From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Day

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No one would want to say it out loud, but all of them were quite aware of which people they had had sex with and which they had not. That is to say, Dot and Lilly were not the only ones keeping track. Kate knew she had not had Karl’s or Ted’s penis actually inside her, and all the other girls had similar thoughts in mind. Cindy obviously knew she had only Jay as another lover and wondered if she would be expected to catch up to the other girls.

With these facts on her mind, Kate, for one, also wondered if the next day would involve completing the circle. She was not the only one anticipating that next day. Lilly was wondering the same thing. Of course, the two of them were in the same apartment with their boyfriends, and the four of them would be waking up together the next morning. No doubt, the fact that the four of them would wake up nude and in the same room contributed to the uncertain anticipation.

Amy and Cindy were also in a shared apartment, and they and their boyfriends were also sleeping nude. The big difference was that they were not in the same room. If they were to get together as a foursome, someone would have to open the bedroom door and venture out deliberately to invite that possibility. Likewise, Dot and Ted would have to leave their apartment or invite others in, and either way, the question would be whether to go out naked or greet others that way.

The same applied to Jack and Lisa, but they were the exception in one important way. Their Sunday was not free until later in the afternoon, and they would instead be visiting with relatives.

As for the others, all these considerations would apply only if the anticipation turned out to be accurate. If no one wanted to share again, then the nudity would be a mildly embarrassing detail for some couples to get over before moving on with the rest of the day. At least, that is what Cindy and Kate and Lilly figured because they were the three most likely to wonder again if anyone would find them attractive enough to desire. And that is what several of the boys figured because they wondered when the girls would decide that boys who weren’t their boyfriends were not that much fun and put a stop to it. As if the previous night had not happened and had not proven to them all that all the boys felt all the girls were more than sexy, and all the girls felt the same about all the boys. Skinny bottoms, small breasts, different penises and various labia did not matter. It was all beautiful.

Cindy found the decision more or less made for her. Steve had deliberately left the door partly closed, but not closing it completely. He knew that Vick and Amy might be able to peek inside, but did not really consider how it made it all the easier for Vick and Amy to open that door quietly the next morning. When they did, they saw Cindy and Steve still asleep, nude with the covers tossed aside. Vick leaned against the wall as if to wait for them to wake up. Amy put the time to more practical use. She retrieved her sketch pad and began drawing the two naked models in bed.

When Cindy stirred, therefore, she first saw Vick only a couple feet away from her. That he was naked was obvious. That his penis was sticking out was just as obvious. Despite the surprise of finding him in her room, Cindy gave him a smile and turned to see Amy standing at the foot of the bed, busily working on her drawing. It did not take Cindy long to clear her sleepy head and realize what Amy was doing. She gave Steve a gently shake, telling him, “Wake up, lover. We have company, and you need to strike a pose for Amy.” Cindy then relaxed, lying on her back for moment before she instead turned on her side facing Vick. She changed her position because she knew her breasts flattened more if she was on her back, but sideways, they looked much better.

Amy was more than satisfied with their posing already. Steve was fully restored from the previous evening, and some pre-dawn dream had given him a lovely erection for the morning. As the two sleepers soon could see, Amy’s rendering of their bodies was very detailed, including the veins in Steve’s penis and individual attention to separate hairs on Cindy’s pubic mound. Fortunately, Amy’s drawing was just about complete, so Steve could be excused to go to the bathroom, and Cindy could get up, saying that she needed a shower.

The explicit detail of Amy’s picture made her self-conscious again. Cindy was pleased with herself, though, to note that her self-consciousness was different. She wasn’t upset that Amy and Vick were naked, she wasn’t embarrassed that Amy had seen Steve’s penis, and she wasn’t shy herself about being nude in front of Vick. Instead, she just wanted to get cleaned up so that her nudity was more presentable to Vick and anyone else who could see her. In her mind, she knew she had made a big step.

And in her mind, she knew that she was going to make another big step soon that very morning. The fact that the four of them were so casually naked with casino oyna each other made Cindy think they would relax other rules and she would be giving her body to Vick while Steve enjoyed Amy’s body. With this expectation, she was looking at Vick as openly as he was looking at her. His penis was not as big as Jay’s or Steve’s, but she still thought it had a nice shape, making her curious to know how it felt inside her.

