Heaven in the Mountains

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I love feedback and any comments you have to offer. As noted, this is an edited version…not much has changed with the exception of a few grammatical and spelling errors . Hopefully this will please most of you and if it doesn’t…don’t read my material. I’m only an imperfect human…enjoying what I write…Drop a line, post a comment or e-mail me. Thanks everyone for the comments…even the not so pleasant ones…!


I’ve always loved this time of year…the mountain air was crisp, leaves falling from the trees and the hint of the first snow was being predicted for the weekend. I had plenty of firewood and the kitchen was well stocked with all the food I needed. I made sure that I had plenty of diesel fuel for the generator. The only thing missing was my wife of thirty years…our marriage ended in a battle six months ago and I got the mountain chalet, she got our house, my dog, and anything else she could manage to squeeze out of me. I was sorry about the way things turned out but we couldn’t live with each other anymore. The first month was the hardest but now I was in a routine and I kind of liked my freedom. I learned a long time ago that you had to go with the flow and make the best of things but I guess my ex-wife failed to gain that wisdom. So here I was, all alone and loving it!

I’m semi-retired, I have my own real-estate company, and so I pretty much come and go as I please. I’ve been working on the chalet, making it ready for the winter. I only had a wood stove to put in, the fireplace was great, but I was looking for heating purposes. Trying to make a home of it instead of a mountain hideaway was good therapy for me since the divorce. I had four bedrooms, one on the second floor, the master bedroom and another one on the first floor and two in the basement. There were two and a half bathrooms, one full was for the master bedroom, and the second was down the hall, and the half bath was in the basement. I also had a two-car garage and workshop fully heated. I had installed a hot tub on the wrap around deck and it sure came in handy. I also had another treat and that was a pool table in the basement along with a nice wet bar. Everything was paid for so I didn’t have any bills except power. I was glad I had invested some good money on this place well before the divorce because now it was just minor things that needed attending to. I’m an hour to the nearest town and boy do I love the solitude. I don’t have to see anybody if I don’t want to. The nearest neighbor is an old couple about three miles away and my road isn’t traveled much. My place is surrounded by National Forest and the road isn’t used by anyone but myself…Perfect for a man like me.

I was sitting on my porch watching the sun go down when I heard a vehicle. It was amazing how noise traveled in the mountains. The noise grew louder, it was heading up my road, and suddenly I spotted a car. I didn’t recognize it and I figured they must have made a wrong turn. I noticed a man and woman in the car as they pulled into my drive; I then stood up. The man opened his door and made his way to my porch and I met him at the bottom of the steps. I glanced at him then towards the car.

“Excuse me sir, but I think I’ve made a wrong turn somewhere and I might be lost. Is this the road to Mr. Ben Smith’s home?” he asked.

I glanced at the young man and then I heard the passenger door open up. I looked over his shoulder and was taken back by the beauty that got out. Here stood a slender woman with long jet-black hair. She crossed her arms over her chest as she walked closer, the cool air started to bite at her skin. They both seemed to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s, well groomed and she was definitely a hottie.

” Nope, do you have any more information than that? I don’t know any Ben Smith up here.” I replied.

” Oh shit.” The man mouthed. “I’ll never make it back down the road before dark. I’m almost out of gas too. Would you have a phone I could use to call Ben?”

I looked at him then I glanced at the woman, she had this disgusted look on her face, they both looked innocent enough.

“I knew you’d get us fucking lost!” Remarked the woman. “My name is Jill and this is my husband Pete Smith. I hope you can help us out.”

” I think I can manage that. Why don’t you and your husband come into the house, it’s getting a bit chilly out here.” I said. Quickly the young woman said, “Thanks a lot, I’ve been riding in that damn car for hours and I sure could use a bathroom. Do you have one?”

I glanced over my shoulder at her as I headed up the porch. “I’ve got an outhouse out back if you really need to go.” I started to laugh. The look on her face was priceless…Panic written all over her face.

She started to stammer and stutter…

“I’m just kidding miss.” I jokingly laughed. I held the door for them as they entered. “Bathrooms down the hall miss, to your right, second door.”

” Pete, my name is Carl White.” I said as I stuck my hand out to shake his. “Let’s get you some directions to your Uncle’s. There’s the phone.” I pointed to the wall phone in the illegal bahis kitchen.

