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It has been a long day at the office. My daily grind has been unusually uneventful as of late and my mind has been “free”, which is ALWAYS a dangerous thing. Our schedules have not allowed us to meet for quite some time. I am frustrated and wanting – needing you. As we enter the condo, there is none of the usual small talk. With the door closed, you approach me just close enough to begin to unbutton my blouse my only thought is you sucking hard on my nipples. There is no need for words as I smile at you. You are down to the last button that will not come free, so you tug roughly at my blouse and this last barrier to my tits is removed and the button is ripped from my blouse.

I want nothing delaying my tits and nipples to be ravished with your lips, tongue, and teeth, as I pull your face to them. You move your tongue between my tits tasting the beads of sweat forming. You pull away from me as you unbutton my jeans and get down on your knees slowly pulling them down my legs, exposing my panties. You continue to pull on them exposing my thighs and put your hand between feeling the wetness that has run through my panties and down my thighs. I look down at you and smile while I ask you to please hurry.

You look around the room and seeing a chair you want to continue this in, pull me towards the chair with you sitting in it, pulling me down on your lap, my legs straddling you. With your hand behind my neck you pull my lips to yours. Your tongue enters my mouth searching for the wetness and passion that my tongue will offer you. My nipples push hard against your chest, my pussy grinds deep into your crotch as it demands that your cock push against it, your hands grab my ass and pull me tighter to you, my pussy grinding canlı bahis harder and deeper at your cock still hidden in your jeans.

I pull off of your lap and pull your jeans and underwear from you, letting you sit in the chair with your exposed cock anticipating my next move. You are not disappointed, as I kneel down between your legs, kissing your thighs while taking your cock into my hand. Still kissing your thighs, and stroking your cock I take my other hand and put two fingers in my wet pussy pushing them deep as I pleasure myself. I move my mouth to your balls licking them softly and moving my tongue to the shaft. I begin to swallow your cock with my lips pressing tightly against it as I work my mouth up and down. I remove my fingers from my pussy and you follow them up your chest and push them into your mouth.

You push me away and stand up, pulling me up into the chair as you kneel down between my legs. You pull my legs up over your shoulders, put your hands around my ass and pull me deep into your face. Your tongue aggressively stroking my clit, your fingers exploring my ass, my soft moans have suddenly become much louder. My cum cascades down my pussy into your mouth. “Chris, please, fuck me now” You smile, and groan, a soft muffled groan as you place your lips back on my pussy, my lips in your mouth completely, your soft full tongue spreading the folds, searching for my clit. It is swollen now as the tip of your tongue circles it, then presses against it back and forth with more pressure. You feel me squirming with delight in the chair as I ask again “Pleeease, fuck me, Chris.”

Slowly you release your rapture of my pussy and kiss my thigh, then up to my belly button. I have sat up anticipating bahis siteleri you to move, but am stopped by your lips as they once again wrap around my nipple and gently bite. Your hands cup both of my tits and squeeze them together so that both nipples can feel the lavish of your tongue once again. I slide my body close to yours as you continue to kneel and you can feel the wetness of my pussy against your belly as I wrap my legs around you. My arms circle your neck and my fingers run through your hair as I pull your face to bury it in my tits. Your tongue is full as you continue to lick and then suck my nipples. My hips gyrate against your belly as my clit continues to swell with the pressure.

My legs release you and spread, I place your hands on my knees and pull your face to mine and kiss you long and hard, my tongue searching every inch of your mouth and tongue. As I move to the edge of the chair, your gentle hands spread my legs even further apart. My hands move from your face down your neck and find your mouth. You take my middle fingers into your mouth and roll them around your tongue. I slide my hands down my chest, around my hard nipples, and across my belly as you watch. As I continue down and slide my fingers into my pussy, I tell you “This is what I want you to do with your cock, Chris.”

I continue to slide my fingers in and out of my pussy and back up to my clit slowly. With each stroke I apply more pressure and my fingers slide deeper. I beg you now, “Please, please, please, Chris. Do you wanna fuck me? Do you wanna slide your dick in and out of me like this.” Your cock is so hard watching me and you want to continue watching me enjoy myself, want to continue hearing me beg for you, but your dick bahis şirketleri is now begging for my pussy to surround it.

You raise back up on your knees and grab your cock stroking it while I slide my fingers in and out. With my legs spread far apart and my ass on the edge of the chair, it is easy for you to place the tip of your cock just inside my pussy. With my fingers still in my pussy, I massage the tip of your dick. We are both enjoying this slow exchange, with every second getting hotter and wetter. As you slowly begin rocking into my pussy, there is soon no room for it and my fingers. With my hand wet with my juices, I slide my hand under your balls and massage them as your cock now takes over and you thrust deep and slowly into my pussy. My hips gyrate with your every thrust as I press my clit against the flesh just above your cock and press your balls against my ass. Your hands reach up to squeeze my nipples and you continue to pump deep inside of me.

You can hear my breath quickening, you can hear my moans and you know I am getting close to orgasm. You are very aware that I like this and are very careful not to break your rhythm although it is taking all your will power. You feel my hands bearing down against your shoulders, you feel my pussy contracting, tightening against your cock deep inside of me, my moans are getting louder and you know it is safe to allow yourself satisfaction along with me. Your thrusts get faster, you hold your breathe and clench your teeth. My legs wrap around you as I hold your cock tightly inside of me as you as you moan and release the pleasure storm that has been brewing inside you with every stroke.

It is only when you are finished enjoying those few last convulsions that are so pleasurable but almost painful, that I let go of my hold around you as you sink back to your knees on the floor. Your hands on my thighs, your head in my lap as I run my hands gently over your shoulders and back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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