Fun Night in San Francisco

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I finally get to my hotel in downtown San Francisco, near Chinatown. It is almost 7 pm, and I am a bit tired, but also excited to see Brandon after 3 weeks. I met him on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco two months ago and I ended up spending the night with him. But being a flight attendant, it is not easy to maintain a relationship, and for now, I am happy with just a company from time to time. In reality, the job is a lonely job and I spend a lot of nights by myself in different cities in the country.

My name is Lisa. I am 36 years old and I have been a flight attendant for 9 years now. I got divorced 4 years ago, and I have been mostly single ever since. Thankfully, it was a clean divorce, and we did not have a kid. At some point, I just got tired of being in a passionless relationship where my opinions did not matter and it was all about his happiness.

My hotel room is nice and spacious. First thing first: I need to take a shower. I check my phone and there is still no response from Brandon. It is not like him. He usually responds quickly. Oh, well, I am sure he is going to write back soon.

As I start to take my shower, I notice that the water is not being drained. It looks like the shower is clogged. Damn this luck! I try to finish up quickly and get out of the shower. I call the receptionist and let him know the shower is clogged. He tells me that he is sending the handyman to my room in a few minutes.

I check my phone. Brandon has replied:

“Hi, Lisa. Glad to hear you got to your hotel safely. Unfortunately, something has come up and I cannot meet you tonight. Raincheck?”

What the hell? He confirmed last night that he would be available to meet. I hate it when people so casually flake on others. So disrespectful.

Well, I guess I will just go to the Subway across the street and get a sandwich and eat it in my room.

I just put on my shorts, and a tank top and wear my flip-flops and run down to the Subway store. An old man is in front of me, ordering his sandwich. A young guy just enters and stands behind me waiting. It is my turn. I order a turkey sandwich with chips to go. As I am about to leave, I hear the guy behind me orders the same sandwich. I chuckle and leave.

As I get off the elevator and walk toward my room, I notice the door to my room is open and a guy is standing by the door. He is the receptionist who checked me in. He explains that the handyman is working on my shower and trying to fix it.

“How long is it going to take? I want to eat my dinner,” I ask impatiently.

“Unfortunately, it will be awhile. Maybe an hour or two,” the receptionist replies.

“Two hours?? Are you kidding? Can you give me another room?”

“I am afraid not, we are fully booked tonight. I will talk to my manager to get you a voucher for your next stay here.”

“Thanks, but what should I do now? Is there a lounge that I can go to?”

“You may go to the bar on the top floor.”

“No thanks. I don’t feel like drinking.”

“You are welcome to wait in my room until your room is ready,” says a man behind me. I look back and I immediately recognize him. He is the guy from Subway who ordered the same sandwich as me.

“Awww thanks. I don’t want to bother you. You have your turkey sandwich to eat,” I say, trying to tease him a bit.

“So do you. I noticed you got the same sandwich.”

“It seems to me you relied on my wisdom and expertise to choose the right sandwich.”

“Haha, exactly. So, I owe you one. Come please.”

“Hmmm, okay, maybe just for a bit, until they fix my shower.”

“Sounds good. I am Jaime by the way.”

“Lisa. Nice to meet you.”

I tell the receptionist to call my cell phone when my room is ready. Jaime and I walk to his room which is just a few doors down the hallway.

“Please come in,” Jamie says and I enter his room.

“Let’s eat first. I am starving,” I suggest. We both sit on the bed and start to eat our turkey sandwiches. He tells me he is a software engineer, and he is in town for a job interview.

“You are a software engineer? I can see the nerd in you a little. How old are you?”

“I am 26,” he says and laughs, “So, I have a nerdy look? I take it as a compliment.”

“You should. Intelligence is sexy,” I reply.

We talk for a bit while finishing up our dinner. He cleans up the items on the bed.

“Thanks for letting me stay over. I really had no idea what to do.”

“No problem. I am glad I was there at the right time,” he replies.

“Cool. So, is it okay if I lay down on your bed? After 10 hours of flying, all I want now is to relax.”

“Please do. Let me turn on the TV. Maybe we can watch a movie.”

“Good idea.”

He grabs the remote and starts to look for movie options. TBS just started showing “The Day After Tomorrow”. We decide to watch that.

