Gym Buddies Ch. 03

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The day that followed, I found myself thinking about last night with Jenna a lot. I wondered if she was right and I too could take both Eric and Rob at the same time. I also wondered about the plan Jenna mentioned, what did she mean a plan? I had never had anal sex before let alone double penetration. Start slow and have a goal, Jenna had said. What did she have in mind, I wondered. The next day when I saw her again I found out.

She called and said she was coming over and before I could say anything she hung up. About ten minutes later she knocked on my door. I answered it and found her holding a plastic bag with something inside.

“Okay, so I did a little shopping,” she said walking into my place.

“For what?” I asked.

“For you know… the goal.”

“The what?” I asked.

“The goal to do DP with Eric and Rob. I’m going to help you get ready,” she said sitting on my couch and putting the plastic bag on the coffee table.

“You’re what? I don’t know, Jenna… I’m not sure I want to do that?”

“Yes you do. You just don’t know it yet. Trust me if you do it right and prep beforehand it is so good… you’ll cum harder than you ever have.”

“Really, so what’s in the bag?” I asked.

“Funny you should ask,” she giggled and started rooting through it.

Out came a rectangular box that I could tell from the back was some kind of adult toy. “This is to get you started,” Jenna said turning it around.

What I saw before me was easily recognizable. Three different sized buttplugs all blue rubber.

“We’ll start small and work up to the big one,” she said, setting the plugs on the table.

“Then once you can handle the plugs we’ll progress to this,” she said, pulling out the last box which had a large fake cock made of rubber. “When you can handle this monster you’ll be able to handle both guys easily.”

“Holy shit, Jenna! That thing is huge.”

“I know, but it is better safe than sorry. We need you accustomed to having you ass penetrated before we let the guys at you. They have a tendency to get over excited and that could be bad if you aren’t prepared.”

“Fuck, this is crazy. I’m not sure about any of this.”

“I know, it’s scary. I was scared my first time but the results are so so good, Lacy. I want you to experience it like me. I want to pay you back for the other night with the guys. Letting me join you, you know?”

“That’s not needed.”

“Maybe not but I still want to.”

“Can I think about this first?” I asked.

“Sure. I’ll leave these with you and maybe you can try the small plug out by yourself or I can come over tonight if you want some help. The first time is crucial that it is a good experience though so maybe I should be here.”

“Tonight? That’s soon, doesn’t give me much thinking time.”

“Well, I want to right now but I have to go to work,” she laughed. “Think about it and text me. I get off at five.

I reluctantly agreed and she jumped up, hugged me and left quickly for work. I turned back around and stared at the adult toys sitting on my coffee table. I already had a vibrator but never thought about buttplugs or a huge fake cock almost as big as my arm. Jenna was a nut and she was getting me into things I was nervous about. It was kind of my fault though since I started it all by fucking Rob and Eric and then telling her about it. I was thinking it might have been better if I hadn’t told her.

Jenna had left the plastic bag on the table as well and when I picked it up I heard the receipt, she had left inside, crackle. Taking it out, I learned how much she had spent and where she had purchased the items. I packed it all back into the sack and drove to the adult store and returned everything. I planned on returning the money to Becca when I told her I wasn’t interested in her helping me prepare my ass for double penetration. It was too weird to think about, especially when I wasn’t in the moment. I wanted to be spontaneous. If it happens it happens but I wasn’t making it a goal like she wanted me to.

After I returned the toys, I headed to work. I can pretty much make my own hours and come and go when I want as long as I get my stuff done. When I had had enough of work, I headed to the gym, grabbed my clothes from the backseat of my car and went in. I changed in the locker room and started working out. With my headphones on and focused on my workout, I got into my routine, working up quite a sweat and feeling good and strong. I didn’t notice that Rob had come in the gym as well. He never said anything and went to his own workout and left me to mine. It wasn’t until I was pretty much done that I noticed him. I took out my head phones and said ‘hi’ when he finished a set of pullups.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Good, just finishing up,” I said. “You?”

“Almost done I have a few more sets.”

“No Eric?” I asked.

“Nope, he had some work thing he couldn’t miss.”

“Oh, I said. Well, have a good one,” I said. “I’m canlı bahis off to the showers.”

