Grandpa Scores With Soccer Moms

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Edited by Kttn

My grandson Tommy is a very good soccer player. Since I’m retired I take him to all his practices and games. Except for the coach, I’m usually the only man present. The soccer moms, who are all least twenty to thirty years my junior, are all very friendly. Occasionally even some good nature flirting goes on between us.

The kids were playing a regular game when a storm came bringing thunder and lightening. The league rules do not allow playing if there is lightening so the game was suspended. The teams were sent to the locker room. There was not enough room for parents so we had to fend for ourselves. It was pouring as I ran to my car. As I passed a Chevy Suburban with dark windows I heard a woman call, “Quick come in here.” I looked up to see one of the Mom’s standing by the rear door and motioning to me.. It was Sarah, she was soaked herself. As we scrambled to get in the back her skirt rode up and I noticed she was wearing a thong. The back seat was folded down so we had a large carpeted area on which to sit.

I stared at her big breast her rain soaked top could have been in a wet tee shirt contest. Her dark aureoles and large nipples stood out against the white cotton top. Smiling she said, “Like what you see?” I stuttered like a teenager as I mumbled, ” Aaah…I’m sorry er…aha.”

“That’s okay Ben. They are pretty spectacular. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I nodded as she pulled her top up saying, “I need to get out of this wet thing and let it dry.” As she lifted her arms the brownish-red nipples glistened as her two magnificent melons fell free against her ribcage. She moved toward me cupping her left tit. “Would you like to touch?” She offered.

With a slight tremor I reached out and felt the soft skinned firm sphere, brushing her one inch nipple with my fingers. Leaning forward she said, “You want to suck em?” As I nodded she said, “Oh you are all alike, little boys, husbands and grandpas. You all want to nurse.”

I circled her aureole with my tongue and flicked the tip of her nipple. She shuddered with delight as I closed my teeth slightly on her knob, moving my head up and down. To my surprise a sweet, warm liquid squirted in my mouth. I drew my head back and gave her a puzzled look. She reached up and squeezed her large nipple shooting her mammary juice illegal bahis on my face. As I licked it from my lips she said,”Yes baby I’m lactating. You like Mommy’s milk?”

I nodded as my lips returned to her nipple dripping with her sweet liquid secretion.

“I told you baby boys, husbands and grandpas like to nurse. Go ahead baby, enjoy.” I apparently sucked too long as she pulled her tit from my mouth and said, ” You a hungry little bugger. I have to save some for the baby and his daddy.”

I reached to fondle her other breast but she moved my hand down between her legs. She moved her thong to the side as she placed my fingers on the lips of her pussy. My middle finger slid in her very wet slit which was hot to the touch. I moved my thumb up to massage her clit as I slid additional fingers into her honey hole. Sarah had unzipped my pants and my cock popped out as if it were on a spring. She bent over and kissed my throbbing head then swirled her tongue around my shaft. I was so hot I thought I would burst as she engulfed my cock and began moving her head as though she was bobbing for apples. I was about to cum and held her head. “Don’t you want to cum in my mouth?” She asked. “Yes…but…” I stuttered. “Oh you want my pussy, do you?”

“Well yes, it’s so wet and tight.” I said.

Sarah pulled her skirt up to her waist and kneeled over me with her cunt just above my head. By god she really was a blond. “Okay but you have to kiss the Lady first.” I kissed her full labial lips and slid my tongue into that most wonderful cavern of love. Her pussy juices mixed with her milk residue still on my lips. It was such a unique and tasty nectar. She moaned, ‘Oh yes Ben! Oh yes! I’m Cumming – I’m Cumming.” Sarah slid forward from my mouth and on to my rigid rod. What a beautiful sight. My cock sliding between her ass cheeks as it entered her juicy, tight cunt. She rode me with abandon. I don’t know if the Suburban was rocking on the outside but it sure was on the inside. As I shot my cream I felt her pussy muscles tighten on my dick. I thought she was going to milk every last drop.

“It stopped raining,” she said as she dismounted. Pulling on her top, straightening her thong and skirt she said, “The game should resume soon are you coming?” I told she should go ahead, I needed a few minutes. Before illegal bahis siteleri she left she said,” You know all the moms think your so cute and want to fuck you but I’m the first.”

