Good Help is Great to Find Ch. 02

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A couple of weeks after I had blown Bradley on my bed, I received a text from him. He said that our new doors for the deck had arrived, and he wanted to know when to plan the installation. I had seen Bradley twice since I had played between his legs and received that lovely salty parting gift for my efforts there. There was no awkwardness between us, which I had worried about.

I replied to Bradley’s text, “What about tomorrow? Morning or afternoon both work for me. Just let me know when you’re coming this way.”

His reply was a smiley face followed by, “Both work for me as well. See you in the morning.”

Why did that text make me hard in my pants? I don’t know. I read through his text twice more. Nothing there was overtly flirting or allusions to sex, yet I still found it sexy.

The next morning just before 9, Bradley arrived and, after some small talk about his family and such, he set to work, unloading materials and tools, and preparing to install the doors. About 11:30, I checked in with him to see if he planned to go home for lunch or would he like to have lunch at our house.

He replied, “Here,” and he smiled wryly.

We ate lunch in the dining room, after he cleaned up and changed into a clean t-shirt. We chatted about the project and minor adjustments he was making to the plan. Bradley leaned back then and his chair and looked at me. I looked back, but I could only hold eye contact with him for a moment before I felt my face redden slightly and a smile creep across my lips. I looked down and drank some water. Recovering, somewhat, we resumed eating and talking together.

We finished lunch, yet his eyes continued to track mine as though he was watching me for some sign or indication.

I pushed back my chair from the table and looked up briefly, catching his eyes still on me, and he said, “I’ll be finished with these doors by 4 or so. What did you have planned after that?”

I stuttered to respond, “Well, uh, what do you, um, I mean, What I mean to say is, well, Shit.” I laughed and cleared my throat to say, more clearly this time, “Why am so often tongue-tied around you? What are you talking about, exactly? Projects? Or the, um, us, two weeks ago?”

Bradley stood up and walked over to where I was sitting. He wore a serious look on his face and he smiled at me and said, “Two weeks ago was fun. But I am talking about today. What do you want to do today? If what we did two weeks ago is enough for you, that’s fine. But if not, I’m willing to help with any projects – or fantasies – you have in mind.”

My breath quickened, and I was unprepared for his candid offer. I stared at him and this time I took my time looking him over. My inhibition to be observed staring at him disappeared in light of his offer and his smile. And here he was. I took a full assessment of his clothed body, in ways I never had been able to do before. This was not just a furtive glance or a quick peak into the backyard. Today’s body scan was something feral and hungry, slow and simmering.

The t-shirt he wore fit him tightly and his nipples were visible points on the outline of his pecs against the cotton fabric. His shoulders had small mounds of muscle that undulated under the shirt up to his neck, which I imagined kissing and licking.

His hands came to rest low on his hips, accenting his thick biceps, his strong hands and long fingers. I knew he was smiling at me and I persisted in slowly and silently looking at him, really looking casino oyna at him. And I’ll say it – I was sexually objectifying my friend and our contractor, and he seemed to be enjoying it. I was, for sure, urged on by the wiggling, lurching ball of desire which was growing just behind my navel.

Bradley’s t-shirt stopped at the exact same line as the top of his jeans, so that it barely overlapped the jeans and, in places, it rose above the jeans, allowing some taut skin to be seen and some light wisps of red hair to poke out in front. His pants were not tight, but they fit him well, highlighting a bulge to be observed behind and below his zipper. Slight indentations and swells in the thighs of his jeans reminded me of the precious minutes I had spent between those muscular thighs.

A cough interrupted my staring, and Bradley said with a slight smile, “Should I turn around? Raise my arms? Or have you decided yet on what happens after 4 o’clock or so?”

Somewhat embarrassed, but not overly so, I looked him in the eye and said, “Tell you what: When you finish, find me in my bedroom. I will be ready to tell you what I’m thinking. Then just like with all our projects around here, you can help me adapt the plan to what can actually happen.”

Bradley laughed and said, “I like how you incorporate our working process into this, um, well, off-the-clock play-time. And yes. See you after 4, upstairs.”

