Golf Course Masturbation

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My wife Linda is a hot looking big busted blonde who is for all purposes a sexaholic. She can’t get enough sex. Although we have sex every day I will catch her masturbating many times a day with vibrators, dildos, veggies and whatever object she can find.

We recently relocated to a golf course community where our home is located next to the golf cart path on the isolated tenth fairway. The master bedroom faces to golf path and features a very large picture window which is only 8 feet from the golf path.

Apparently Linda is also an exhibitionist as recently I discovered that she really gets off by masturbating with the curtains of the master bedroom open so anyone on the golf path can get a great view of what is happening in the master bedroom.

Linda has admitted to me that she often glances up while dilding herself to see several golfers jerking off while watching to the show. The whole scene really got my juices flowing so I set up a camera in the closet which could video not only Linda but anyone looking in on her. The video revealed no less than two golf foursomes a day watching Linda with her vibrator thru the window as they jerked off.

Every evening I would replay the videos with Linda and we would enjoy some great sex while watching her and our golf course visitors jerk off.

I suggested to Linda that it might be wild that instead of masturbating it might be really kinky if I entered the room when she was being watched to eat her out as she gave me a blowjob and then fuck as the golfers looked on. We did just that several times and I must admit it was one of the greatest erotic experiences we had ever participated in.

Linda had been monogamist since we married 10 years ago but was open to anything sexual so I proposed she invite the voyeurs in for sex which I would casino siteleri either video or join in. To my joy she said sure why not let’s start Sunday and try it for a week as different clientele golfed on the different days. Here is the day by day story.


Sunday rates are high $140 for 18 holes of golf and the golfers were mostly of Asian origin. About 9am as Linda was masturbation 4 Asian players noticed what was going on and started to watch while rubbing their cocks. Linda had prepared a handmade sign which she showed them it said “Don’t be shy come in and join me the door is unlocked” In less than a minute all four entered the bedroom stripped and started working on Linda. She had an Asian guy on each nipple, and one eating her as she gave the fourth a blowjob. Within 45 minutes she had either fucked or blown all four of them often having one in her mouth, ass and cunt simultaneously. They thanked her and left to finish their round of golf.


Monday mornings is reserved for the nearby universities golf team which consisted of 12 men ages 18 to 21. I anticipated one hell of an interest day and I was not disappointed in the least.

The first foursome of college guys appeared at the window around 8am and were invited in by Linda’s sign. As they entered and stripped the captain of the team was on his cell phone inviting the rest of the team to join in.

Within 10 minutes Linda was surrounded by 12 naked college men all sporting hard erections. For the next 2 hours Linda always had a cock in her mouth, pussy, ass and each hand. She was having continuous orgasms as she swallowed each man’s cum and cum flowed from her cunt and ass. The finally was when she lay panting on the floor and they circled her while jerking off and covering her head to toe with cum. canlı casino As they left Linda had the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen. I quickly entered the room and fucked her cum filled pussy which was the most erotic experience I had ever had.


Tuesday is ladies day at the golf course and Linda said she was not interested but I convinced her that she should at least try her first girl on girl experience.

The first several groups of ladies went by without ever noticing Linda masturbating on the bed but the fifth group noticed and stopped to watch the action. All four ladies were obviously aroused as the rubbed themselves and eagerly entered the bedroom after Linda invited them to join in via her sign.

These four ladies were in their early thirties and it soon became obvious that they were very experienced with lesbian sex as they lapped Linda’s pussy to orgasm after orgasm which really intrigued me as Linda had never cum off while being eaten. Linda soon reciprocated and she was hooked. This goes to prove that women really know what buttons to press on a woman body to give pleasure. I entered the room and all five women did me like I had never been done before cuming 3 times in one session for the first time in 25 years.


Wednesday is senior day on the course and I always suspected that most girls have fantasized about fucking daddy at one time or another.

About 8:30 AM 4 older heavy set gentlemen showed up at the window watching Linda do her thing with 2 dildos. Linda invited them in and learned they were in their late sixties but were eager to join her in bed.

The old guys just could not get their cocks harder until Linda gave them each a 100mg Viagra pill which brought them attention in about 30 minutes as they played with kaçak casino her pussy and breasts..they actually admitted they had not had sex in a dozen years and had never had a blow job.

Linda made their dreams come true by blowing each of them until they came in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. The session came to a quick ending as one of the guys had a heart attack and died shortly after the paramedics took him away.


When Thursday came I decided to set Linda up with some black men. She had often said she never would have sex with a black man but based on all the porn movies I had seen I was sure she would lose her prejudices very quickly.

Being a suburban golf course we seldom saw many black men but I had noticed a group of 4 played every Thursday and all I had to do was lure them to the window and let nature take its course.

We started the day with some strong pot which I hoped would loosen Linda up. The four black guys always came by the house at 10am so a put several golf balls on the golf patch and near the house as they always seemed on the lookout for golf balls.

Sure enough they ended up next to the window and immediately pulled out their cocks and started stroking them just as Linda asked them in with her sign.

What followed was the biggest orgy I had ever seen with Linda having a 14 inch cock in her vagina, a 10 incher in her mouth and a 12 incher in each hand.

The orgy lasted four hours as she and the guys just could not get enough. A few times I thought he would literally drown in cum as they shot enormous amounts of cum in her mouth which she swallowed as fast as she could. Her pussy oozed great amounts of cum which I licked after the guys left.

Linda said she needed a few days off having fucked 24 guys and 4 gals in 5 days. She estimated she swallowed 40 loads of cum, was pussy fucked 50 times and taken in the ass 12 times in 5 days while having a minimum of 100 orgasms.

I can’t wait until next week when I plan to join in the fuckfest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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