Five Poster Bed

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This story is by all accounts pretty amateurish but I dig chicks taking unrealistic cocks. Thanks for reading!


The past two weeks with Mick were kind of a whirlwind. Meeting at the college library led to dinner which led to making out at the college library which led to a couple of dates which led to… Well, you get the idea. Ultimately it led up to this; a quiet evening with some candles in Allison’s bedroom, her four poster bed turned down with her best, dark blue, satin sheets, and Mick taking a shower. Allison was naked and coyly lounging, the cool satin keeping down the temperature of her hot skin. She was warm because she was a little embarrassed by the situation. She had never taken a boyfriend to bed in under two months of dating, not even the ones she thought she loved in the lofty days of high school. Allison felt a little slutty for it even though she knew there was no reason to.

Allison didn’t know if she “loved” Mick and she knew two weeks was much too short a period to tell. In her mind she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something different about Mick, though. It may have been the fact that he was a bit mysterious and reserved but only about certain things. He never wore shorts even in the 95 degree heat of Arizona where they went to school. He shunned playing sports even though he was well built and perfectly suited for soccer or track. He shied away from going to the pool or lake with her when invited and even now turned down the opportunity to shower with her. Allison thought a shower might be a good lead-in to making love in the bedroom but only got a mediocre response from Mick, as if he were detached and thinking long and hard about something.

Mick shut the water in the shower and called to Allison from the next room, “Ummm, if I show you something, you promise not to freak out?”

Allison breathed an awkward sigh of relief as she was beginning to believe that the reason Mark was so secretive was because of her. Now her mind reeled to think what it could be that Mark was hiding: scars, tattoos, an external pacemaker? Actually, Allison found the first two kind of sexy and with this thought in mind had the courage to answer, “Mick, you know I wouldn’t freak out about anything you had to show me.” Unless it’s track marks, she thought.

As Mick walked into the bedroom, Allison noticed something was different about him than all his predecessors. His member arrived about three seconds before he did. Allison saw this and gasped because she had never seen anything like Mick’s Meat Bat: about twenty-four inches long, eight inches around, and a swollen cockhead just made for plowing. But that wasn’t all, not by a long shot; Mick’s balls were the size of large oranges and looked like they really could make a “long shot” of jizz.

“You aren’t frightened by this, are you?” asked Mick tentatively upon seeing her reaction.

Allison was hesitant to answer. The largest object she’d ever had in her was her favorite dildo, a rubber 8 inch job with balls at the end, and it seemed to fill’er up well enough. On the other hand, she always wanted to feel what it would be like to stuffed to the brim with man meat and Mick was certainly qualified for the position.

“I’m not so much scared as curious, really,” replied Allison.

“Curious,” asked Mick dubiously with a smirk on his face.


“Well? Spit it out!” demanded Mick, jokingly.

“See, that’s the thing,” said Allison, a mischievous grin spreading across her face at his ironic remark. In her huskiest, sexiest voice she said, “I’ve never seen a cock and balls the size of yours…”


“Your balls look really heavy. I’ll bet they’re filled with cum. I’m curious to see just how full they are and if I can swallow it all.”

Mark swung his massive girth towards the bed, almost slamming it into one of the similarly dimensioned posts and said, “Now you’re talking!”

Allison was now more startled by her own slutty responses than the appendage Mick unveiled. Did she really say that? What had come over her? She was never a size queen and never got overly turned on by the sight of a large dong but then she realized that she’d never seen one so big. The thought of it pushing against and ultimately into her cervix gave her a pleasurable tingle in her lower back.

Mick was now on the bed with Allison on her back. He was kneeling less than two feet above her head and he was long enough that she could see the underside of his massive tool without him being on top of her. It was already hard and Allison couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Thick veins pulsed under the thin flesh of his pole and it jumped a little every time she stroked it with her fingertips. She had to know, “What got you so hard so fast?”

Mick looked past his protrusion to her upside down face and said, “Thinking of you.”

“Awww…” Allison said mockingly. “What were you thinking about me?”

“What you would look like with my casino oyna meat dangling over you.”

“Is it everything you hoped for?”


“Well then, how about this?”

And with that, Allison stopped stroking Mick with her finger tips, grasped his rod in her hands (it took both) and proceeded to guide the head into her mouth. Mick was so hard and long that he had to bend over a little to help her get it down to her face or it would have elusively hung inches away from her tongue and lips.

