Halloween Birthday, Trick or Treat

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I didn’t have the first clue who Snooki was, but I had to admit that the boss’s attempt to dress like her had a good result. Ninve was a babe in her own right, so that wasn’t difficult. Every time I saw her, I had an immediate rush of blood to my cock and impulses that I dared not follow. Among those was the urge to take my supervisor and grudge-fuck her there in front of the whole office, something that would no doubt wreck my career. Even though she got her promotion based on something other than merit, that wouldn’t excuse my conduct. Management always had double standards for the rest of us.

The Halloween party went well that night for everyone concerned, with plenty of booze to go around, too. I lived in easy walking distance, so I hadn’t bothered to ride my Harley to the office for this function. I didn’t need a designated driver, but I still didn’t get plastered.

The same couldn’t be said for Ninve. She had tossed back more than a few tumblers of her favorite cocktails by this point and she wasn’t feeling any pain. I saw her bloodshot eyes and knew that she was in trouble. The morning would see her hung over like a damp rug on a clothesline, a phrase that made me think of her pussy and got me very hard as I thought of it. I knew that I would have to do the responsible thing and find Ninve a designated driver. This realization caused my dick to go limp again, as I didn’t look forward to it.

I had just washed my hands after pissing when the power went out. I didn’t know how or why it was off, but I knew that the doors were automated, so we were all stuck there until the morning. Since tonight was a Friday, this was a bit of an awful start to the weekend. Then again, wearing the same clothes and being hung over at work could be more than a little awkward for all of us, even if we understood why.

“Damn!” I thought, as I grasped for the paper towels.

That was before I opened the door and bumped directly into someone.

“Ouch!” Ninve squealed, her voice unmistakable with its whiny tone.

“Sorry, Ninve,” I apologized, indicating recognition.

“Mark, it’s okay. I just need to know if this is the mens’ room,” she worried.

“Yes, Ninve, it’s the mens’ room … I’m not gonna sneak into the ladies’ room, even in the dark. Though I don’t suppose that it really matters, since I can’t see anything just as you can’t,” I observed.

“That’s a comforting thought, Mark. But you’re right, so can I go ahead and use the mens’ stalls? Promise you won’t tell a soul?” she pleaded with me.

Now, it’s not commonly known, but I have a soft spot for chunky women like Ninve. She wasn’t obese, just soft, curvy, and adorable. She had a gift for making one feel bad for her, but especially a guy like me. She had the passive-aggression angle figured out, at least where I was concerned. This didn’t mean that I lacked a backbone, as she knew well, but it meant I had to keep an iron grip on my feelings around her. Otherwise, she’d walk all over me. Thankfully, this incident wasn’t a serious issue for me, and I saw some potential leverage in it for me.

“Sure, Ninve. I’ll stand guard outside and make sure no one walks in on you,” I offered in most my genteel guise.

I was good at the phony chivalry game, despite knowing what a load of unfair hypocrisy it was for women to demand special favors and equality at the same time. I didn’t mind voluntary courtesy, of course, but I resented the sense of entitlement, the “princess” persona, the idea of obligation.

Even so, I could maintain a facade of being just another pawn in the illegal bahis ladies’ mental chess games. It had the virtue of making most women think that I’m harmless when I’m anything but. The last thing that I wanted was for my true nature to be revealed to all and sundry. I was a fairness fanatic disguised as something else entirely, a zealot obsessed with my own notions of justice.

“Why bother? I’d rather you stood close to the stall and talked to me. I’m scared of the dark. I could use your company, Mark,” Ninve urged me as she headed to the stall.

“Very well, I’ll do that, Ninve,” I relented with a hint of disgust that I didn’t actually feel. It was good for turning the guilt trip against her.

Ninve babbled incessantly about why her costume was modeled on Snooki from Jersey Shore, a reality TV program of the sort that I avoided like the plague. It was a short dress which stopped somewhere in the upper thighs and didn’t leave much wiggle room if one bent over. If a girl went commando while doing so, she’d flash a man for certain in that outfit. Of course, Ninve was notorious in terms of mooning people whenever her pants were too baggy, let alone dresses that barely covered her assets. We guys often joked that she was the only girl who got ahead by inviting the boss to kiss her ass, not vice versa. Then again, with a nice booty like Ninve’s, I wouldn’t blame a manager for having that urge, regardless of his or her sex.