” Modern technology and I can’t even use it up here.” Pete stated as he opened his cell phone, I assumed he was looking for Mr. Smith’s phone number.

Pete dialed the number then I heard the toilet flush and out came Jill. She had run a comb through her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, she looked absolutely radiant. It had been a long time that I really looked at a woman for her beauty…”Just my luck, she’s married!” I thought to myself. I was leaning against the kitchen sink just admiring her when Pete’s voice broke my train of thought.

” I can’t seem to get him. I know I’ve got the right number. Guess I’ll try again in a minute or two if it’s okay with you Carl?” he said.

” No problem here. You two want something to drink? Water, soda pop, beer…think I might have a bottle of wine or two around her. How about some whiskey or vodka? Any takers?” I asked.

” I’d like a beer if it’s alright? How about you honey?” Pete asked Jill.

” Do you have any mix for the whiskey?” she asked.

” Seven-up or coke?” I asked her.

” Seven-up would be fine. Could you go light on the seven-up? I sure could use a buzz right now.” Jill stated. I shot her a cautious glance…Hmmm, I thought.

I made Jill her drink and opened a beer for Pete and I and we all sat down at the kitchen table and proceeded to talk. I found out that Ben was an uncle of Pete’s. Pete hadn’t seen him in years. I also found out that Pete and Jill had been married for about ten years, without children. They had no desire to having any children either. Pete had his own consulting firm for software upgrades. Guess he made good money at it by the looks of his Rolex watch. They lived in Washington State and had been driving all day long in his new Lexus sedan. Definitely not a car for these mountains. I had barely touched my beer when I noticed Jill had finished her drink and was twirling her ice in the glass.

” Would you like another one Jill? How about you Pete” I asked.

” Sure, why not.” She said.

I looked over at Pete, “Might as well.” He said. “Hey, can I try Ben’s phone again?”

“Sure. You know where the phones at.” I said as I started to make Jill’s drink.

I poured about have a glass of whiskey and Jill motioned for me to add more. I complied and then splashed it with seven-up. I handed it over to her. Jill’s hand lightly caressed my hand as she grabbed the drink from me. It felt like fire running up my arm. I glanced down at her and she smiled shyly up at me, licking her lips. I moved away quickly and got Pete his beer.

There still wasn’t an answer at Ben’s. So I told Pete I would call around to see if anyone up her knew his uncle. I told them that they could relax by the fire if they’d like to. Jill got up and was followed by Pete. “Please make yourselves at home. Don’t get many guests so I want to show you my hospitality.” I said.

I started to make phone calls around the mountain and on the third try I talked to another neighbor of mine who knew Ben. He said that Ben and his family lived about and hour and a half from me. I got directions and thanked him.

I headed for the living room and heard Pete and Jill arguing about something. I cleared my throat and said I got directions. I had thought it over and figured I would invite them to spend the night. They didn’t need to be driving on unfamiliar roads, especially tonight. I told them that I had a spare rooms, I didn’t need an answer at that moment. I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. I could smell the sweet scent of Jill’s perfume as I walked down the hall and it started to drive me wild. Damn, it had been a long time since I had a woman up here and Jill had raised my blood pressure up a bit. The thought of her touching my hand came back to my mind along with her smile. “It sure would be nice.” I thought…

As I came down the hall I noticed that they must have made up their minds about staying over for the night. I noticed a couple of bags by the door. Pete was standing in front of the fireplace warming his hands. I looked over at Jill and she had unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse, her feet were propped up on the coffee table, her shoes sat next to the couch. Now that’s making yourself at home. I really took a good look at Jill and noticed she didn’t have big breasts but damn, her cleavage was driving me to the point of getting an erection. I could see her pointed nipples poking hard at the material. This young woman sure knew how to tease a person.

