Foreign Relations

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The summer I turned 19, my aunt and uncle came to stay with us while their house was being remodeled. It was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks, but the first month passed and they still had not gone.

My mother became increasingly short with her sister as the days dragged on, and my father, now that he had a drinking buddy, spent more time out than at home. This was fine with me, because it kept them out of my hair. Besides, I had my eye on the gorgeous foreign exchange student they’d brought along.

Nick was from a small country… over there… I had no idea which one. His English was perfect; better than mine, in fact, and his accent was thick and sexy as hell. His hair was light, and fell over his eyes in a Devon Sawa kind of way, and his skin was slightly tanner than mine, which set off his beautiful blue eyes magnificently.

At first, I’d been nervous around him. I felt like I was always on display, and had to be ready for anything, which is exhausting work. I waited until everyone was asleep at night to take a shower, to avoid being interrupted. Instead of my usual sleep attire, which was panties and maybe a bra, or a tank top, I resorted to pajama pants and a t-shirt. No matter what, I was not going to let myself get caught looking bad in front of him.

It wasn’t that I was unattractive, because I was damn cute. I had sandy hair in layers down to my shoulders, and blue eyes, and I’d finally developed that six pack I’d been dreaming of, and my legs were perfectly toned, along with my arms, and my breasts were just the right size for my body. I was confident. But there’s getting dressed up and going out to dinner and a movie with a guy, and there’s frozen pizza and rented movies which you’d like to watch in your pjs, but can’t, because there’s this gorgeous guy on the other end of the couch who looks hot without even trying.

One morning, I woke up to the sound of my mother’s voice in the next room.

“If they want to go off and be men, we’ll go off and be women,” she said, as I sleepily rolled out of bed and across the hall. She was packing a bag.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Your father and uncle are going away for the weekend. So, Marla and I are going away also. There’s everything you need in the kitchen, and I’m leaving some money in our secret hiding place for pizza or whatever, just don’t throw a party and don’t burn down the house, okay?”

“What about -“

“I love you, see you Monday,” she said, passing me and dragging her suitcase down the stairs and out the door. And just like that, she was gone.

“What’s up?” Nick’s voice behind me made me jump.

“They left.”

“All of them?”


“Hm. Breakfast?”

I nodded, and we went down to the kitchen. As I passed the mirror on the stairs, I realized that my hair was a mess and I had no make up on. I tried to smooth my hair, but had to give up and pull it up into a ponytail.

“You look beautiful this morning, is that okay to say?” Nick said as I settled canlı bahis on the couch next to him with a bowl of cereal.

“Thanks,” I blushed.

“I can tell you take pride in your appearance, because your makeup is always just so and you spend at least half an hour on your hair every morning. And your clothes are always…” he swallowed and seemed to lose his nerve.

I had no idea how to respond. We’d hardly said a word to each other during the entire month he’d lived down the hall from me, and yet all this time that I’d been daydreaming about him, he’d been noticing how beautiful I was. I pondered this for a moment, and relaxed for the first time in four weeks.

For the rest of the morning, Nick and I watched television and talked about his home and his family, and what it was like living with my aunt and uncle for the past two years.

“I wish we’d done this a month ago, I’ve been wasting all this energy making sure that I looked pretty 24/7,” I laughed.

“Do not think it went unappreciated,” he said, winking. “When I signed up for this program, I never imagined that one of the perks would be living with a beautiful girl like you.”

I blushed.

“Can I just say, though, that this outfit is my favorite of yours so far?” he smiled, moving his eyes over me.

I was in some blue pajama pants and a long sleeve t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder.

“And why is that?” I asked, taking a deep breath. The expression on his face as his eyes took in every detail of my body made my stomach do a back flip.

He smiled shyly. “I can’t tell you. You’d think I was horrible.”

I looked him in the eyes and said, “I would never think that.”

He hesitated.

“You have beautiful shoulders, and the way that shirt hangs off of you, and shows off your bare shoulder… You make it hard to concentrate. It’s very sexy.”

The words echoed in my head and I could feel heat on the back of my neck.

I had imagined this moment, or at least one like it, all month long. Now that it was happening, it was better than I’d dreamed. I turned to face him on the couch and crossed my legs Indian-style in front of me. He responded by doing the same.

“I’m glad you like it,” I almost whispered.

“I like it very much,” his words were causing me to squirm involuntarily where I was sitting. I wanted to kiss him, but I wanted to hear more. No one had ever taken the time to talk before, and this new sensation his words were causing inside of me was one I wanted to keep forever.

“A while ago, you were going to say something about my clothes. Remember?”

He nodded.

“What were you going to say?”

“I was going to say that your clothes are always flattering. But that’s not what I really think.”

He reached forward and pulled me close enough to whisper in my ear.

“I think that you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he said. I stopped breathing all together. “At night, when you think everyone’s asleep, I’m in my room, waiting bahis siteleri to catch a glimpse of you walking past my door in just a towel.”

I swallowed, hard.

