Good Night With And Old Friend

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Oh it felt great to stretch out on the sofa it was Friday night and I had no plans to go out with friends. So randomly I grab the remote for the television and begin to surf through the channels to find something to occupy my mind. I found a movie that was interesting and started to watch after a little while I received a text from an old friend Nick. Smiling to myself as I read Hey good looking what your fine ass up to tonight? Chuckling I quickly typed my reply. Sitting here watching TV by myself why? And I hit send. Then I settled back down on the couch again and resumed watching my show. After a few minutes my phone buzzed again and there was another message from Nick. What is someone who looks as fine as you do sitting at home on a Friday night for you should be out dancing or at least flirting with some poor guy that can only dream on getting in your pants like me. Just reading that made me smile. Thinking quickly as I typed my reply. Well first of all my friends are busy, also is there a need to lead those poor boys on with them thinking that they might score the prize of a lifetime in my pants. When I could find a real man that can please me better. Hitting send I got up and walked to the fridge and grabbed a soda.

Buzz the phone goes off again shaking my head I wonder what Nick had to say. Opening my phone, well damn sexy you could always come over here and I could show you how a real man should treat you, we could do a lot of things plus I could take all weekend to show how well I can please you. Hmm, slightly blushing and very glad that this was not a video chat. Moving my fingers over the keyboard I typed. Oh really and just how do think that you can do that. Is there some magic trick to make me purr like a kitten or that will make me want to stuff every guy’s cock I see in my mouth. Or be very wonton with every man I see and let them touch me how they see fit. I hit send hoping that it would be the last text of the night. Tossing the phone aside I slowly reached for my computer. Booting it up I opened it to the site where there are a few short stories. Browsing through them I found one that would turn my attention away from my conversation with Nick. Half way through the story of a father and daughters friend having a relationship. My phone began to vibrate again, halfheartedly I picked up the phone it was from Nick. What did I say that made you respond like that I have never pushed myself on you? I have offered but nothing more I will never do more canlı bahis than offer until you tell me otherwise. I reply back either call get on the computer or come over. I hit send, returning to my story my phone went off again picking it up it said I’ll be there in 5 min. My stomach began to fill with butterflies as the thought of Nick heading to my house. In a hurried panic I rushed through each room making sure it looked decent and then turned my attention towards myself knowing that any second he would be arriving. I quickly pulled my hair out of the pony tail and ran my fingers through it and decided it would have to do my wardrobe was nothing spectacular a tank top and lounge pants.

Nick was between eighteen and twenty four years older than I. He has been flirting with me something horribly since the day I met him while I was working I was waiting tables at a local diner and he was a recently divorced gent that soon became one of my regulars every Friday I could count on seeing at least him occasionally he would bring in one of his friends and on those nights I would get the best tips. He helped me through numerous breakups and gave me a few dating tips. The day I told him I was leaving the diner I gave him a slip of paper with my cell number on it.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door feeling nervous I headed to the door, reaching for the knob. Stop it I said to myself you have known Nick for a long time and he is a great friend. As I opened the door I was instantly pulled into two strong arms and hugged, laughing in surprise Nick put me down you big oaf. A deep chuckle came from Nick as he lowered me to my feet. Nick bent down and grab something from the porch and followed me inside. So Nick what are you wanting to do tonight I asked innocently? With a wicked smile he smartly replied you. Stopping abruptly that I was suddenly ran into by Nick because he did not notice me stop. Sorry sweetie did not notice you there he said softly. Is there anything in particular that you want to talk about or watch since you came all the way over here? I said again looking at him over my shoulder. Reaching down he moved the hair from around my face and tucked behind my ear. You have such beautiful eyes you should not hide them behind your hair. He said in a husky voice. My face instantly warmed and I knew that I was blushing and he could see it. Nick smile broaden with one look at my face. Stop it you know I hate it when you make me blush. I said. But that bahis siteleri is my favorite color on you. Was his quick reply. Turning I headed into the living room and sat down on the sofa inviting Nick to have a seat as well. For a bit we made small talk and would flirt back and forth but then I suggested that we put in a movie. After picking one that is not really romantic but has enough thrills to keep me on edge we settled in on the couch for the duration of the movie. During the movie Nicks arm had moved over behind her shoulders and he absent mindedly began to rub my shoulder. Not thinking much of it I relaxed into Nick enjoying his soft yet firm touch. Occasionally his hand would wander further down my chest but stopping just before my breast. Each time he did this my breath would catch a bit. I had been so focused on the hand on my shoulder that I did not notice his other hand had moved to my hip just below the waist of my lounge pants.

