Friends Become More Ch. 05

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***Alex’s Point of View***

September rolled around, meaning my birthday month is here…

“Give it here.” I ordered Ben.

“No. I’m paying.” He responded.

“It’s my turn.” I stared him down.

“Fine.” He sighed, handing over the bill.

“I mean, most normal people would let their boyfriend pay for their birthday dinner.” He snarked.

“But I’m not normal, we both know that.” I smirked.

“Ha. Ha. So funny.” He rolled his eyes. “Guess I’ll just have to buy you another birthday gift.”

“Don’t you dare.” I laughed. I leaned in, ready to tease him. “I have a better idea. Why don’t we dine and dash?” I suggested, not actually ever intending to. “I know how much of a rule-follower you are, why don’t you break one for a change?” I grinned. “I know you wanna…” I egged him.

“No!” He laughed. “You’re insane! No…” he trailed off, thinking about it.

“Why don’t you use the bathroom before we head back?” I asked. “I know you said you have to. I’ll meet you outside.” I winked at him.

“I do…” he smiled, then got up and headed to the bathroom.

The waiter came back and I payed the bill, then headed outside to wait for him.

“Hey, ready?” I asked when he walked outside.

“Yeah. Did you…?” He trailed off nervously.

I leaned in closer to him. “Run.” I said, taking his hand and running down the quiet seat with him following.

We both laughed as we ran. Reaching a corner, we stopped. “I can’t believe we did that! I feel so guilty! I feel like I need to find that waiter’s address and mail him a huge envelope of cash! Maybe we should go back!” He started rumbling.

I guess the only way to calm him down is to kiss him, so I pulled him close and pressed my lips to his. “Don’t do that, he’ll be fine.”


“I mean, I already paid the bill, plus a very generous tip.”

“Seriously! Don’t lie to me!” He said. I pulled out the receipt and showed him. “You rat!” He shoved me.

“Maybe, but admit it, you loved the adrenaline rush.”

“It was fun. But I’m glad we didn’t actually dine and dash.” We crossed the street, heading back to his place.

I wrapped my arm around him, keeping him close. “Same here. You’re very cute when you’re a criminal.” I kissed his head, then whispered in his ear. “And probably even hotter in handcuffs.”

“It is your birthday… you get what you want tonight…”

Back at his place, we closed the front door to the outside world and I pinned him to it, stopping off his sweater.

I kissed his lips passionately as he unbuttoned my dress shirt. I grabbed his thighs, telling him to jump up into my arms. He jumped up, wrapping his legs and arms around me. I pushed him back into the door, kissing his lips, then his jaw, then his neck.

“Upstairs.” He breathed. I held him up by his ass, carrying him up the stairs as I kissed him.

Then I had an idea. I stopped in the middle of the staircase and carefully set him down. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” I told a confused and eager Ben.

I grabbed a towel and two pairs of handcuffs, specifically for sex, not my real ones, and returned to the beautiful, dark wooden staircase.

“What are you doing?” He laughed when I came back.

“Handcuffing you to this staircase, of course.” I laughed. “Get naked, bitch.” I said in a sassy tone.

“You’re insane.” He rolled his eyes and pulled off the rest of his clothes, tossing them down a few steps. I slid the towel underneath his butt so he’ll be comfortable.

Since there’s only one railing, the other side having a wall, I locked both of his wrists up to two separate wooden posts on the same side. Thanks to the great width, there’s plenty of room for him to be on a slant comfortably.

“You think I’m insane? Well, I think you’re canlı bahis kinda crazy!” I laughed. “But the good kind, baby.” I leaned down over him, softly kissing his lips.

“Weird how you’re still in clothes…” he bit his lower lip, basically begging me to get naked.

I stripped out of the rest of my clothes, then got right down to what I wanted. I took my man’s beautiful penis between my lips, ready to worship him.

“Mmm, yes.” He moaned, his legs spreading wide for me.

I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I worked him for a little while, edging him a little. When I felt him start to throb a little more, I backed off.

“You want me to fuck you?” I teased him, crawly between his legs so my cock rubbed against his.

“I want you to do anything you want to me, baby.” His eyes dared me. I kissed him hard before guiding my cock into his hole.

These past few months his hole stayed just as tight as the first time, but he’s gotten a lot better at adjusting to me.

Now that he’s able to adjust pretty quickly, I decided to go full on very quickly. I pushed my way deep into his ass. “Fuck!” He cried out in pleasure.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Don’t stop. Feels so good.” I kissed him, then thrust hard again. “Yes!” He moaned.

