Forest Pt. 02

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‘FOREST PART I’ was recently published… ‘PART II’ can be read as a continuation… Or even as a separate story. But for a better understanding, I would suggest you to please read ‘PART I’ first. Happy reading…




As they drove out of the Mall, Smita said, “No more food please. I’m through for the day.”

“Promise. I won’t be asking you for food for the next couple of hours, excepting…” I (Samar) said taking a pause deliberately.

“Excepting?” Smita snapped; which he was anticipating.

“Excepting ‘Kulfi-Faluda’!” (“Kulfi-Faluda” is a typical “Indian Ice Cream Delicacy”. Main ingredient is milk then the add-ons include Dry-Fruits, Cardamom, and Natural Essence etc.)

“By any chance… Are you tempting me?”

“No. I’s telling you. The ‘Kulfi-Faluda’ at ‘Babbu Bhaina’s’ place on way to Nandan Kanan is simply a cut-above!”

(Nandan Kanan, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is the biggest Zoological Park in India, and one of the largest in Asia.)

“Are we going to Nandan Kanan now?!” Smita’s voice had excitement as well as sentiments attached to it!

“I suppose we’re! What other good way to digest the food; other than walking down the tracks a bit?”

“Not a bad idea!” Said Smita, then giggled.

“What happened?” Asked Samar.

“Do you know, I’ll be probably visiting Nandan Kanan after about 15 years? When Ria was kid!”

“Yes, I know. It was in 2005, December 25th — The Christmas Day you, uncle and Ria visited Nandan Kanan the last!”

“How the hell on earth you knew the exact date?” Smita was surprised.

“Things begin to happen in style, when you ‘Rise In Love’!” Samar spoke with self boosting.

“Bull-Shit! You must have read Ria’s (Smita’s 21 year old daughter) personnel diary for sure. Right?”

“I suppose…”

“And if I disclose this to Ria then…”

“I’ll find my way to the nearest mortuary!”

“Then why did you do that? Fully knowing the fact that how possessive she’s about her diaries…”

“Curiosity took better of me… I sincerely wanted to impress you with all the small things… Which you’ve missed for so long… In the process I forgot that I’s barging into someone’s privacy… Sorry for that…” Samar confessed truthfully.

There was nothing left for Smita to counter except extending her hand on to his crew cut hair and played with it for some time with a smile of reconciliation in her face!

“If I say ‘Sorry’ again, will you do that to me again?” Samar was back to his old self quickly.

“Yes, but this time a bit below… A tight slap on your face…”

“If the ‘Sorry’ continues, how far below can you go?” Samar snapped.





“Hey, we’ve crossed the main gate of Nandan Kanan.” Exclaimed Smita.

“Yes, I know.” Replied back Samar.

“So? Aren’t we going to Nandan Kanan?” Again questioned Smita

“We’ll go. If I promise something, particularly to you, I make sure to keep it anyhow. Even at the cost of my peril!” Replied Samar.

“But; our ‘Entrance’ and ‘Parking’ gone back.”

“Wait and watch! We can’t drive through the ‘Main Gate No.1′”


“We’re driving through ‘Gate No.3’. Thus, we can drive-in right up to the ‘Cottages’.”

“You’ve booked a ‘Cottage’ there?”

Samar nodded his head.

“Are you mad or crazy?”

“Make up your mind!”


“Decide whether I’m ‘MAD’ or ‘CRAZY’?”

“BOTH! How the hell you can book a ‘Cottage’ in a secluded place like Nandan Kanan? Don’t you know it’s in the middle of a Forest?” There was a concerned look in Smita’s expressive eyes.

“So what?” Samar was playing along!

“We can’t stay over-night in a ‘Forest Cottage’! Bit of a fun is okay… But we should not over-board our ‘First Date’…” Smita kept on pleading…

“Relax — RELAX — R-E-L-A-X!!!” Samar said in a bit high pitch. Smita stopped talking and looked at Samar.

They’d already reached ‘Gate No.3’. As Samar blew the horn, the guard came out from the side way and asked for the desired pass. On receiving the same with a hefty tip, he opened the gate with a salute and smile. Samar acknowledged his gesture with a return smile and drove through.

About 100 metres away from the gate, he stopped the SUV and looked at Smita. She was totally perplexed and silent and was sitting away from him maintaining maximum distance possible, pushing through the door.

Samar smiled and looked at her.

“What is the time now?” He asked.

“3.00 PM” Replied back Smita, looking at her wrist watch.