“You know I’m old enough to be your father.” I said. “Yes, I know, that is what makes you even more exciting.” She replied. Wow this is going to be a good soccer season, I thought to myself.

As I came back to the game I noticed Sarah talking with some of the other moms. They all looked at me with big smiles. As soon as the game ended I grabbed Tommy and left. He didn’t understand why we didn’t go out with the team for treats like before. I took him to the Dairy Cream and told him I had to get home for something.

The next practice was Monday. We arrived a little. Tommy ran on the field. I saw the group of moms talking. I thought, we could have our own World Cup. Yvonne was Mexican, Kim was Chinese, Shanta was African American and Sarah was good old U.S of A. I stood back but was motioned to by a group of moms. Sarah approached me “Yvonne lives just around the corner and we are going for a cup of coffee won’t you join us?” Since it was a two hour practice I agreed and followed them in my car. Yvonne put on a pot of coffee but the rest disappeared. Soon I saw what they were up to. Kim said the were planning a lingerie party and they needed my input on which outfits I thought their husbands would like. It seems besides their kids playing soccer, the other thing they had in common was their husbands were busy making money and/or chasing younger women and these moms were all horny.

The first model was Shanta. Now Shanta was a full bodied woman with large tits and a big beautiful bubble butt. She wore a tight fitting white lace teddy which revealed her tanned mega melons. Her large dark brown nipples showed through the fabric as she did a bump and grind in front of me. I rose to applaud as my cock rose in my pants. At the end of her little dance she reached down and unsnapped her crotch revealing a trimmed black beaver. Turning her back to me she bent over. Rubbing her bubble butt cheeks she leaned over further. Her long fingers parted her pussy lips as she flashed pink in my face. I leaned forward and licked her slit. Sliding to the floor in front of me she unzipped my fly and began sucking my cock as the next model canlı bahis siteleri came in the room.

Kim was next. She wore a pink Baby Doll outfit with crouch less panties revealing a well shaved snatch. Her grapefruit sized tits bounced as she danced around the room. She licked her fingers and slid them in her bare pussy. One, two, wow she was shoving her whole hand in. How did she do that with such a little cunt? She ended her dance by backing into my face with her cute little butt. I kissed it as Shanta continued to suck my cock. Kim knelt next to Shanta and began licking my balls.

Yvonne was next. She wore a bustier that pushed her golden boobs skyward. Her brown nipples grew as she held them to her mouth and licked them. Her garter belt and black stockings framed her black pussy pelt. I have never seen such a full bush before. She danced around grabbing a cucumber from the table. After bringing the long green vegetable to her lips she sucked it and lowered it to her pink pussy lips peaking out of her hair pie. Yvonne moaned as she rapidly slid the natural dildo in and out of her dripping cunt.

My eyes were diverted to Sarah who entered the room completely naked except for a strap-on rubber cock. Yvonne began to suck on the prosthetic prick as she continued veggie fucking. After lubricating her strap-on Sarah got behind Yvonne and slid the rod into her asshole fucking away. Grabbing my cock, Shanta and Kim pulled me to the floor. Shanta lowered her pink chocolate cunt on to my throbbing cock as Kim pushed her bald pussy down on my lips. Fucking Black and sucking Asian. This was great! Only in America. Sarah and Yvonne said they wanted in on the action so we spread out. I was dying to bury my face in Yvonne’s hot Hispanic bush and everyone wanted to taste Sarah’s milk.

The rest is something of a blur. I remember eating Mexican, Chinese, Soul Food and American pussy. I know my cock had the same around the world trip. We were in a daisy chain I was eating Yvonne, who was sucking Kim, as she licked Sarah, as she worked on Shanta who was gulping my cock, when we noticed the time. We scrambled to get dressed and hurried back to the field to pick up the kids. Tommy wondered why my face was so flushed and red as I rushed him to the car. I told him Grandpa had been exercising and needed to get into better shape for future workouts.

My adventures with the soccer moms continued as I tried to encourage a more international flavor. After all there were many good soccer players’ moms to go. Such a big world – so little time.

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