Forgotten Key, Surprising Discovery Ch. 02

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It had been a month since forgetting my keys and having to borrow my neighbour’s. A month of guilt and confusion as to what I had seen, done and discovered. My neighbour, a beautiful older lady called Sally, was, despite her day to day appearance in the block of apartments we lived in, an adult film star. An adult film star with a penchant for anal sex with younger guys – with the twist that it was her strap-on doing the penetration, and the men who were on the receiving end. My visit had culminated in receiving a spine-tingling blowjob whilst on the phone to my girlfriend Amy.

The guilt that I had cheated on her weighed on me like a ton of bricks. The confusion came from what I had seen on the TV screen, a DVD of Sally pegging a younger guy, how it turned me on, yet made me doubt myself and my feelings. In the weeks that followed I redoubled my attentions on my girlfriend, trying to erase the feelings that had arrived. I couldn’t help though, from time to time, from browsing through strap-on porn sites, finding pictures and videos of this new fantasy that Sally had awaken in me.

Amy had a big business trip coming up. She was working her way up through the ranks as a management consultant, and had a trip to a client in Amsterdam for a week. I had helped her pack her bags, and was carrying them down to the car for her. As we were walking down the stairs, Mrs. Jones, our neighbour came up in the other direction. She was wearing baggy sweat pants and was clad in a loose jumper, with very little makeup – nothing special outwardly, but I knew what lurked underneath. I tried not to remember the sight of her bending for ice cubes from her freezer, her robe riding up over her sublime rear and showing her thong below.

Amy stopped to say hello, and to thank Mrs. Jones for sorting me out when I had forgotten my keys the month before.

“Oh, please Amy, call me Sally. And it was nothing – it was good to have a little bit of company, especially from such a handsome young man!”

Amy laughed. “Well, I’m going to be away for the next week in Amsterdam, so if he messes anything up will you promise to look after him as well as last time?”

Sally smiled, and with a twinkle in her eye replied “Oh yes, I’m sure I can keep him in line if anything gets out of hand. Maybe Dan, you wouldn’t mind popping over and giving me some company one evening. I’d love to hear more about your work, and I can tell you a little more about mine.”

I blushed, and said I would think about it. Amy, oblivious to the undertone to the conversation, said that I should be able to better than that.

“Why don’t you head over tonight? You’ve been saying today how little you have to do in the evenings whilst I’m away, and you’re bound to get a little lonely.”

Mrs. Jones smiled and said that would be lovely, and, waving goodbye and wishing Amy a good trip, walked up the stairs to our floor, whilst we headed down to the car.


I saw Amy off at the airport, with her promising that she would ring me at the apartment to let me know she got there alright. I headed back, and spent the afternoon doing banal household tasks, trying to deflect my mind from the events of the past month. Finally, at 6PM, Amy rang to say she had arrived but that she was about to head out on the town with some of her colleagues. So, there was little else to do but fix some food and settle down with a glass of wine. By 8PM I was already bored, and, thoughts turning to my invitation next door, began to warm to the idea.

I soon found myself at the door to her flat, having knocked, waiting for her to let me in. I could hear light footsteps from the other side, and the tumbling of the locks as the door was opened. She beamed out at me with a wide smile.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come over in the end. Please, come in – I’ll get us a drink.”

She ushered me to the couch and sat me down, in the same spot that she’d nibbled on my balls and swallowed my cum a month before. She fussed in her kitchen for a while, before returning with two large glasses of white wine and another bottle on a tray. I got a chance to study her as she walked back to the lounge. About 5’5″, with short dark hair, she was wearing a subtle and refined black evening dress, showing off her full and beautiful cleavage without being too provocative. The dress hugged her curvy yet slender form as it travelled south, ending just above the knee, where you could see her slim and shapely legs encased in a sheen of black casino siteleri fabric.

She sat next to me on the sofa, much as before, and we began to chat. After the first glass of wine we had managed to cover my job, my worries at work, how I was thinking about trying to find a new career elsewhere. By the second, we had discussed why she was Mrs. Jones but had no ring and lived alone. She had been married young, divorced quickly, but had by then established herself in her career and didn’t want to lose the name. On top of that, she said, it kept away potential, unwanted suitors who would assume there was a Mr. Jones around.

And that was how the big elephant in the room of her day job was brought up. She explained how she had been working her way through a law degree, when she met her future husband, a moderately successful photographer and film producer. He suggested she begin modelling for him, and from there it progressed from softcore shoots, to harder stuff, before her career as a film star began to blossom.

She suddenly jumped up and headed over to a cabinet by her TV. “I tell you what, instead of explaining what I do, why don’t I show you the kind of films I’m into now?”

She returned clutching a selection of DVDs and arrayed them on the table. I pushed through them, seeing a variety of titles. ‘Bicurious Blokes IV’, ’10 Man Gangbang V’, ‘Horny Housewives’, ‘FFM Fantasies’. All of them with her lust-filled face on the cover somewhere, with a variety of men, women and toys around her. And finally, the one she kept in her hands, ‘MILFs with Strap-ons’. I knew straight away that this was the film that I had caughter her watching, the one that had aroused me so before. Just the thought, the memory, began to cause my cock to swell noticeably.

