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Did you ever meet someone and instantly want to fuck their brains out????

I have and you know what an imagination is a horrible thing to waste. You see I got home from work one night incredibly horny. My husband on the other hand was more interested in going out with his friends and asked me to wait ‘til he got home. I’m sorry but when a woman is horny, they want it now. Not later.

Frustrated as all hell, I decided that I would go out when he left and find my own fun. After all I was just too horny to sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. So I got a shower and put on my best looking clothes. You know the ones that say “Cum fuck me!”

Clear all your thoughts in your head because when you read this I want you to put yourself into what I’m telling you.

I walked into my favorite nightspot and there at the end of the bar was an empty seat.

So I went and put my stuff there, ordered a drink, and put quarters on the pool table.

Out of the bathroom came a very handsome man. Dark hair and brown eyes, this tattooed dream was wearing a wife beater and jeans. He looked damned good.

“Who put quarters up for a game?” he said in a very sexy tone.

“Me,” I said

“Rack ‘em!” he replied.

I won the first game he won the next 4. Next thing I know the bartender is calling last call. Damn this night went fast. He told me he was in town shooting a video with his group. He wanted to know if there was any place nice to stay outside the hotel. That he was sick of staying in them and wanted someplace like home.

How convenient. I had an extra room. Nobody was using it.

I offered him my spare room never thinking that he would say yes.

We finished our last game of pool and the last few sips of our beer, and headed to my place. When we got into the house I lit candles in the living room and in the kitchen.

I did my usual night time thing and got everything ready for the next morning.

As I was standing at the kitchen sink, I could hear him coming down the steps from the bathroom. He walked into the kitchen when I turned to him to see if he found the bathroom ok there he stood before me in his boxer briefs, and wife beater.

“You don’t mind do you?” he asked.

“Oh no I don’t mind, not one bit!!!” I replied with a devilish giggle.

I turned back to the sink and finished putting water in the coffee pot. I felt warmth from behind me. Then I felt his hands sliding along the outside of my hips. He moved in closer to me I could feel his breath on my neck. “So you say your husband chose his friends over making love to his wife….. I would love to make love to his wife, do you think she would mind?” he whispered as he started to kiss the back of my neck, gliding his hand up to my full breasts. casino siteleri He hit my spot. Touch my neck and I’m done.

I couldn’t really say too much he gave me no chance to speak. Turning me so I was facing him I could feel his cock digging into me. Placing his soft full lips on mine he kissed me deep. So deep that I surely thought I had died and gone to sex heaven.

I wrapped my arms around him running my hand softly over his back and ass.

He got harder. I got hotter. He unbuttoned my shorts, and slipped my t-shirt over my head. He then started to kiss my neck while sliding my bra straps off my shoulders.

His hands were so soft they made my nipples hard just from their touch.

“You smell so good!” he said “I wanted to do this to you in the bar so damned bad.”

Leaving a wet trail with his tongue he slowly worked his way down to my breasts, sliding the cups over so that he could more readily lick and kiss my nipples.

I slid my hand under his shirt, his chest was nice and smooth. And I could feel his excitement in his shorts growing harder. I touched his nipples softly, he sighed.

Stepping back from me I thought maybe he didn’t like it. I was wrong. He slid his hands down to my panties and pulled them off. Boosting me up onto the counter he got down on his knees. He started at my legs and licked his way up. His tongue was incredibly warm and soft. The air that hit his saliva on my leg made it feel cool but I was anything but cool. Slowly he worked his way up to my inner thighs nibbling and sucking them as he went. I couldn’t help but moan with sheer pleasure. That made him work harder.

I wanted to feel his mouth on my clit, but he already knew that because he spread my legs and kissed the very inner part of my thighs. I was clean shaven so his tongue just slid across the outer lips. By now, I can feel my clit swelling and getting hot. He slid his tongue inside each of my lips then plunged it into my hot pussy. I couldn’t help putting my hands on his head guiding him where it felt good. My legs started to quiver. And my body got warm all over.

Although it was fun having someone eat me out on my counters I would much rather be in a big soft bed. So I could have my way with him too. So I pulled him out of me, told him to stand up. When he did I made sure that as I slid off the counter that I let my hard nipples touch his chest. I took him by the hand and led him up the steps and into the room where he would be sleeping at for the night.

I lit a few candles that I had in that room just enough that there was this sensual glow through out the room. I went to the dresser and pulled out a silk tie and a black silk scarf.

His eyes were watching me. As, he layed on the bed, canlı casino I could tell he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into. But he was about to find out. That’s for sure.

