Hairelding a New Don Ch. 5

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We drove straight through to the Villa Grazia. There was a lot of security and Silvia’s mother Caterina the wife of the great Don Croce received us in her rooms. Frederico had disappeared and standing next to Caterina were two tall muscular men who were addressed as Aldo and Astorre. They looked mean and menacing and Caterina called for some coffee.

Mrs. Croce asked me about my parents and my grandfather, Don Alfredo. I told her that Papa was fine and she seemed very interested in him. Since I was her prospective son-in-law she talked to me for sometime before she told me to spend the night and leave back only in the morning after meeting with Don Croce. I was looking forward to the invitation especially since I thought I had a good chance that I would be able to fuck Silvia. Meanwhile Caterina asked Silvia to take me to my room and I bid her goodnight. The two men did not move and they appeared to be bodyguards and I did not give it a second thought. Silvia held my hand and we walked to my room passed the hallway. I asked Silvia where her father was and she said that he was in the other house with his beautiful mistress. I looked shocked but she added “Don’t worry mama has her two lovers Aldo and Astorre. I have even watched her being fucked by Aldo once and he has a huge penis. Do you want to see them”? I was very excited and I nodded so we tiptoed back to the set of rooms, which were occupied by Caterina. Silvia took me to the bathroom and from there through the glass door we had a clear view of what was happening.

She had wasted no time. Astorrre was about 6 feet tall with dark hair and big muscles, had pulled his enormous cock from his pants. He was stroking it as and Silvia who was seeing Astorre’s prick for the first time was saying, “I cannot believe how big he is. Not just long but thick as well”. I was certainly not small, but I knew she craved huge cock.

Caterina dropped illegal bahis to her knees and swallowed his dick. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was going crazy sucking him. She gripped his dick in one hand while continuing to masturbate Aldo’s monster cock with the other. She greedily sucked every inch like it was nothing. Obviously she had sucked these big cocks before as she easily swallowed Astorree’s big prick but I wondered how she would manage with Aldo’s monster prick. Silvia had unzipped me and she was trying to swallow my erect penis.

It wasn’t till then that I realized that my own cock was rock hard and Silvia was not only trying to suck it and watch her mother giving the two studs blowjobs but she was stroking it furiously.

Both men had their shirts off and Caterina now stripped. Her massive 44-inch bosom aroused me and when I saw her bushy underarms I knew where all the hair on Silvia and Athena’s body was inherited from. She was a true blooded Sicilian and her armpits were a barbers delights as huge bunches of tufty coarse hair grew in her unshaven armpits. Her pussy was like an overgrown hedge as a wild thicket sprouted on her mons veneris. She directed them both to sit on the end of the bed. She laid down on the king size bed with her legs spread wide and Astorre crawled between the great Don’s wife’s widespread legs and began to lick her clit. Then Aldo waving his magic oversized organ offered her his dick. I could see an animal lust in her eyes as she looked up at him while she swallowed all he had. Silvia looked on in amazement as she opened her mouth wide and took in the footlong meat of Aldo without bating an eyelid. Silvia looked inspired as she crammed more of my dick in her mouth.

She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. Both men stood in front of her offering her their hard meat. Amazingly she spread her mouth even wider and she stuffed both illegal bahis siteleri these big dicks into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked like that. I found myself, as I watched her alternate between the two hard cocks, wanting to see her make them cum together in her mouth and on her face and tits and bushy armpits. But she had other plans. She would swallow their loads, but not yet.

Aldo was looking to take the initiative. In one smooth motion he grasped her buns in both hands and lifted her as he stood up… lowering what must have been a totally drenched pussy onto his cock. She slipped right on to it as he dropped her onto his throbbing thick cock and she moaned loudly with pleasure. She buried her face into Aldo’s neck and wrapped her arms around him as he bounced her up and down, effortlessly, fucking her. She was loving the ride and in no time began talking nasty as she screamed “Fuck me Aldo you are bigger than the great Don nobody can fuck me like you”. Aldo said, “Shut up you hirsute whore why don’t you shave your underarms instead of growing such long bushy hair like the whores in Palermo”. Silvia and I were shocked hearing the lowly “Cosca” speaking so harshly to the Don’s wife but she whimpered “My husband loves my hairy armpits he makes me stay hairy and does not even allow me to trim the long hair in my unshaven pits” She was still bouncing up and down the strong cockmeat of Aldo with her arms behind her head showing her bushy armpits when Aldo said “why does he go and get those whores every night then and fuck them al night are they more hairy than you”. I watched her body tense and watched as her juices flowed out of her stretched hairy cunt.

Aldo began pumping like a man possessed. The bed shook with each thrust. The sound was incredible. I think her next orgasm came gushing through her as she screamed, “Aaaaaaahhhhhh Fuck me, Fuck me” she was stopped canlı bahis siteleri as Astorre put his large prick in her mouth to douse the sound. She sucked on his prick wildly as she bounced up and down Aldo. Her moans grew louder as each orgasm approached.

I shook Silvia who had stopped sucking my cock and was stroking it slowly enchanted by the scene of her voluptuous mother being fucked by two studs. In a flash our lips were locked as she jerked my impatient cock.

Caterina took command as she began to ride the tiring Aldo. She gently sucked Astorre’s balls. These guys were doing anything she told them to. They were under her control. She took him in her mouth and sucked him hard. She rode Aldo hard and sucked Astorre even harder. Astorre let out a loud grunting roar and exploded in her mouth. She never stopped fucking and his cum got all over her face and dribbled onto her tits and into the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits. The matted hair was filled with sweat and glistening as it was mixed with Astorre’s cum. She was so hairy that when I glanced at Silvia’s sexy hairy armpits I knew that her dense armpit forests were nowhere as hairy as her mother’s. It looked unbelievable. Aldo cried out that he was going to cum, and Caterina quickly dismounted him so she could fill her mouth with his cum too.

Silvia was still in a very short black skirt I quickly removed it and wanted to insert my cock into her pussy there and then. I could not last longer but she was not ready to be fucked in the bathroom. I played with her long curly pubes and she gave me a sweet smile and a sexy moan as she took me again into her mouth and she sucked it beautifully allowing the tip to slip slowly from her lips before slurping him back into her mouth.

I was going crazy and I began pumping her mouth and for the second time I unloaded my spunk into her mouth. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” I screamed I am cumming. I did not care if her mother heard but Silvia quickly put her cum stained hands to my mouth and muffled my cry as I deposited wads of my jism into her mouth. She quickly pulled me away to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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