“By the way, do you mind if I smoke a joint? It helps me relax,” he asks me.

“Oh my God. You got weed? bahis firmaları Can I smoke a bit too?” I reply.

“Of course you can.”

We walk to the bathroom and turn on the fan. He offers me the joint and I take a hit. Ten seconds later and I am already high. He follows. We do a second hit and come back to the room and sit on the bed and start to watch the movie.

A few minutes later, I start to notice Jamie is a bit distracted. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but now I notice that he looks at my feet whenever I move my toes. I have been told that I have gorgeous feet, and they are very sexy. My shoe size is 8 and I have long toes with fresh black pedicure which I got just two days ago.

All of a sudden a naughty idea comes to my mind. I am going to substitute Brandon with Jamie for tonight and in my own terms. I am basically going to act like a guy and just go after what I want. Poor Jamie, I am gonna make him my boy toy.

I sit straight and start to rub my right foot and make pain noises.

“Are you okay?” Jaime asks.

“Yeah, I am. It is just that my right foot is so tired and sore tonight.”

“Can I do something to help?”

“No thanks. I am going to rub it and hope to feel better.”

“If you want, maybe I can rub it for you?” he asks after taking a deep breath.

“Thanks, Jaime. I don’t want to bother you more than I already have.”

“That is okay, it is my pleasure.”

“It sure is,” I say jokingly, “Okay if you don’t mind.”

He almost jumps as soon as I agree to the foot massage and sits on the edge of the bed and grabs my right foot. He starts to rub my sole with his two thumbs. Wow, he is actually pretty good. I lay down and put my head on the pillow and close my eyes. A minute later I feel the warmth of his breath on my toes and I open my eyes. He positioned himself so that my foot is about three inches away from his face. I also notice that his breathing is rapid, and he is pretty excited. This guy must have a foot fetish. How nice! I have always wanted to try a foot fetish man and see what all the fuss is about.

I decide to let him wait, so I lay down and close my eyes and just enjoy the foot massage for a few minutes.

“Actually, do you mind massaging my left foot too? I think it got jealous of my right foot.”

“Sure if you want.”

I sure want it, but I can tell that he wants it even more. I lay down again and close my eyes.

“You are very good at it Jaime. Have you taken a massage class?”

“I am? Thanks. No, I have just watched a few reflexology videos on YouTube.”

“Reflexology? What is that?”

“It is basically a foot massaging.”

“Yeah? What made you interested in that?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. I just wanted to learn it.”

“I think I know why,” I say it with an evil smile on my face.

“You know why I wanted to learn reflexology?”

“Yes, I think I do. Do you want me to tell you?”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“I actually prefer to show you, but under one condition: Just do what I ask you to do and don’t question or resist it. Deal?”

“No. I don’t know what you are going to ask me. What if you ask me to jump out of the window?”

“Don’t be silly. I won’t ask you anything that harms you. So, Yes? Or No?”

“Hmmm… I guess okay?” he replies hesitantly.

Great, looks like my boy toy is ready to pleasure me. Now, what do I do? I am not into BDSM or anything crazy. So, I have to make stuff up as I go. I guess I ask him to lay down on the floor and I tease him with my feet. Good plan!

“Okay lay down on the floor, next to the bed. Close your eyes.”

He obeys my order and lays down on the floor. I sit on the bed while my feet are dangling right above his chest. I slowly move my right foot above his face and hold it up an inch above his face. It looks like he is still not sure what is going on. So, I slowly place my foot on his face and start to rub his face with it gently.

It takes him a second or two to realize that it is my foot on his face. I think the smell of my foot also helps him realize it. He takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to say something, maybe to object. I quickly put my foot on his face.

“Ah ah ah. No talking. Not until I let you talk. You may talk later,” I tell him in a commanding tone, and surprisingly enough, he follows. This makes me excited too. This is definitely a new experience for both of us.

I rub my sole on his face and lips a bit more. He is getting more excited and looks like I can push for more. Suddenly and without thinking, I put my big toe between his lips and force his mouth open. Oh, my God, what if he hates this? It will be very embarrassing.

“Would you like to give my toe a kiss? I think you should it,” I almost whisper it, hoping that he won’t get mad.

“But, I …”

“Didn’t I say no talking?”

“Okay,” and he kisses my big toe.