Once everyone was gathered again in the one bedroom, there was a quick agreement about getting showered. Amy was going to say, but Cindy beat her to the point. “Why not all get in the shower together?” Cindy knew she was surprising them all with her bold suggestion, and Amy was happy to second it. The boys, of course, were quick to agree.

No one had to suggest how they would divide responsibilities. Rather, Cindy assumed she would be washing Vick’s body, as Vick would do hers, leaving the other two in the hands of each other as well. The small space was crowded, so there was still plenty of contact, a penis bumping up against all three others, or a breast rubbing against all three others too. One time, the girls even made the boys stop when their penises bumped together, holding the posture so the girls could look more closely at both of them. The boys then made the girls press their breast together in a hug, getting even.

With the two girls pressed together that way, Vick said, “Why stop now? Go ahead and help us with the scrubbing.”

Cindy did not react immediately, but Amy knew what Vick wanted, so she soaped her hands and let them slip over and around Cindy’s breasts, just has Vick had been doing to them. Cindy was uncertain. The feeling in her nipples was undeniable. Hesitantly then, she took the soap and raised her hands. Almost as if her hands were working on their own, Cindy felt them roam over Amy’s breasts, noting their softness except for the pebbly hard nipples. Amy’s hands make quick passes over Cindy’s bottom and between her legs. Cindy felt like she had to return the favor and, before she knew it, had felt the roundness of Amy’s bottom and the silkiness of her pubic hair.

The boys seemed satisfied and resumed their own washing of the girls, but the girls both wanted some pay back. Amy declared, “You two haven’t taken care of each other yet. First that, then you can have at us again.”

Cindy’s hesitancy was nothing compared to theirs. Vick, ever the adventurer with Amy, though, relented and began a quick washing of Steve’s bottom. Even quicker was his soapy pass with his hands down the length of Steve’s penis. Steve was left to complete the same dare, and he made equally quick work of it. Cindy was impressed that her boyfriend would actually touch and lightly stroke another boy’s penis, even if it was only for a second.

After such new dares, they each concentrated on their new partner. Amy was eager to run her slippery hands around Steve’s penis and heavy scrotum, and Steve was equally excited about exploring Amy’s gentle curves and her slick labia and interior. Cindy was not like Amy in being so forward before, and Vick was therefore surprised a little by how freely she invited him to let his hands wander over body and into the folds of her vagina. Just as surprising was her avid attention to his penis, bending so close as to let it brush against her cheek as she stroked it with her soapy hands. Given the scene played out by the two boys, she had become released all the more from any shyness.

Amy, in fact, had to intervene slightly, saying, “Let’s all save some for after we dry off.” She said it for all of them, but Vick knew she was speaking up before Cindy made him come right there in the shower.

Soon enough, they were clean of any evidence of the previous night’s play and therefore ready for what today’s play would bring. They returned to Cindy’s bedroom, where she was a little taken aback when Amy stopped short of getting onto the bed with her and the two boys. Amy saw her questioning look and said, “You go first. I had this kind of fun last night, and you should get to feel the same thing.”

Cindy did not know what she meant for a moment, and then she realized it. “You mean both of them?” she asked. Amy only nodded, and Cindy, who had begun the day in the full expectation of having sex with Vick, now came to understand that she would be giving herself to Steve and Vick at the same time. “Oh, god,” she thought as she imagined herself with a penis in her mouth and another one in her vagina. To her own delight, the thought pleased her as much as it challenged her. Cindy immediately smiled back at Amy, not only in full acknowledgment of what was coming, but in full desire for it too.

As willing as she was, Cindy was yet not ready for how quickly the boys set to playing with her body. And it was her whole body they played with. She expected that her breasts would be felt and licked, that her bottom would be stroked, and that her vagina would be invaded by one or more fingers. canlı casino The boys were not able to do so much at once, so to her, they seemed more patient. Cindy could close her eyes and recognize the touch of Steve’s hands or tongue. Vick’s hands were more probing, more curious, even more greedy, as was his tongue, but he was not more aggressive. With Steve, he was touching her all over, teasing her senses gently, and letting her anticipate more.

