Gavin Screws Up Ch. 04

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She should have known that meeting Claudia in this state would lead to trouble.

“You look like death warmed up Ellie, what have you been doing this past week?”

“Well, I’ve just been going out a lot, that’s all. I’m fine, really. How are you?” Ellie tried to distract her good friend from the blatant lie she’d told. They both knew she wasn’t fine.

“You’re not fine Ellie. Haven’t you been sleeping? Please talk to Gavin. He loves you. Just tell him how you’re feeling, please, for goodness’ sake.”

Ellie didn’t respond immediately. How could she tell Claudia about the past week? The sex club, John her new fuck buddy, Liz and Bob the swingers…

Hmmm, Liz and Bob…. her drug-addled brain flashed back to Wednesday night at their house in New Hills. She’d already been aroused when she was greeted at the door by Liz.

“Welcome to our love nest Ellie. We’re both so glad you could make it.”

It was clear from the address, the architecture and the décor that Liz and Bob were very well off. The house wouldn’t quite make mansion status, but it certainly came close. The foyer and main living room where they passed through first were all gleaming white surfaces, wooden antique furniture and plush fabrics.

“Can I get you a drink at all?” Bob offered, with that twinkling smile of his that went all the way to his eyes.

“I’m fine actually, thanks. I, ummm, errr, I’ve taken something.” Ellie responded shyly.

“Oh?” Liz wondered aloud and arched her eyebrows in Bob’s direction.

“Look, don’t worry, I’m fine – really. The last few days I’ve had quite a bit of practice with ecstasy, you know? I know what I can handle.”

“No, no love, you misunderstand. We don’t mind at all. We do prefer coke though. We don’t have any tonight. We thought it wouldn’t be appropriate, for your sake. We didn’t want to scare you off.” Bob smiled his twinkling smile again and Ellie suddenly realized that the ecstasy was doing its job.

“Oh my god Ellie, I just saw your pupils dilate all of a sudden…. Bob, it’s time get to down to business.”

As they swept her off to their boudoir Ellie felt a rush of arousal and a wonderful feeling of calm and happiness sweep over her. Before she knew it she was undressed down to her lingerie and stilettos and Bob and Liz were both sitting on the bed admiring her from across the room.

It felt like they were miles away and she imagined she was stripping for an audience. She ran her fingers through her own hair, down the front of her body, over her black lace bra and rested her hands on her hips casino oyna over the suspender belt.

She hadn’t bothered to put knickers on and had to resist the impulse to go straight for her clit. With enough of her conscious mind still active to realize they were watching, she swayed in time to the raunchy soundtrack that was playing in her head. Even the swaying of her own hips was building up sexual pressure down there, so when she felt Liz and Bob’s bodies in full contact with hers, she was almost ready to explode.

They might have been whispering compliments in her ears. There may have been real music playing. Ellie didn’t know or care. All she could think of were the sensations sweeping through every nerve in her body.

She’d always thought of her heart as her centre, until that night. That night she was acutely aware that every part of her was connected directly to her pussy.

Liz’s soft mouth was all over hers and Bob’s hands were massaging her breasts from behind. Are all girls’ mouths so soft and luscious? Ellie moved Liz to the bed, with Bob in tow, and positioned herself between her legs.

The soft folds were glistening with moisture. Ellie and Liz moaned softly in tandem as Ellie closed her mouth over them. Ellie proceeded to take Liz’s most sensitive parts into her mouth, as if she were slowly and sensually devouring a mango.

She made contact with Liz’s clit and applied very firm pressure with the flat of her tongue. Liz responded immediately with a moan and by lifting her hips of the bed. It was Liz’s unconscious physiological reaction though that brought Ellie close to the edge, the way her body sent forth more moisture and her opening suddenly relaxed and softened.

Bob had been massaging Ellie’s breasts and she was vaguely aware for a moment that he’d stopped. The explanation came in the form of the rustling of the condom packaging and a moment later he was back.

He put a finger inside Ellie and she unconsciously did the same for Liz. But one finger wasn’t enough for Ellie, so she ground two fingers inside of Liz while she simultaneously went back to firmly sweeping her tongue around and around her clit. She was hoping Bob would get the message and he certainly did – jamming his cock into her waiting body with gusto.

Ellie couldn’t think now about what she was doing to Liz, it just became a mash of thrusting fingers and moaning pressure as they all came at once.

Claudia’s concern burst rudely into her pleasant thoughts. “Ellie, look at you, you’re in fairy land. You’re clearly not fine. Call Gavin.”

