Flea Market of Lust Ch. 01

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Two hundred and fifty six separate booths and stalls of treasures, collectibles, junk, shit, crap and stuff: this was the Nimitz Road Flea Market, the best flea market in the city.

Most of the booths were open air with no air-conditioning, but we lived in the Southwest and were used to dealing with heat. Yeah, it’s hot. Get over it. No, it’s not the heat or the humidity, it’s your dumb ass complaining about it!

Sorry, I needed to literally vent, literally. Ahem.

I went there as often as I could during my College years. My rationalization was to hunt for comic books, but the truth was they almost never had anything worth buying. But it was still fun to walk around and see all the second hand, third hand and forth hand stuff. About half the dealers would specialize in one thing or another, the other half just seemed to put out whatever they could get their hands on. Imagine a garage sale on acid, and you get close to the Nimitz Road Flea Market.

Stall 135 was one of the outdoor stalls, and it housed my favorite dealer, Sheila. She had been there for years, and while she didn’t have a specialty, she did seem to have a consistent supply of old Playboys and other pornography.

This all happened before the internet, back in the days when good pornography cost money.

Sheila had a big Hairdo maintained by Aquanet and Ozone. Her makeup that was stuck in 1978 – blue eye shadow and all that comes with it. She was in her 40’s, I think. She had blonde hair out of a bottle and always seemed to smoking; Benson and Hedges’ 100’s was her brand. She had that red, red lipstick that no one fashionable wore anymore. She stood about 5’9 in her heels, and was a bit over weight. She usually wore tight designer jeans, and all kinds of t-shirts and blouses. Now and then you’d see her in a polyester pant suit. It may sound like she wasn’t an attractive women, but she was. If she had updated her look, she’s be the match of any hot mom in the Harper Valley PTA.

One Saturday afternoon I was leafing through some old ‘Juggs’ magazines, and Sheila was leaning over going through a box of old Atari game cartridges. Her t-shirt was loose, and it hung open, showing off her breasts. I couldn’t help but stare at those lovely dangling titties, and then my eyes flicked up to see Sheila looking right me, watching me stare at her tits.

“You enjoying the show, Sport?” She said, standing back up and plucking her cigarette from the ashtray.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean anything by it.” I stammered a little more and then dropped the magazines and practically ran out of there.

I was too embarrassed to go back for a couple weeks, and when I did, I avoided Sheila’s stall. I was grabbing a coke at the snack shack when a hand tapped me on shoulder. I turned to see Sheila standing there, cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She was wearing a black cotton t-shirt and the tightest jeans I had even seen her wear, and that was saying something!

“Hey Sport, you ran away awful quick last time.” she said in that cool redneck accent.

“Yeah, well, I got embarrassed, you know.” I tried to keep my cool, but I’m pretty sure I was blushing. She looked me up and down for a couple seconds.

“Embarrassed, huh? Well, you owe me, Sport.”

“Owe you for what?”

“For your little look-see last time.” She blew out a big cloud of smoke, tossed her cigarette butt on the ground and crushed it out with her red pumps. “Come on Sport, follow me.” She started to walk to her stall, and for some reason I followed. It may have been that big ass in those impossibly tight jeans.

Her stall was one of fifty others in a long sheet metal building and the only door it had was a metal garage door that rolled down and got secured with a padlock. She rolled it up and let me enter, and then rolled it down again, bending over in a very provocative manner as she did. The stall was dark except for a crack of light coming from under the garage door. With a rusty click, Sheila turned on a fishnet-hose-woman’s-leg-lamp, like the one in ‘A Christmas Story’. It cast an antique yellow light all over the stall, and it lit up Sheila’s face with a glow of electric sex. She sat herself in a swiveling high bar chair and looked at me.

“All right, show me your dick.”

“You want me to…”

“Stop hedging, Sport. Pull out your dick. Come on, boy! I want me a look-see!” She was laughing illegal bahis at me now, enjoying her power over me. I could hear people walking by, just outside the thin metal door.

“Shit, son, ain’t nobody gonna hear nothing, come on, now, give ole Sheila a treat!” She gave a little cackle and flicked the ash off her cigarette. I gulped hard and then started to take off my belt. “That’s it baby, show me what you got!” She seemed to think all this was funny, which I suppose it was. I lowered my pants a little, and took out my dick, which was half erect. “Well now . . .”. She stopped laughing and looked interested. “I honestly didn’t think you’d whip it out, but allright.” She leaned back in the chair and uncrossed her legs. “Get it hard for me.” I blinked a couple times. She swiveled back and forth in her chair. “Jack off for me Sport, come on. I want to see you in all your glory!” I gave my cock a few tugs, but I was a little uncomfortable, with all the passerby’s just a thin sheet of cheap metal away and someone older than my Mom watching me do something no one had ever seen me do before. Sheila saw i was having some trouble.