I started thrusting in and out smoothly, getting a good rhythm. The metal handcuffs banged against the wooden railing.

“Are you’re wrists okay?” I asked him. “I don’t want to ruin those million-dollar hands.”

“They’re fine, they don’t hurt when they move.” He said. “And two million, actually. The insurance company upped it last week.” He said bluntly. I love how serious he said that.

“Guess you’re getting even better at that surgery thing. That’s hot.” I thrust into him. “A real shame those hands aren’t being put to use right now.” I whispered. “You like being held up for me?”

“Yes, daddy.” He said. “I love it.”

“You want more? You want my big cock in you, huh?” I breathed.

“Yes, sir.”

I put one hand on his throat and applying pressure, making sure to not go too hard and hurt him. “Beg for it, bitch.” I slammed my cock in and out, making him moan out.

“Give it to me Daddy, I want it. I wanna be your bad little slut, fuck me!” He moaned, his legs wrapping around my hips.

“You want me to fill that cute little ass of yours? Huh? You want to be my little bitch don’t you? Yeah, take that cock.”

“Ah! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” He moaned loudly as I thrust into him, pausing now each time to let him feel my cock fill him.

“I’m gonna cum! Fuck!” I pulled out of him and shoved my cock in his mouth, blowing my load all over the inside of his mouth.

“Mmm” he moaned over my cock as he swallowed my load.

Once done, I returned to his cock. It took less than 30 seconds for him to cum. I rubbed his cock as I watched his load shoot all over his abs and chest.

I kissed the side of his shaft, running along it to catch the cum that dropped down. Then I licked up his beautiful torso, cleaning up the hot load he just shot. Having a decent amount on my tongue, I moved up to his face. I showed him the cum on my tongue before swallowing it. “You’re mine.”

“Kiss me.” He begged. I lowered my lips extremely close to his, but didn’t touch them.

“Maybe I’ll make you sleep here tonight…” I backed away.

“I swear to God, I will kick you down these stairs.”

“Baby, please don’t use the Lords name in vain.” I said in the thickest Texan accent I could muster to annoy him.

“Unhook me so I can slap that annoyingly charming accent right outta your face!”

“Alright, alright.” I unlocked him, taking them off his wrists. I helped him up, then we walked up the rest of the stairs and into the bedroom. “Shower with me?” I asked.

“Yeah. bahis siteleri Then I’ll give you your gift.” We stepped in the shower and started rinsing off. “Oh, I almost forgot…”

“Forgot what?” I asked, scrubbing soap over my chest.

His hand playfully slapped my face. Not too hard, but enough to really feel it. “Forgot to slap you. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean I’m not gonna slap you.” He laughed.

“You’re an ass.” I laughed, pulling him in for a kiss.

Cleaned up and in pajamas, he pulled out a big bag. Inside I found a really nice winter jacket, something I really needed. “This is awesome, thanks baby.” I kissed him.

“I have something else.” He handed me a small box. I opened it to find a pad of sticky notes. On each one was a small message from him. “You can save them for whenever you feel like. It we’re not together, if we’re fighting and you need a reason not to completely hate me, if you’re just having a bad day…”

I felt goosebumps down my arms. “This is amazing, thank you sweetie.” I leaned in and kissed him.

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too, Ben.”


Our friend group decided to go to a club one Friday night. Not our usual thing, but we thought we’d mix it up.

I did not mind seeing Ben in his sexy jeans and sweater. Those jeans really do his ass justice.

After a few dances, Ben and I went to the bar to get drinks for everyone. As we waited, this random guy came up to us. He put his hand on the edge of the bar between us, then faced me, basically cutting Ben off.

Ben and I aren’t really the jealous type, so he just laughed it off and let me politely deal with the guy.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked, staring me in the eyes.

“I’m all set, my boyfriend actually just ordered me one.” I pointed behind him to Ben.

He turned slightly to get a glimpse of Ben, his face seeming unimpressed. “Well, when your done with that one, let me know.” He winked at me, lightly touching my arm before walking away.

Ben and I laughed. “What do you think ‘that one’ means?” He asked. “The drink, or me?” He laughed.

“Honestly, I think he meant both.” I responded.

We brought the drinks over to our friends and after a short break, headed back out to dance.

Ben told me he had to go to the bathroom and that he’d be right back. I stayed with our friends and of course, seeing me without Ben, the guy returned.

Lol, this guy is really trying. He started dancing in front of me. I stopped dancing and our friends just looked on in amusement.

“You know you can do a lot better, right?” He turned around and ground his ass against me.