Big smile spread across my face, as he slowly turned and walked out of the room, without looking back at me, but giving me a spectacular view of his denim-covered ass. How was I going to think about anything else until 4 pm?

Several work and design questions emerged during these elongated hours. Our conversations were work-focused and without awkwardness or flirty behavior. Bradley was all business and worked hard. I heard him cleaning up and loading his gear about 3:45.

I finished up in my office and dressed in my room, into a short pair of blue gym shorts and a small white t-shirt. I sat on my bed, trying to focus on my breathing to calm myself, waiting for him to come in.

A few minutes after 4, Bradley came into the room and sat down by me. I could tell he had cleaned up some.

“Okay, I’m off the clock and want to head home by 6 or so,” Bradley said, “How do you want to spend this time?”

I said to him, “I’d like to give you a massage, a play-time massage. You just lie here and let me touch and massage and play as I go. We’ll go from there. What do you think about that?”

“Who would say no to that? Oops, I’m a sweaty mess. Can I grab a quick shower?” I smiled and nodded toward the bathroom.

Emerging with only a towel wrapped around his waist, Bradley, asked, “Where do you want me?”

“Lie face down across the bed. Lose the towel first,” I said, sounding a bit lecherous. So I rubbed my hands together comically, like a cartoon criminal. Bradley laughed.

After he settled in, laying out flat, and emitting big sighs about feeling so nice to clean up and stretch out after working, I adjusted how this beautiful man was configured on the bed. I moved his legs apart enough to slightly open up the hairy crevasse that ran up his butt. I stretched his arms out perpendicular to his body. And I took off all of my clothes.

Bradley turned his head toward me, seeing me naked, and winked, “Okay, well, look at you, fella.” And he turned his face back and got still on the bed.

I started with his right hand, massaging the canlı casino palm and each finger. Then I took his index finger to my lips, kissing it and sliding it into my mouth. Soon it was spit-slick and slid easily in and out of my mouth, which I did slowly. I enjoyed his taste and the muscly rugged texture of his workman’s hands. I suckled at each of his fingers.

I licked up the inside of his extended right arm to the red hairs pressing out of his pit. I nibbled at the edges of his pit, to Bradley’s sighs and moans. Lying on the bed I pressed my face into his downward facing pit, licking where I could from this angle, and tongue-tickling him on the periphery. More moans. Rubbing and kissing his strong arms I moved from shoulders to wrist and back again. Several times.

After repeating this process with his left arm, I moved to the bottom of the bed. At his feet, I kissed each of his toes, starting with his left foot, then right, sucking each toe into my mouth causing some delirious moans and wiggling from Bradley.

“Man, I gotta tell you,” Bradley said, in a hushed voice, “I’m hard as rock. This is hot for me. I’ve never had my toes sucked before. Wow.”

“Just wait. I’m still planning on more sucking ahead,” I said as I licked up the back of his left leg, past the knee dip and up his big thighs, stopping at the skin creases separating his thigh from his ass. Big moan again from the front of the bed. I chuckled and began massaging that left leg.

I licked up his right leg and massaged it as well. I was now hard, jutting out like a branch and leaking a little. This was so much beyond anything I ever thought was possible with Bradley. And yet here we were, both naked and me touching, squeezing, licking, tasting and smelling up his gorgeous legs toward my penultimate goal, his cute ass, curved, dimpled and right in front of me.

Sitting between his knees, I leaned forward and put my face right at the center of his ass, smelling him there and tickled by his ass-hair on my nose and lips as I moved up and down. I stuck out my tongue but didn’t touch his skin, yet. I licked at the hair there. The sensation of my tongue on his ass-hair and my heavy breath into his cleft had Bradley moaning, sighing and saying ohmagod as a repetitive mantra. He smelled of shampoo, my lavender soap and, slightly, like a locker room – funky, spermy, and sweaty. Heady smells indeed.

