Getting to Know Me

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Everyone said I was a cute baby. Too cute for a baby boy. As I grew into adulthood those cute attributes became amplified. My naturally full lips, turned up button nose, and a splash of freckles across my otherwise rosy cheeks gave me a pleasant appearance. Wide, child-bearing like hips, narrow waist, slender legs, and a pert round bottom make me a target for men who are into guys like me.

Depending on what I chose to wear on any particular day some people didn’t know whether I was male or female. I enjoyed playing those games because, well, I can’t really say for sure but I think it’s because I was always treated mean.

Teased incessantly throughout high school and college, called homo, young lady, missy, and the ever-popular cock sucker, made me a bit resentful.

I admit that some of those names like young lady and missy weren’t said to mock me. People just didn’t know how to view me.

I found out early in my twenties that I was androgynous. With that knowledge I began to accept what I am although I was still remained undecided who I wanted to be. I made the decision to cast my fate to the wind and see what happened.

I wanted to get to know me.

There was an incident once when I came home from college on Spring break. I was in my senior year and was 22 years old. My father watched me skip up the walk to the front door and didn’t seem too happy to see me.

Later that evening when father and mother thought I was sleeping I heard them talking about me. “I tell you honey; our son is a homo. If he hasn’t yet, he’ll be sucking some guy’s cock very soon.”

My mother, ever the understanding one surprised me. “You may be right, dear. He has developed a lot of feminine traits. Do you see the way he walks? That’s not walking. That’s mincing.”

They shared a laugh together as long married couples do while I cried myself to sleep.

“You hate me,” I told mother and father over coffee the next morning.

“We don’t hate you, er, um son. We love you. We’re just trying to wrap our heads around the fact that you might be gay.”

“Father, I like girls,” I stated firmly.

“Yes dear,” mother said. “But do you have a girl friend?”

“No ma’am. Not yet. But why is that important?”

“It isn’t important johnnie but do you have a boyfriend?”

“No way mother. I do have some guy friends that I hang with but they’re not boyfriends at all.”

Mother and father exchanged a knowing look.

I was in the laundry room washing my clothes and looked out the window and saw father talking to Larry, “Butch” Peterson our neighbor across the street. They were huddled together and Butch laughed at something father told him.

“Something gross,” I thought to myself.

I showered and put on my favorite nylon, blue, men’s bikini underpants, my white clam diggers, and V-neck T-shirt. I went out to see if any of the neighborhood guys with whom I grew up were still around. I wanted them to see me wearing men’s clothes and stop their teasing.

No one was around. I was told that some had joined the service, others were away at college, and others had moved out and married young and had jobs.

I went to the local mall and hung out like the old days but soon became bored.

Walking back toward home I saw Butch working out in his garage. I watched as he curled 200 lbs. His arms were big and strong. Sweat glistened on his forehead. His large chest heaved every time he raised the barbell. His legs were sturdy in his workout shorts.

Mrs. Peterson came out and they spoke before she casino oyna got into her car and drove off. I watched her tail lights disappear as she left in the fading daylight.

It was then that Butch saw me. “Hey kid, come here and spot me while I do bench presses.”

I hesitated a second before entering his garage. “Good boy. Stand here,” he said pointing to the end of the bench. “If it looks like I’m going to drop the barbell, you help me get them off. Got it?”

“Yes sir Mr. Peterson. I got it.”

“Call me Butch johnnie.”

“Yes sir, Butch.”

I stood by the end as instructed and watched has Butch worked hard doing 50 presses before placing the barbell in the holder. Panting, he got up. “Your turn johnnie.”


“Lay down where I was and I’ll spot you.”

“But Mr. Peterson, Butch, I never did this before.”

“No time like the present. Lay down there.”

I can’t explain the butterflies in my tummy as I lay back on the bench. Butch was removing some of the weights, thank God. Then he came and placed the bar back in the holder and stood by my head.

“Grab here like this,” he said taking my hands and raising them to the bar. “Now lift and bring it down slowly. Then raise it back up and repeat.”

I struggled with the 50 lbs. barbell. Oh, it came down quickly but raising it back up was something else.

