For My Boyfriend’s Birthday

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Tonight is a very special night and I can’t believe I’m stuck in traffic. If only the girls weren’t so picky with the flower shopping, I wouldn’t be here dreading.

I reach home. Shit… I only have about fifteen minutes to prepare this! The crimson color of the roses is rich against the ivory marble floors of my condo as I lay a trail of them from the entry hallway to my bedroom. I take out a crispy fresh pink stationary paper from my desk and begin folding it into a heart. I write on it: You’re the Apple of my life–Happy Birthday xx. I set my hearty note on the small desk at the foyer and give it a quick spray of my perfume. Strolling back to my bedroom, I can smell the roses filling my home with a subtle sweet fragrance. I glance at my watch. DAMN! He can be here any minute. I take another pink stationary and scribble away my one last note. I fold my note and lay it down on my bed with the last rose. Suddenly, I hear the front door open and close. He’s here! I scrabble for my iPad and tune in some music. Softly, K-Ci & JoJo-All My Life plays throughout my condo’s speakers. Then I scuttle myself into the darkness of my bathroom.

I huddle down and peek through the dark. I hear his footsteps coming closer. He’s in the room, but he’s nowhere in sight. I hope I’m nowhere in sight. Finally, I can see him beside the foot of my bed. He picks up the note and reads. Then he glances up from the note and slowly peers around the dim room. Oh fuck! I clench myself tighter as he looks at my direction. Oh gosh, I hope he doesn’t spot me! But his eyes pass by me like there was nothing. Phew. He begins to undress and sits nakedly on the edge of the bed facing away from me. I hope he’ll be a good boy and keeps his eyes closed. Slowly, I get up and carefully start undressing myself without making any noise.

I’m fully nude and I can feel my heart pounding against my ears. OOohh my… I can’t believe I’m doing this! As I tip-toe behind him, I take the blindfold that’s on my bedside table and creep onto my bed. I crawl behind him, and just when he was about to turn to me, I quickly slip on the blindfold on him. He giggles at my intentions. His smile is beautiful as ever. I slide my hands down to cup his warm cheeks and I plant a small kiss on his lips. I teasingly pull away from our kiss and he leans forward with his lips searching for mine. We kiss again and I pull away. I continue to play this little game of lost and found till I lead him where I want him on my bed.

Our lips meet again, and this time, his hand caresses my cheek as he kisses me more passionately. MMmmmm… He wants me now. He tries to hug me but I quickly catch his wrists and pin him to the bed. I’m on top of him, my breast against his chest, flesh to flesh. The soft curls from his chest tickle me a bit. I want to giggle, but our kissing grows more furiously. I can feel his erection mushrooming against my lower body. But before I get lost in our lust, I tear away from our kiss. Not so fast… I got plans for you, my little birthday boy.

We are both breathing erratically. I reach for my pillow and pull out a set of fluffy black handcuffs. I lean down and lock lips with him, kissing hard and furiously as I pull his hands together casino siteleri above his head. And like magic, I quickly slip the handcuffs around the bed rail and cuff both his wrists. I can feel him smiling in our frantic kiss. I ease off from our kiss. I gently massage his arms, starting from his wrists, and slowly work my hands down to the top of his shoulders. He lets out a soft melodic moan. I can feel all his tension from the day melt away under my soft dexterous hands. The only tension I feel is the one growing between me and him, throbbing and drooling against the lower part of me. I press myself hard against his erection and swirl my hips in a grinding motion.

He groans, “OOohh-YYeessss…”

I slowdown and stop for moment. I begin my hips again, but slowly grinding the other way around. Then right before he could let out another moan I stop.

“Fuck… Don’t stop.”

I grin at him. I want to bring you to the edge, not over it. I want you begging to cum! I lean forward and give him a small puck on the lips, then another on his chin, and I kiss my way down his jaw line, all the way to his earlobe. And in one swift motion, I press my tongue at the base of his neck and drag it all the way up to his chin, leaving a nice glimmering wet trail. I lay another small puck on his chin and lock lips with his. Kissing passionately, my hands move over to his manly breast and massage them gently. My fingers occasionally brush his nipples and I can feel them harden with each stroke. His teeth clench my lower lip before I can break away from our kiss, but I pinch and twist his nipples.

“AAAAWWW!” he cries out.

“You only get what you give, my little birthday boy.”

Then I kiss one of his breasts warmly, circling my tongue around his nipple, and, I do the same with the other to sooth away the pain. Then I caress his nipple with my warm tongue. He moans softly as I draw his nipple into my mouth. I suckle little by little, increasing my suction each time. My hand pulls his other nipple with similar pressure. He arches back with pleasure. I continue to fondle him like this, but this time with his other nipple. Beneath me, I can feel him oozing and aching for a good fuck.

So I sensuously move my hand over his stomach, across one hip, and down his v-fold to cup him while I softly lay small kisses around his neck. With him now in my hand, I caress him, slowly kneading him like dough. Gradually I build pressure. I let my tongue playfully lick around his jaw line and neck. My hand creeps up to stroke his fine length. Then back down again kneading his balls. Back and forth like this, my hands fondling him. He moans deeply, sending vibes through my tongue that tingle with glee.

“Oh fuck me” he grumbles.

“Your wish is my command.”

With my hand still cupping him, I snuggle his nose with mine, and I give him a good-hard-long squeeze down there. His mouth gasps wide open, but without a sound.

“I’m just warming up.” I give him a quick puck on the nose before I let go of him.