“Nice. See, it was not so bad. Now kiss my sole.”

He kaçak iddaa starts to kiss my sole as I move my foot around.

“Okay, let’s see how you do with my left foot,” I tell him. He opens his eyes and wants to sit up.

“Why did you open your eyes? If you are not going to listen to me, that is okay. I better be going anyway. I think my room must be ready by now.”

“Sorry, no, please stay. I just needed some water.”

“Are you sure you want me to stay?”

“Yes, yes, I am sure.”

“Prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“That you want me to stay.”

“But how? Please stay Lisa. I want you to stay.”

“Hmmm, okay, if you insist. Drink your water and lay down on the bed this time.”

He drinks half of the water bottle and jumps on the bed and lays down.

“I guess we know now why you watched those reflexology videos. You like feet. Don’t you?” I ask him and in return, he simply smiles and nods.

“How do you like my feet?”

“Honestly, I was looking at them in Subway as you were ordering your sandwich. I think you have one of the sexiest feet that I have ever seen.”

“Really? And I guess you have seen a lot of them?”

“I have. But I never played with any girls’ feet before. I was always worried to bring it up.”

“No way. Okay, now that you have the chance, what would you like to do to my feet, if I let you?”

“Not sure. I am caught a bit off guard actually.”

“Good, then do as I say. Lay down and close your eyes.”

He does as I ask him. I instruct him to spread his legs and I sit between his knees and put both my feet on his face. He starts sniffing my feet. I slap him gently with my left feet.

“Are you sniffing my feet? You are crazy.”

“What can I say? The smell of your foot is intoxicating.”

“You are just high,” I try to dismiss it, but him smelling my feet was a huge turn on for me. I push my left toes one by one inside his mouth and command him to lick and suck on my toes. It is as if a beast in him is unleashed. He starts making love to my toes like crazy, moaning and salivating all at the same time.

“Oh God. wow, I love your feet. Oh, my God,” he yells and I shove half of my left foot inside his mouth to shut him up. For me, the physical pleasure of my foot being licked is average. I feel a bit tingly in my toes and sole. But the mental pleasure is explosive. I cannot tell whether someone licking my feet and enjoying it is more pleasurable, or that I am commanding and dominating a total stranger. Either way, I feel empowered.

A minute later, I finally move away my feet from his face. He starts to beg for my feet. I tell him to be quiet and just lay down. I slowly move my feet down his chest, on his belly and then a bit further down. Under my right foot, I notice his hard dick throbbing. I slowly start to move my foot up and down his pants, rubbing his hard cock. He starts to moan louder and louder. I tell him to be quiet again, but he sounds way too excited to listen. I am pretty horny myself at this point, and I am enjoying any second of this. But at the same time, I feel like I need to silence this guy.

“Stay here and keep your eyes close,” I tell him, and then I get off the bed, take off my shorts and panties, climb back on the bed and without any hesitation, sit on his face with my hands on his thighs.

“I keep telling you to be quiet and you don’t listen. I guess this is the only way to shut you up, huh?” I whisper this to him while thinking this is too much. He clearly liked my feet and I teased him a bit. But he is going to get angry and kick me out.

He is actually quiet. I think he is somewhat shocked, or maybe just being suffocated. I lift my butt a little and let him breathe for a second and then lower my ass again. My shaved pussy, which I shaved last night for another guy, is placed on his mouth. I am already wet, but I don’t know what to do next. I did not plan this carefully. Should I go back and forth? Should I go up and down? Well, let me try the back and forth first. Interestingly enough, he seems quite into it.

“I was finally able to make you be quiet. Now, I want to see how talented your tongue is. Start licking me, boy,” He immediately started to lick my pussy fast and hard.

“Slow down. What is the rush? Be gentle.”

He slows down, and start to take his time to smell my pussy, kiss it, and lick my clit. He enjoys this too, but he was definitely more excited when I told him to smell and lick my feet. But he washed the scent of my feet away. I wish I had something else to make him do. I want to see how much I can push him. All I know is that I really like being in charge and make a guy pleasure my body however I want, without worrying about his desires or needs.

Then it comes to me. Should I do it? I have seen it done in porn movies, but I wonder if real people do it too. It may be gross or may be awesome. Okay, I am going to do it. So, I sit up straight, spread my butt cheeks with kaçak bahis my both hands, and put my butt hole right over his mouth and nose and just wait for his reaction.