In the locker room it had gotten pretty late and I was the only one in there. I stripped off my sweaty shorts and peeled of my sports bra, wrapped a towel around myself and headed to the shower with my shampoo and conditioner. I picked the middle stall, warmed up the water, hung the towel on the hook and got in. I washed my hair added conditioner and was soaping up my body and face. Turning away from the water I let it run over my face to get the soap off and to wash the conditioner out. When I opened my eyes I screamed and jumped a foot in the air. Rob was standing in front of me naked.

“What the fuck!” I screamed. “Get out, get out!” I freaked, covering myself and overreacting from fright and natural instinct.

“Sorry, sorry, shit…” he said, quickly leaving the shower and pulling the curtain back in place.

I finally gathered myself and poking my head out of the curtain said, “Rob, wait… I’m sorry, you just scared me.”

“I’m sorry too,” he said turning around. “I assumed since you said you were hitting the showers that I was somehow invited. It was stupid and I’m sorry.”

He was standing there in the women’s locker room naked and partially wet from the shower spray. His body was pumped from this work out and he looked incredible. His cock was hard, telling me he had been watching me for at least a minute or so before I opened my eyes.

“It’s okay, I just was surprised to see you standing there. You can come back in if you want,” I said opening the curtain.

He kind of grinned and joined me back in the little tiled shower stall. If the gym hadn’t been empty I doubt he would have come in in the first place. I backed into the water and he slowly approached and joined me under the spray. Wrapping his arms around my waist, our bodies met. His hard cock pressed against my tummy and my breasts met his solid chest. He leaned down and kissed me. It was our first kiss, which sounds strange after all the sex we had had. The kiss lingered and I felt his cock pulse against my body as the water ran over us. My heart quickened and the kiss deepened as our heads rotated to the opposite sides. His hands crawled up and down my back before coming over my shoulders to find my breasts. He squeezed them gently as we kissed for a few more minutes before breaking apart. Looking up into his eyes, I slowly fell to my knees and grabbed his hard cock on the way down. The water was bouncing off his chest now and running down his hard body, splattering me slightly as I opened my mouth to engulf his throbbing cock.

I sucked half of his long cock into my mouth, keeping my lips tight around his hot shaft. The next three inches were more difficult but I managed to take three quarters of his length without gagging. I held him there for a few seconds and heard him moan with pleasure. Slowly, I eased off of him with a tight grip and sucked the tip hard before letting it pop out of my mouth. I sucked him back in rapidly while cupping his balls in one hand and beginning to stroke with the other. Twisting my head back and forth I treated him to the best blowjob I knew how to do. I looked up occasionally to see the expression on his face as I stroked and sucked for over five minutes until my knees had had enough on the hard tile floor. I don’t know how close he was but he was really hard and his balls had tightened significantly, even in the hot water. It was kind of nice not having to worry about making a mess or having enough moisture. I could suck to my heart’s content. By the time my knees were done, I was all hot and bothered and ready to be fucked hard.

Standing up, I turned around and put my hands up against the front wall of the shower as I bent over, pressing my ass toward him. I spread my legs slightly and looked over my shoulder at him. He was admiring my ass and pussy and not looking at my face. He grabbed his cock, stepped forward and after sawing his head up and down my wet sex, eased his long cock as deep as possible into my body with one lengthy thrust. We both moaned in ecstasy at the first thrill of penetration. He held himself deep with is body smashed against my ass before retreating almost all the way back out. All at once, he slammed his length back in over and over for a good minute. My breasts dripped with water and jiggled back and forth slightly as he thrust hard and deep with his hands on my hips. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The excitement of sex in the gym shower was adding to my pleasure.

Suddenly, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up, pressing my body against the cool tile wall between the cold and hot knobs. With my breasts smashed against the wall, Rob thrust upward into me over and over holding me tight against the tile and pounding away from behind. Fuck, it was so hot I was cumming in a matter of a few minutes. My body exploded with pleasure all centered on my sex as Rob continued to slam his long cock in and out bahis siteleri like a maniac. I could feel the water getting caught between our bodies as his came in contact with mine, splashing about and even a lot of it going inside of me as I came and shuttered, trembling against the wall.