He’s breathing frantically. I can feel his heart racing against my breast. Now my hand guides his mileage inside me as I leisurely slide myself down on him. I can feel canlı casino myself spreading apart, inch by inch, as I take him in me. MMMMmmm… Soft tingles radiate between my thighs. Taking my grand sweet time, I take him deeper in me, like the grains of sand falling in an hourglass. He will now feel what eternity is like within the walls of my own hourglass. Damn… I’ve really worked him up. Inside I feel full, more than what I can bear, more than our usual flings. This is definitely going to take a while, but then again, that’s the whole point. I just have to make sure I don’t get overused before he does. I cup his cheeks into my palms and kiss him vigilantly. Our tongues sensuously explore each other while I begin to pace my hips… slowly. I cradle forward and backward, flexing and relaxing my walls around him, as I feel the warmth of my core muscles build up. MMMMmm… This is a very sexy abs workout. He tries to pull away from my deep kiss, but my hands keep his head in place. I continue barraging him with my relentless kiss. Every time he moans, or when his tongue curls back, my hips keep still knowing well that he’s at his brink. Then after a long sensuous pause, I resume my erotic torment. I go on and on like this for as long as I can.

“Ooh FUCK… I want to cum, Baby,” he pants.

“You’re not asking politely.” I smirk.

“But it’s my birthday…” he pouts.

I give a small puck on his forehead. It’s been nearly an hour. The air around us feels thick and musty. My skin is feeling sticky. His face is flush, he’s been drowning in sweat, and I am nearly spent. A bead of sweat rolls down between my breasts. I shiver in delight. And now for my grand finale. I flinch as I dismount.

“Hey… Where ya go’n?”

I leave him wondering. My my my… What a lovely sight. There he is, buldging and shimmering under my wet juices. I reach down beneath my bed and take out my handy-dandy wand. I plug its cord to an outlet near my bed and flip my wonder-wand on.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Nothing to worry, Luv. This one’s for me.”

But first, I want to use this on you. I hop on bed between his legs, and I begin to stroke him. Up… down… up… down… Then I give him a really tight squeeze at his base and ram the vibrating wand against his drooling mushroom head.

“AAAAAAWWWWWW!” He’s buckling wildly.

Immediately, I pull the wand away before he could shoot his load. I do this again, and again. Jacking and jamming him over and over. He’s breathing hard and fast. He’s flush all over and sweating like a pig. I bend over and lick his salty sweaty balls, swirling my tongue, enjoying his agony. UUUuuummmmm… sssooo-gooooood!

“Please-plllleeeeeassse,” he pants, “OOoohh sweet mercy… Please let me cum… Please darling… Please let me cum.”

Ooohh… he sounds so sexy when he’s begging. And besides, my whole body now is craving for a release! I press my wand against my engorged and pulsating clitoris. MMMmmm… OOooohhh… My mouth parts open and embraces one of his balls. I suckle in him, and with my tongue, I push and pull him. Push… Pull… push… pull… I pull over to his other side and do the same.

“Please sweety… I’m dying kaçak casino here. Let me cum. Please?”

“Good boy.”

I pucker my lips, and in one swift motion, I swoop down on him. MMmmmmMMmm… Aaawww… I got-ah time this right. I want to cum with him! I switch my wand on high, and begin bobbing my head. I tighten my lips around him, while sheathing my teeth, and my tongue swivels around his seeping mushroom. I feel a flurry of goose bumps run all over me as I bring myself higher and closer to the edge of sexual ecstasy. No doubt that he is too. He’s grunting. I’m moaning. Our sexual cry grows deeper and louder, echoing off each other throughout the room like an erotic symphony. I can feel myself getting wetter than ever. Feelings of pleasure are boiling between my thighs. I can feel him tensing up. Anytime now… I’m squirming inside, holding myself till he releases. With my tongue frenzy and ruthless at his tip, I take shorter and slower strides on him, while my hand squeezes around his base and starts jacking him off–hard and fast! Friction is quickly building up on his already drool infested boner. He arches back.


I thrust my tongue onto the tip of his opening, and like a volcanic eruption, he shoots his massive load that sends an intense wave of euphoria through me. Then another wave hits me from below, radiating from my groin. I let myself go. One after the other, the waves escalate me to a place where time does not exist.

It’s white and bright everywhere. Butterflies are swarming all over me as I float in an endless space. The feeling is so tranquil and surreal. I stretch myself out like an eagle soaring through the bright sunny sky. I feel the warm rays of the sun caressing my skin.

Then I feel something tugging against my arms and legs as I try to pull myself back. I can’t seem to move them. As this feeling of everlasting bliss subsides, my body sluggishly regains its self. My eyes squint open.

“Rise and shine Beautiful.”

He’s standing at the foot of the bed, all dressed up and gazing at me. How did you get out of my cuffs? Puzzled, I try to shift myself about. I whirl eyes around me. My wrists, my knees, and my ankles are all tied, spread eagle fashion, to the corners of my bed with sashes of red silk. Where did these come from? I’m still naked, and I feel so exposed down there that I am actually a little mortified. He strolls over to my side, sits beside me, and brushes my hair aside to tuck a strand behind my left ear.

“Sorry about your play cuffs, Babe.”

He holds them out to me. Damn… they were plastic cuffs after all.

“But no worries for these,” he tugs one at my knee, “they won’t break no matter how hard you cum.” He gives me a quick puck on the lip. “Happy Birthday, Sweety.”

Shit… I completely forgot that our birthdays are right next to each other. I hear the intercom in my bedroom buzz.

“Oh goody! Right on time. They’re here.”

“WHAT?” Who’s THEY?

“What good is a birthday without a couple of friends,” he says with a wink.

Do you mean your friends, or, mine? WHAT THE HELL IS HE UP TO? Everything is happening so fast, and, I’m not even a morning person! My eyes shoot bewilderment at him as he leaves my bedside.

“Now you may have had all evening, last night. But today, my little Birthday Girl, I got All-Day-Long. You get what you give, Babe. Only better.”

Oh. My. God.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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