Cindy was almost yearning for more, and opening her eyes, she saw a hard penis on either side of her prone body. She didn’t have to think about it and just reached out and held onto both. Her hands were not as patient, and she stroked the erections, comparing their lengths, the smoothness of their skins, and the plumpness of their spongier tips. With her uninhibited move, she pushed the boys to explore her more private parts. She found the tip of Vick’s penis to be wet and slick, and he found the inside of her labia to be equally wet and slick. Cindy could only run her fingertips around that slickness, while Vick could slide three fingers inside her and stretch her vagina open. She had a brief thought about how she used to feel about Vick, how he made her have an orgasm over his knee despite herself. It was another way she congratulated herself for letting go of any reservations and giving herself up to the pleasures they were sharing. To emphasize her state of mind, she even lifted her hips up to meet his probing fingers and pushed her pubic mound against his palm.

In her eagerness, she also pushed herself up enough to pull his erection closer, close enough to again rub it against her cheek. Unlike before in the shower, this time Cindy could give in to the temptation to explore it more. Without a second thought, she plunged her mouth down over Vick’s penis. Right away, she surprised herself with how her nose was tickled by some pubic hair. “Not as big as Jay’s,” she told herself. The thought did not lessen her passion. Jay’s bigger penis had impressed her, but more for Jay’s ability to use it inside of her in such a way as to set off one of those “atomic” explosions. With Vick’s penis, she immediately found another kind of enjoyment in her own ability to take almost all of it in her mouth, and she knew that kind of play could lead to explosions too.

Less surprising was how her small hand was enough to tickle and hold Vick’s sac while she sucked on his erection. She knew by now from what she could see and those she had felt that Steve’s scrotum was exceptional that way. She was as gentle with Vick’s sac as she was aggressive with his penis.

Vick held alternately onto her head and her breasts. To encourage his feeling her breasts, she pressed his erection between them and rubbed its head over each nipple. Meanwhile, Steve continued playing with her vagina, preparing her for more than his fingers.

When Cindy had slowly licked him all around, she put Vick’s erection back in her mouth. As she did so, she moved onto her hands and knees. Steve read her invitation correctly and soon pushed himself into her from behind. Cindy reveled in their grips, Steve holding fast to her hips and Vick keeping holding her face close and her mouth on him. She held herself up on one hand, using the other to hold and stroke the erection in her mouth. With her knees, she rocked back and forth to match Steve’s rhythm inside her.

Amy, waiting patiently and enjoying the sexual display, had started another drawing. When she noticed the rocking of all three bodies before her, especially the bounce in Cindy’s hanging breasts, she put aside her sketch pad and joined in, reaching beneath Cindy and squeezing her nipples. Amy was quite observant, and she knew Cindy’s breasts were extremely sensitive. Cindy did not turn to look, but she knew Amy’s hands were working their own kind of magic on her body.

Vick announced, “Oh, yes, it’s coming!” Cindy knew what he meant and wanted it. No pulling away and getting sprayed in the face this time, she was determined to taste him and swallow all of it. As Vick neared his orgasm, Cindy deliberately turned her eyes up to look at him and meet his gaze. She remembered how she could hardly meet the eyes of any of the boys whenever she was naked, much less with Vick, and here she was, not only naked, but taking almost all of Vick’s penis in her mouth. And her first taste of another boy’s orgasm shot into her throat within moments, their eyes locked the whole time.

Steve did not take long to reach his own orgasm, giving Cindy the sensation of a second pulsating penis in her body. Amy continued her sensuous touching, all of the sensations contributing to Cindy’s own orgasm. Looking at her drawing so far, Amy told the three others, “That is so beautiful, I don’t think I can draw anything as lovely.”

Cindy collapsed on her stomach, saying, “If I’d known…,” but she couldn’t finish.

Amy smiled and replied, “Well, you know now, and I agree. Two heads are better than kaçak casino one.”

Cindy got the pun and laughed, perhaps a bit weakly. “Don’t leave out that extra set of hands too,” she said. Cindy then went to the bathroom to clean up a little, and when she returned, Amy was on the bed, moving down Steve’s body and turning herself so her vagina was close to his face. Only several minutes after being inside Cindy, Steve’s penis was reviving in Amy’s hands and mouth.