“What time we left home? At 8.40 AM. That means about 6 hours 20 minutes back. I thought continuous hopping around will drain you out. A short break would revitalize your energy.” Said Samar as Smita looked at her face, he continued, “For your information, night stay is prohibited in Nandan Kanan since about 10 years. The cottage closes at 5.00 canlı bahis PM. We can just move in get freshened up and move out. Will that be okay with you?”

There was a sense of sentimental thing in his tone, while he continued, “If you don’t trust my credentials, we can skip the ‘Cottage’ thing all together.” Samar’s eyes glistened. To avoid eye contact and hide his teary eyes, he turned her face away.

Smita felt bad for hurting Samar. Though, her intentions were not to do so. She extended her hands and caught his face and turned it towards her. She looked at him, he was looking down. She said, “Look at me.” He complied. She looked into his tear-filled eyes and said, “Sorry!” — While holding one of her ears in a manner of apologizing! Samar could not hold back his tears. It rolled down his cheeks silently.

“I never intend to hurt you.” Smita blurred out

“You doubt my credentials.” Samar implored.

“Yes. I did.” Confessed Smita.

“That hurt me!”

“My mistake.”

“Please don’t repeat it.”


“Wipe off my tears.”

Smita extended her hand and wipe off the tears from his face.

“Kiss me!”


“Yes. Kiss me where my tears were…”

Smita pulled his face and kissed on both his cheeks, and said, “You’re demanding!”

“Yes I am. So next time you won’t hurt me.” Samar was straight.

“Why? Don’t you want me to kiss you again?” Smita played along.

“Not today. I’m through with today’s quota!”


“Yes. I expected one, but got two. One bonus already!”

“Naughty boy! Can we move now?

“Sure Queensie Aunt… At your service!” Saying so he started the SUV.

Smita wondered — how simple and sentimental Samar was! Very possessive about her. But, how quickly he was moulded. Better for her to watch her words and actions in future not to hurt him again.



They reached the cottage. Samar opened the door and Smita stepped in and looked around. The room interiors were all sleek and minimalist — with a huge king-size bed right at the centre, a couch with black latherite, a big 48″ Plasma wall-mounted TV, glass walled baths, with multi-head rain showers. A typical honeymoon suite! Smita laughed!

“Don’t make any wrong impressions! The booking for the day is only for 9 Hours! 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM!” Said Samar while pulling out his small duffle bag from the SUV.

“Why standing outside? Come in.” Said Smita.

“Are you sure?”

“Samar! I’m already 5’7″ tall! Don’t pull my legs!”

Samar stepped in with a grin and said, “Can you sit on the couch for 5 minutes?”


“I asked you to sit. Not to question me.” There was a childish request as well as manly demand in his voice.

“Okay” Smita complied and asked, “Now what?”

“No questions for the next 5 minutes. Just relax!” Saying so he pulled out a small bottle from his duffle bag, kneeling down at her feet, he removed her clogs at one go! Smita was looking intently at his activities. He poured a small portion of oil into his palm and started applying it on her feet — first left then right.

Gradually he started massaging her feet, starting with each toe, getting in-between the toes, the sole, the upper, the sides, the heel… He bent each toe to a comfortable angle, while rubbing the inner side. It was sheer magic! So soothing and comforting! Smita felt totally relaxed within no time.

“What are you doing Samar?” She asked as felt the soothing effect?”

“INTENDED TO PUT MY HEART INTO YOUR SOLE!” Replied Samar with a sultry voice as he kissed her soles. She shuddered. Then he looked at his wrist watch and said, “Job done. I’m 30 seconds ahead of my schedule!”

“Great job! Deserve a reward!”

“Can I ask for one?”

“No naughty ones?”

“Surely not!”



“Double Promise!”

“Start counting slowly — 1 to 30!”

As Smita started counting, Samar quickly started to kiss and lick each of Smita’s toes in a quick and calculative manner devoting exactly three seconds to each digit! Amidst giggle and wriggle, Smita counted 1 to 30 and said “Stop!”

What a way to finish!

Samar had completed his job to mighty satisfaction of sucking off all the ten toes!

“Are you ‘FOOT-FETISH’? By any chance?” Smita asked incoherently.

“I don’t know. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I just couldn’t help it!”

“You are ‘MAD’…”

“…’MAD’ for you ONLY!”


“Why don’t you add an ‘E’ to your word ‘MAD’ and make it ‘MADE’ FOR YOU ONLY!”


“I know what you are going to say next!”


“Samar — You’re a gone case!”


“I give you another five minutes to get ready otherwise I’ll be really shameless!”


“Yes, don’t force me to make you count 1 — 30 again! It might move to a different place! And remember — it can’t go down any further, so the only way left is to move up!”

“Samar, why can’t you think bahis siteleri anything ‘STRAIGHT’?”