Sally leant forward, placing a hand on my thigh, and whispered in my ear “Would you like to try it Dan?” I groaned in excitement, and nodded. She smiled coyly, stood, and grabbed my hand, leading me into her bedroom. She stopped outside her bathroom door, turned to me and told me to take a relaxing, hot shower, and then to come into her room.

I stripped in no time, and jumped in her shower, turning the jet of water up to full blast. I knew I hadn’t really thought this through, that I was about to be unfaithful to Amy if I carried through and left the room to join her. I stepped under the flow, the steam and the wine combining to make me dizzy with anticipation and lust. I was going to do this. I wanted to do this. I soaped myself up, running my hands across my now rock hard member, cleansing it as it rose to its full length of 7″. I moved my other hand down across my shaven balls, down the skin between my legs and towards my anus. I slowly rubbed it, cleaning it and making sure I was ready for whatever would be awaiting me. Rinsing myself off, I reached for a towel and headed for the door. I paused, gathered my nerve, opened the door and headed to her bedroom.

The lights were low, but as I turned the corner I could see her on her bed. She was propped up against the headboard, dressed all in black. Black balconette bra, breasts pushed high, nipples standing proud; black stockings, silken and smooth looking against her gorgeous legs; and a black thong, tight, slinky and moist as her hand pumped away vigorously. Her eyes were shut, and the moans that were coming from her almost-prostrate form told me that she had been waiting a while. Hearing me making my entrance, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, beckoning towards her. I slowly approached the bed, climbing upon it and lower my head to her legs. I kissed, slowly at first, gently, up her stockinged leg from ankle to knee, knee to thigh, past the end of the sheer material and onto her creamy thighs. I reached up and began to remove her thong, momentarily causing her thrusting fingers to be removed. I licked them clean as I pulled off the slinky garment to reveal a sopping wet pussy, devoid of all hair, waiting for my touch.

I lowered my head again, and began to nibble around her moist opening with tenderness. I nibbled her outer lips, from just next to her clitoris down to her flowing opening and back. I darted gently with my tongue, tasting her sweet yet musky fragrance as I worked towards her clit. As I touched her most sensitive spot with my wet tongue she shivered and moaned, encouraging me. I concentrated on making her feel as good as I could, tongue and licking and caressing until she began to buck and writhe, then backing away canlı casino from her climax, moving down and flicking the rosebud of her ass before returning to her clit. Finally she could take no more, and grabbing my head with her hands she forced me to bring her off, crying with pleasure as I sucked and kneaded. Gasping, she pushed me away and moved to stand up.

“Sit on the edge of the bed,” she ordered. I complied, watching as she moved to her bedside drawers. She opened the top drawer, and removed a black set of straps and a blue cock. I estimated that it was about 8″ long, but only 6″ or so protruded from the black thong they were harnessed to. The other 2″ ended in a plug that thickened up and faced back to the wearer. Sally brought the harness up over her legs and brought the plug to her slit, pushing inside until the rubber dick sat naturally on her pelvis. She tightened the straps, turned to me and smiled.

“Ready to suck my cock?”

I nodded, entranced by what was in front of me. I reached out and ran my hand along the knurled shaft of the toy, squeezing and finding it pliable but stiff. She inched towards me, her phallus bouncing ridiculously in my face. I brought the end up to my mouth and tentatively ran my lips and tongue around the bulbous head.

“Mmm, that looks good from where I’m standing. Now take it into your mouth,” she commanded me.

I opened my mouth, and began to give my first ever blowjob, real cock or fake. The toy tasted rubbery, unsurprisingly, and I coated it in a fine patina of saliva the further I managed to get in. My beautiful neighbour began to slowly thrust in and out, pushing more of the dong into my mouth. With 5″ or so in I began to gag and she withdrew, trailing strings of spit as it plopped out of my mouth with a pleasing sound. I had never been so hard in my life before. All self-consciousness at what I was doing had melted away as I experienced the joy of giving head.

Sally beamed at me and congratulated me on my blowing skills. She then ordered me onto my hands and knees on the bed. I assumed the position, only to have her force my arms down and my head even further, so that my ass was sticking out in the air. I felt so vulnerable, so open to attack. She climbed onto the bed behind me and shuffled towards me, the strap-on brushing my thigh as she did.

“You have a beautiful ass Dan, has anyone ever told you that? I can’t believe how lucky that girlfriend Amy of yours is, getting that to herself. I’d fuck that all night, every night if I had the chance. Just imagine how it would look in a thong too! I can’t wait to show you to my friend Lucy!”

She bent forward and began to kiss my back, working her way down towards my nether regions. Her caresses had reached my backside, and were working their way down around my flesh when she took my rigid cock in her hand. She started to slowly massage the head, working my pre-cum, which was by now streaming from me, into my shaft and balls. I suddenly shivered as her kisses reached my tender anus and her tongue flicked across my sensitive skin. I moaned loudly as she plunged into me, a feeling I’d barely experienced before. The feelings increased in intensity as she began to fuck me in and out with her tongue, nudging into my crack each time with her nose and chin.