Vick guided Cindy onto the bed. She assumed he was simply giving her a better view of the play, but he soon had her arranged again on her hands and knees. Cindy knew what was coming this time too, and she looked behind her and smiled at Vick’s own revived erection. Turning again toward Amy and Steve, she saw that they had moved so that Amy was astride his middle, holding his penis up, placing it carefully against her opening, and then settling down on it in one sudden push made by both. Cindy could not comfortably turn to look at Vick, but she made eye contact with Steve so that he could watch her face as she felt Vick’s penis part her labia and push its way into her. Like Steve, she pushed back at the key moment, leaving no doubt about her willingness and pleasure.

Once again, Cindy reached for Vick’s scrotum, playing with it gently by reaching back, beneath, and between her own legs. Once again, Vick leaned forward to fondle her breasts. When Vick kissed the back of her neck, she felt the sparks from her breasts and vagina racing together. Her orgasm pushed her to a cry louder than ever before. It forced her eyes shut for a moment, but she opened them again quickly to see Steve’s reaction to her pleasure. What she saw was his eyes tightly shut, mouth stretched in his orgasm, one final grunt accompanying one final thrust deeper into Amy.

Vick and Amy made their own sounds within seconds, leaving the four of them collapsed. Amy let herself fall to the side with Steve rolling over onto her, so a boy was atop both girls’ backs, each couple head to toe to each other. Vick was restfully comfortable on Cindy’s soft bottom, and she was pleased to let him stay there, his satisfied penis nestled moistly against her cheeks. Likewise, Steve held Amy in a hug, his arms underneath her, his hands still on her breasts.

Forgetting how late they had slept, they were all surprised at how the morning was over. “Anyone for lunch,” Vick asked.

“Showers first,” Amy replied.

“When we’re done,” Cindy asked, “are we going out with or without bras and panties?” She remembered, or course, Vick’s liking for Amy to do without such undergarments, and she found herself actually considering the idea as fun.

“Why wear anything at all?” Steve said. “We can order out and eat here. Maybe the others would join us too.”

“For lunch? Or just in sitting around naked?” Cindy wondered. Her tone of voice suggested she would be happy if the answer was both.

The others would, in fact, be ready to join them. It was only a matter of getting them on the phone, but a call to one apartment would not be enough to gather them back together. That is to say, unlike these four, Dot and Ted, and Karl and Lilly, and Kate and Jay were not all in the same apartment.

Jay and Karl’s apartment obviously began the morning with two couples. Lilly stayed true to form, getting up first and going to Jay’s bed, where she reached over Kate’s naked body to give Jay’s penis a shake, saying, “Wake up, sleepyhead.”

The four of them were soon up. No one put on clothes at first, but Karl got dressed to run out and get doughnuts and muffins from the bakery. By the time he returned, the other three had done little but sit around drowsily. Lilly had answered the phone once and invited Dot and Ted to join them, and Karl was coming up the steps just as they were too. Lilly noticed the balance, declaring, “Three against three.”

Kate asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Three naked people against three with clothes on.”

Dot was very pleased to find Jay naked and getting hard. Lilly’s stories of being in the same apartment and therefore seeing him naked in the morning had made her a little jealous, so this was fulfilled hope. To get fully into the spirit of Lilly’s stories, though, Dot wanted to join in as quickly as possible. She said, “I didn’t come here to fight. In fact, I’d rather take my clothes off and be on the nude side.” As good as her word, she pulled her dress over her head and was nude in no time.

“Before you join up,” Kate said, “maybe you should know that we all need a shower.”

“I’ve had mine,” she replied, “but I could always use another as long as there is company in the shower with me.”

Karl wondered if all six of them could get into the shower at once. “Four was possible with some crowding. Six might be too many.”

“No problem,” Ted smiled. “We have another shower downstairs, and it has a loyal group of fans just across the alley.”

Karl said, “That may be, but I don’t think six of us can fit in there either.”

“Who is talking about all six of us in one shower? I meant that some of us could use one shower, and some could stay here and use this one.”

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