Butch knelt down to assist me. I couldn’t help but see his manhood bulging in his workout shorts hovering over my face.

Up and down we worked the bar. A couple times he apologized for squatting too close when his privates rubbed against my forehead. My peripheral vision allowed me to see his strong thighs nearly squeezing my head. “No problem sir,” I replied. I was glad for his help and his taking an interest in me. Father never did.

“You need to do more of this johnnie. You bench press like a girl.”

“Um, I suppose you’re right Butch.”

“Come back tomorrow at noon. We’ll start you on a training regimen.”

“Maybe,” I said being non-committal.

“Be here. Noon.”

“Yes sir.”

Later that night in bed, I was thinking about the workout and tomorrow. My brain fixed on Butch’s privates rubbing my head and for some reason it made my dick hard.

I put my hand down my underpants and masturbated wondering why his privates excited me like they did.

The next morning I showered and put on my next fav underpants. These are a full back and low in the front purple nylon. Like all my others, they do not have the Y front. This time instead of clam diggers I wore some loose-fitting shorts like Butch and an old T-shirt that I’d cut the bottom off to just above my belly button. I wonted Butch to see me dressed to try hard. Tying my high top Chucks over my anklet socks, I was more than ready.

“Where you going dressed like that,?” mother asked.

“Over to Mr. Peterson’s to work out.”

Father broke out laughing. Mother smiled. I left.

“Good boy. Right on time.”

“Yes sir,” I grinned.

“Polite too. You’re a special lad johnnie.”

“Where’s Mrs. Peterson,? I asked.

“She left last night. Won’t be back until tomorrow. That gives us two days to work on you.”

“First, press that button on the wall over there.”

As soon as I pushed that button, the garage door came down.

“That gives us guys some privacy,” Butch grinned. He lay on his back on a matt with his knees up and feet flat. “Hold my ankles while I do my sit ups.”

It wasn’t a request. He said it as though he expected me to do it.

I canlı casino did.

I knelt between his feet and held his ankles as Butch did sit up after sit up. I don’t have a clue as to why kneeling between his legs like that aroused me. By the time he’d finished my little dick was stone hard.

“Now it’s your turn johnnie. Lay on the bench like last night.”

I did and twisted and turned until I got comfortable on the narrow bench.

“Looks like I’ll have to get a wider bench for that fat ass of yours,” he grinned.

I lay looking up at the barbell. Reaching up I took hold as before and brought it slowly down to my chest.

Butch squatted as before and made sure I didn’t drop the thing on myself.

I thought I could see his cock hanging long under his shorts, like he wasn’t wearing under wear.

Each time I brought the bar down I looked to see if I was right. I must have lost concentration on the bar because it kind of slipped. Butch moved forward to catch it and I felt the bare head of his cock brush the side of my face.

Time after time as I lowered the bar bell Butch’s cock head would brush against my face. I found myself aroused and looking for it to happen again.

Then Butch seemingly innocently had the leg of his loose-fitting shorts hiked up a bit and 3 inches of his cock loomed only a couple inches before me. I didn’t raise the barbell as usual and Butch held his position.

What happened next would change me and my life forever and I would find my place in society at large, and with respects to future relationships in general.

I raised my face those couple of inches and planted a kiss on that inviting gland. Getting no negative response from Butch, I continued to lick the head of that pretty cock head. Butch lowered himself and I opened my mouth to take him in.

Tonguing the head, I found it was textured but smoothly so. Firm yet spongy. I don’t understand it but taking that cock in my mouth felt like the most natural thing for me to do.

I wanted more.

I pressed my face against the crotch of his shorts where his balls hung for a quick second, smelling him, feeling the heat of his big balls.

“Let’s try that again johnnie. But first, wait a sec.”

“Okay, ready now. Concentrate on it johnnie.”

This time when he squatted down his shorts were off. His cock landed on my forehead and cheek. I quickly raised the bar and Butch stood removing his cock from my face.

I wrestled with what I should do next. I looked up to see him smiling down. His large cock and big balls beckoned. I lowered the bar and Butch once again lowered his cock.

