Heaven and Hell

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Let me tell you something. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my 30 years of living, it’s never underestimate what a woman would do to get what she wanted.

A few years ago, I had still been single, and unsexed for months. Many months. I was desperate at that point, of course.

So I went to a bar, at the suggestion of my buddy, Nick.??

I entered the bar, and the first person I saw was a lady who was dressed in a sky blue dress, which accentuated her body curves. For some reason, she turned to look at me, and at that moment, I really felt what people called ‘love at first sight’.

I approached her, and started to flirt. Or tried to, anyway.??

‘Hi. My name’s Mick.’??


‘H-huh? Sorry?’??

‘You know,’ she sighed, ‘THE Mick Jagger? Lead singer of The Rolling Stones?’

‘Oh right, of course. I knew that,’ I lied.

We proceeded to talk about many things, and I realized we shared many interests. We both liked to play video games, and we once lived in the same town.

‘Hey, you know what? I’d really like to talk more, but I really need the washroom,’ I said.??

‘Oh, is that why you have an erection? I thought you were just happy to see me,’ she said nonchalantly.

‘U-uh..Yeah…Sorry about that,’ I replied, face crimson, and ears burning. I just realized I had a huge erection, and my soft pants did nothing to hide it. I walked gingerly to the toilet, trying to hide my erection.

As I relieved myself, I continued to berate myself for the embarrassing scene out there. Damn dick, I thought, flicking the top of my still-hard penis. I jumped, the sensation new to me. I was surprised. I’d never been an experimental sort of person, so most of the time the kinkiest thing I did to myself was just to masturbate.??

I exit the toilet, erection still apparent, and sat down, leaning onto the table to hide it with my upper body.

‘You know what?’ she asked. ‘Let’s do something about your erection,’ she said, touching my genitals over the pants. I was surprised. She’s doing that in public???

‘Quick, finish your drink, and we’ll go back to my place. It’s just across the street.’ I gulped down my drink, and in my concentration, fortunately lost my erection.

‘I-it’s just ahead?’ I asked, as I felt kind of light-headed.??

She nodded.??

As we entered the building, my vision started to become blur, and my legs started to collapse as I felt my body impact the floor. A gray tunnel enveloped my vision and slowly blocked out more of my sight as the seconds went by.

I blacked out.??

I woke up in a more or less empty room. I noticed I was naked, to my horror. I tried to cover myself up, but I realised my limbs had all been restrained by metal cuffs. I tried to break the cuffs with my arms, but it didn’t do anything, except bruise my wrist.

The door opened, and the lady walked in.

‘By the way, my name’s Sarah,’ she said, as though we were still in the pub.

‘H-hi. Um, may I know what’s going on?’ I asked, very embarrassed that she was seeing me naked.

‘Oh, don’t worry about that. I restrained you,’ she replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

Why?’ I demanded an answer.

‘You know, so you wouldn’t be able to escape.’

‘Escape? Escape from what?!’

‘This,’ she said, bringing her right arm from behind her back, revealing a pair of nunchucks.


‘Oh, don’t worry,’ casino oyna she assured, her tone not at all reassuring, ‘These won’t hurt at all. I’ve heard that the testicles are really resistant to shock.’

My eyes widened in horror. ‘W-what?! What are you going to do?! Please let me go! Look, I don’t have an erection, so you don’t have to deal with anything!’

‘No erection? Oh, right. You know, let’s make that fact no longer true.’

With that, she threw the nunchucks down on the floor, the wooden sticks letting out a cluck. She then brought my penis up and into her mouth, and started sucking while her tongue circled my head.

‘Ohh…’ I moaned.

‘There, there’s an erection right there,’ she said. My penis was rock-hard again.

‘Huh? What?’

‘All right. While you stay there and daze, I’ll just start inflicting some pain.’

I suddenly remembered what she was saying.

‘What?! NO! NO! Please! Not on the testicles!’ I pleaded.

‘Don’t worry. You might even find it pleasurable. See, you even have an erection!’

I tried to will my erection away, even though I knew she wouldn’t let me go anyway.

