Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 02

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Here’s a little recap of where we left off in the first installment, just to get your motor running…

I am your gorgeous Barbie-doll sex kitten girlfriend, and I am standing right in front of you, posing for you with my hands on my hips. I have a big, mischievous-looking smile on my face and I’m staring at you with my pretty blue eyes twinkling.

My gorgeous, long blonde hair is styled up wild and sexy, and I’ve done a beautiful makeup job on myself, a really slutty but artful look that oozes pure sex, just the way you like.

Not only that, but I’m wearing an absolutely delicious-looking pink stripper-style outfit, with a revealing pink furry angora bolero, a tiny little shiny pink vinyl miniskirt, and a pink lace garter belt peeking out from underneath it, attached to my shiny pink seamed stockings.

My pink high-heeled sandals are those open-toed “fuck me” stripper shoes all you boys seem to like so much, and they have pink ankle straps wrapped and tied suggestively around my ankles.

And I have various kinds of gold jewelry all over me: necklaces dangling down between my cleavage, rings on my long-nailed fingers, bracelets on my wrists and a sparkly gold belt around my waist with a star-charm dangling down from it.

My appearance is full of undeniable feminine sex appeal, and my look attracts you to me. As you approach, I allow you to put your arms around me, and I instruct you to hold me and start caressing me. You are already quite excited and sexually aroused, and I softly pull you toward me, pushing my body up against yours, wiggling gently back and forth on your crotch.

Your hardon is obvious, and I massage it gently with my sensuous body. I take my long-nailed fingers and slide them into your hair, caressing your head and then moving toward your ears, tickling your earlobes. Little tingles of pleasure course up and down your body as I explore the sensitive areas, titillating you with my oh-so-sexy nails.

You moan as I stimulate you, and as you rub me and caress the sensually soft angora sweater I’m wearing, I coax you to continue, “Ooooh, isn’t that nice? My angora feels all soft and sexy and furry, doesn’t it! Mmmmmm, just keep doing it, baby, just like that!”

I smile as I carefully watch your reaction, casino oyna observing you becoming lost in the sexy fur, all according to my little plan! You mindlessly obey me, gently rubbing your hands all over my upper back and shoulders, covered by the soft angora.

I’m calling attention to my furry angora on purpose, but you have no idea what I have in mind to do to you with it yet. Still, my suggestions are planting the seeds of your fetishistic desires for it…and you’ll find out soon enough what else is gonna happen!

I reach forward and begin gently kissing your cheek, slowly moving down onto your neck, and then back up. I teasingly reach toward your mouth, pouting my lips, pretending I’m going to kiss you, causing you to try to kiss me back. But I giggle and pull away, easily rejecting your advances.

One of my slender, long-nailed fingers moves to your lips, stopping you cold, and I tell you, “Now, honey, perhaps I should explain the rules of our little game tonight. You are to do what I say, when I say, and how I say it. Okay?”

You nod, speechless and unable to resist my sweet yet stern demands. You are still holding me in your arms, but you stop pawing at me as I issue the rules for the evening. I can feel your will to resist me melting away…

I continue, “The main rule is this: you are to stay completely still until I am ready to allow your advances, and in the mean time you will let ME seduce and stimulate you. And when I come on to you, you will receive my affections without moving a muscle, do you understand? If you do what I say, I will give you yummy angora prick teasing rewards. If you don’t, I will leave you. Do you understand?”

You nod frantically and pant like a dog, “Yes, Kitty, YES! I’ll do whatever you want, whatever you say!! You are so fucking HOT, please please, I promise to be good and stay still so you can tease me any way you like!!”

I smile, pleased with your obedient behavior, and my sexy pink fingernails move down your neck onto your chest and begin unbuttoning your shirt. “Good boy! Now you keep cuddling me in my soft sweater, honey!”

You obey, your hands trembling with anticipation as you rub me some more. You are on complete sensory overload as you hold me in your arms and watch me lovingly canlı casino undressing you. Your eyes dart all over me, and everywhere you look is some little detail of me that simply drips with brazen sexuality!

Slowly, one by one, I undo the buttons on your shirt. The process is complicated by my long, shiny pink fingernails, which make things rather difficult. Still, watching me undress you with them is simply tantalizing as I expertly fuss over the buttons. Finally I get the last one undone and I slowly slip your shirt off your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

I squirm out of your arms, pulling away and pointing at the shirt on the floor, saying firmly, “Now you pick that up and put it over there on the couch!” You comply instantly, completely under my spell at this point, and you practically trip over yourself as you grab it and walk over to the couch, dropping it there.

And then you look back at me and I beckon you towards me again so I can continue your seduction.

As you approach me I snuggle up next to you again, resting my hands on your chest and slowly sliding them up around your neck as I push my big, soft breasts against you. I smile as you just stand there and accept my advances, knowing not to touch me or do anything without my permission.

“Don’t you want to touch me sweetie??” I say innocently as my long-nailed fingers tantalize your earlobes. I love asking a question like that, it’s suggestive, and implies consent, but doesn’t actually give it. And predictably, you fall for it!

You put your hands on your hips, and I let them rest there for just a moment before pushing them away with my hands and scolding, “Now, now, I just ASKED if you wanted to, I didn’t say you could!”

And I pull away just a little, a mischievous smirk on my face as my little game is revealed. I wave my finger slowly before your eyes, and continue, “Now I want you ask me if you can touch me first, you naughty boy!”

“Please, Kitty”, you respond, your voice quavering with excitement, “please let me touch you!” Your tone of voice has just a hint of desperation in it, which pleases and excites me, and I leave you dangling for a moment, tapping my finger on my cheek suggestively as I contemplate my answer.

“Well, I suppose kaçak casino I can let you do that!”

Again I come toward you and snuggle into your arms, and this time I allow your advances, letting you put your arms around me and slowly rub my lower back. You are more cautious this time, proceeding slowly and hesitantly, which is exactly the effect I wanted.

Again your hands seek out the soft, furry angora I am wearing, and your breathing gets heavier as they find it and start to enjoy its sensual furriness all over again. I smile to myself as I watch things with you proceeding exactly according to plan…

As you slowly massage my body, I lean away just a bit, providing just enough room to lightly tantalize the skin on your chest and stomach with my shiny pink fingernails – the ones I know you just LOVE!

They make little squiggly patterns as they move daintily down your chest, going round and round your nipples but not zeroing in on them. As they get closer to your crotch I slow down and then lift them off and go back up, putting them at the base of your neck and starting over again.

Your body twitches as tingles of pleasure shoot through you like electricity, and each time I tease you with them like that, your responses intensify. As the process repeats itself, they go a little slower and just a bit lower before I take them away…

You’re having difficulty concentrating, and you stop stroking me in the angora because you’re becoming so distracted and turned on. I notice this and immediately correct you, leaning toward your ear and biting it gently, then a little harder to snap you out of your trance.

“Don’t stop feeling me up in my soft angora, sweetie!” You shake yourself out of your daze of arousal and quickly continue, caressing me gently and begging for my forgiveness, and I smile to myself, getting off on my total control over you.

I pull you closer and rest my angora covered arms on you, rubbing them up your chest and around your bare neck, making sure to stimulate your nipples with the soft fur.

You begin breathing heavily as the sight and sensations of me teasing you like that drives you absolutely wild. The sensual, feminine fabric rubbing on you starts to melt your mind and soul, and you pant, “Oh god, Kitty, that feels soooo good! I’ve never felt anything so soft before!!”

Yes, my darling, you are becoming more and more ripe for the plucking, and I will enjoy having more of my wicked way with you soon enough…

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