“Mark, are you still there? You haven’t said a thing,” she abruptly queried, evidently scared that I got bored with her chatter and bolted.

“Yep. Afraid so. Are you okay, Nin? You sound a little frightened,” I asked her in turn.

“I think that would be a good description. I’m in the mens’ stall in the dark, with a weird guy standing outside who has a reputation and stares at my ass whenever he doesn’t think I’m watching him. Not to mention that I’m drunk, horny, and don’t even know where the sink is. You’re not gonna tell anybody about this situation, right? I have your word on that?” Ninve ranted, clearly under some stress.

“Again, I swear I won’t say a thing. Are you ready to wash your hands?” I acted calmer than I was.

“Yeah, I think so. Help me get there. I don’t want to miss it. I really don’t do well in the dark,” Ninve tried to sound brave as she left the stall, which she hadn’t totally closed due to the darkness.

“Okay, Nin,” I led my supervisor to the sink and actually washed her hands for her, mostly as a means of reinforcing her sense of helplessness.

It was a silly psychological game, perhaps, but it really worked on the girl, since she was that terrified of the dark. Just when I thought we were done, however, Ninve bent over the sink and lifted her dress in front of me. I knew this because I stood right behind her and felt her bare skin against my pants, causing my bulge to grow.

“Ninve, what are you doing?” I feigned shock. I actually had a pretty good idea, not being half as naïve as I let on.

“I’m letting you fuck me, Mark. Don’t act like the 40-year old virgin. You’re strange, but you’re sexually active. You don’t have me fooled. You may not gossip, but everyone else here does. Sandra goes to my church and she told me about your fling with her. Lucy is my favorite waitress and she had a lot to say, too. Anyway, I’m horny, scared, and drunk, as I told you. Let’s get it on. It’s dark. No one will know, since you agreed not to tell. Let’s fuck,” she called me on my bullshit.

After that sales pitch, there was nothing to do but drop my pants and fuck Ninve. Evidently, illegal bahis siteleri she had more in common with Sandra than their Assyrian heritage. Both of them were screamers during the act, causing me to wonder if this would really stay our secret. Between the screaming and the tendency to gossip, word of this would reach my colleagues. I would be the guy who fucked Ninve in the dark.

My long-standing practical joke of appearing to be a choirboy was done. Then again, it was kind of old and no longer funny. It certainly wasn’t worth resisting the charms of my sexy boss, who had seen through me, anyway. I simply put those worries on the back burner and fucked Ninve over the sink while she screamed her lungs out and held onto the faucet for dear life. I pounded her ruthlessly with my cock and didn’t think about anything else but fucking her at that point. I decided firmly to live in the moment and just enjoy the quickie sex.

I heard voices behind us by now, but they were muffled and I was too wrapped up in the act of screwing my boss to do anything. I knew for sure that while Ninve asked me not to say a word, she failed to account for her own mouth. The boss lady was screwed in more ways than one, since it was a direct violation of office protocol for a supervisor to have sexual relations with a subordinate. Although that was often winked at, this would be broadcast to the entire staff well before the evening was over. There would be no hiding it from anyone. We would probably both get fired over it, though I did my best to forget about that. The damage was already done.

I didn’t have much control left, since I was rather excited by the fact that we took such a risk with public sex. I shot my load much farther inside Ninve than she perhaps expected and filled her pussy dangerously close to her womb. As I pulled out, however, I felt hands separate my cheeks and a tongue glide across the crack of my ass. Another pair of hands applied surprisingly warm lube to my dick, for reasons that made no sense to me at the time.

“Fuck me now. Ninve promised that I would get my turn with you. She’d better keep her word. You hear that, Nin?” a silky, but anonymous voice asked me, while its owner stroked me back to stiffness.

“You really fell for the ‘scared of the dark’ gag, didn’t you, Mark?” a second voice piped in.

“Who are you?” I asked the women, which they clearly were.