“I can’t keep my eyes off of you. Sometimes I want to just grab you and make love you to for hours and hours…”

“Really?” was all I could manage to say.

“You’d be amazed how many nights I couldn’t sleep because of you.”

He kissed my neck and shoulder, sending tingles throughout my body. His hand trailed down the side of my body and underneath my shirt. By now I was breathing again, and gasped as his fingers made their way across my tummy. My hands found their way to his hair, and I pulled him to my lips and we kissed deeply and passionately. What had begun as sweet and gentle, suddenly escalated to frantic and hungry.

I pulled him on top of me and wrapped my long legs around his waste. His left arm supported his weight, as his right hand found one of my nipples. I moaned softly.

“You sound so good, baby, don’t be shy!” he said, rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb. I moaned louder. I had never been able to make much noise during sex, because someone might have heard us, but Nick and I were alone, and I was free to scream if I wanted. But still I was too shy.

“You can do better than that,” he smiled, pinching my nipple harder. The sensation made me feel as though I were losing my mind. I moaned even louder.

“That’s my girl,” he teased, nibbling at my ear.

Nick suddenly stood up and lifted me into his arms with no trouble at all. Still kissing me, he carried me up the stairs to his room, and tossed me onto the bed. The two other guys I’d been with had been careful and gentle and quiet with me, but Nick was rough and strong and confident in a way I’d only read about in romance novels. I liked it. In fact, I loved it.

I reached for him. He smiled and stripped off his shirt. I began to do the same but he stopped me.

“Allow me,” he said, pulling my shirt over my head. He was over me on his knees and stopped to look at me. “Ah, Zoey, you’re better than I imagined…” his words trailed off as his fingers trailed along my sides and made circles around my nipples. I arched my back, as my nipples hardened, begging for attention.

He leaned very close to my face and kissed me gently. “Don’t you worry. I will take very, very good care of you, love.”

With that, I pulled him down on me and kissed him as hard as I could. His fingers trailed down my arms to my hands and he pinned my wrists above my head with one hand, and began teasing my nipple with the other. Helpless, I succumbed to this amazing pleasure I’d never know before. He kissed me until my lips were numb before kissing down my neck to my chest. His tongue circled my other nipple and I felt his teeth gently tugging, sending fire throughout my entire body. I moaned in ecstasy, as he let go of my wrists and pulled off my pants. My fingers were again in his hair, as I arched my back in a desperate attempt bahis şirketleri to satisfy my aching nipples.

“You taste so good,” he whispered.

“You make me feel so good…” I moaned.

Then I felt his fingers at my knees, and he continued up the insides of my thighs. He trailed along the edge of my panties before pulling them aside.

He teased and tickled me, torturing me to the point of insanity, before sliding my panties down and removing those basketball shorts I’d been drooling over him in all month.

I opened my eyes and looked him up and down. His body was like that of a Roman god, toned and sleek and sexy. Without thinking, I leaned forward and pulled him into my mouth.

“Oh my god,” he moaned. This only encouraged me and I pulled him as deeply into my mouth as I could. He supported himself with one hand on the wall above my head, and looked down at me. We locked eyes and the hunger in his eyes was growing with every movement of my tongue.

Finally, he pulled away.

“I can’t finish without feeling myself inside of you first,” he smiled, picking me up and turning me around.

I’d only experienced missionary up until this point, and was very excited.

I reached between my legs and guided him into me. First, he moved slowly. I almost couldn’t stand it.

“Please,” I begged. “Fuck me faster…”

He sped up only a little, forcing me to beg more.

“Faster, oh my god, faster, Nick!” With that, he gripped my hips and drove himself into me as hard as he could. I cried out in pleasure.

“You sound amazing,” he groaned, continuing to thrust into me as hard as he could.

I happened to glance over at the television and could see our reflection. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. Being able to see what he was doing to me was almost as exciting as experiencing it. I stared at his reflection as his head rolled back and the muscles in his arms tensed. He held me tighter and began to move faster. I moaned and sighed as excitement built up inside of me. I could see him brushing his hair out of his eyes and I could actually see how he was admiring my body and biting his bottom lip.

“Oh my god, Nick…” I moaned. He closed his eyes tightly. My voice was driving him crazy! I kept it up. “Nick, faster… oh my god… you feel so good inside me, baby…”

I smiled to myself as he bit his lower lip. “Oh baby you’re going to make come….” he moaned.

“I want to make you come, Nick, I want it so bad…”

And that’s when it happened. A fierce explosion between us, almost simultaneously. Without hesitation, I screamed at the top of my lungs and grinded myself up against him, as he drove his nails into my hips and yelled my name at the top of his lungs. The moment seemed to last for hours, days even. I thought I might lose my balance, but he caught me around my waist and lowered me gently on top of him.

Moments later, still shaking from the sheer force of my orgasm, I lay on top of him, panting

“You are awesome,” he sighed. “We must do that again soon.”

“I’ve never felt so good in my life,” I giggled.

“Get used to it,” he laughed. “I’ve still got a year left in America, and I plan to take full advantage of it.”

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