Friday: 2 Is Fun, 3’s Never A Crowd

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The Seven Days are a collection of seven one-chapter stories involving fantasies and role-playing with a personal flavor. These are my personal wish lists that I wished I had lived out before I had gotten married. So sit back and enjoy.

MONDAY: Law & Order
TUESDAY: Mile High Club
WEDNESDAY: Forbidden Fruit
THURSDAY: Overlooking the Stereo Types
FRIDAY: Two is Fun Three is Never a Crowd
SATURDAY: Power of Trust
SUNDAY: Out in the Country

* * * * *

FRIDAY: Two is Fun Three is Never a Crowd

“Hold the door.” Called out Mike as he raced to the elevator door. A tiny hand came across the door, allowing Mike to jump inside.

“Thank you.” He told the early twenties brunette who held the car for him.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back “Which floor would you like?”

“Twelve please.” Mike smiled back, taking a moment to admire the cute girl sharing the elevator car with him.

“I’ve seen you a lot here. How long have you lived in these apartments?” She asked Mike.

“Four years.” He replied, “How about you?”

“My twin Sister and I just moved in two weeks ago. Say since you’re familiar with everything around here, where is a good place to order Chinese Food?” She asked.

“Willy Wong’s Won-Ton House is the best.” Mike told her. “Trouble is I have too many favorite dishes there, and it’s tough to order for just one person.”

“Well, tell you what, Why don’t you get changed out of that shirt and tie, order your four favorite dishes, and join my Sister and I for dinner tonight? She offered him.

Mike blinked for a moment. He didn’t even know her name, and she was inviting him for dinner. “Sure, ah, name is Mike.” He mumbled and offered his hand.

“I’m Andrea and my Sister is Katie. Have the Willy Wong’s Driver, deliver the food to Apartment 1410.” Andrea told him.

Mike nodded as the elevator stopped on the twelfth floor. He couldn’t believe the conversation he had just had with this female stranger. He went to his apartment and placed the order. He quickly had a quick shower and got dressed into a golf shirt and jeans. He grabbed a bottle of wine off the wine rack and headed out the door. He glanced at his watch and realized it was already thirty casino oyna minutes since he placed the order. He skipped the elevator and walked up the stairs to the fourteenth floor. He got to 1410 just as the Deliveryman had knocked on the door.

“Good Timing.” Smiled Andrea.

“Here, put the food on this card.” Said Mike as he handed the deliveryman his Visa card. Mike grabbed the bags of food and followed Andrea inside the apartment.

“Mike this is my Sister Katie, Katie, this is Mike.” Introduced Andrea.

“Pleasure is mine.” Smiled Mike as he shook Katie’s hand.

“Katie, give my the wine glasses, I’ll get the plates and lets have some dinner.” Ordered Andrea.

Before long the three of them were enjoying the wine and food. Mike learned that the girls had decided to move out on their own after finishing studying at a local college.

“I couldn’t handle the downtown hustle and bustle, I much prefer the suburbs.” Katie told him.

“Besides, if we want to club it down town, it would only be a thirty minute drive.” Added Andrea.

Mike poured more wine as the twins cleared the table. He offered to help with the dishes but was turned down.

“Its time for desert.” Winked Andrea, as she smiled at her Sister.

“Yes, Studying for the last two years has been a real bore. No fun people to meet.” Smiled Katie as she cuddled up besides Mike, her hand brushing over his knee and upper thigh.

“Boring isn’t the word, its like we were locked up in a convent.” Added Andrea as she sat on the opposite side of him, mirroring Katie’s moves.

Mike had to pinch himself. This couldn’t be happening in real life. He was sure his alarm clock would wake him up from this dream he was witnessing.

“Yes, all work no play.” Continued Katie as her hand moved its way up the inside of Mike’s leg closer to his growing tool.

“Yes Mike, I bet you know how to play.” Added Andrea as she bit Mikes ear and brushed her hand over the bulge in his pants.

“Yes I know,” Grinned Mike as he played the game and put his arms around both girls. “Whose first?”

“Silly boy.” Whispered Andrea as she lightly blew in his ear. “You’re going to have to look after us both at the same time.”