As I went to protest he placed his finger on my lips and said hush and relax. With that he placed a gentle kiss on my lips then moved his lips down the side of my jaw gently biting and sucking my neck pausing a moment at the collar bone. His hand began to roam freely sliding up under my shirt and lightly brushing over my nipple causing me to jump and my nipple to become erect and stand out. His lips left my neck long enough to help me out of my shirt as soon as my shirt came off his lips locked around one of my erected nipples while the other hand kneaded my other breast. Nick stopped only of a minute and waited for a look of approval. Nick I began I have never done this before. I uttered. Chuckling Nick calmly replied don’t worry honey I won’t rush you. If you want to stop we can you are the one in control. You tell me if what I am doing is feeling good or hurts or whether you want me to stop. I nodded in understanding. So do you want me to continue or do you want me to stop? He asked with a shifty grin.

Nodding and uttering yeah. Nick came forward and kissed me slowly waiting for me to respond or to follow his lead slowly he parted my lips with his tongue. One hand twined in my hair pulling my closer while the other hand roamed and groped at my breasts. He let me come up for air long enough to ask when I was expecting my roommates home? Not knowing for sure I said that they could be home at any time with that we decided to change rooms. Turning off the television and gathering up my discarded clothes we headed bahis şirketleri down the hall toward my bedroom. As soon as the door closed his urgency changed his kissed quickened as the rest of the clothes hit the floor. Deciding to be brave I knelt down and slowly grabbed his penis lightly licking around the tip then down to the base and back up to the tip again. Slowly taking the tip in my mouth and running my tongue around it. Taking more of his cock into my mouth and lightly running my teeth along it. Nick was starting to respond by thrusting his hips and moaning. OH yeah girl keep going that feels great he said between thrust.

Gagging slightly I kept going letting him thrust in and out of my mouth. Here it comes baby thrusting and holding my head so that I had no choice but to swallow. I could feel his cum hitting the back of my throat and it kept coming after swallowing three times he let go of my head. And pulled me to my feet. Walking me backwards he pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me slowly he started licking and sucking my neck then started moving down pausing at my breast only to take each nipple in his mouth before moving lower his hands were lightly tracing up and down my thighs lightly he put pressure on my legs to spread them and he kept kissing and licking his way down to the his treasure. Reaching his destination he gently spread my lip and blew on my clitoris. Before he dove in with his tongue circling the little bud and gently sucking on it. Oh my I gasped as my breath caught in my throat. Nick continued working on my clit bring my orgasm closer and closer I began to relax and as I felt him stick a finger in me that was all that it took to send me over the edge as soon as his finger entered it felt my orgasm hit and my muscles clenching is finger slowly he withdrew his finger and placed in in his mouth. Oh my you are very sweet and with that he started to lick lower sticking his tongue in my pussy I could feel my pussy clamp around his tongue each time he probed me with it. After probing me with his tongue he moved up between my legs lifting my hips so that he was at the perfect angle to enter me. With one thrust he entered all the way causing me a little bit of pain and discomfort slowly he began to withdraw and enter me again working up a nice rhythm after a few minutes he had me change positions so I was on my knees and he was behind me gripping my hips he began to pound my pussy bringing closer and closer to another orgasm pushing back to meet each thrust I felt my orgasm crash over my gripping his cock on each thrust his pace quickened as his orgasm began. Shooting his cum deep inside me we fell exhausted onto my bed and in each other’s arms.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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