Gazing in the Mirror

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Gazing in the mirror, I look softly at my figure, at how sexy I actually look to myself. Looking slowly up my bare, soft, glistening legs to my waist, I slightly turn to see it from a different view, glancing at how my shaped ass cheeks show beyond the string in my baby-blue thong. I turn to face my mirror once again, to proceed up my body, continuing to look at it, realizing that maybe that guy at school had been right about me being sexy. My eyes go up over my small belly button, concave within my tight stomach. Then I finally reach my protruding breasts, seeing my now-hard nipples slightly showing beneath my tight, blue belly-shirt. I realize as I look at the bases of my breasts peeking out from under my small shirt, that looking at myself alone is making me excited. I slightly shiver at the thought of such a thing and step away from my mirror. Walking with bare-feet across my fluffy carpeting, I reach my bed, lying down upon the silky sheets, which cover it. I reposition myself comfortably on my left side, softly closing my eyelids as I remember the guy that complimented me at school the same day…

I had chosen to wear a tight black skirt above the knee, a black silk thong, and a tight tank top that shows just slight cleavage and my black platforms to school. I had thought that maybe my choice of outfit would be too overwhelming for school, but I took the risk. I put my clear contacts in my eyes and then applied just normal day-makeup (some that isn’t too dark and slutty). I had carefully braided my long, reddish hair down the middle of my back, and curled my bangs on my forehead. Lastly, I applied some peach lotion on my legs to make them extra silky and smooth.

I thought to myself, “Why is it that I’m concentrating so much on my looks today? It doesn’t seem normal.” I shrugged off the thought and grabbed my book bag since I heard the bus pull up.

After the long ride to school, everything was the same as always. I walked down the hall to my locker for my usual routine. I was so used to no one saying a word to me anyway, so I just glanced around the senior hallway. I shrugged, turned back to my opened locker, and put my appropriate books for my first classes within my book bag. Then unexpectedly, I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I jumped slightly, and then turned to meet the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen. They had the most beautiful silvery green to them; eyes that I never imagined would ever meet my dull brown ones.

“Uh…yes?” I managed to stammer to the person owning the gorgeous eyes. I didn’t even look at the guy’s body; I was so entranced by his eyes.

“Hi, I am here at CHS just to see if I want to attend here or not. I saw you standing there and you caught my eye. You mind if I attend your classes with you today?” I could’ve fainted right there. Ever since being a freshman at that lame-ass school, no guy had ever taken notice of me. I didn’t care whether he attended yet or not; I had to take this opportunity God had given me.

“Yeah, sure. I’m Rachel, and your name is?” I said with a slight giggle. I hoped I didn’t sound like some lame blonde.

“Chris,” he responded with a smile. Geez, I would’ve taken him right there if I were allowed to. The only problem was, I didn’t technically know him, just his gorgeous eyes.

I finished placing my books in my bag and closed my locker. I motioned for Chris to follow me and lead him to the office, to make the arrangements for him to be with me for the day. Just thinking about spending the day with him made me excited.

I went through all of my classes with him at my side. Of course I got the usual curious and jealous looks. Today had more looks than usual. At the end of the day, I had to say goodbye to Chris. I felt kind of bad about leaving him and going home, but what he said to me lifted me higher on my emotional cloud. We hugged goodbye and he brought his lips to my ear.

“You’re very sexy, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Rachel. Maybe we can get together sometime. What’s your number?” After hearing this, I had felt all sorts of tingles within my body. Chris took a pen out of his pocket and handed it to me. I looked around confusingly and then he held out his hand palm up. I quickly scribbled out my phone number in his palm. He hugged me once more and released his grip on me, then walked down the hall in the opposite direction I was going. His pen remained in my hand, so I blindly placed it in my bag.

Thinking about this incident while in bed brings the same tingles within my body as the experience had. After replaying the event in my mind, I open my eyes slowly and get off my bed to stand. I walk across the room and switch on my lava lamp. Since it hadn’t been turned on for awhile, the yellow lava remains on the bottom of the lamp’s insides. The purple liquid creates a slight glow around me. I flip off my light switch so that the only lighting in the room is my lava lamp’s purplish glow and the moonlight from my single window. I walk over to my window and pull away the curtains, looking at the bright sphere within the midnight sky. Suddenly, my phone on my nightstand begins to ring, bringing a bewildering expression to my face. “Who would be calling me, and at this time of night?” I ask myself. I walk slowly to my telephone and pick up the receiver, bringing it to my ear.

“Hello?” I say.