“That’s a surprise. Let’s just say that the power outage wasn’t an accident. The breaker will come back on soon enough. We just wanted some quality time with the man who she keeps telling us about. We hope that you didn’t mind. We had a little fun with you, but you’ll be fine. Just don’t tell a soul,” the first voice told me as I granted her the favor she craved.

Since it was dark, I just went along with the strange woman as she guided my cock to her asshole. I wasn’t a fool. I knew that she wanted anal sex and I gave it to her. Thankfully, there was plenty of lube. Ninve had moved out of the woman’s way, of course, but I could hear her screaming another climax. She enjoyed herself, listening to the act.

As birthday gifts went, this seemingly coincidental one was the best. I knew already that I wasn’t in trouble. I wouldn’t lose my job any more than Ninve or the others would lose theirs. This was a gag of some kind, that was all. Sometimes it paid to be born on Halloween.

I moved in and out of the stranger’s ass, taking her roughly for our pleasure. Ninve, having come down from her loud orgasm, started egging the other ladies on. The tongue had resumed rimming canlı bahis siteleri me, but I tried not to let that faze me. It wasn’t easy, of course. At least three women were using me for sex. It was hard (pun intended) not to let that get to me. I still did my best, until Ninve dropped the real bombshell.

“How does it feel to fuck every female supervisor in the office? One’s licking your ass and the other is taking it that way. I dare say that she’ll want to do more than that in a second. Yep, I guess that I was right, Mark,” she laughed.

Then, the same warm lube was smeared against my asshole and something that felt rather plastic entered me from behind. I was no longer in charge of this act, but I didn’t stop because of that. I simply accepted that I would lose my anal cherry to whichever supervisor this was, while buggering yet another of them. I had to really focus to avoid cumming in the boss lady’s ass, since the pressure on my prostate had its intended effect. This was a studied and researched ambush, though still a mystery to me.

“Oh, go ahead and cum in her ass. I’m just killing time until I can get my turn with your dick, anyway. Not that I mind this experiment in pegging. It’s fun to be on the other end of things for a change. It’s just not as much fun giving as receiving, at least for me. What do you think, Ana?” she asked her colleague.

“You’re so right, Teresa. I love it this way, as you know. This is definitely a good way to get over being dumped. I’ll have to come back for more of this,” Ana panted after I came in her colon and her friend withdrew her strap-on from my asshole.

“So, girls, let’s all thank Mark for this wonderful evening. We’ll give him a kiss,” Ninve told the other ladies while she washed my cock and zipped up my pants.

“Thank you, Mark!” they said together, kissing me in turn.

“You have no idea how much fun this was for me, Mark. You fell for it, but I don’t blame you. I really can be so helpless at times, but I’m not stupid. Neither are you, but you don’t know us as well as you could, since you avoid the office gossip so damn much.

“I know that it’s your birthday today. The devil costume really fit you, too. We’re not fools. We know that you’re a rake. We like you that way. Someone needs to be there to knock boots. Speaking of boots, Nydia likes to wear them during sex. You’ll get a chance to find that out for yourself when you fuck her. Don’t tell me that you mind, because I know you too well.

“Happy Birthday, Mark. Thanks again for the hot public sex. I bet that you were worried about your job for a moment, but you carried on like a trooper. By the way, I’m fresh off the pill. You just knocked me up. I’ll see a lot of you during my maternity leave,” Ninve informed me, as she walked out of the mens’ room.

I reached for my inhaler and drew a few breaths. I definitely needed them with my asthma, but this was so worth it. As the lights came back on and I left the washroom, Ninve surprised me again by putting her head on my shoulder and refusing to leave my side for the rest of the night. I wasn’t really sure what else she planned for me, but I suspected that it would be just as kinky as what just transpired.

Ana and Teresa confirmed that by waving at me and blowing me kisses as I started walking home. Since Ninve hadn’t let me go, it was apparent that I wouldn’t sleep alone this Halloween. It was more than just her little game of trick or treat, though it wasn’t exactly love. What started as a grudge fuck for me became an orgy, and I didn’t mind that at all. I just wondered what this would do to our professional relationship, since it was still a forbidden fling. Then again, that was corporate junk. We’d sort that out later. It was my birthday. If I couldn’t break some rules tonight, when could I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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