My mouth opened and welcomed him in once again.

Taking the barbell from me and setting it aside, Butch let me suckle his balls before turning and puling me up by the collar of my T-shirt. Straddling the bench, I sat as he fed me his now hard cock.

“Oh, yeah baby. That’s nice. You’ve done this before.”

Things like that spurred me on even though I’d never touched much less had a cock in my mouth before now.

Butch moved forward. “Suck my balls baby boy. Kiss and lick em.”

I did. God help me but I did as told. I held his tight buttocks and lavished his scrotum with licks and kisses before returning to his cock.

The more I gave of myself to his crotch, the more excited I became. There was no shame in what I was doing. I knew that some people would consider me a queer; my father especially. “Fuck them,” I thought.

Butch held his cock teasing me. “You want this? You want my kaçak casino cock baby?”

Did I want it? The couple seconds it took for me to decide seemed like an eternity. I did want it. I really can’t explain it any more than that. In just a few short minutes I was re-born. Butch wasn’t teasing me, calling me names. He needed what I had to offer. He wanted something from me.

That knowledge made me feel more powerful than I had ever in my life. That a rugged, well-built and handsome man like Butch desired what I could give him flipped a switch within my brain. As much as Butch wanted what I could give him, I needed that which he was offering.

“Please, yes,” I said trying to catch it with my open mouth.

“You gonna be my cock sucker johnnie? You gonna be here when it needs drained baby?”

“I promise Butch. Please let me be your cock sucker.”

“You’ll be more than that johnnie. Mrs. Peterson is going to be pleased I have a new cock sucker. Wait till she sees this.”

I heard but it didn’t register. I wanted to have that cock back in my mouth. Butch calling me his cock sucker made me hot. I felt alive. More alive than ever before and I showed him with my mouth.

He let me pleasure him for what seemed like an hour. My jaws hurt so I switched it up and licked his balls. I reveled in the scent and heat of this man’s crotch and instinctively understood I’d found my place.

I reached down to touch my own needy dick and Butch pulled my T-shirt up. I pulled my face from his genitals and he pulled my shirt off. I raised my bottom and pulled my shorts down. When Butch saw my underpants, he smiled. “johnnie wears panties I see.”

He brushed aside my explanation that they were European designed men’s underpants. “They’re panties pretty boy. And they look so sexy on you baby. Can’t say I’m surprised though.”

I went back to sucking his cock and listened as he told me the whole neighborhood knew I was a faggot. “Shit johnnie, I’d bet even your parents know what you’re doing right now.”

I pulled my face off the wonderful cock and looked up at him. “Butch,” I said meaning every word I was about to say. “I know my parents think I’m gay. I heard father telling mother that I was already doing this. I don’t care anymore.”

Then I went back to the cock I was enjoying. Butch liked what I was doing, I know, because he took hold of my head and thrust his manhood deep into my throat. “I’m cumming johnnie you little faggot. Gaaa, yeah, oh yeah. That’s it. That’s the way. Eat that shit you fucking homo mother fucker. You were born to suck cocks baby, born to it.”

I felt a strange of purpose surge through me. I had this strong man trembling, his knees weak, his eyes squinting all just me doing something I discovered I enjoyed.

He flooded my mouth with his seed and I tasted sperm for the first time. Tangy, a bit salty, not bad. Not bad at all.

I nursed his cock until he was soft and begging me to stop.

“Come back tomorrow same time baby. Wear some more pretty panties too.”

As I pressed the button to open the garage door Butch asked me, “Aren’t you forgetting something johnnie?”

“What’s that sir?”

“Don’t you think you should thank me? You’re a polite boy. Don’t you want to thank me for letting you suck my cock?”

“I’m sorry Butch. Thank you for letting me suck your big cock sir.”

“That’s more like it lad. Remember that. See you tomorrow. Now run along.”

I went directly to my room and lay back on my bed remembering and savoring the events of the past hour. I’d sucked a cock and liked it. I knew I’d go back tomorrow at noon, and the next day if he should ask. I’d finally had sex and it was great.

I was coming to terms with who I really am. I was getting to know me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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