The canlı casino confusing mix of sadness and anger that Ellie had been feeling suddenly overwhelmed her. It was as if the ecstasy she’d been into lately had taken all the happiness from today and tomorrow and had used it up over the last week.

She knew she was unreasonably angry with Claudia over what was, after all, an astute observation by a caring friend – but she said it anyway. “Oh Claudia, would you shut the hell up please about Gavin. I’m not seeing Gavin anymore, I’ve been screwing a guy called John and it’s been great OK?”

The shocked look on Claudia’s face gave Ellie a tiny sliver of perverse pleasure in what was otherwise a very bleak day. That is until she followed Claudia’s gaze over her left shoulder and saw Gavin standing within earshot. The look on his face wasn’t pleasing at all and tears burned the back of Ellie’s eyes.

“Oh Gavin, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s OK Ellie, I didn’t know we were that far gone, but I’m glad I know now. I’ll leave you alone.”

“No, no, please, please don’t go. I want to explain.”

“I’m not sure there’s anything to explain. I think I’ve made enough of a fool of myself, pursuing you when you’d made it clear that… my love….” he choked on the words, “wasn’t welcome.”

“No, no, that’s how I felt, foolish for having pursued you. Scared to believe you. Can’t you see that?” Ellie could hear the pleading in her voice. A week ago she would have been embarrassed to be so open about her feelings, but the loneliness and the drugs and the lack of sleep had stripped her bare. Honesty was her only option.

At that moment Claudia quickly took her leave and Gavin sat down in her place.

“I apologized Ellie. I’m very sorry for what I said. I don’t know what you want from me. Why are you seeing someone else? Do you have feelings for him?”

Ellie laughed in spite of herself. Feelings for John? Ha, not likely – unless orgasms count as feelings? She realized just a second too late that she was chuckling. Gavin looked extremely confused.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“No. No. Not at all, it’s just that, well, he’s just a fuck buddy. I couldn’t, you know, come, with Trav and so I went to a sex club and met John.”

“So, in the past two weeks, during the time you’ve refused to speak to me, you’ve had sex with some guy called Trav and picked up a fuck buddy called John at a sex club?”

Even with the sleep-deprived haze she was in Ellie could see this wasn’t going well and had to try to gather her thoughts. Definitely not a good kaçak casino time to confess to him the wonderful time she’d had with Liz and Bob.

She held up her hand, gesturing the waitress over to their table.

“Do you want a drink?”

Gavin just sat there in silence, not even able to consider her offer of a drink. He’d believed when they were together that he’d had the best of her in a sexual sense – brought her out of herself in a way. This news that she was actually much more experienced and confident than he’d known left him feeling… betrayed. He knew it wasn’t fair. She’d never actually said that he’d taken her further than anyone else… and yet, the feeling remained. The weird sense of betrayal, combined with the sickening sense of jealousy that was gripping him suddenly made him acutely aware of the blood pounding in his temples.

Ellie had to say something. She couldn’t sit there in silence with the waitress wondering what was going on.

“I’ll just have a Pepsi please.” Yes, that might help, she thought with desperation. Her one week experience with ecstasy had taught her that a little caffeine and sugar could bring some focus back after a big night.

“Look Gavin. Yes, I was trying to forget you. It was really difficult. I called Trav, an ex-boyfriend – but only because when you visited the shop I was left so on edge. But that didn’t work, so I was talking to Jake and he suggested the sex club.”

“Jake!” The incredulous look on his face told her that it wasn’t even a question.

“My gay friend from home.”

Ellie’s brain was completely fried and it seemed that the Pepsi wasn’t doing the trick. How to avoid making this worse?

“Gavin, I’m really tired right now, I haven’t slept very well this week and I’d like to talk to you when I’ve got myself together a bit more. Can you call me in the morning?”

“OK. If that’s what you want.” She could hear the disappointment in his voice, but couldn’t think of the right words to reassure him in her exhausted state.

“Thanks.” She leaned over to kiss him goodbye and he turned his face so she could only reach his cheek.

Gavin was immediately sorry that he’d elicited that crushed look from her again, but a kiss like the one she’d given him a couple of weeks ago would have shattered his heart. And after the way she’d boasted about her sexual exploits today he knew that he had to protect himself from her. It seemed like she was determined to constantly find new ways to hurt him – and he knew for sure she didn’t love him. Still, if she wanted to see him again, maybe he could love her enough for the both of them.

Ellie went home. She couldn’t help but cry, even though she took some comfort in the knowledge that she was finally going to sort everything out with Gavin in the morning.

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