Good Morning

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It is 7am and I am lying in bed, thinking of you. I woke early this morning, maybe because I am in a strange room, more likely because of the noise of the traffic. I had an early dinner last night and only a couple of drinks in the bar, as there was no-one there I really wanted to converse with. I knew you wouldn’t phone last night, although you knew I was here. I knew you wouldn’t be able to get away without arousing suspicion and there was no way I could have turned up at the do you were at. All the same, I had spent an age getting ready, just in case. I even shaved my pussy completely, knowing you like that.

I tried it for the first time at your suggestion. I was amazed at my arousal as I was doing it, and I loved the feeling of my smooth, wet folds. As I was rinsing myself in the shower, I couldn’t help but switch the massaging shower head to pulse and press it to my smooth mound, my fingers flicking quickly over my clit and up into my pussy. I came almost immediately, convulsing around my fingers, breathe ragged. I staying in the shower much longer than usual.

Remembering that morning, one hand idly plays with the ribbon on my knickers while with the other, I pinch my nipple. I don’t have to be anywhere till 11am, I could lie here for hours if I wanted. I decide to have a bath and while the water is running, I indulge in a little reminiscing.

I cast my mind back to our last meeting. It was weeks ago now, but I remember it vividly. We met at the services for coffee that morning on our way down to a meeting. Our conversation turned to sex as it often does when we are sure we cannot be overheard. I’ve never talked with anyone the way I talk with you, not even with my closest female friends. We ask deeply personal questions and answer with complete honesty. We use words and expressions I do not use in polite company. We have shared experiences, fantasies, dreams, arousing each other with words, our body language expressing our mutual desire. But long ago I made a rule, no-one at work, and we have never kissed, never even touched.

This time, I was telling you of my attempt to seduce a female friend while in the spa the night before. She once mentioned a curiosity about women and from that moment, I developed a crush on her. I had often told you how the sight of her body has aroused me, how I have dreamed of playing with her breasts, tasting her nipples and caressing her pussy. It was you who encouraged me to see if the feeling was mutual, saying if I didn’t try I would never know. As I told you of her gentle rejection, your hand went to my knee in a gesture of sympathy. Your touch sent electric shocks up my spine. This was the first time you had ever touched me. I quickly forgot my disappointment. You told me that she must be mad to refuse me, that she had no idea what she was missing. I looked into your eyes and saw your hunger, for you have never had me either. A sudden warmth grew between my legs at your touch. I smiled and tried to say something about not spoiling a good friendship, but the words stuck in my throat as you started stroking the inside of my leg. I took a shuddering breath. Watching me closely, you removed your hand and leaned back in your chair. I almost cried out in loss. The conversation moved back to work, but I wasn’t really listening. All I could think about was your touch.

I crossed my legs and my skirt rose a little, showing the top of my hold-ups. You suddenly smiled, and asked if I was wearing knickers. Smiling myself, I told you I was, and describe them in minute detail: a black mesh thong with pink ribbons tied up to hold the front and back together. I mentioned that I was clean-shaven this morning. You smiled your delicious smile again and said that you would think about that for the rest of the journey.

I arrived before you and sat at the back. I was there canlı bahis to observe its reception and take notes, while you gave the main presentation. I watched you and crossed my legs over and over, pressing my thighs together to try and alleviate the arousal that had been building up all morning. Over lunch, you caught my eye and I knew you knew exactly how I was feeling. By the end of the afternoon session, I was back in control

Once you had thanked everyone as they left, while I was typing up my notes and the feedback, you sat down beside me. You were so close I could smell your aftershave and hear your soft breathing. Immediately, all my hard work at repressing my arousal was gone. I muttered how hard the rule was, and you simply said it was up to me, it was my rule. I froze, unsure of what to do next. You were tantalisingly close, all I had to do was reach out. I jumped as my phone rang. It was my boss. As I spoke to him, you turned to me, hand once again on my knee, slowly moving up my thigh, past my hold-ups to my knickers which you twitched aside and I stopped breathing. Your fingers probed my pussy, wet once more from the memory of your earlier touch and my vivid imagination. I tried to continue my conversation as your fingers entered me and your thumb pressed against my clit. I turned and looked directly at you as you removed your fingers and slowly put them to your mouth, sucking them clean of my juices. Then suddenly you were by the door. You said that I smelled and tasted delicious, winked at me and left.

