Frolicking in Florida with Foxy , Friends

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My name is Rick Dean but online I use the alias of Foxy Mulder. The X-Files has long been one of my favorite TV shows, however, the “Y” was added by a friend who wanted to set me apart from my television counterpart, thus Fox Mulder (on the net) became “Foxy Mulder”.

My hometown is Louisville, Kentucky in the United States in a wonderful ‘burb of the city known as Valley Station. Growing up in Valley, the extent of things to do there were very limited: movies, video games at the local bowling alley, hanging out with neighborhood friends and trips to aunts, uncles and my grandmother’s house in the city. (This was long before we ever had a Six Flags in Louisville so I felt rather deprived).

Anyhow, as I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, computers became more and more prevalent in households across the country, and in mine as well. I eventually became hooked on computers and the internet (I call them electronic crack) and not only surfed online for downloading games, I also did what most horny males do: get pics of naked chicks and go online chatting in chatrooms and on other programs where you can talk to someone on a one-to-one basis.

My very first chat program on the internet was and is the most popular and widely used to date: ICQ. If you don’t have it, download it, because you’re as deprived now as I was when I was 8 without an amusement park in my backyard. My second chat program is was one called Powwow, which is now defunct. It was in Powwow that I met some of my best internet friends and one great couple whom I met in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

They’re a couple named Shannon and Angie Gardner and before you let your mind wander from the names, they’re not lesbians. First off I’ll tell you a bit more about myself then go into detail with Shannon and Angie as far as our stats. I’m 30, 6′ 2″, 210 pounds with long brown locks of hair and blue eyes that twinkle like stars when the moonlight hits them (Ok, I added that last part for effect but you have to admit, it sounded good) I have a great sense of humor (Some say I’m warped..those are the ones who know me best) I have strong thighs and legs, nice butt (I think) hairy chest and decent tummy. I know people say we’re more than the sum of our parts but generally they’re not seeking our inner selves when they ask about our stats, now are they? As far as the size of my cock (It seems we always end up on this topic too!) Flaccid, he’s not much to look at, however, when he’s erect he’s almost 7 inches long and fairly thick with a slight upward curve like a banana. Nice for reaching in those tight places and hitting the G spot if at all possible. My penis and I love oral sex, penetration and anything else that we could construe as “play” and not work like the ole 9 to 5 grind in the office.

Now I’ve spoken with Shannon and Angie quite a few times on Powwow, ICQ, through emails and on the phone. In addition we’ve been speaking on the phone for quite some time too, and in all, I’ve “known” them for a little over 2 years on the ‘net. Shannon is a a great guy, chap, bloke, mate (whatever word you think suits him best for the part of the world you live in). Shannon is a littler taller than me at 6’ 5″, a little lighter at 195 pounds and his hair is a little longer down his back to boot. He’s 38 years young, likes to rock and roll, play with Harleys, work on computers (the guy is a whiz) and spend time with his wife, Angie and their two children. All in all, he’s a hell of a guy and someone you would want in this world to be your bud if you had the opportunity to choose him for that honor. I have only 2 really good friends in this world, one in Indiana and the other in New York now and I could add Shannon and make that 3 with no prob at all.

Angie is also 38 years old, 5′ 7″, ( I know a lady never tells her weight, but Angie isn’t telling you, it’s me and she may kick my ass later but here it is:) she weighs about 120 pounds, blue-green eyes and long, flowing blonde hair. Angie is a total sweetheart and as I like to tell her, she’s a brat! Angie is also into Harleys, computers, alternative music and of course, spending time with the kids she and Shannon share. I think that’s why the three of us get along so well, we have a similar mindset and common interests, not the least of which is sex. Yes, that is why you’re reading this story, to get to the sex part and soon I’ll switch from a third person narrative to first and give you every little detail. Even the part with Angie’s sexy model friend, Barb with the great big tits and soft wet pussy. But I digress, I’m getting too far ahead here also and need to slow down. So lets begin with me conversing with them on the phone before I left for Florida one day for a week in April.