Then, it started. She seemed a novice at using the nunchucks, but when you’re bound, and your legs are spread apart, even a rubber band can inflict some serious pain, let alone a girl with a real weapon.

She held one end of the weapon, and swung the other in a circular motion before bringing it straight up between my legs.

I groaned. A dull ache started to spread throughout my abdomen. ‘Oh God…’

‘Oh come on, baby, it’s hardly even started yet,’ she said, contorting her mouth to make an ‘O’ shape to mimic a baby speaking. I cringed at her attempt, even as my balls were aching.

‘What? Oh. You don’t find it hard enough? I’ll try my best, then, dear!’

She held both ends of the nunchucks with both her arms, and brought both up together onto my legs. Even though the area was larger, it meant that the force of her impact was a lot harder. I groaned again.

‘Please…’ I begged again. ‘Why are you doing this?’ I pleaded for an answer.

‘I really like you,’ she said.

‘What?! Then why are you doing this?’

‘Oh, it’s a natural contraceptive. I don’t ever want to have kids. I’m not going to insert stuff into my pussy as contraceptive. If you let me do this, you will never get anyone pregnant. Isn’t that a small price to pay?’

‘What? NO! I still want to have kids! I’ll use a condom!’ I shot at her. Why I decided to embrace the fact that we were getting married, I didn’t know.

‘Well, I don’t think that’s in your power, dear.’ I started to wonder if what she said might be true. If she really loved me, why would she inflict such agony on me?

‘You know what, I knew these nunchucks wouldn’t be as effective as my machine.’

She left the room, and I was left there to wonder what she meant as the ache started to subside. I thanked God. Is it already over?

The answer was obvious, because minutes later, she walked back in with a large machine that was similar in size and shape to a computer CPU. However, there was a small paddle attached to a thick, black rod. I wondered what it was for, though not for long.

‘Baby, look at this bad boy. It will help automate the contraceptive process. This thing here,’ she said as she took the paddle attachment in hand, ‘Will slap your testicles as long as it would take to stop canlı casino your sperm production, and as fast as I want it to be.’

I did not know what to feel. She did some arrangements to the height of my restraints. I had no idea how she managed to lift me off the ground, but she did.

She then pressed a button on the machine that caused the paddle attachment to be only held by two metal welds to the machine by the sides, so that it can rotate vertically.

‘Dear, get ready, it will hurt you a lot,’ she said, ‘But it’s all worth it!’

She pressed another button, which caused the paddle to start rotating, and pushed the attachment right between my legs. The paddle was flexible, so it would flex, making slapping my testicles every time it spun one round not a problem at all.

‘Ah, perfect height! I’ll see you in awhile,’ she said, before she left the room.

‘Oh God…’ I said out loud, as the machine slapped my testicles.

At first, I just closed my eyes and decided to just take it like a man, but the ache quickly skyrocketed, and I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I started to scream in pain, and my eyes watered as the pain got to more than I could take.

This went on for a few more minutes, and I was already buckling against the restraints as though my life depended on it. Hearing the ruckus, Sarah decided to come in and check on me.

‘What’s going on? How are you feeling?’

Through all the pain in my balls and the ache in my abdomen, it was hard to do anything other than moan and groan, let alone swear at her.

‘Mmm,’ she sang, ‘Is someone getting grumpy? Maybe it’s time to check on your progress.’

As she finished, she stopped the machine. Even though my balls still hurt extremely badly, I found solace in knowing that the torture was done, even if temporarily.

‘Oh God, dear, the machine was on the high settings which were only meant for solely inflicting pain! I’m so sorry!’ she apologized.

Whether she was just putting on an act, I had no idea. But I reveled in the situation.

She released my restraints, and I fell to the floor shoulder first. I heard a barely audible crack, but the pain was no match for my tormented genitals.

I groaned; the fall had made me squeeze my tortured balls in between my legs.

She left the room, presumably to get a first aid kid to see what she could do.

I made slow movements to checking to see if my balls were damaged in any way. It was hard, but I eventually managed to take a look at them. They were very red from the spanking, and had swollen to the size of tennis balls.

