Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 01

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Contrary to what you might have heard, life in Canada is far from easy. Especially if you’re an immigrant. Actually, make that if you’re an immigrant of color. Immigrants from Europe have an easy time here. Everybody else has to watch their backs. The bigotry I run into as a young Black man living around these parts is more subtle than what I’m used to in the state of Massachusetts. However, a bigot is a bigot. If some fool says something incorrect to me, I will correct his or her dumb ass in a heart beat. That’s just how I roll. Growing up in the city of Brockton I learned not to take crap from anybody. The metropolis of Toronto isn’t that bad. It’s definitely bigger and more lively than the capital city of Ottawa, which is small, boring and lily-white. That’s one boring city. Makes me want to hurl.

In the big city of Toronto, there is a vibrant African community. You’ll also meet many Asians, Hispanics and Arabs in our fair city. It’s really quite diverse. The major metropolitan areas of Toronto and Vancouver are the most diverse cities in all of Canada. We so-called minorities are expected to become the majority of the population right here in Toronto less than ten years from now. And folks from the Caribbean are a major factor in that change. We’ve come to the city of Toronto in full force. You’ll see a lot of us in the colleges and universities, in the malls and churches. We’re in the big city and its outlying suburbs. Doing our own thing and living our lives. We’re an adaptable casino oyna bunch. How cool is that?

Bernard Lamont is the name. I’m a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Way up there in cold-ass Canada. And so far, I’m having the time of my life. I’m in my last semester at the University of Toronto. Next year, I’ll be returning to the United States of America. I want to work in law enforcement. I moved to Toronto from Brockton, Massachusetts, a couple of years ago. I’ve been here since late 2008. Canada isn’t the super friendly place a lot of people would have you believe. I’ve run into bigots here, and idiots of all stripes. I can deal, though. I don’t bow down to the haters and I confront them when necessary.

I live my life according to my own terms. I’m twenty five, damn it. It’s about time I started living for me. I’m bisexual, and I’ve started exploring my true self a lot more openly since moving to Toronto. The city is queer-friendly. I have a fuck buddy named Darius Dorvil. He is Haitian-Canadian, hailing from the city of Vancouver, B.C. His family originally comes from the city of Port-De-Paix in the Republic of Haiti. We make for one somewhat odd couple. I’m six-foot-three by 250 pounds, dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome. Darius is five-foot-eight, light-skinned and slim. He kind of looks like a male model. He’s that pretty. Like me, Darius goes to the University of Toronto and majors in Nursing. I major in Criminal canlı casino Justice. I want to work in law enforcement someday. Be a role model for my community.

There are lots of Haitians in the Greater Toronto area. Many are newcomers. Others have been in the city for generations. I’ve seen Haitian churches of every denomination. Catholic, Adventist, Baptist and Episcopalian. I also saw Haitian-owned barber shops, clothing stores, restaurants, bars, motels and night clubs. There used to be a Haitian Community Center at the heart of the city. It recently merged with the Jamaican Cultural Association to become the Caribbean Heritage Center. So many Black folks are moving to Toronto from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and other Caribbean islands that it’s not even funny. We’re sticking together and making this city our own. And the locals are starting to know it. I love how diverse Toronto is becoming. I just wish my fellow Haitians were more tolerant of gays, lesbians and bisexuals in their midst.

My friend and sometimes fuck buddy Darius is openly queer, which I admire him for. It’s not easy being gay and Haitian, folks. Even in a supposedly liberal country where gay marriage is legal nationwide. Darius is a hot guy and since I liked sex with no strings attached, we deal with each other sometimes. We have fun together in his house in the suburb of Brampton. Darius is a real freak in bed. The skinny bastard rocks my world. As soon as we get to his house, we get naked and get kaçak casino busy. He kisses me passionately then undresses me. Darius licks every inch of my body. Especially below the waist. He grabs my eight-inch, uncircumcised Black dick and sucks it with gusto. He gets me real hard, then I put on a condom. Darius climbs on top of me and impales himself on my dick. I grip his narrow hips and thrust my cock into his tight ass.

Darius loves it when I pound his ass hard. He’s a real screamer. I seem to have a thing for shorter, skinnier Black guys. I don’t know why. Darius is really good in bed. And he’s got a tight ass seemingly made for fucking. After fucking Darius ass, I pull off my condom and make him suck my dick until it’s clean. My pal Darius is so wonderfully submissive. He’s all about pleasing his partners. How could I not like this about him? Darius is a cool guy. He’s not the only guy I hook up with, though. I occasionally deal with this hot-looking guy named Marlon Chang. He’s half Asian and half Puerto Rican. Marlon is short, cute and really into big and tall Black guys. He drives a nice car and works as an accountant in the city. We hook up quite often. Darius and I aren’t exclusive so my hooking up with Marlon is cool.

There are lots of sexy guys of all colors in the city and I’m having fun with them. There are sexy ladies here too but women in Canada are a problematic bunch. I don’t need the hassle. I am having some casual fun with the guys while working as mall security and attending the University of Toronto. I don’t need the pressures and demands that a steady girlfriend would impose on me. I’m cautiously enjoying being Black, male and bisexual in the big city. Wish me luck.

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