Friends and Lovers Ch. 01

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Lilly and Jake invited their friends Lila and Kevin over for a BBQ, the kids were all gone for the evening and Lila and Kevin had gotten a babysitter. They sat together in the living room of Lilly and Jake’s house enjoying each others company and good conversation.

Lilly was sipping on a glass of wine while the others enjoying a cold beer. Lilly and Jake sat on the sofa across from Kevin and Lila on the love seat. They’d been friends on line, then finally met in person a couple weeks prior, they’d flirted a little and been intimate as couples with each other in the room, but there was so much more they’d all wanted to explore.

Lila stood up and grinned at her husband as she walked across the room to where Lilly and Jake were sitting. Her long blonde hair bouncing as she walked.

“Do you mind?” She asked, looking at Jake, but not giving him a chance to respond. She reached down and took Lilly’s hand, pulling her to standing. Lilly bent down and quickly kissed Jake, sliding her tongue in his mouth as Lila pulled her away. Lila pressed her lips against Lilly’s, sliding her hands down to Lilly’s ass pulling her body against hers. Lilly gasped in excitement and nervous pleasure.

Slowly they slid to their knees, their lips intertwined. Their kissing became more fevered as Lila made quick work of removing Lilly’s tank top and unclasping her bra. They both slid to the floor, Lila on top of Lilly. Lila slid down and gently licked, then sucked one nipple then the other, Lilly’s breathless anticipation was evident as she moaned in pleasure.

Lilly responded in kind, pulling off Lila’s shirt and unclasping her bra. Lila slid up so Lilly could taste her nipple, first licking, and then slowly drawing one nipple then the other into her mouth. Her groan made it obvious to the men watching that although inexperienced, Lilly was enjoying herself. Lila’s hips ground against Lilly’s as their lips found one another.

Lilly looked over to Jake as if to seek his approval, she could tell by the smile on his face and the rock hard erection she could make out under his jeans that he was enjoying watching her and Lila. She looked to Kevin and saw he too was erect and smiling.

Jake and Kevin were obviously both turned on and the girls could hear them mumbling something casino oyna to one another, but didn’t pay attention to what they were actually saying.

As Lilly and Lila continued to fondle one another, take turns sucking each others nipples and kissing one another, Lila slid down and slowly removed Lilly’s shorts revealing her sheer white panties. Through the sheer fabric her freshly shaven pink pussy was revealed. Lila sat up and slowly slid off her shorts, revealing that her pussy was also freshly shaven through her pink panties.

Lila motioned to Jake to join them and as Jake removed his clothes and walked over to the girls Lila kissed Lilly again, then slid down her body, pushing Lilly’s legs apart as she slid Lilly’s panties off. Lila slid her finger down Lilly’s clit and into her tight wet awaiting pussy. As she slid her finger inside Lilly, Jake joined the girls, allowing Lilly to take his erect cock into her mouth. Lilly groaned with pleasure, both the pleasure of what Lila was doing to her and the pleasure of her husbands cock deep in her mouth. Lila’s mouth found Lilly’s clit quivering and waiting for her tongue, and as Lila’s tongue struck Lilly’s clit for the first time, Lilly’s body reacted with a shudder and Lilly moaned in pleasure.

After what seemed like hours, Lilly pulled away from them both and instinctively pushed Lila back onto her back. Lilly’s initial steps were slow as she began to explore Lila’s lips, her clit and her tight wet pussy. Lilly groaned as she placed her tongue on Lila’s small round nub, feeling the hood of Lila’s clit against the tip of her tongue. Her body quivered as Lilly stroked her clit with her tongue and slowly slid her fingers in and out of Lila’s pussy. Both the girls moaning in pleasure, as Lilly continued, Lila began to move her hips in time with Lilly’s fingers, pressing her hips harder against Lilly’s hand. Her musky odor turning Lilly on more and more. Lilly finally realized what all the hype was about and what she’d been missing.

Jake started fingering Lilly’s pussy while she was sucking and rubbing Lila’s pussy. Lila motioned to her husband to join them and he slid his cock into her waiting mouth while Lilly continue to lick and suck her clit and Jake continued fingering and rubbing Lilly’s pussy.