“Follow me.” Giggled Katie as she offered her hand and led Mike to the canlı casino bedroom. Mike followed her smiling with anticipation.

Before he could get his shirt off, both girls had quickly stripped off all of their clothes. He laughed as he hurriedly shed his own clothes. “I can tell you two are enthusiastic about this.”

Mike jumped on the bed and lay down on his back between both girls. He turned and French kissed Andrea deeply as Katie massaged his chest and gently pinched his nipples. Andrea returned the kiss as she gently stroked his erect cock. He broke off the kiss with Andrea to her squeal of protest.

“There’ll be time for more kisses.” He winked at her.

He turned to Katie and French kissed her and gently caressed her breasts. Andrea kissed him on the back of his necked and continued on down his back towards his ass.

Katie then roughly pushed Mike back onto the bed, almost burying her sister underneath him. Andrea quickly moved out of the way and reached for his throbbing cock. She quickly grabbed it with her hand and mischievously licked the tip of his purple, swollen head.

“I found it first.” Giggled Andrea to her Sister.

“Whatever happened to sharing?” Pouted Katie, as she also wrapped her hand around his cock and licked what ever was exposed.

“Don’t fight.” Groaned Mike, who was enjoying all of this attention, “I’m sure there’s plenty of me to go around.”

The girls giggled and continued to share his cock, each taking turns lightly licking it, and occasionally deep throating it. Mike smiled and moaned with pleasure as both girls shared his cock. He motioned to Andrea to swing herself towards him.

“That’s better.” Laughed Mike as he swung Andrea so that her legs spread, and straddled his head as he lay on the bed. “Now I can do some of my own tasting.”

Mike worked his tongue on Andrea’s swollen clit. He gently dipped a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. Andrea moaned with pleasure at his gentle probing and teasing. Mike increased the tempo of his licking, straying to dip his tongue into her hot wet snatch. Mike moved his wet slippery fingers up to Andrea’s ass hole and gently lubricated the entrance. Before he could continue, Andrea moaned and bucked her hips hard as she reached her orgasm. Her juices drenched Mike as kaçak casino he licked and swallowed her tasty honey. The girl’s double blowjob had its own effect on Mike. He had never had two tongues work his dick before and he soon exploded a stream of cum that both girls shared.

“Here Katie, we have to get that thing hard again.” Stated Andrea, “You come up here and get some tonguing, I’ve got an idea to get him hard.”

Katie straddled Mikes face like her sister but this time facing him. She lowered her hot pussy onto Mikes face so his tongue could replay the actions of her sister. In the meantime, Andrea resumed her stroking and licking of Mikes cock, but with a bit of a twist. She inserted her index finger in her wet pussy and lubricated it up. She then took her slippery finger and quickly inserted up Mike’s ass. His cock seemed to harden like steel immediately.

“Holy shit.” Muttered Mike as he enjoyed the probing.

“Keep licking me.” Urged Katie as she played with her breasts, “I want to feel your tongue deep inside me.”

Mike obeyed her order and stretched his tongue as deep as he could inside of her. Katie pinched her swollen nipples hard as she rode Mikes face. Her hips started to quiver and reacted like a vise around his head. Her hips were trying to maximize his tongue movements when her orgasm hit her. Katie screamed loudly as she drenched Mike with her juices. Her juices flowed like a river down Mike’s cheeks and into his ears. He had never experienced a girl that had come like Katie.

As Katie swung off his face to recover Andrea stopped her licking and probing to ride his swollen cock. Andrea slammed her pussy onto his hard dick, bouncing Mike hard on the bed. She rode him hard like a bronco rider. She came numerous times as she rode his hot cock and bucked wildly as she enjoyed this ride. Mike chuckled and flipped her off of him. He quickly rolled her onto her fours and entered her doggy style. He pumped vigorously as his balls slapped against her swollen clit. Andrea trembled as she could feel another orgasm coming. Her pussy erotically squeezed his cock as it pumped her. Andrea moaned as another orgasm overtook her again. Mike pumped a few more times and came again filling her pussy with his load.

“You two are incredible.” Wheezed Mike, who was out of breath.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Smiled Katie.

“Yeah,” Added Andrea, “If you thought dinner was good, wait till you see what’s for breakfast.”

Mike could only imagine.

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