Had to Give it a Try

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The following is a true story of the first time I hooked up with a guy. Until that point, the only contact I had with guys was jerking off with my friend when I was younger. I had hooked up with plenty of girls and nobody would consider me the list bit bisexual or that I would ever be interested in cock.

It all started for me when I started dating my ex-girlfriend who used to get really excited watching gay porn. She admitted to me that it was one of her biggest fantasies to watch two men fucking. I dated her on and off for a year and at the time, we were both 29 years old. During our time together, she got really into rimming me and fingering my ass during sex. One hot night, she bent me over and used a vibrator on my ass while stroking me off. I had never cum so hard in my whole life.

We were very comfortable with each other and she used to tell me explicitly about all the guys she had hooked up with before me. I found myself getting really turned on by the stories she told about sucking her ex-boyfriend’s huge cock. I asked her how my cock compared to his and she just chuckled. She said it was as thick as her wrist and mine was not in the same ball park. She admitted that it was sometimes painful to get fucked by him if she wasn’t totally prepared. I admitted to her that it turned me on to hear her talking about other guys’ cocks and during sex, she would taunt me a bit about my smaller cock. It then casino siteleri progressed to her telling me that she wanted me to watch her get fucked by bigger cocks and that I could lick her clit while it was happening.

Unfortunately, I moved to a different city and we weren’t able to continue our relationship. However, we remained friends and we would often share our exploits.

I began to look for females to hook up with on craigslist and even found a few. I loved the no-nonsense of finding girls on there. It turned me on to fuck girls who were complete strangers. Eventually, I started posting on the casual encounters section and got a ton of responses from guys. I usually posted a picture of my 6.5″ thin, shaved cock, and tight ass. It turned me on to have guys e-mailing me descriptions of what they would do to me. Many sent pics of their own cocks and I found myself drooling over them.

I told my ex-girlfriend what I had been up to and I even sent her many pics of the guys who answered my ads. She got so turned on reading their descriptions that we would have phone sex while we looked at the same cocks. She would cum saying, “you need to get fucked by this hard cock.” “You need to feel a real man’s cock in your hands.” “I want him to fuck me, then stroke his load into your mouth.”

One night, I actually answered a post from a guy who was looking to get fucked. Ordinarily, I never got turned canlı casino on thinking about fucking a guy but something about the post turned me on. He didn’t live too far from me so I e-mailed him my stats (5’11”, 180, athletic, blonde hair, blue eyes, 6.5″ cut/thin shaved cock) and a body pic. Before I knew it, I was in my car heading to his apartment.

When I arrived, the lights were off and he answered the door in only a towel. He was 27 years old, 5’7″ with brown hair and brown eyes. He wasn’t over weight but he wasn’t in the best shape. I honestly, can’t even remember his name. He led me to his bed where he dropped the towel and quickly got on all fours. Ordinarily, I need a lot of warming up but my cock shot straight to the sky seeing him bent over like that. His low hanging balls sagged between his legs and I could make out the head of his cock dangling below it.

I quickly stripped, rolled on a condom, and knelt behind him. I had brought a bottle of astro-glide with me and I poured a generous amount on my cock and down his crack. After fantasizing for so long, I could not believe that I was totally naked with another guy about to fuck him. In the back of my head, I wished that I was the one about to get fucked but my cock was throbbing like mad.

I ran my cock up and down his ass and slowly aimed my cock at his entrance. My cock slipped in easily and I slowly worked it all the way in until kaçak casino I felt my balls on his balls. His hairy balls were a nice contrast to my shaved sack. I had seen his cock briefly when he first dropped the towel. It didn’t look that large but when I reached around to stroke it while fucking him, it felt massive in my hands. I was so turned on stroking his cock that I forgot that my cock was buried in his ass. Precum was dripping like a faucet from his cock head and he was moaning every time I plunged back into him. I had been fucking him for about three minutes when I felt his tight hole squeeze down on my cock. Rope after rope of cum shot from his stiff prick and he collapsed onto his bed with my cock still inside of him.

I still hadn’t cum and he rolled over, took off the condom and began sucking my cock and licking my balls. I asked him to finger me and he put his fat middle finger in my hole. In no time at all, I was coating his face with my cum. After cumming, the reality of what I had just done hit me and I quickly got dressed and got out of there.

On the way home, I got horny all over again remembering the experience. I had just gone over to a complete strangers apartment, fucked him, and nutted on his face while he fingered my ass.

When I arrived home, he sent an e-mail thanking me and telling me that I could fuck him any time I wanted.

I never did meet him again but that was the beginning of many more m2m experiences for me. After I told my ex-girlfriend, she got so excited that we had phone sex. She loved hearing about my experiences and part of my excitement came from retelling her my exploits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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