‘Here, lemme help ya.” She put her cigarette down and took off her T shirt. She had on a black bra that seemed to be a size or two too small, as her tits were bulging out of it. My cock started to get hard immediately. I dropped my pants to the floor and began to work my cock for real, forgetting about anything else except those tits. Her smile came back, but it wasn’t a mocking smile this time. “Hell yeah Sport, work that fuckin’ pud! I love it that my titties get you so riled!” My lust was starting to overcome my shyness at this point, and my logic also kicked in as I looked at this brazen woman, sitting there shirtless watching a 19 year old man furiously pump his cock right in front of her and I figured that there wasn’t anything I could possibly do to offend her. So, what the hell!

“Shit, that’s a nice piece of pork you got there.” Her voice was smoky, and seemed to get a little deeper. She licked her lips in so sexy a fashion, it made me look away from her tits. Then I looked in her eyes, and when she looked back I didn’t look away this time.

“Yeah, you getting brave huh? Just cuz I’m letting you jack off in front of me, don’t you get no ideas…” I smiled at her. She put out her cigarette and found her lip stick. She leaned forward a bit, showing off her tits even more and put on her lipstick ever so slowly. I grunted and came, shooting my load so hard it almost hit her, but she pulled back in time.

“Shit, sport, that’s the first time all I had to do was put on my makeup to get a man to come. You gonna spoil me!” I leaned on a stack of magazines to steady myself.

“Hey, those are vintage TV Guides from the 60’s, get off em! Take a load off over here, sport.” She got off the chair and yanked me by the arm, making me waddle over to the bar chair due to my jeans around my ankles. Sheila swore and then used a combination of her foot and hands to get the pants off of my feet and to push me into the chair all in one move! It was like White Trash Kung Fu.

“Let’s find out a little something about you, shall we?” Sheila said and then unceremoniously dropped to her knees on front of me and swallowed my softening cock. I mean the whole thing. I yelped a bit, and was worried she wouldn’t like the taste of the cum that was still there, but when she took my cock out of her mouth she actually licked her lips a bit. “Not bad, I’ve had better tasting cum in my mouth, I’ve had worse.” It was the the sluttiest thing I have ever heard, I felt like I was in a porn movie! Granted, Sheila was no Nina Hartley, but I was no Harry Rheems either! I was surprised to feel my cock stir back to life.

“There we go!” Sheila cried out with glee, and she began to wrap her red lips all over my cock, bobbing up and down without fear or hesitation. My cock got harder by the second.

“Oh hell yeah!” Sheila gushed, as she leaned back to look at my rock hard cock, appreciating her achievement. She stroked it slowly, and I watched her aged hands, twist and jerk my cock in ways I had never considered.

“You ever been with a woman, fuck.. what’s your name?”


“Yeah, sure. You done it yet?”


“Then I’m gonna pop your cherry, OK?”

“Yeah. .”

“Just . . yeah. .?” She asked sarcastically, then spit on my dick illegal bahis siteleri and gave it an extra twist with both hands that also made me twist in my seat.

“I mean, yes! Please, oh hell yes, please…take my cherry…take several”

“That’s better.” She put my cock back into her mouth and slurped away for a minute or so, while my head lolled back and forth. If I hadn’t just cum I would have orgasmed right then and there. There was no way that actual fucking could be better than this!

“All right Sport, check this shit out!” I looked back down as Sheila teasingly wrapped her lips around the very tip of my cock and slowly began to go down on it, taking it inch by inch, until the whole thing was in her mouth and her chin was on my balls. She was deep-throating me! I was getting deep-throated! She only held it for a couple seconds before coming up for air, gasping like a pearl diver.

“Whoo! It’s been a while since I’ve had to take one like that. Brings back memories. And now that I’m warmed up…” She plunged back on my cock, taking to the hilt in one gulp! I shouted out loud and Sheila laughed in her throat, a laugh I could feel all up and down my cock. She kept going, taking my entire cock swallow after swallow, filling the little shop with the sound with her wet slurps and my gasps, groans and whimpers.

Finally she stopped. “All right, that’s enough for you. Damn I love gettin’ my mouth filled!” She stood up in front of me, her lipstick wiped clean and her mouth a wet mess, with some saliva dripping down her chin and onto her cleavage. Her breasts rose and fell slowly with her excited breathing. She smiled and said slyly, “This shrink once said I was orally fixated.” I reached over and wiped a little of her spit off her chin with my thumb.

“You got a little on you.” I said, impressing myself with how cool I was able to make it sound.

“Oh, you are coming along nicely.”, said Sheila while reaching for her pack of cigarettes. I stopped her hand, she looked at like she was about to slap me. “Lipstick first. Please.” I told her. She smiled, got her lipstick, redid her sweet mouth in the same color that now coated my dick, and then lit up a long cigarette; keeping her eyes locked on mine the entire time.

“Un button my pants.”, she ordered. Her jeans were so tight I had to struggle a bit to get them loose, but I got it done without losing too many coolness points. I tugged her pants down to the floor and she stepped out of them and then got back in her chair.

“Take off my panties.” She blew a wreath of smoke up into the ceiling. I got my fingers under the elastic of her black panties and peeled them off of her. She lifted her ass a little to help and kept puffing away at her cigarette. After putting her panties on the counter I looked back at my first pussy. It was hairier than I expected. “You’re not going down on me this time, so don’t even think about it. You ain’t ready for that. And the bra stays on.” She put out her cigarette and gestured for me to come over. When I was near enough she grabbed my dick and guided it to the entrance of her pussy.