“What the hell? What are you doing? Get up, get up,” he almost screams at me. Yes, I definitely went too far this time. Ass licking is only in porn movies. I should still play it cool though.

I lift up my ass a bit and ask him “What? Why are you freaking out?”

“You had your butthole on my face.”

“So? You licked me everywhere else, and I just took a shower? I don’t know what the big deal is.”

“The big deal is …” he says and goes quiet.

“Yeah, it may be taboo, but it is also exciting and intimate. But if you are not into it, that is okay. We can stop everything right now.”

“I don’t want to stop.”

“The way I see it, there is only one way to keep playing and I told you how.”

“So that is it? That is the only option for you?”

“Tonight? Yes, that is the only option.”

We both stay silent for several seconds and just stare at each other. I can tell he is torn, but I know he has come too far to back down now.

“I must be crazy to agree to it,” he says it finally and lays down in submission.

“You would be crazier to pass it up,” I reply and sit back on his face as I had previously positioned myself. I feel his reluctance, so I decide to be patient and let him get comfortable. Finally, I sense a tingly sensation down in my butthole for a second and I realize that he touched it with his tongue. A few seconds later, I sense another lick and then another. Holy cow, this feels amazing. I start to move my butt back and forth a little and I notice he is getting into it too. He grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them even more. I feel my butthole loosens up just a bit, and he is using his tongue on and around my butthole more forcefully. I never tried anal sex in my life, simply because I never found it interesting and none of my partners were into it. But I start to enjoy this sensation a lot more than I expected.

I change my rhythm and start to move up and down instead. He is ass fucking me with his tongue, pushing his tongue as hard as he can inside my butt hole. I feel an intense wave of physical and mental pleasure. I cannot believe someone’s tongue is inside my ass. What an amazing feeling. I wish his tongue was bigger and longer. It is hard to tell which one of us is enjoying it more. His moaning is back and getting louder and louder. I decide to sit back on his face. What a simple way to quiet someone. I should use this technique more often. He is quiet now, but not giving up.

I reposition a little again and have him lick my pussy and ass both. His face, my ass, and pussy are completely wet, as I move faster and faster. I start to feel a sensation inside my belly building up, something I am not quite familiar with, but it is intense. Then it just happens. I start to squirt intensely and nonstop all over the bed, and on his face. This is the first time in my life that I squirt. The ass licking definitely brought it out in me.

I get up, somewhat embarrassed. “Oh, this never happened before. Sorry about that,” I tell him without looking him in the eyes.

“That is okay. Don’t worry about it. My ex used to do it a lot. I actually enjoy it.”

“Good to hear,” I reply, but I feel pretty uncomfortable since I am the only half-naked person in the room with my body fluid on this stranger’s face.

“I admit, I enjoyed rimming you a lot more than I expected.”

“Rimming? What is that?”

“What? You don’t even know what rimming is? Ass licking.”

“Oh, it has a name? No, I did not know. I have never done this before.”

“Are you serious? It seemed like you know what you were doing.”

I chuckle and say nothing. He gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean up. I jump up and wear my panties and shorts. I am no longer high and as much fun as I had in this room, I want to get out of here. I check my phone and I see I have a voice message. The receptionist called about 15 minutes ago and left a message that my room is ready. I guess I did not hear my phone vibrate in the middle of our kinky session.

Jaime comes out and smiles at me. I smile back.

“My room is apparently ready. I got a message from the receptionist. Thanks for letting me hang out here. I really appreciate it.”

“What? You are not leaving, are you?”

“Well, I have an early flight tomorrow morning to Boston.”

“Do I get to see you again?”

“Maybe. We’ll see. But I need to get some rest tonight.”

“Oh well, this was one hell of a night,” he says and gives me his email address. We hug, and I open the door and step out.

I walk to my room and enter. I start to think about what just happened. I was expecting to spend the night with Brandon and in his arms. Instead, I met a stranger and had a much kinkier night than I have ever had, without even kissing him.

I feel I discovered a whole new side of me which I did not know existed. I am going to be more dominating and more playful and have guys lick me from now on, from ass to toe. I should also try anal sex one day. I am intrigued what that feels like. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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