April 3rd of 2001, I spoke on the phone with Shannon and our conversation went as follows. “Hey Rick, what’s going on there, brother?” Shannon said with a laugh. I replied with a laugh of my own, “You know me man, just working and being online when I can. Not a whole hell of a lot else going on casino oyna here in my life now and still trying to win the powerball lotto, same shit every week.” Shannon chuckled and stated, “Well you know you’re always invited down to Florida to hang out with Angie and me if you want?” For a few milliseconds I mulled it over in my mind. I had 2 weeks vacation coming to me from my job and I did love to go to Florida, granted that was before I ever knew of Shannon and Angie Gardner. This would be even better, I thought. Getting to go to Florida to meet some of my favorite ‘net friends, soak up the sun and go to the beach, even work on my tan (which coincidently, needed quite a bit of work).

“Sounds awesome, Shannon! Let me check with my boss and see if he’ll let me have it off. It shouldn’t be any problem with the time I’ve aquired and me being such a wonderful employee and all!” I added a bit of sarcastic emphasis to “wonderful”, knowing that my job can be done by a monkey and that for my work record to shine, all I have to do is be at work everyday, regardless of attitude, appearance, etc.. Thankfully for my employer I wasn’t a slacker, seems he had enough of those 19 and early twen-somethings who were. So getting my vacation? Slam dunk, baby!

“Here Rick, Angie wants to speak with you for a bit.”, Shannon said and passed the phone to his wife. “Heeeeyyyyy Brat!!”, I exclaimed, when I heard Angie place the phone to her ear. “Heeeeey brattier than me, gonna get your ass to Florida now?? Huh, huh??”, She said, also laughing and teasing me at the same time. I said, “Yes, as a matter of fact I am, I have to work things out with my boss and then, before you know it, you’ll have Mr. Mulder there to party and spend time with, I soooooo know you’re looking forward to that!” She said, “uh huh”, placing emphasis on the “huh” part and drawing it out for about three seconds. “Ok I’ll let you and Shannon know what’s going on and will call or email you soon sweetie.”, and with that, we both hung up our respective phones.

I spoke with my boss the very next day and he said I’d be able to take a week off now, and use my other week anywhere from 4 to 6 months from now, depending on how busy we were. I told him I’d like to start with the 14th since it would be my 30th birthday (or 20-10 as I’m accustomed to saying now, being that I’m in denial). He agreed and when I returned home, I emailed Shannon. It read as follows: “Hey bro, I have a week off starting on the 14th and ending on 20th, so I’ll book a flight and come down then if that’s cool. email me back or call and let me know if that works for you and the brat.” I signed it with “Mr. Mulder” at the bottom, as I’m given to do and clicked the send button.

Shannon emailed me back and said: “That works for us, Rick. You can stay at our beach house when you arrive, and if you fly into Jacksonville, let Angie and me know your arrival time and one or both of us will be there to pick you up.” I read the email, then logged onto travelocity, expedia and hotwire to look for the best airfares. I found a flight leaving at 6 am from Louisville to Jacksonville, arriving at 12 noon with a layover in Atlanta. I booked the flight immediately, emailed the information to Shannon and Angie, and then waited for the days to slowly creep by until my departure date.

My flight to Atlanta was rather boring for the most part, aside from imaging all the fun I would be having with my friends while I was down there. I thought of doing jello shots out of girls bellybuttons on the beach, drinking long island ice teas in a hottub and getting head for hours at a time.. my cock jumped in my pants at just the idea of that. Before I realized it, I was in Atlanta on my layover. When it was time to depart for Jacksonville, I had much the same thoughts as before. Wicked, nasty thoughts of smearing chocolate on some cute chick’s pussy and licking it off with my tongue, lifting the flight attendents skirt and performing oral on her in the aisleway and having sex with the actress, Mena Suvari, all raced through my mind.

Before I had realized it, my plane was landing at Jacksonville and, like a zombie, we all departed the plane. However, I never knew of any zombies that had difficulty walking due to a large erection in their pants, and walking was a bit painful. When I walked out to the opening I looked for Shannon and Angie to be there waiting. At 6′ 5″, Shannon wouldn’t be too difficult to pick out, and at almost 6′ 3″, I didn’t have too many problems looking over other people’s heads. I spotted both of them right away. Shannon was wearing some khaki shorts, sun glasses, a comfy looking blue t-shirt and sandals. He looked like a little touristy then, which is funny being he’s a native. Angie was wearing shorts also which hugged her ass from what I could see, a tight pink tube top, sandals of her own and glasses that were tinted a bluish black. Her arms immediately went around my neck and she pulled me down for a quick smooch on the lips, albeit without tongue.