“Blame it on you ONLY!”


“When you’re ‘CURVECIOUS’! How can I think ‘STRAIGHT?”

Smita made a face with a furrow between her thick eyebrows as she disappeared into the restroom.



The first thing they did was to move into the ‘FOREST SAFARI’ — Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Giraffe Safari and Deer Safari… Four different enclosures and four different experiences… Smita for the moment forgot that she was a 40 year old married woman and mother of a 21 year old daughter! She laughed, clapped, hopped, danced, and clicked dozens of photographs as if in her late teen!

The getaway to that excitement and happiness was overdue for her… A conservative and traditional homemaker suddenly set free herself! Her feelings and emotions… The child in her took over the reins of the other side of her bubbly and chirpy nature… She spread her arms giving a typical ‘Titanic’ pose… As Samar clicked away countless photos of her… Capturing many moods and masti (fun) of her!

Once done with the ‘Forest Safari’, they then moved on to the Hippopotamus encircled area, next the Rhinoceros enclosure, followed by Chimpanzee, Orang-utan, and Royal Bengal Tiger reserves and so on.

While moving about in the wilderness, Smita saw a couple of Elephants with their massive dongs dangling down for real action! She blushed and turned her face away only to witness a massive male monkey was fucking around with half a dozen or more female monkeys, as if there was no tomorrow!

“Oh shit!” Saying so Smita again turned her face to the other side! To be with an 18 year old teenage boy; and encountering such situations, though accidentally were beyond embracement for her!

“What happened?” Asked Samar.

“My left foot suddenly got turned.” Smita lied.

“Want me to massage a bit?” Samar asked sincerely.

“No thanks. I don’t want to count 1 — 30 again!” Smita said smitten by the untold pleasure she got from Samar’s licking action!

“Was I that bad? If so then I’d not dare to repeat it again!”

“No — no I never said that…”

“So, what do you say Queensie Aunt?”

“I mean…”

“You liked it or not?”

“Liked it!”

“Just liked it?”

“Okay baba… I liked it very much! Happy?”

“Good. Thanks. And yes… So we can repeat it?”

“Yes. But not today!” She smiled and Samar joined in. She took a pause to start again, “I’ve a question for you.”

“I too have question for you.” Said Samar.

“Okay, you first.”

“I don’t want to deviate from the age-old norms and values — ‘Ladies First’!”

“Okay…” Started Smita, “Tell me between a ‘Monkey’ and an ‘Elephant’ who is a better lover?” Smita literally blushed beet-root while concluding her sentence.

‘Oh shit, she too had also seen those bloody animals ‘Fucking’ some time back.’ Samar thought for a moment; then turned his face to Smita and countered, “Tell me one thing — what matters? Size or Technique?”

“Uuummmmmm… ‘S-I-Z-E’! Right?” Tentatively said Smita.

“Wrong!’ Samar was blunt! Then added, “SIZE is prime, but TECHNIQUE is pivotal!” Smita looked at Samar, while he continued, “Despite a thing as big as the stature of a monkey, the ‘Elephant’ hardly has got one partner! Because it has a stale and monotonous way of ‘You know what I mean’! To me it is rather sick and disgusting! Whereas see the ‘Monkey’! It’s got the technique! So he moves around with every single female monkey — ‘Be Happy Go Lucky’ type!”

Smita looked at him, while he added, “Sorry… For contradicting you… But that’s my view point… I might be wrong as well…” Samar looked at her.

“It’s okay… But what if one has both the ‘SIZE’ and ‘TECHNIQUE’ then?” Quizzed Smita.

“Then ‘HE’ is virtually unbeatable! Every single woman will fall at his feet! Wanting and demanding more out of him… Any time… Any day… Anywhere… In one word he’s called — ‘AN ALPHA MAN’!”

“My question was related to two types of animals… By converting it to ‘Woman’ you have brought the topic to a different platform!” Said Smita in a husky voice and changed the topic to, “So, what’s your question?”

“Well…” There was a mischievous smile on his face, when he said, “Now, it’s 5.00 PM. I’ll drop you back at your villa exactly at 12.00 mid-night. My day will end with that question. For you to answer tomorrow, not today. So, you’ve plenty of time to answer. But you’ll have to answer that for sure!”

“If that’s a silly question, can I duck it?”

“No. Unfortunately you can’t. The only alternative might be you’ll have to count 1 — 500 when I’ll choose the place of my choice!”

“Better I’ll try to your answer!” Smita giggled.

“Good girl.”

‘Girl?!’ Smita wondered! When did she became a ‘Girl’ in the eyes of Samar! But without any prejudice, he is definitely treating her like a teenage girl a one hand and a Greek Goddess at the other! She looked at him bahis şirketleri and smiled to herself — ‘Naughty Boy’! She said to herself!