“Dude, my boyfriends coming right back. You may wanna stop that.”

“Scared you like it…?” Oh my god, he’s crazy.

Ben came back and laughed. I gave him a confused shrug and smile.

He walked up to the guy. “Excuse me, could you maybe grind on someone other than my boyfriend?”

The guy stopped and just stared at him. “He’s definitely out of your league.

“Actually, you’re incorrect. As a very well-respected cardiovascular surgeon, on top of being extremely kind, funny, and hot as heck, I would argue he is lucky to have me. I strongly suggest you take some time to re-evaluate yourself and think about why you are interested in trying to ‘steal’ someone’s boyfriend. I even recommend you take time off of dating or hooking up or whatever you call it, and work on yourself and your career. I did that for most of my twenties, and look at where it got me.”

“Whatever.” The guy walked off.

Ben came up to me and kissed me passionately, something we don’t usually do in public.

“That was hot.” I smiled at him. “You’re definitely gettin’ some tonight.” I whispered in his ear.

“Lucky bahis şirketleri you.” He winked at me.

“That was quite a show, didn’t know you had it in you!” Sara laughed.

“Even I’m a little turned on.” Sara’s fiancé joked.

We all just continued dancing and enjoyed the rest of the night.

When we got back to his place, I was eager to get to the bedroom. We didn’t drink much, but the alcohol definitely helped our mood.

“I want you to fuck me tonight.” I told Ben.

“Sounds good to me.” He smirked. We love flipping. “But first I wanna suck that big cock of yours.”

We made our way upstairs, our clothes falling to the floor once we got there.

I climbed back into the bed, Ben basically pushing me there. He climbed on top of me, pressing his lips against mine. I let out a moan as he moved to my neck, flattening his tongue and applying pressure as he ran along my neck and jaw.

I ran my hands through his hair as he kissed down my body, making his way to my cock. He looked me in the eyes and winked, ducking down under my balls to kiss my taint. “Mm fuck yeah, baby!”

He savagely kissed and licked my taint, moving up to take care of my balls. After a generous amount of time, he finally took my cock in his hand. He wrapped his fingers around me, then put his mouth over the head of my cock, pushing down with his lips and his hand in unison.

“Yes!” I moaned, my head falling back into the pillows, my eyes rolling back.

He maneuvered his hands and his lips over my shaft, his tongue working magic on me. He moved his hand down to my ass, pushing one finger in me, then a second. Fuck, that feels so good!

“Ready?” He asked. I nodded. He pulled my legs up, then slid his way between them.

Soon his cock was filling me, slowly sliding in and out. He lowered himself, his forearms on either side of my head. I pulled him down for a kiss, then locked him in, not wanting to stop. My tongue attacked his mouth as he slammed into me.

After ten minutes, he pulled out. “Get on all fours.” He ordered, stroking his beautiful cock as he stared me down.

I had no choice but to obey. As much as I love dominating him, it’s hot when he takes control a little. My personal favorite is when he tops from the bottom.

Once on all fours, he pushed his cock right back into me. His hands on my hips, he started pounding my ass, the mattress shaking. “Fuck me!” I moaned. “Yes right there! Mmm!” He buried his cock in me, every thrust getting me closer and closer.

He pulled my shoulder back with one hand, making me arch my back more. He pushed in me, hitting my pleasure spot.

“Fuck yes!” I cried out. “Right there! Yes Ben! Yes!” He repetitively pushed and pulled his way in and out of me, hitting just the right spot.

He slapped my ass hard, then pushed me down flat on the bed. He laid on top of me, thrusting his hips up and down.

“How you like that?” He groaned in my ear.

“Feels so good, please don’t stop!” I begged as he banged the hell out of me.

He pounded in and out of me, the intensity filling the room. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in me, Ben!” I begged.

He thrust inward one more time, stopping to explode in my ass. “Uh!! Ye-e-es!” He moaned, pressing his chest to my back.

He kissed me and pulled out, collapsing back into the bed. I got on top of his chest, stroking my hard cock over his face. I felt my cock pulse, unleashing a huge load over Ben’s face, most of it landing in his mouth.

I fell back, resting on my back between his legs. We laid there for a while. “That was nice.” I breathed.

“Very nice.” He responded.

“Im sorry I’m still on you.” I laughed, realizing I was still on top of him, my legs on either side of his head.

“It’s surprising comfortable actually. Plus, your butt cheeks feel really nice on my stomach.” He laughed.

We eventually cleaned up and fell asleep cuddling together. He kicked me once or twice in his sleep, but that didn’t stop me from keeping him close to me.

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