Pete turned around and said they would spend the night if it was okay; I said yes. He thanked me as we headed for their bags. I grabbed one bag and Pete got the other one and Jill followed us down the hall. I told them there was one bedroom upstairs and another one down here, so I told them to pick a room. They picked the one next to mine. Jill asked if she could take a shower. I showed them where the linens were and invited them to make themselves at home and headed back to the living room…I stirred up the fire and illegal bahis siteleri put a couple of more logs on it. “It was kind of nice having guests for a change.” I thought. I wanted a cigarette so I got up and out to the porch I headed…

I learned along time ago that smoking sucked but I only smoked outside. Guess I had some good habits after all. I fired up a cigarette and sat back on porch railing. I was sitting there when I noticed it was starting to snow lightly. With the snow falling, my mind went back to old times with my wife and remembered that they weren’t all bad. Matter of fact we had some good old fuck sessions right up here. The wind shifted and brought me back to my senses. It was quiet and rather cool but this is what I enjoyed about the mountains. I had been out there about ten minutes when I heard the sliding door open up; I looked up and out came Jill. I looked at her and could see that she barley had anything on! I knew she wouldn’t stay long because of the cold. I asked her where Pete was and she said he was in the shower. Jill said that she loved the place and it was huge, she also mentioned that she would love to spend some time up here… and she commented on how awesome it was that I let them spend the night and wondered how she could repay me. I told her it wasn’t anything and that she would just have to owe me…

“Can I have one of your cigarettes? Pete doesn’t like me to smoke.” Jill said.

” Sure. Let me light it for you.” I said as I lit the cigarette and handed it to her.

Jill took a big drag and exhaled. I watched as her chest moved under her robe, I turned my head and finished the last of my smoke and got up. Jill was leaning on the porch railing and her robe opened slightly. I could see her bronze colored legs and they looked fantastic. She moved slightly and her robe opened up even more,, I could feel my face beginning to flush! God she was hot… I could hardly stop gazing at her beauty when…

“Do you like what you see?” she asked…

I felt the heat rise on my face and I kind of muttered that I was getting cold. My eyes still glued towards her legs when all of a sudden she opened her robe up even more. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My eyes started at her ankles and moved up…finally I could see she had no panties on and I could make out a small tuft of hair on her pussy mound. It had been a real long time since I’d seen anything that looked this good. My cock jumped…

“I think you should cover up, you’re married Jill.” I blurted out.

“Oh, Pete doesn’t mind. Matter of fact it was Pete’s idea that I treat you real nice. Sort of repayment for your hospitality.” She said.

Jill moved her body close to mine and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling herself towards my body. I could feel the heat coming from her as she slid against me. Her face moved closer and her mouth opened up as she started to kiss me. I could barely resist…Deep inside I wanted nothing more than to bang this woman but I still had some morals about me. I pushed her back slightly only to see a look of bewilderment come upon her face, Jill was starting to breathe heavy. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?” she asked.

” I don’t think I can do this Jill.” I stated. “It’s not right, you’re married like I said.

” We better get inside or we might freeze out here.” I said as I quickly headed for the door. My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour.

The overhead lights had been turned off and the fireplace illuminated the room. Jill was right on my heels and she once again she pulled me closer to her. I could smell her perfume mixed with a hint of alcohol. God I wanted her, but…I pushed Jill back once again and told her I needed a drink. I headed for the kitchen and the whiskey bottle; pouring myself a big one, I drank it down quickly. I poured another and my head started to spin. I almost lost my balance but she was there to kind of steady me. Her arm was holding on to mine and I could feel the heat from her hand…God she felt good.

” I bet it’s been along time Carl.” She said. “Pete really is comfortable with this. If you don’t believe me, ask him.” Jill proceeded to turn me and I looked up. There was Pete standing by the fireplace. Damn guy had nothing on but a hard-on. His right hand was lightly stroking his bulging cock. It was huge! I didn’t know what to do or say.

” Hope you don’t mind my attire. Carl, Jill is correct. I’m comfortable in whatever you want to do with her. You have my permission to do whatever you want; I won’t bother you a bit. Maybe I’ll even join in.” He said.

I raised my glass and drank the whiskey; it burned all the way down. Jill grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the living room and finally the couch. I complied and moved along in a trance. She pushed me and I fell back onto the sofa, Jill got down on her knees. I felt her hand pull at my belt and quickly she had my pants open and she grabbed them and yanked them down. Next came my shorts and she pulled them off just as quick. With my cock standing tall I was somewhat embarrassed because I wasn’t canlı bahis siteleri as big as Pete. I closed my eyes and leaned back and let Jill run her hands up my thighs. Her hands glided, just barely touching my skin until they reached my groin area. Jill cupped my balls with one hand and grasped my throbbing cock with the other. I opened my eyes just in time to see her head move and proceed downwards until her lips covered my cock head. Her tongue swirled about the pulsing head and then she slipped more of me into her mouth. I instantly reached out and placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through her hair. It had been so long since I had a blowjob, I didn’t want the moment to end.