“Yeah, Rachel?” I’m still not sure of who would be calling me, not recalling the voice on the other end of the phone.

“Speaking. Who’s this?” I slowly sit on my bed, crossing my long legs beneath me.

“Guess…” the male voice says with a laugh. This response piques my curiosity more, so I uncross my legs and lie down on my back on my bed.

“Oh, so you want to play games with my head. Okay, who would be calling me?” I ask, not just for the benefit of the voice on the other end, but also for my own bewilderment.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” he says. Thinking, I still can’t picture a guy in my head that would actually dial my number.

“I give up, who is this?” I ask, getting a little impatient. I stand up onto my plush carpet, getting too anxious to be sitting, or lying down to be technical.

“Oh, you give up already? What a disappointment, I wanted to mess with your head for longer,” he says with a snicker.

“Oh, come on, tell me. I can’t think of anyone. No name or face comes to mind,” I whine, getting even more impatient.

“Okay, okay. Don’t get your panties in a wad,” the voice says, laughing even harder.

“Thong,” I state.

“Huh? What about a thong?” he asks.

“I was just correcting you, not panties, a thong,” I say with a giggle. Then suddenly, a face of whom it might be pops into my mind.

“Oh, really? You’re wearing a thong?” he asks, most likely while smiling.

“Yes, Chris, really,” I say, laughing a little harder. I walk over to my window and gaze out at the moon.

“Oh, so you finally figured me out. Did you like my game?” Chris asks sarcastically.

“Oh, yeah baby,” I say, showing little enthusiasm. “Geez, that moon is pretty full tonight. Wonder if I should go out naked while howling,” I say with a giggle.

“Maybe you should. So, where do you live?” Chris asks.

“Why would you want to know where I live? You don’t want to stalk me, do you?” I say with a laugh.

“Well, no. But maybe I want to see you,” he says, his voice turning serious.

“When? Do you mean tonight?” I ask, slightly shocked at the thought of him wanting to come over.

“Yeah, is there something wrong with that, Rachel?” Chris laughs. “Do you want me to climb up to your window, Juliet?” he says, laughing even harder.

“Actually, yes, oh Romeo,” I say, playing along. “Besides, I’m home alone. Do I have to dress any certain güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri way?”

“Wear what you’re wearing now. I don’t really care. You don’t have to dress up for me. Do you want me to see you or not? I need the address first, ‘hon.” Chris says with slight sarcasm.

“Geez, no patience I see,” I say. I then give him my address, making sure that he writes it down. “You sure you want to see me? There’s still time to turn back,” I giggle.

“Yes, definitely. Why? Do you bite or something?” he laughs.

“Yes, and then I stab and eat the remains,” I say sarcastically. “Of course I don’t bite, unless the situation requires doing so.”

“Okay, cool. I’ll be right over, Rachel,” he says quickly. I hear the other end hang up, so I replace the receiver. I lie down on my back on my bed, my heart pounding. I step up to my mirror to check if my makeup and hair look fine, and straighten out any loose strands. I finally remember what I’m wearing and debate on what to wear over my thong. “I can’t be almost naked when Chris shows up,” I tell myself as I look through my drawers. Then I settle on some short jean shorts and slip them on. I look in the mirror once more, seeing my ass cheeks barely peeking out through the base of my shorts. “You look fine, Rachel. Don’t stress,” I say to myself as I step away from the mirror. I step over to my window again and look at the full moon.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, I hear my doorbell chime. I open my bedroom door and walk to the front door, undoing the latch that keeps it locked. I turn the doorknob and pull it open; feeling a gust of wind hit my face, disturbing my hair. Then my eyes once again meet those gorgeous silvery green ones.

“Yes?” I ask, playing coy. I smile warmly and move aside for Chris to enter. He moves past me and I close the door, replacing the latch.

“Oh, I was just looking for a beautiful woman named Rachel, have you seen her?” he asks, trying to act serious. I look around the room with a questioning look on my face, playing along.

“Nope. Can’t say that I have. You may look down the street, she may be there,” I state, trying to hide my laughter. Then Chris suddenly comes toward me and pulls me toward him.

“I see her, she’s right here,” Chris says, grinning. Without stopping myself, I press my lips to his, closing my eyes. I pull away quickly and turn my back to him, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” I say softly, putting my head down. Then Chris turns me around to face him and lifts my chin up.

“You’re right, you shouldn’t have,” he tells me, with seriousness in his voice. I stare down at the floor with guilt. “You should have done this,” Chris says, as he presses his lips to mine and slowly and gently pushes his tongue past my lips and into my mouth. My eyes look up at his with surprise, and notice that they are closed. Then I close my eyes and contribute to his kiss, gliding my tongue along his and release a soft moan. I feel a tingling warmth that crawls its way up my thighs and inside me.