I lie back in the bubbles of my very hot bath and think about the things you have said you would like to do to me, usually when I am in the office and cannot respond. When I can, I tell you about after our conversations, how I have thought of you often, touching myself, thrusting my fingers hard up my pussy, frustratedly bringing myself to orgasm over and over again. I know you are enjoying the power you have over me. I find it is exquisite torture. As I think about you again, my hands caress my smooth pussy, playing with my clit until it grows hard. Just then I hear my phone ring in the other room but I don’t care, I’m not far from the cusp, just a little further. My phone beeps with a message distracting me from my pleasure and I sigh, getting out of the bath to find the stupid thing.

Dripping wet, I see it’s only 7.30am and think it’s far too early to be getting work calls. As I check my missed calls my heart skips a beat. I dial my voicemail and listen to your message. You are downstairs in the foyer. Immediately, I call you to explain that I was having a bath, I need to get dressed, I will be down in half an hour, when there is a knock at the door. I am sure I put the do not disturb sign on but maids do ignore that sometimes. Just a second, I say. Pulling the towel around me, I go to the door and look through the spy hole. Through it I see you standing in the corridor. You are here, now, and I can hardly breathe. I open the door and wordlessly invite you in. You sit down on the bed, glancing around the room. I offer you coffee and you refuse, smiling, apologising for interrupting my bath. You offer to wash my back. I tell you I won’t be long and go back into the bathroom.

As I am stepping back into the bath, the door opens and you pick up my fallen towel and hang it on the radiator. I am modestly covered by the bubbles but they are dwindling fast. I decide to take you up on the back wash and lean forward. Your perch on the edge of the bath and pour my shower gel onto your hands and start moving them across my back in small circles. My pulse begins to race at your touch. You run your hands up to my shoulders and massage them gently but firmly. It is complete bliss and as your hands run down my back again, you brush my neck with kisses like little shocks and I feel my nipples harden under bahis siteleri the bubbles. One hand reaches down to cup my breast, pulling me gently back, as your other hand goes lower, over my tummy and down. I look up at you, knowing I am completely helpless to your touch, and I see the hunger in your eyes, your desire naked, you want me as much as I want you.

I ease my thighs apart as your hand finds my smooth pussy and you groan at the softness of me. I pull your lips to mine and kiss you hard, make my acceptance clear. My lips part and your tongue finds mine, circling it, drawing it into your mouth. Your hand finds my clit and delicately stokes it, and I shudder, moaning against you tongue. As you insert two fingers into my aching pussy and crook them to rub against my G-spot, I come suddenly and cry out against you. My internal muscles quiver against your fingers and you break the kiss to look at me in amusement.

You get up from the edge and draw me to my feet, rubbing the towel over me till I am mostly dry. Then you wrap it around me and lead me to the bed. You lay me down to unwrap me and stand back to look at me. We have talked many times about our bodies but this is the first time you have seen me naked. I blush slightly as your eyes travel up and down me, taking in my large, full breasts, rounded hips and belly, my hour glass shape. Your eyes come to rest on my pussy and I shiver in anticipation for you have described your technique many times.

You pull off your shirt and eagerly I sit up, reaching for your belt. I unzip your flies, barely containing my excitement at touching your bare cock for the first time. As I reach inside and grasp it, you groan, as if this is as longed for by you as it is by me. I free your manhood from the constraints of your trousers and pause. You are huge and hard, a drop of pre-come dangles from the end. I lick my lips for I hunger to taste you and you oblige me by feeding your cock into my mouth. I take as much of you in as I can and as you pull back slowly I look up at your face, wide-eyed and smiling. You are staring down at me with that grimace of pleasure as you shove deeper, your hips rolling into my face. I use my tongue against the head, circling the tip and then sucking you further in, my hands cup your balls and gently caress them. I move one hand up around your shaft and suck harder and you cannot stop yourself from grabbing my hair and pulling my head to meet the rhythm of your thrusts. I feel your balls tightening, waiting to release your gifts and slowly I pull away from your cock, watching your face.