She pulled away and reached for a bottle of lube from her bedside table. She squeezed a dollop out onto her hand and began to stroke her rubber cock. When it was firmly coated, she reached to my ass and began to trace around my hole. The coolness took my breath away, and my gasp must have made her think I was anxious. She told me to relax, that it wouldn’t hurt, that she would be gentle, and slowly began to probe into me with her finger. My head spinning, it felt weird at first but strangely filling, and I began to rock back in time to her gentle thrusting. Soon she was fitting finger after finger into me, until she had four comfortably inside me and I had relaxed enough. She pulled them out with a plop, leant forward and whispered a question into my ear.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now?”

I cried that I was, and she moved forward, the tip of her strap-on rubbing my balls and moving up to my waiting anus. She pushed slowly in, the large head stretching me even further. Bolts of pain quickly shot through my behind, only to be replaced by a feeling of hunger and want. She slowly inched forward until the head was in; she then eased the full length of the toy into me until kaçak casino her pelvis was flush with my body. She stayed there, making sure I was fine. When I assured her that there was nothing more that I wanted than for her to plow into me, she began to rock in and out. My ass felt like it was on fire, that it would burst, but the sensations running up my spine were making me delirious and hungry for more. She thurst in and out me, faster, stronger, deeper, fucking me like the slut I wanted her to make me. The laborious breathing I could hear behind me meant that she was enjoying it too. Harder she went, harder I pushed back, grunting with the effort. All the while my cock was standing fully to attention, flowing with precum.

Suddenly she pulled out, grabbed me by the hips and gruffly ordered me to roll onto my back and pull my legs up. I complied immediately, wanting to do all I could to please the cougar who had taken my anal virginity so gently, erotically, fulfillingly. She pushed my legs further up until my knees were by my chest, and plunged herself back into me. Her fucking became fierce, almost animalistic, as she approached her climax. With one slender hand wrapped around my cock and pumping in time she drove into me with reckless abandon, until with a cry she unleashed one last thrust and collapsed onto me, pulsing with her orgasm. She leant forward and rammed her tongue into me, whimpering with release and satisfaction. I returned the kiss, grateful to her for letting me experience this amazing act, but becoming sore with her member inside my aching backside. She pulled away and looked at me with a hunger in my eyes.

“I want that young cock of yours inside me now, right where it belongs.”

She pulled herself out of me gently, then carefully removed the harness, letting the bulb of her internal plug that had so recently brought her to orgasm fall from her slick pussy. She placed it on the side, then returned to the bed and lowered herself onto my engorged cock, slamming immediately straight to the hilt. Despite her age, she felt as tight and supple as any woman half her age I had been with before. Sally drew herself up until I had almost slipped from her, only the head remaining inside, then slammed down again. I could feel myself already approaching orgasm, the seed that had been building inside me beginning to reach boiling point.

“God I think I’m going to cum soon if you keep doing that” I moaned. She grinned at me and retorted that that was the idea. She began to quicken her fucking, my hands on her hips guiding her back onto me. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and my still slightly gaping asshole begin to clench as my orgasm arrived. Wave after wave of cum seemed to issue forth from my loins into her hot, sticky womb. I had never cum so hard before, or so long. I think I blacked out slightly for a few seconds, because the next thing I knew she had levered herself off me and was climbing up towards me. She straddled my face and stuck her dripping wet pussy right onto my mouth.

“Clean me up Dan, clean me up nice and good.”

I had definitely not been expecting this, but, still in the haze of post-coital bliss I began to lap at her opening, tasting our combined juices as they began to flow out of her moist slit. She groaned and began to clench herself, pushing a small stream of my cum into my waiting mouth and onto my eager tongue. The taste of her tangy juices combined with the salty flavour of my semen was a heady mix, not at all as unappetising as I imagined it would be in the brief moment before she sat on my face. I began to probe deeper into her with my tongue, my nose above her clit as I breathed furiously through my nose. The combination of my tongue and my hot breath pushed her over the edge, as she clamped down upon my face and began to cry softly.

“God I can feel it coming Dan! Eat your cum for me, take all your load from my pussy!”

Suddenly she pushed hard, and a huge torrent of my semen flooded out of her. I tried to catch as much of it as I could with my open mouth, only for some of it to dribble over the sides of my mouth and over my chin. She rocked back and forwards, savouring the feelings as I licked her clean. Finally, she raised herself off me and collapsed at my side, curling into me. My older, beautiful neighbour began trailing a finger through the drips of cum flowing down my face and asked her if I understood now why she enjoyed her work so much. I told her I was glad that such a sexy, assertive woman took such delight in doing the things she did to younger men like me.

“Well,” she said, with a smile playing across her face, “I think then I’ll have to introduce you to some more of my friends then!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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