Fred Always Does It For Me

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Fred always does it for me.

I couldn’t believe what Fred Pearce did for a living. I knew he was into caring for the elderly and disabled but I never imagined for one minute that his pursuits would involve sexual activity.

We’d been enjoying an intimate relationship for a year or more and I had only just found out.

“Well look at it this way, Pete” he said, “just because some folks are disabled, and others are elderly who just can no longer perform the sexual act, doesn’t mean they have lost all their sexual desires. Many can still get some satisfaction by watching others. So I gladly provide that service. What’s wrong with that?”

“But can’t they get that from watching the porn stuff on TV and the web?” I asked.

“It is not the same. You see my clientele gain great satisfaction out of watching someone do what they ask, and it is live on the computer screen with no questions asked of identity”

Thinking about it I started to get Fred’ point and when he invited me to see how it all worked I was interested, thinking he was not only providing a vital service but was able to give joy and gratification to those who’s life was often miserable, living often alone with only a carer to chat to.

He made just a small charge for his services else he said it could be abused.

Fred and I had always been good for each other. He was always very kinky and unpredictable which made our frequent sessions extremely compelling.

For example one of his many sidelines was to decorate for neighbours, and I will never forget what he got up to when he was redecorating a bedroom for a newly wed couple who’d moved in next door.

We are both bi-sexual which helps our sexual diversities along. He showed me pictures of the couple and was gloating over the new wife called Janice.

“Just look at that figure, that gorgeous tight black skirt and those well defined boobs under that low cut top.”

“I could go for that any time, her new hubby is some lucky guy huh?”

He brought out from a drawer some red silk panties

“Now what are you into and where did you get them from, Fred?” I asked with a throb in my groin.

“They are Janice’s ” he said foaming at the mouth “and look, they are soiled!”

“You monkey!” I said, “How did you get hold of them?”

“In her dirty washing basket!”

“But won’t she miss them?”

“Nah ‘cos I replace them after I have done.” he grinned with relish.

“Nice!” I said well imagining what he had been doing with them

I asked him knowing full well his reply; “Well” he said, ” they are soiled anyway, and wrapped around my cock they will get more soiled, but it wont matter because they are being laundered anyway. And there will be me imagining her wearing them again, see what I mean Pete? “But now since you are here and you know, perhaps we can implement them into our pleasure zone. Just take a sniff, Pete” he offered handing them to me.

This was thrilling and as I pressed the gusset to my nostril I imagined where they had been. I sniffed the scent of woman so impelling and arousing and I soon had a full swollen casino siteleri cock inside my jeans.

Fred wasted no time in massaging me, suggesting that I let him gag me with the panties, tied around my head as he fucked me.

I had no problem with that, it was a brand new and wonderful experience and as I felt Fred slip his hard cock into me, whispering to me to imagine I was sucking Janice as he fucked me.

” Imagine what it would be like to fuck that wet warm pussy” he groaned coming to a quick climax, pulling his hot cock out of my hole and spurting his cream over my fresh fucked ass.

He then removed the panties from my mouth which I could still taste and wiped the residue of his fresh fucked cock into the gusset, saying they were ready for the laundry basket, and off he went next door to put them back before we fucked some more and enjoyed mutual oral stimulation.

But back to Fred’s other business he was saying; “look I have another idea, some of the requests I receive need a twosome, and since it could be simply an extension of what we do privately then why not give those sorry people out there some fun and share some of the joy we have with each other?”

I thought about it some and came to the conclusion it could be fun, to think we were sharing that with someone out there – and not just guys, Fred had a few women on his list too whom liked to watch guys do it.

“Okay lets go for it” I said feeling a brand new experience was about to enhance our often very passionate relationship.

“That’ll please Wilbur Fred piped in.

“Who’s Wilbur?” I asked.

“One of my regulars, he is always on about watching guys take oral with each and how nice that would be. In fact he is due to contact me this afternoon. Would you like to do the honours Pete?”

“The more I think of it I would, but Fred do you think we ought to get some rehearsal in first?” I said with a subtle smile. And straight away Fred was okay with that and soon I was feeling his hand exploring me once more.

At that time it was a week since last we’d fucked and I was aching for his beautiful stiff inside me which was the perfect soothing treatment and took away all the hassle of the week.

After he’d felt and teased me sublime for a while and undid my zip, I relaxed and enjoyed the warmth of his mouth suck me in perfect motions, the feel of his tongue exploring and his fingers gently balling me felt so good always.

And it wasn’t long when I wanted the taste of cock too and the utter sensual thrill of unzipping his jeans and getting the first sniff of him made my spine shudder. As he continued to give my cock wonderful permutations I pulled his through his boxers shorts and started to stretch back that wonderfully formed foreskin – and when I did the scent was rich and pungent – and that was the spur that enticed me to suck that cock and take in the flavour of his nectar, salty and wonderful.

I was ready for it in no time, after what he had been telling me, how he was asked to do things for those people online.

“Have we got time to fuck before Wilbur comes on Fred?” I asked slot oyna eagerly, I was aching for it and when he said he would have to make it a fast one I was happy with that, because that is just what I was ain the mood for, a quick rough fuck and I soon presented myself for him, one of our favourite positions with me on all fours, bare back and naked, presenting my ass for his deep fucking.