“Hey Brattier than canlı casino me!”, She shouted loudly! “Soooooo good to finally have you here in Florida!!” She hugged me tightly around the waist and I leaned down to hug her back, softly picking her up off the floor an inch before setting her back down carefully. Shannon reached over to take my hand in his and shake it, “Hey brother, How was the flight!?” He shook my hand and patted my back as I replied, “The flight wasn’t bad at all, no turbulence after hitting Atlanta and smooth sailing from there on in!”

We made small talk the whole way while we walked to get my luggage. Angie rested her left hand on my asscheek and gave it a playful squeeze while Shannon was on my left telling me about how he and Angie didn’t have any problem finding the airport terminal to pick me up but how parking was a bitch and some asshole stole his spot when he was about to pull in. I laughed along with him and Angie continued to play with my ass until we made it to the luggage. Shannon and I carried it and Angie lead the way back to their car.

We walked about 10 minutes outside of the terminal before reaching a Jeep Grand Cherokee which belonged to them. Shannon and I placed the luggage in the back and when getting in, Angie spoke up. “Shannon is going to be the chauffeur and you are going to sit in the backseat with me!” Shannon grinned and gave me the thumbs up sign, then proceeded to get into the front seat and start the Jeep. While he did that, Angie positioned herself to my right and proceeded to lean in and kiss me deeply, her tongue found mine and she softly began to suck on it. Up and down her lips, went, capturing my tongue, while her own worked around and around in circles, teasing me and pulling my tongue deeper into her warm mouth.

“I’ve been waiting a couple of years to do that to you brat!”, She said laughingly. She then spoke up again and said, “We have to do something about this!” My erection had gone down mostly, but her wet kiss had given it new life and it was straining against the denim of my shorts. Angie reached her hand down and undid the top button, then pulled my boxers aside to slowly release my growing cock. As she held it in her hand, it pulsed as though it had a life of its own. Angie cooed softly and said, “That is such a beautiful cock, just like in the pictures you sent, Rick!” She leaned down and softly licked the sides of me and I reclined my head back on the seat to moan as she did. I felt her tongue probe me and explore the length of my shaft. Her hands gently massaged my balls and cupped them onto her palms. She continued to go up and down the sides, stopping just long enough to lick my balls.

Shannon, never speaking a word, looked at me in the read view mirror and smiled like a cheshire cat. I had a smile on my face too, from what Angie was doing and closed my eyes for a bit to concentrate on these feelings of pleasure. Her tongue danced up and down my shaft softly, licking down the left side, then the top. I could feel her tongue on my cock vein and then the tip of her tongue on my slit, pushing back and forth. I moaned louder, anticipating my favorite thing. That came briefly when she engulfed my manhood with her mouth, taking all of my almost 7 inches deep inside, then back up, her left hand moving up and down the base of the shaft as she did. I softly began to stroke her hair with one hand, and with the other I pulled her tube top down enough to feel her breast. My fingers crept over her left nipple, feeling it harden to my touch. I softly rolled it around between my left thumb and forefinger, tugging it and softly tweaking it as Angie continued to suck on my throbbing cock.

She stopped sucking just long enough to mouth, “Yeah baby, play with my tits! I love to have them tugged and licked.. nibbled too!” I waited for Angie to say something else but she didn’t. She lowered her head back onto my cock and began to suck in earnest, her mouth moving up and down my length and her lips tightly pursed. I felt the my balls churning and would soon need to relase my load. I muttered to Angie in almost inaudible words, ” Gonna cum baby!” She evidently heard me because she stopped just long enough to say, “Cum in my mouth! Cum on my tongue, baby!” I didn’t need any urging to do that! I raised my hips as she sucked me harder, her hands still rubbing my balls…then I moaned and grunted as my sticky warm cum splashed all over her tongue, lips, chin and teeth. Angie quickly devoured every drop and then leaned up to take my face in her hands and softly kiss my cheeks, chin, tip of my nose and finally my lips. Her tongue entered my mouth and dueled with mine as if in a fencing contest. Both rubbing up against the other, swirling around and around. Meanwhile, Shannon continued our drive and would look into the rearview mirror on occasion and grin at me. I laughed as did Angie and we buttoned up my pants zipped up my fly as we arrived at their beach house in Jacksonville.

Shannon and I removed the luggage from the back of the kaçak casino Jeep and took it inside the house. From the outside it appeared to be rather large with 3 or 4 bedrooms, a three car garage and palm trees in the front and back yards. Angie and Shannon had both told me at different times that they owned a large swimming pool in the back as well and a jacuzzi which sat at a right angle to the pool.