He went to say something. I put my finger to my lips “Shhh” I said softly, “You’re going to be fine. Please let me please you in my way.” He smiled and accepted my words.

I walked over to him on the bed and took the black scarf and dangled it softly from his toes up. As I worked up his body I straddled his waist. His skin was warm, and his eye were filled with excitement.

I leaned forward and kissed his hard nipples. Licking and nibbling on the hard. I could feel his hands sliding over my ass while I was doing this, which was ok for now but, in few short minutes he won’t be able to. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass

And it felt so good. I could hardly wait to feel him inside me but for right now it was his time to be teased and pleased.

I asked him to sit up and when he did he ran his tongue over the tip of my nipples. Taking each one of them, I his hands kissing each one. He pulled my head to his and kissed me.

There was such an intensity in the kisses that they alone were enough to make me want to burst. I reached to the side of the bed and got the scarf and slowly place it over his eyes.

I tied it around his eyes so he couldn’t see me. I then asked him to put his arms in front of him and tied them with the silk tie. And then instructed him to lay back and enjoy the ride. He did as he was told.

I kissed his lips. Working my way down his body, I licked every inch of his body down to that little trial of hair that goes from your belly button down to your cock. I could feel his cock touching my tits. I kneed in between his legs. His dick was perfect. 10 inches of hard flesh, just waiting to be sucked and fucked. And I had the honors of doing this.

I started at the base of his dick and licked my way up to the very tip. Running my tongue around the ridge of his penis I hear him moan. I took him into my mouth slowly working it in and out of my mouth. Letting it go deeper in my mouth I could feel it going down.

As I deep throated him, he is going crazy at this point the only thing I can hear him saying is “yes, that feels so fucking good.” There’s this little thing every woman should do when she’s giving a guy a blow job. When she’s got his dick in her throat, she should take her tongue and work along the vein on the underside of his cock. This will throw him over the edge of ecstacy, he will surely blow his mind. I did this to Dylan (oops I didn’t wanna say names) and well let’s just say that I don’t think he’s ever had it done to him before because he screamed with excitement. “Oh my god that feels so fucking kaçak casino good, I don’t want to cum yet. I want you to fuck me now!” he demanded.

I eased my mouth up his cock, massaging it with my tongue as I worked it up and down. I then started to kiss my way up his body. I straddled him again teasing the tip of his cock against my clit. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me, but I still wanted to make him feel like he was the center of my time. Slowly I let him go into me. Talk about instant orgasms, he was so large that he immediately hit the g spot. I could feel my juices building up inside of my body. I started to grind on him, he would thrust his hips forward in sync with me, I was going to explode, thank god the he made women to multiple orgasm because there is now way I could make it through fucking him only having one orgasm. He could feel my box getting tighter, wetter, and hotter he thrust himself into me.

“Yes! You feel so fucking good on top of me. I can’t help it I’ve got to blow my load. You’ve gotta go slower. I don’t want to cum yet.”

With those words spoken, I reached over to the end table and got my little pocket rocket. Every woman should have one of these too. Great for in the car and your stuck in traffic. Talk about getting off while your sitting in traffic. Ok back to the story now.

I turned it on and slid it down to my clit, and placed it in between my clit and his groin.

All I had to do there is rock my clit along it. He said “OH baby your going to cum aren’t you?” At that very moment my insides just exploded. I must not have tied D’s hand’s tight enough because I felt him pull me down on him. I was in full blown orgasm. He rolled me underneath him. And he fucked me so god damned hard I screamed. It felt so good. Every time he would drive into me my little rocket crashed into my clit. It was almost like electrical shocks going through my body.

He was fucking me deeper and harder now. I reached up to him kissing him. Our eyes were locked with such intensity. I could tell he was ready to go.

“Cum for me, baby I want to feel you cum in me.” I said to him.

With that spoken he pumped into me harder and harder, I could feel him explode.

So I worked him with my hips milking it out of him.

When he was done, he kissed me softly slowly but with intensity.

We laid together for awhile. When reality set in I realized that my husband could be home at any time.

I told him I should go to be. And he asked if I was as thirsty as he was. I told him yes.

So we gathered ourselves together and went to the kitchen gathering our clothes off of the floor, the phone started to ring.

I let the answering machine pick up the call. It was my husband, he said that he was at a party and that he was pretty drunk. And that he was going to stay there until the morning.

D looked at me, we both smiled. And well, that is another story in itself.

So let me just say, to be continued……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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