I haven’t finished yet, or do you want to stop?” I smiled, and Daisy locked her legs behind my buttocks and squeezed hard.

“Don’t you dare.”

I chuckled, and playfully bit her neck, and her retaliation was swift. Raking her nails down my back, I yelled out in mock pain.

“Ow…fuck…you little terror.”

In a flash, I rolled away from Daisy, grabbed her, pulled her to one side of the bed.

“You need to be taught a lesson young lady.”

I needed all my strength to get her bent over my lap, and as she struggled, and her breasts squashed against my thighs, my first slap on her buttocks caused a yelp.

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