As we made our way to the back bedroom, the guest bedroom as the case would be, Someone else was just getting out of the hall shower. The door opened and a very attractive woman stepped out with a towel around her head and a large one wrapped around her body. Shannon spoke up and said, “Hey Rick do you remember Angie’s friend, Barb? I think you and she spoke in Powwow once or twice and you may have even said hello on ICQ.” I replied, “I think so. I’ve seen her pics before that Angie had sent and remember she also likes Harley’s right?” Barb looked at me and said, “Yes, that’s me! And I do remember you too, Rick. We’ve spoken before but it’s been briefly both times. It’s nice to see you in the flesh and Angie and Shannon are having me here as their guest also.” I had remembered Barb was from another part of Florida but which part I couldnt’ recall at the moment. My eyes attempted to penetrate her towel like Superman’s x-ray vision but I’m not Clark Kent,and sadly, had to settle for how the towel hugged her every curve. Still, however, it was a very fine site. Barb was 37 years old, about 5′ 4′, 105 pounds with long brown hair similar to mine and green eyes. She had a beautiful smile and a killer tits and ass from what I remembered of her pic. The pics I had seen of her and Angie both did neither of them justice in person, that was for damn sure!

Shannon and I spoke for a bit, but neither of us mentioned what happened in the Jeep. Things have their time and place and for now, we just discussed our other internet friends, computers, work and life in general. I hung up my clothes as we spoke and Angie made us some drinks while Barb was dressing in the adjacent bedroom. “So, bro, any plans on what you’d like to do tonight?”, Shannon uttered. “Hmmm I’m really open for just about anything. We could all go out dancing, go to the beach and party or stay in, to me it doesn’t matter. You know how easygoing and laid back I am, Shannon.” He laughed and nodded his head. Just then Barb entered the room wearing a very revealing bikini. Her breasts were barely covered by the flimsy material and her nipples pushed against the fabric, wanting to be released. Shannon licked his lips as he looked at her, as did I. Our minds generally work alike and this was no exception. Barb’s suit was a soft pink color and her matching undies were the same. They made a tight V as they hugged her pussy and I couldn’t see even one strand of hair sticking out from the side. Apparently she kept it shaved and likely did that before we had arrived back.

“I’m going to lay out in the sun for a bit and enjoy the ocean air”, Barb said to both Shannon and myself. She had a very soft voice and sounded much younger than her 37 years. As she smiled at us and exited, I again felt a twitch in my shorts. I bit my lip and sighed, because I definitely needed to get laid and soon. Angie entered as Barb left and handed Shannon and me our drinks. A frothy beer for Shannon and a long island ice tea for yours truly. “Here sweeties.”, she said meekly. “Gotta keep my boys happy!” I laughed and thought she and Barb didn’t have any problem in that department. Moments later Shannon and Angie went to their room to change and I did also. We agreed to meet out back next to the pool with Barb. I quickly changed into my swim trunks, put some more deodorant on (just to be safe), a dab of Gravity cologne on my neck and then headed out back.

Shannon and Angie had already beaten me there it seemed. Shannon was in trunks like I was and was tanning his chest. “Come on over, bro.”, He said. “Beautiful day to lay out and get some sun.” I strode on over and saw that Barb was laying face down on her chair, her top undone and sunning her back while Angie was sitting next to Shannon drinking her coffee. She had on a cute binkini outfit also that was a sexy red. From my vantage point I could see that her nipples were barely covered also and that her pussy was hugged by the fabric much as Barb’s was. I could make out the outline of the material in her pussy grooves, how it seemed to conform to every inch of her. I could visibly make out her puffy outer lips and strained to see the top where her clit was. It also seemed to be pushed up some, begging to be touched and licked.

I sighed deeply and then took the chair opposite of Angie. Her legs were spread eagle, letting me see as much of her pussy as I could with the material over it. She chimed up, “Like what you see?”, then winked at me. I nodded my head slowly up and down, as if in slow motion, then laid back and opened my own legs a bit. My cock was beginning to swell from looking at Angie’s pussy. I could see a wet spot forming in the middle and knew that wasn’t from the pool or her drink or anything else for that matter. It was her sweet pussy cream spilling forth, staining her pretty bikini and making me very horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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