“Oh, always make sure she’s a little wet before you go shoving it in. I got juicy while while blowing ya, so that’s taken care for now. But next time, just make sure you’re not fucking sandpaper, OK?” She said it like she was giving me advice about my car. Then she put my dick into her and I pushed it further in.

Oh, yes, I said to myself instantly, I want to do this as much as possible! I easily pushed my dick most of the way in and Sheila cooed a pleasant little sound. God it felt fantastic, so soft and warm. “Oooohh . .that’s the ticket,” Sheila said. “Now rock your hips back and forth a bit…yes, yes, yes…” I was fucking her at a steady pace in the chair, focusing like a laser on doing a good job. Her huge tits jostled with every thrust. An impulse struck me and I leaned down to kiss her cleavage. But as I bent over she grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me back up. “No titties for you, Sport. I said no tits.” She spoke without any anger at all, and as I kept up the fucking she loosened her grip on my hair and started running her fingers through it.

“A little faster now.” I picked up the pace and she put her hands on my shoulders and her legs around my waist. The whole chair was now rocking back and forth with our fucking, which rattled the nearby counter canlı bahis siteleri with every stroke. Her eyes closed, and she said in a very serious tone. “You’re a better screw than I thought you’d be. Okay, now hold, I need to cum. Keep it up, John. Keep that fucking coming.” Her nails dug into me and her legs gripped me even tighter. The counter rattled louder and louder as she pulled me deep into her and shuddered. “Now slam it into me hard. DO it!” She yelled. I pulled my cock out and back into her with a minor crashing of pussy’s and counters. She grunted long and deep. “Again!” she yelled. So I did.

“Again!” she grunted through her teeth.

I slammed into her once more, and this time she held me tight, my cock still deep in her, and shuddered all over. After about a minute she released her death grip on me. As she did, she was so relaxed that she almost looked like a different person. “I love a good man who knows how to do what he’s told. It’s a rare thing indeed. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about your cock. Scoot back.” ?

I stepped back and she slid out of the chair like she had no spine until she was on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock and started jacking me off. “Hand me my cigarettes.” I handed her the pack and she fished one out with her teeth and handed the pack back to me. I saw her lighter on the counter, and used it to light her cigarette without her having to ask. She drew a huge draw, and blew a huge cloud onto my dick as she still kept on jacking off. “Allright, I think you’ll like this. I call it the Dragon.” She took in another huge draw and then put my cock in her mouth without exhaling. Her mouth felt warmer as she began to suck my dick in a different way than before. She was doing something with her tongue that was incredible! I felt myself start to come, and looked down just in time to see her sucking my cock like a piston while blowing the smoke out through nose, just like a damn dragon. I came in a rush of pleasure and ecstasy, my hips bucking and my knees trembling.

She swallowed my load, leaving nothing to clean up. We both got dressed without saying anything. Sheila was humming a little tune to herself while she reapplied her makeup, so I guess she was happy.

“Hunh, I wonder if anyone heard us.”I thought out loud.

“Oh lord have mercy, Sport, of course they did.” Sheila laughed.

“Oh shit, I hope. . I mean. . .”

“Hey ‘John’, if that is your real name, listen up. I’m not married and neither are you right?”


“So our fucking didn’t break no promises, right?”


“Now, I know I ain’t Brooke fucking Shields, by a God damned long shot, but I give a good time for a good time had, and I’m letting you leave with no ties except a smile and maybe a discount the next time you buy some of them Batmen from me.”

” . . .so you had a good time? I did good?”

She laughed again. “Oh Sport, you did fine. You’re gonna be allright. And hey anybody out there teases you about banging in the shed with Sheila, just own it. That’s the only way to deal with the shit that comes your way, own it.”

I took out my wallet and showed her my driver’s license. “John. See? It’s my actual name.” She looked at my license, and then back at my face. “Well, ain’t I complimented.” She said sarcastically.

“I’ll be back for that discount, and I just might try to fuck you again.”

“If I got time, I might let you.” I pulled open the garage door, which filled the stall with light. As I walked away I heard her say. “Yeah, he’s coming alone very well indeed.”

Orlando at the snack bar yelled at me as I walked by, “Hey there John, you have fun haggling?” he and the other snack bar chef were laughing and nudging each other.

I started walking toward them. “Hell, yes I did. That woman sure knows how to drive a hard bargain.”

Orlando and his pal laughed again. I kept getting closer until I was standing just about nose to nose, staring him in his face. I felt an odd smile come across my face, one I’d never felt on my face before. It was the kind of smile that wasn’t a smile at all. “She’s a fine lady, friendly and giving, and thereby worthy of respect, wouldn’t you say?” I put all the menace I could in my voice. Orlando’s laugh softened into a passive smile.

“Oh yeah, sure. She’s one of the best ladies in all the Nimitz Market.” All salaciousness was gone from his voice.

“I’m glad we agree.” I walked out of the market and then headed for my car.

When I came back the next day, I dropped off a bottle of good tequila for Orlando.

So, this is what it’s like to feel like a man.

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