His hands forced their way between the wall and my body as he grabbed both of my stimulated breasts. He pinched my nipples hard as I was still in the grips of my climax, forcing my body against his as he held me tight by my breasts. His cock was buried inside me as my pussy convulsed and pulsed around his hard shaft. I let out a small scream, gasping for air as my orgasm crashed over me with unparalleled pleasure. The hot shower climax was mind-blowing, I basically fell limp into his arms as it ran its course. He held me for several minutes, his cock shoved deep, until I gathered my legs and thoughts. He was rock hard and hadn’t cum apparently. Once I had gained some strength back I made it a goal to rectify that little issue.

I pulled away from him, letting his cock slip from my sex. Turning around to face him, I told him to lay down. He quickly obeyed and barely fit with his feet against the front wall of the stall and his head resting on the four inch entry lip to the stall. Squatting over him, I grabbed his cock, pulled it toward me and eased down on the long, hard shaft. Pressing my hands against either side of the stall, I kept my balance and began to ride him as fast as my legs would carry me. Up and down, I slammed his cock into my body, bending and moving his shaft with my swirling hips. He occasionally would reach up and graze my breasts as I rode him but I was moving so fast all he could to was slide his hands over my moving orbs as I fucked him with purpose.

I kept watching his face, seeing how close I was getting him as my heart pounded in my chest and my legs began to burn as I worked his cock with everything I had. The water was cascading over my body, falling down on both of us as I rode him and rode him. His long cock was easy to keep in place and let me move up and down an amazing amount. I let go of the wall with one hand and began playing with my clitoris and his cock as I rode him, using my fingers to add stimulation to both of us until I could tell he was on the verge of his orgasm.

It was right about then that we both heard Eric’s voice from the door of the woman’s locker room.

“Hey, Rob… Lacy? You guys in there?” he called to us.

“Fuck,” Rob said as we both kind of giggled.

“Yeah, Eric. We’re fucking in the shower!” I called back, making Rob and me laugh harder.

A few seconds later, the shower curtain was pulled back and Eric peered in as I rode Rod slower now.

“Hi guys? I knew you were still here since your cars were in the lot.”

“Yeah, congratulations, you found us. Now go away,” Rob said.

“Yeah, can’t I make a guy cum in peace?” I said, laughing.

“I could join you,” Eric stated more than asked.

“It’s already pretty crowded as it is?” I said.

Eric didn’t get the hint and was soon standing over Rob with his fat cock in his hand right at eye level. My legs were burning, forcing me to go down onto my knees but allowing me better balance to suck Eric and ride Rob at the same time. Eric’s fat cock filled my mouth as I lifted my butt up and down on Rob’s hard, almost climaxing cock. With me slowing down it kept him from cumming and I couldn’t get the full range of motion now to finish him off. I sucked and stroked Eric fast and as deep as his thick cock would go, trying to get him close to cumming as well. I didn’t have all night to fuck these guys and now with Eric I had to make two guys cum again before it would be over. I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to have another threesome this soon.

“Dammit, Eric, you’ve ruined my view, now all I see is your ass instead of Lacy’s hot body,” Rob said, frustrated.

“Sorry, man,” Eric said, moving to my left side so now I had to turn my head to suck his big dick.

“That better?” Eric asked.

“Yeah, much.”

It wasn’t better for me but I didn’t tell them that. I just tried to suck and move up and down at the same time which wasn’t easy. I was stroking more than sucking and working my hands on Eric more than my body on Rob so I was pretty confident he wasn’t going to cum unless something changed. Eric on the other hand was plumping up nicely and his balls were rising as well. I doubted he’d let me finish him off with my mouth but at least I could get him on the verge before he stopped me.

I think I was only going up and down a few inches on Rob, so most of his long cock was shoved up my sex deep. I felt really full and couldn’t imagine something in my ass just as big or bigger. It took another five or so minutes before Eric pulled away from my mouth. His cock was huge and almost purple with blood he was so hard and ready to blow. I needed to change positions as well. My knees were hurting again since I was rising and falling bahis şirketleri with most of my weight on them. I basically just stood up when Eric pulled away and rubbed my knees, leaving Rob on the tile floor.