I began lightly rubbing his ass cheeks with my fingers. Stretching out with my face right where his thighs came together, I leaned in to lick at his ball sac which was mashed down and back under his hairy taint. Bradley jumped a little and inhaled quickly. Placing my hands under his thighs, I pressed further into his taint and ass, kissing, licking and sticking my tongue around and in his crevasses there. He raised his ass slightly responding to my hands’ gentle exploration, still moaning and breathing heavily.

With my hands now on each ass cheek, I pulled them apart and saw his crack lightly covered in many little wispy red hairs and just above his taint was his hole, pink and wrinkled. I stared. I wanted a taste of him. Bradley didn’t expect this move, as I shifted up and licked him from taint to the top of his crack. He nearly screamed.

“Are you really licking me there? Ohmagod,” he said in a loud husky whisper. And I dove in and tongue-bathed his ass, slowly and feverishly, biting and nibbling in places. I placed my mouth over his hole and breathed out warm air against him there. kaçak casino He pushed his ass back toward me, opening further. And I slid my tongue into him and tongued fucked gently for a bit. I could feel him tremble.

“Roll over, handsome,” I said then. And he did. His cock, my ultimate goal, stood out full, hard, and leaking. I took him into my mouth and sucked him until he said he was about to cum. I pulled up and looked slyly at the clock. It was only 5:15.

“Have you ever edged?” I asked.

“No, but I’ve heard about it,” Bradley said, looking at me with a confused face like he really wanted to cum and he wanted to do so right now.

I said, “Just settle in and let that pressure to cum subside a bit.”

I crawled up beside and nestled in under his right arm, my head resting on his shoulder tickling and pinching at his scrotum lightly with my left hand. After he seemed to calm some, I began licking his nipple there, giving tiny little light bites on the tip. I slowly circle-rubbed his belly, brushing against his cock head with each rotation.

“Ohmagod. Man, I need to jerk off. Please,” he begged.

“Shhhh. Hold on, OK? This is edging.” I whispered to him as I rose up and sat between his legs.

“Grab your knees in each hand, Bradley,” I told him. And he did.

“Pull them back to your chest now,” I said as I slid down to eat his ass again, which made him moan so loudly I thought I might have hurt him but no; it was all his pleasure and internal pressure to ejaculate. I licked his balls and then began sucking him again.

“Oh. Oh, yes. Oh almost,” he cried out. And I stopped, lifting my mouth off of his cock. He cried out again, but I couldn’t understand the words.

I began rubbing his belly again and occasionally running my fingers lightly into the bush above his cock. I slowly wrapped my left hand around his erection, using the leaking there to lubricate my hand. With only minimal pressure in holding his exceedingly erect cock, I began to jack him off super slowly.

He rocked his hips, sighing and breathing loudly. Finally, I looked him right in the eyes and asked, “Ready to cum?”

Again, he almost screamed, panting, “Yes,” over and over again.

I increased the pressure of my hand, staying slow but increasing my speed a little. I licked his cock head while I jerked him off. Soon, a loud high-pitched whine escaped him, and his stomach muscle pressed up and tightened. His face was very red when he leaned up to look at me and our eyes met. I swirled my tongue around the head as I stared right him. Bradley erupted into my mouth. I swallowed it and licked his cock clean while he thrashed about.

I kissed him on the lips, and said, “Hey man, it’s 5 to 6. Thanks for this. What fun it is to play with you.”

I left him there on the bed. I walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I heard him moving around and then he stuck his head into the bathroom and said, “Ohmagod, Tyler. That was more than I expected. I’m going now. Gotta get home. That edge thing was crazy. I can barely walk now.”

I laughed and enjoyed his response.

I heard the stairs creaking as Bradley walked down to leave the house, and I smiled to myself as I jerked off in the shower, remembering all of the parts of him I had visited today with my fingers, tongue and imagination.

“Delicious,” I said to myself, as I licked my own spunk off my hand, getting excited to tell Joel, my husband, some of the details of today’s play-time. He loves hearing about the experience two weeks ago. And I look forward to more of these play-times with Bradley. I have many designs for him to explore with me.

To be continued.

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