I cringed. Surely they aren’t really damaged permanently?

I lay there for what seemed like a half hour, as I felt the pain disappear very, very slowly. I tried to stand up at one point, but it only re-ignited the aching.

I learned to not try.

She came in later with what I assumed to be some lotion or ointment.

‘Mick, open your legs,’ she demanded.

‘N-No!’ I refused. One time was enough. I wasn’t going to risk her driving her knuckles straight into my baby-makers, if they can even be called that now.

‘No, please, I’m sorry! I’m trying to do all I can to ease your pain!’ she pleaded.

‘No! Go away!’ I refused once again and pushed her away. She lost her balance, tripped on her own legs and fell on her bottom.

‘Alright, listen up Mick. Either I apply lotion on your balls and you kaçak casino can lay there all you want, or I will tie you up to the machine again and I will set the frequency to ten times a second,’ she said.

I shuddered at the thought of my balls being brutally beaten again, so I slowly opened my legs up.

She took out a tube, and squeezed out a large amount of white, gooey liquid onto her palm and proceeded to rub my balls. It was still aching, but no amount of aching can prevent an erection when a girl is rubbing your balls lovingly.

She rubbed the lotion all over the shaft of my penis, and even pulled down the skin and applied it on my glans.

The lotion started to numb the pain within seconds and my whole genital area felt really cool. But soon enough, it started. It started to burn.

‘Oh God!’ I screamed in pain. ‘WHAT IS THIS?!’ I shouted at her, demanding an explanation.

‘This is lotion! I-I use it to ease my muscle aches sometimes!’ she answered.

‘What lotion is this?!’

‘IcyHot! It works all the time!’

‘WHAT?! ICYHOT?!’ I shouted at the top of my voice at her.

‘W-What’s wrong?’ she questioned nervously, her voice quivering, obviously oblivious to its effects.


‘Oh my God! I’m so sorry! So sorry, sorry, sorry…’

The next one hour was the worst hour of my life. Ever.

As my balls burned, I rubbed them as hard as I could to try and get the IcyHot off, but the rough treatment meant my balls started to ache again. My eyes started to water, and I couldn’t move at all.

Sarah tried to ease the pain by using her high-pressure shower hose to direct water at my balls.

‘No, don’t — ‘ I started.

She turned on her shower to the maximum pressure and sprayed.

‘OH GOD SARAH STOP!’ I screamed at the top of my voice. The high-pressure water was akin to somebody using their bare hands to squeeze my testicles, as the water shot at high-speed to my vas deferens.

In hindsight, it was still worth it. I’ll tell you why.

After the whole incident, she lifted me to her bed, all the while with me moaning as a result of the movement.

‘Tell you what, Mick. Since I caused you so much pain, I will make it up to you by offering to you the exact opposite of pain.’

‘H-Huh?’ I stammered. I acted like I didn’t know what she meant, but deep down I knew she was going to do something really, really great.

‘You’ll see, Mick.’

She spread my legs open, and while I resisted a little in fear, I still gave in to my primal need for pleasure.

She slid my foreskin down, and started to lick my glans penis, while she pumped my shaft.

I was in heaven. She may have forgotten what she did earlier, and fondled my balls roughly, but the pain was worth it. Indeed, it even heightened the experience.

Soon, I felt a pressure at the base of my penis.

‘S-Sarah…I’m going to — ‘

‘Shut up, and do what you do,’ she cut me off.

As I passed the point of no return, my penis started to spasm, and I came so hard, and so much. She just sucked my penis as though it was a straw and swallowed my cum.

‘Don’t worry, Mick. That’s not the end of it. I will make you cum this hard, every day.’

Of course, I married her. She may have tried to use what simply amounted to mindless torture as a ‘natural contraceptive’, her blowjobs and handjobs every single day more than made up for it.

Oh, my balls? They weren’t damaged at all. We eventually had kids. She probably should’ve went through with her contraceptive plan, though. The kids got in the way of the daily pleasure sometimes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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