Eric must have realized my knees were killing me. Instead of letting me get back down he picked me up right there in the shower and eased his fat cock into me while holding me in his arms. I went with it, wrapping my legs around him as lifted me up and lowered me down again and again on his wide cock. Rob soon got to his feet and Eric turned around so my back was facing Rob. I suddenly felt Rob’s hands on my ass as Eric lifted me up and down. Rob started rooting around my anus and I finally realized what was about to happen and it wasn’t good. I wasn’t ready for them to double penetrate me, especially since I had never had anal sex alone first.

“Oh no… I’m not Becca… I’m not ready for both of you at the same time. Sorry,” I blurted out as Rob’s finger began to press into my tight ass.

There was no lubrication with all the shower water and I could already feel resistance and strain just from Rob’s finger. He pulled away as soon as I spoke and I looked over my shoulder at him. He wasn’t looking at me anymore but instead he was going for my bottle of conditioner I had brought in with me.

“Are you sure you don’t want to even try?” he asked, turning around and squirting some conditioner into his hand.

“I’m sure!” I said.

“Oh come on, you might like it,” Rob said, pressing his cupped hand onto my spread cheeks.

The conditioner was cool and took me by surprise making me gasp instead of telling him no again. I felt the pad of one of his fingers circling my tight anus and it was pleasant but I knew if I didn’t stop him things were going to go too far. As he tried to enter me, my ass clenched tight spontaneously.

“You’ll have to relax,” he said.

“I can’t. I don’t want to do this, Rob.”

“Dude, she said no,” Eric cut in, still holding me in his arms with his cock shoved deep.

“Fine, I’m out then,” Rob said and left the shower.”

“What the hell’s his problem?” I asked Eric.

“Don’t know… probably mad I showed up.”

“Well, fuck him then,” I said, moving up on Eric’s cock with my legs wrapped around him so he knew I wanted him to fuck me.

He turned and pressed me against the wall and started driving his wide cock home over and over. The boy had some stamina. Probably because he never worked out that night, he just found us in the locker room. I swear he held me against that wall for over fifteen minutes and pounded me over and over with his cock until I was cumming for the second time that night. His wide cock might not go as deep as Rob’s but it sure stimulates my lips and the walls of my sex. The pleasure was intense again. I just trembled and convulsed in his arms as I came through his thrust.

We had exhausted the hot water at the gym by then but neither of us cared since we were so worked up and horny. He was working hard anyway and I was sure a lot of the moisture on him was sweat as he continued to hold me against the wall and thrust hard and fast. After I had finished cumming, he continued for a few more minutes before pulling out, letting me down to the floor where I knelt and finished him off with my hands. His large, thick bursts of cum curled out of his cock onto my breasts as I stroked him through his climax. His expression was sexy as hell as he shook and groaned throughout his contractions. His hot semen fell heavy and dripped down my body. I sucked him clean and washed myself off in the cold water before we got out. Rob was nowhere to be found. Eric and I said goodbye to each other and I hurried home to get some sleep.


My phone freaking out, woke me the next morning. I had forgotten to call or text Jenna last night about the toys and meeting up with her. I was kind of busy. She of course though I was dead or something worse since I didn’t call her. Once she knew I was alright, we planned to meet for coffee and I slowly crawled out of bed and got dressed.

First thing I did after I ordered and sat down across from her was give her money back for the toys.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“I returned your sex toys. It’s just too weird.”

“Oh… well, that’s surprising and disappointing.”

“I’m just not okay with you helping prep my ass for anal and double penetration,” I whispered to her.

“Okay… I get it. You need time.”

“Actually, Jenna I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. I haven’t told you what happened last night.”

“Oh no… what happened?” she asked.

I relayed my little adventures the night before to her and what Rob had tried and how he got pissed off and left.

“Oh man, that’s bad,” Jenna said. “He shouldn’t have tried. Good thing Eric said something.”

“Yeah, no shit. I was afraid he was going to just go for it without my say so. Can you imagine?”

“Without any practice or even anal beforehand, that would of turned out horrible,” she said.

“Exactly, so now I think it’s all shot to shit. Rob might be done with the whole group thing all together.”

“Oh, I hope not, I only got to do it once.”

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