That was the time when there was an announcement loud and clear that the ‘Zoological Park’ would be closing 30 minutes from now and visitors were requested to call it a day. So, Smita and Samar walked toward the ‘Cottage’ to get into their SUV.



As they moved out of the ‘Zoological Park’, they felt like grabbing something to munch. That was when Samar stopped the SUV right in front of ‘BABBU BHAINA’S KULFI FALUDA’!

There was a long queue of 18 — 20 people in front of the small stall!

“Wow!” Exclaimed Smita, “So this is the joint you’re boasting about?”

“Yes.” Said Samar, “Once you try it here — you too will become an ardent fan of Babbu Bhaina.”


“Check for yourself!” Saying so Samar vanished into the crowd and returned with two copper plates of ‘Kulfi-Faluda’ garnished with cashew, pistachio, raisin, walnut and food-grade rose essence. It was looking really tempting. Smita cut a portion with the copper spoon and mouthed. It melted in her mouth within moments. Then the second, third and fourth… Unstoppable to the last portion! What taste and aroma! Simply out of the world.

“Uuummmmmm… Sumptuous!” Said Smita at last.

“One more?” Asked Samar.



Smita made a face while poking out her tongue. Samar smiled with a tease and started the SUV.


The next stop was a local carnival. They parked their Scorpio and literally ran into the carnival hand-in-hand like teenagers! They rode the ‘Merry-Go-Round’ and ate ‘Candy-Flux’, Enjoyed ‘Gun-Shots-On-Balloons’ and ate ‘Orange-Candy’. They tried ‘Luck-On-A-Ring’ and relished ‘Kala-Khatta’. They got thrilled with ‘Well of Death’; with dangerous motorcycle stunts and freaked out with the traditional tribal food.

Smita bought some ethnic bangles, rings, ear-rings and necklaces. She was behaving like a 18 year old girl. Samar was enjoying every moment of it seeing how happy she was! Smita tried out a leaf-n-bamboo hat called ‘Talari’ and a ‘Camel Leather’ slip-on called ‘Mozri’.

Unknown to Smita, Samar bought a small bottle wherein there was a single rice-grain stuck on a thin and long bamboo stick with names written on it! One side ‘Smita’ and the other side ‘Samar’. He also bought another with ‘Ria’ written on it. He also bought an ethnic sleeveless open half-coat type top normally worn on a tee or ‘Kurta’ for Ria. A leather diary folder with handmade papers in it, again for Ria.

It was almost 10.00 PM by the time they walked out of the carnival.

“What next?” Asked Smita, literally dragging her feet out of the Carnival ground.

“You please wait; I’ll be getting the SUV right down here.” Said Samar.

Smita just nodded and stood there as he went down and got the vehicle. He got down, opened the door for her to get in and closing the door once she settled down on her seat. He came to the driver’s seat and offered her the mineral water bottle. She gulped down almost a quarter of the bottle.

Samar pulled out his handkerchief and wiped off the sweat and water from Smita’s face. She looked at him. He was definitely much more matured in comparison to his tender age! So loving, caring and giving! Before she could think further, Samar took out a packet of ‘Bindi’ from his shirt pocket and put that correctly at the centre between the two thick eyebrows slightly below the forehead. Then again he took out a Lakme Eye-Liner and carefully applied under her big and beautiful eyes.

“What are you doing?” Smita asked in a shy tone.

“Your Eye-Liner got smug, thus I corrected it. What’s the big deal?”



“Get serious sometime at least…”

“Okay… No talking. Sit quite with eyes closed. Until I call you!”

“No tricks please! I’m tired.”

“You sit quite. I might take initiative!”

“Shut up. Drive carefully.” She said while lovingly slapped him on his muscular left arm.

“As you please… Her Highness!” Saying so Samar ignited his mean-machine. Smita sat there with her eyes closed and was analysing the whole day’s happenings. Probably it was one of the most eventful days in her whole life! So much of life! She probably could not have asked for anything more! She smiled — to herself! And it was definitely indebted to Samar!



“Hello, my dear ‘Sleeping Beauty’! You have a million dollar smile!” Saying so he brought the vehicle to a stop. Smita opened her eyes. They were right in front of KFC at Janpath!

(Janpath is probably World’s Largest and Longest Unplanned Market! It’s stretched over 9 kilometres between Vani Vihar University at one end to International Airport on the other. There are hundreds and thousands of retail outlets of all types and sorts! You name it and Janpath had it! A ‘Shopaholic’s’ ultimate shopping destination!)

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