Jill’s mouth danced up and down my shaft and with each downward thrust she inched closer and closer to the base of my cock. (My ex-wife had never done this.) Jill’s mouth felt absolutely fantastic! I started to move my hips upward to match her downward thrusts and finally her lips nibbled at the base of my cock. I had never had anyone take me so deep in their mouth or should I say throat. I couldn’t hold back any longer. With Jill’s hand massaging my balls and her mouth working magic on my cock I felt the familiar volcanic movement in my loins. Sweat poured off of my face as I shot my first load deep in Jill’s mouth, moans escaped from her lips and she sucked harder. I automatically pulled her head deeper into my groin and pushed my pelvis upward and shot once more. I caught a motion from the corner of my eye; it was Pete. He moved closer and was standing right next to Jill’s head, his hand was stroking faster on his cock. The thing was huge…! By now Jill had moved her mouth upward until just my cock head was poised in her mouth. She was sucking me dry getting every drop of cum, with one final sucking motion she drained the remaining cum from my pulsing throbbing cock.

I was practically exhausted. Pete moved in closer and with one quick motion Jill moved her hand and finally her head to his cock. Her mouth sucked almost half of his cock deep inside, the sides of her mouth bulged out each time he thrust in. Her head bobbed up and down his cock until he let out a moan and grabbed her by the ears and forced her head deep on to his cock. Pete let her head come up and down repeatedly for a couple more minutes and finally he had enough. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming baby…Oh yea suck me baby” Pete uttered and I could see his body convulse with each spasm from his cock. Jill moaned and moved her head faster. Cum oozed from the corners of her mouth and she sucked and sucked. I watched as Pete’s stomach contracted and released with each blast from his cock. I looked at Jill and I could see she loved what she was doing…! Sucking cock was one thing she could really do well…!

I leaned back and gave some thought to what had just happened. First off, I couldn’t believe it; secondly, I loved every minute of it. When Pete pulled his cock from Jill’s mouth it had already started to soften…but it was still huge, cum dripping from the end. Jill reached up and wiped the cum from her mouth and gazed up at Pete then me.

“Well?” she asked. “How about me guys? My pussy is aching to get some relief…! Who wants to suck my pussy? Anybody want to fuck?”

I looked at Pete and he motioned for me to go ahead. I didn’t even know where to begin, but Jill had something on her mind. She got off her knees and climbed up on the couch, straddling my lap. At first I thought she would mount me but I soon realized that wasn’t the case. Jill moved her luscious body upwards and placed her hands on either side of my shoulders. With a slow but deliberate motion she moved up my body, rubbing her pussy over my chest and finally it was staring me dead in the eyes…Jill leaned forward and I could feel the heat coming off of her body. Her pussy was dripping and draining on my chest. I stuck my tongue out and she met me…I felt the softness of her pussy touch my tongue and it was like riding a bike. Once you’ve tasted the fruit of a tender pussy you never forget how to treat it…

Soft moans escaped from Jill’s lips and with her legs parted wider she ground her pelvis forward making my head tilt back. Now she was in a better position to actually kind of squat down onto my face. Her wetness made my face slip and slid between her legs. I reached up and grasped her butt to steady her and moved my tongue over her swollen love button. The smell of her sweetness drove me wild. I parted her pussy lips and worked a finger deep inside, then another.

“Damn Carl. That feels sooo gooood! Oh suck me, oh yea stick your fingers in me.” She exclaimed.

Jill began to rock faster and faster over my face, moaning each time my tongue touched her clit. I worked faster at pleasing her and soon was well rewarded. Jill ground harder and faster on my face, allowing my tongue and lips to dance over her pussy mound and clit. She started to holler out and her little body began to shake. I knew I had met my goal…With each shudder of her climax she drove her pussy harder into my face and finally with one final thrust down her body froze. At first I thought something was wrong but soon her body slipped down until she was in my lap. A trail of her wetness coated not only my face but coated my neck and chest…Talk about cumming, this girl blasted my face…!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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