After our long passionate kiss ends, I ask, “Chris, do you believe in love at first sight?”

“Actually, I think I do. I believe I’m looking at the love of my life,” he says with a warm smile. I return his smile and wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him passionately once more.

Then, Chris lifts me up into his arms and asks, “If you don’t mind, love, where is your bedroom?” Breathing faster, I point desperately in the direction of my room. Chris carries me into my bedroom, which is now filled with purple and yellow light from my lava lamp. He lays me down onto my silk covered bed and softly kisses my lips and my neck. Then he stops all of a sudden.

“Wait. When are your…”

“They’re gone for the week in Boston,” I say with little breath. After hearing this, Chris begins to kiss me once more. We kiss so passionately, güvenilir bahis şirketleri so desperately.

“Oh god, Chris…” I gasp, “I want you so badly.” I run my tongue all over his with such passion, such wanting. I take his hands and run them down my thighs, moaning, indicating that it drives me crazy. I let go of his hands and he slowly and gently slides his fingertips down the back of my thighs, slightly touching my exposed ass cheeks.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Chris moans, fumbling with the button on my shorts. He finally undoes it and unzips my shorts.

“Wait,” I gasp. I sit up quickly, trying not to throw Chris onto the floor.

“What?” Chris asks. “I have protection. Don’t worry,” he states, indicating his jacket that was on the floor that I hadn’t noticed before.

“No. I was just curious about something,” I tell him. “I wanted to tell you that I’m a virgin, so I was wondering if it was mutual,” I explain between breaths.

Chris sits up. “Yeah, I am a virgin, Rachel. And trust me, I wouldn’t lie about it,” he assures me with sincere eyes.

“Okay, now that that is cleared up, TAKE ME!” I exclaim with a laugh. I pull Chris down by his shirt and thrust my tongue into his mouth, frantically running my tongue all over his tongue and his lips.

“Woah, baby!” Chris says laughing. While kissing him so passionately and lovingly, I pull my shorts to my ankles and remove them without Chris’s knowing. Then I meet his eyes and glance down, indicating what I had done. His gaze follows mine and then he looks back up to meet my eyes. He brings his lips to mine, frenching me softly while I feel his hands at my waist. He places his thumbs under my thong’s waistband and begins to slowly pull it down.

I open my eyes for a second and look into his, which are showing his great love for me. Our lips separate and I release a soft moan as I close my eyes and allow Chris to fully remove my thong. I then feel a slight cool breeze on my newly uncovered part of my body. Then he kisses my neck softly and his eyes rest on where my breasts peek out from under my belly shirt. He takes his hands and lifts the bottom of my shirt up and then fully removes it so my breasts are fully exposed. Chris kisses the top of my right breast delicately and then brings one of his fingers to his mouth, wetting it with his tongue. With his wet finger, he runs it teasingly down one breast, then the other, then down the middle of them. He releases a soft laugh when he sees how torturing it is for me.

I then spread my legs, wrap them around him, and pull him closer to me quickly, catching him off-guard. I laugh at his expression that says, “Goddam, woman!” I kiss his lips and then I loosen my grip on him, opening my legs further and then using my fingers on my right hand to spread the outer skin of my pussy. Chris sees how nicely shaven and wet I am and slowly pushes his fingers inside me. I moan, indicating the pleasure I feel. Chris gets on his knees, positioning himself so his shoulders and head are between my bent legs. I see his head sink lower and then I feel his tongue glide along the outside of my glistening, wet pussy while his fingers remain inside me. I moan louder, feeling such pleasure that I had not known before.

I run my fingers through his silvery-brown hair as I feel his tongue continue to move up and down along my pussy lips and his fingers start to move slowly in and out of me.

“Chris, oh…you’re so damn good…at that,” I gasp. After hearing me say this, Chris keeps his fingers lingering inside me, then slowly slides his tongue inside me along with them.

“OH GOD!” I moan, feeling such pleasure, feeling my eyes roll into the back of my head. Noticing my enjoyment, he moves both his tongue and fingers in and out of me slowly and gently, tasting the inside of me. My breathing becomes quicker, heavier with each in and out motion. My clit was just aching to feel his lips around it…

I began to write this particular piece almost three years ago, surprisingly. I had written it for my boyfriend I had at that time. Damn, being a virgin seems like so long ago…lol. Well, just take this in account when you rate this piece. If you’d like me to continue it, let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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