You know exactly what I want now and you gently push my back down onto the bed, and take your place between my thighs. You murmur nonsense as you kiss my inner thigh, and your hot breathe coupled with your clever tongue makes me twitch. Your fingers part my outer lips and you bring your face close and inhale my sweet fragrance and sigh. You look up at me and hold my gaze. All I do is raise my hips towards you as if to say drink me. You hesitate no longer and plunge your hot tongue between my folds, running it down the entrance to my canal and up towards my little pink clit. You gently and frustratingly circle around it, eliciting moans of frustration and excitement from me. You continue to circle it as you thrust two fingers into my tense and aching pussy, and I push down hard on your fingers, wanting deeper penetration. Patience, you whisper, so I pull back.

Slowly you resume your path, getting tantalisingly closer every time until your brush my clit with the tip of your tongue and then suck it gently in and out of your mouth. I cannot believe how amazing this feels, my internal muscles clench against your fingers and gentle waves of pleasure slowly start moving outward from my belly and up and down my spine. I cannot help but push my hips against bahis şirketleri your face, but your free hand pins my hips to the bed and you shake your head, dragging your tongue almost roughly across me. I pull back again, determined not to move again unless you let me, groaning with pleasure as you move from side to side, your pace increasing. Your sopping fingers withdraw for a second to circle my other hole, now slick with my juices. As your fingers re-enter my pussy you slip one up my arse, causing muscles to convulse and me to cry out with pleasure. You begin to pull my clit harder into your mouth and as your finger pushes further up my unexplored cavity, your other fingers find my G-spot. The gentle waves become more fierce, building the pressure up and up, until they suddenly break and crash over me as my hips grind into your face and hands, and I come so hard, over and over again. My whole body is convulsing so powerfully it is minutes before I can stop shaking. You move to lie beside me, holding me, stroking my hair, caressing my skin as I continue to shudder, gasping for breathe, until I am calm again.

Energised suddenly, I am now determined show you that I can give as good as I get, so I push you down on the bed and straddle your stomach. You look up at me, smiling, amused at my sudden dominance, allowing me to play this part, at least for the moment. I grasp your cock with both hands, and gently but firmly move them up and down and then hold it perfectly still as I position myself over it. I lower myself so the head is resting against my clit and I gently rub myself over it, feeling my own tension building again. You are still smiling at me as you gently thrust up to catch yourself in my entrance. It is now a game, who can resist for the longest. The feeling of the tip of your cock is too much for me and after only a minute or so, I give in, slowly plunging down onto your powerful cock till my hips rest on yours. I pause there, allowing my muscles to relax and stretch around your thick and turgid member.

As I lift myself slightly and sink down again, adding a slight twist to my hips, we groan in unison. You place your hands on my hips and lift me up, holding eye contact as you bring my firmly down onto your enormous cock. I feel my muscles beginning to quiver. I enhance this by fluttering them, tensing and relaxing around you. Your eyes widen as my internal grip on you tightens. You see I am close again but you’re holding off. You lift me off you and turn me round, kneeling behind me. Once again we resume of teasing dance of your cock pushing just at the entrance. I cannot take much more of this and push my hips back with all my strength, but again you whisper the word patience in my ear, and one arm clasps me around my waist. I understand now that my moment of dominance is over, and I am once again under your control.

Slowly you stroke one hand down my spine towards my neck, firmly pushing my head and shoulders down against the bed, while your other hand draws my hips onto the tip of your cock. I arch my back enabling you to penetrate me further, which you do, both hands on my hips, holding me perfectly still. You begin to move inside me with long, languid strokes and you move one hand to my smooth pussy, fingers seeking out my engorged clit, firmly moving them from side to side. Your pace increases and I feel your balls slapping against me, your hips twisting with every thrust. I have surrendered myself completely to your domination. With your hand on my hips, fingers fondling my clit, thrusts coming faster and deeper, the tension within me explodes into another crashing orgasm that sends convulsions through me. With my face buried into the bed, I scream and scream as wave after wave rocks through me. As my muscles convulse repeatedly around you, your movements quicken and you move both hands to my hips, grinding into me until suddenly your seed shoots deep into me and with a great shout, you collapse on top of me.

With your body pressing against mine, your breathe is hot in my ear as you whisper, “Good morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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