Lilly whispered something canlı casino to Lila that the boys didn’t hear, but Lila slowly slid Kevin away. Both the girls motiond to Jake to trade places with Kevin. Kevin and Jake look at each other and nod in approval and move around to trade places. Slowly Lila takes Jake’s cock into her mouth and Kevin tentatively runs his fingers down Lilly’s ass and slides them slowly into her wet pussy.

Lilly stops sucking Lila’s clit and sits up to enjoy watching her husband being sucked by Lila. As Lilly watches Lila and her husband she beings to rub her own clit, sliding her fingers into herself and then rubbing her clit some more. Kevin reaches down and sucks first Lila’s nipples, then reaches up to Lilly and does the same. Jake motions to Lilly to take care of Kevin, at that point, Lilly reaches down and takes Kevin’s cock into her mouth.

Lilly is so turned on just having been watching another woman suck her husbands cock that she is ready to explode, and wants to have her husband back in her mouth. Without having to speak, both girls know what they are thinking, and they quickly trade spots.

Lilly couldn’t take it anymore, she wanted Jake inside her. Barely able to muster a whisper, she told him she wanted him to bury his stiff cock deep inside her tight waiting pussy and Jake quickly turns her to oblige.

Jake rammed his cock deep inside Lilly causing her to gasp with pleasure. Lila and Kevin join in the pleasure and Lila pushes Kevin to his back and climbs on top of him. Side by side, moving almost in time. Lila reaches over and strokes Lilly’s clit for a moment, causing Lilly to spasm with pleasure, she reciprocates and finds Lila’s clit with her finger, being able to feel Kevin’s throbbing cock sliding in and out of Lila’s pussy.

With unspoken words Lila and Lilly slowed their husbands down and gently motioned each other to 69, the girls started fingering each other, sucking each others clits and their moans of pleasure excited their husbands. They both knew their men liked to watch women at play, and Lilly had wanted to do this for her husbands pleasure for a very long time. Lilly placed her hands on Lila’s hips, as if to tell her to stop, the girls seemed to be able to read each other and were taking advantage of the guys kaçak casino not understanding.

Lila motioned to Jake to come to her. Jake looked at Lilly before he moved but could see the approval without a word being spoken. Lilly had told Jake several times she wanted to see him plow another woman, but he wanted to be sure this was the right time. Lilly watched as Jake slid his cock into the waiting pussy of Lila.

Lilly became so turned on that she started fingering herself and rubbing her clit again, watching her husband slide his big stiff cock inside of Lila. Jake’s moans of pleasure pleased Lilly and she smiled as she watched him.

Jake slowed and gave a glance over to Kevin who knew that he was giving his approval for Kevin to take Lilly. Kevin makes quick work of pushing Lilly to her back and slipping his cock inside her wet tight pussy. Lilly had trouble focusing on Kevin at first, as she was so intent on watching Jake, finally losing her focus on her husband, she was moaning in pleasure at Kevin’s assault on her pussy.

Kevin could tell how turned on Lilly was, her hands reaching around to pull his hips harder against hers. Kevin knew she liked to play hard and obliged, giving her everything he had, burying his cock inside her. Jake was turned on by the obvious pleasure of his wife and of Lila and began to deepen his thrusts inside Lila’s tight pussy.

Lilly was enjoying watching her husband have his way with Lila, the gorgeous blonde friend of theirs, just as Jake was enjoying watching his wife get plowed. Lilly wanted to see her husband blow inside another woman; she knew it would turn her on and finish her off also.

The longer they watched one another, the more intense their movements became. Finally, reaching the pinnacle, shot over the moon of orgasm and nearly cuming in unison.

The girls giggling as the guys wrench their faces as they pull out, knowing their cocks must so tender after such an ordeal.

They laid together, the four of them for a brief period of time before getting up and finding something to cover themselves with. Their clothes found scattered all over the floor.

Jake reached for his wife, pulled her close and kissed her with a fiery passion only a man in love can do.

“I love you baby, with all my heart.” Jake whispered to Lilly.

“And I, you my darling husband,” she answered.

Their friends did the same to one another, solidifying their marriages and their friendships with each other.

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