It was beautiful as always, the feel of his hard cock enter me, his hardness stretching my hole wide. I was in a perfect world of my own as he thrust it into me like a piston engine and soon cum at full spurt over my ass.

“Thanks Fred, you always do it for me” I said wiping myself with a tissue he’d handed me. I hadn’t realised how time had gone so quickly seeing Wilbur on screen and Fred welcoming him.

“You will be pleased to know I have my lover with me today, Pete meet Wilbur.”

I looked at the big guy with a very lustful look and could tell from his eyes he was frigging himself.

I said hello and he did too telling me I was nice and he was looking forward to seeing more of me.

“So what would you like today Wilbur? Fred asked. Remember you have the two of us now.”

“I have always wanted to see some cock sucking if you don’t mind, that would be lovely.”

Fred whispered off camera that Wilbur had no legs and was alone except for his carer so to make it special for him. I was all for that. I simply loved the way Fred sucked and balled me and having had that quick rehearsal before hand I was well ready for some more.

Fred adjusted the camera and told me where to kneel and suck him as he stood there. Holding his stiff out for me and asking Wilbur if he could see alright.

“That’s fantastic, Pete suck that cock hard Huh?”

“To hear is to obey” I returned and took Fred’s cock fully into my mouth, getting that taste again.

“Let me see it stretch your cheeks” Wilber asked and I could hear him start to masturbate. “Don’t stop, don’t stop! ” he yelled “and let me see you squeeze his balls as you suck”

I did as he asked and realised it was something very different being asked to do something I always relished anyway. I felt Fred’s appendage growing more fervently in my mouth as I took a deep breath and sucked him deep throat, still squeezing his balls, then licking them as Wilbur wanted. It was a joy to behold.

“Now I want you Fred to crouch over above Pete’s face and smother it with your cock and balls, that would be great!”

As the session grew more intense I started to realise we were doing new and exciting things on demand.

Wilbur wanted Fred to squirt cream into my ass and suck it away.

This guy was truly a pervert in the first degree, telling me to press Fred’s soiled briefs into my face and for Fred to gag me with them as he fucked my ass, he wanted for Fred to fuck me with anal vibrators and the like, to suck my ass and to slap it.

It was all a great exercise and Wilbur certainly got his money’s worth and we heard him cum with such fervour , we were gad to be of serve.

“Just one more for the afternoon” Fred said but canlı casino siteleri If I wanted to do it some more he had two more booked for the evening.

Just an hour to regain our strength and have a drink and Fred said it would be Jenny on the line.

“A woman” I asked.

“Yes, you okay with that, it will be worth your while.”

I was bisexual sure enough but never to the extent where I performed for a girl with another guy so this would be a first.

“Hell Fred and how are you today, ready to please this ailing old woman”

She may have been old but she had plenty of zest and looked very enticing in her stocking tops and suspenders with a little red tie- on thong which did everything for her, despite her age.

“Jenny had a toy boy but he has moved on and says she is happy to watch others.

Fred told her about me, introduced me and said if it would be alright for us to share things for her.

“Wow! She yelled, two for the price of one, a bog -off Huh! Well give us a showing Pete so I can see you!”

I faced her and she said ” and the rest, I want to see all!”

I dropped my pants for her and place my hands under my balls ( something Fred whispered she liked) and lifted up my half mast cock for her approval.

For a while there was silence but I could see she was watching intensely and that was a new experience in itself,

“Now the two of you together?” she said and Fred joined me.

“Who is the bigger?” she chuckled and said we were both nice and she wanted for me to roly-poly Fred.

“What is that?” I asked by Fred broke in and explained, rubbing my cock between his palms in a rolling motions and letting the red head just peak out.

“That is what she enjoys,” Fred said

She gave us a good showing of herself and she may have been crinkled some but she had the mist delightfully looking moist and glistening pussy which she displayed to us after she asked us both to wank simultaneously for her.

It was certain different wanking at the sight of pussy on screen and as far away as Canada but there we were happily frigging away showing her all the cock she craved for.

“Okay Pete now you suck Fred for me Huh and let me see your cheeks draw in.”

I did and there again I savoured the taste of cock once more, I could never get enough of that and was quite pleased to give Jenny the display she’d wanted.

She wanted to see the fuck as well. I stretched crouched for her to see between my ass cheeks as Fred smothered me in baby oil.

Jenny absolutely loved that and the fucking too. Fred’s cock slipped into me like a gem and her particular speciality was to see and hear his balls slap against my ass cheeks as he thrust deep up into me.

She soon reached orgasm did that woman and I started to realise joust how easy it is to please someone like this, and what a good thing it was to give those sad people out there some pleasure.

It was certainly a real booster for our sex lives and that night in bed Fred must have fucked me seven times, and in the morning there he was, his head buried between my thighs and his mouth enveloping my half hard cock.

I reckoned Fred and I would make a good team and looked forward to many more session, all the time learning by what turns people on in different ways and the sheer adventure gained by that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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