Allison was again surprised by her own forwardness. It was spurred on by something primal that she couldn’t have thought of in a million years. All she knew was that she wanted this man for her pleasure and to give him pleasure in return.

Her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and her tongue swirled around it, probingly. She found Mick would shudder slightly when she lapped past the frenulum at the bottom of his circumcised head. She also found it amazing that she was even able to fit the head in her mouth. It amazed her because it was the almost the size of a candy apple, and after a couple of minutes of swirling licks she found it started to taste just as sweet to her. She realized that a flavor was coming from somewhere and when pulled the head out of her mouth to see she noticed a pearl of clear fluid emerging from Mick’s urethra. The hole itself was over a quarter of an inch in diameter but the drop of pre-cum formed to the size of a Gobstopper before it started to flow down the bottom of the head, dripping off, and landing with a light “plop” on Allison’s slightly parted lips.

This new development emboldened Allison even more and she pushed Mick’s now leaking member to the side to look him in the eye. She gazed lustily into Mick’s eyes and licked the visible pre-cum off her lips much to his delight. With a slight bounce, Mark’s beast put out another droplet of clear jizz and Allison eagerly licked it off, like a drop of ice cream off a melting cone. Allison then put her thumb on the underside of Mark’s cock and slowly drew her hand up towards the head, maintaining pressure on his urethra. The result was a steady trickle of clear fluid that dripped down to Allison’s now open mouth ending when she got almost to the tip. Allison was pleased with the resulting look of passion on Mick’s face; she was also pleased that she had remembered the couple of tricks she practiced on her last few lovers.

The last two inches worth of squeezed secretion merely dribbled down the bottom of Mark’s cockhead and pooled against Allison’s thumb. Allison took this as a cue to renew her ice cream cone eating efforts. She was also hoping to attempt what appeared to be an impossible deep throat based on what she learned from her last boyfriend (the only one ever to get that far into Allison’s mouth.) The thought made her pussy tingle. It was at that moment she realized she was incredibly wet, wetter than she’d ever been before. It took her another moment to realize that while Mick was slightly leaned over he had managed to slip two fingers into her sopping womanhood and was lightly squeezing her clit between them.

This new sensation was most pleasing to Allison. Her eyes closed slightly and rolled back as she savored the feeling of Mick’s hands on her hot button and the taste of his pre-ejaculate in her mouth. All the while, Allison was steadily milking her new favorite treacle directly into her mouth.

Allison reached up again to grasp Mick’s python with her left hand and enjoyed seeing his balls quiver at her touch. She took this as a good time to massage them with her free right hand. She seemed more determined than ever to get that delicious pre-cum out of him and thus lightly squeezed each orange sized orb in her hand. Allison’s right hand moved from one engorged nut to the other while she lightly stroked the heavy pole that now terminated in her wet and willing mouth. She even touched her fingertips to the back of his nut sack and got a little squirt more of pre-cum every time she raked his oversized vesicles. The simultaneously salty and sweet flavor made her all the wetter and Mick wasn’t doing too bad a job with his hand either.

Mick in the meantime was slow and gentle with Allison’s clit, still stroking it and pinching it lightly between his index and middle fingers. Without realizing it, he started to move his hips back and forth, pushing his manhood slightly in and out of Allison’s lip lock on his head. As if in response to this motion, Allison started to inhale and exhale a little bit more heavily than when they started this little venture. Mick continued his manual vaginal ministrations. They started to get a rhythm: when Mick was in, Allison’s tongue was touching the top of his cockhead and his fingertips were touching her engorged clit. When he was almost out, her tongue was eagerly probing his quarter inch squirt hole for more of his sweet secretions and his fingers were wrapped around her love button.

A few more minutes canlı casino went by and Allison now seemed to be holding her breath for a few moments while Mick was pushed in. Mick also felt Allison’s tongue farther up on his member than before. Wanting to see what was going on, he pulled out almost to the point of leaving her eager mouth, let her gasp in some air, and then slowly moved back in. When he looked down through half shut eyes he saw that Allison had taken ten inches of his member in her mouth, something no other girl had ever been able to accomplish with his raging hard-on. He pulled out almost in a panic, afraid that he would smother the poor girl to death in a most erotic fashion.

Allison looked up almost apologetically and asked, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

He told her, with genuine concern for her well being, “No girl has ever taken that much! I didn’t even notice because it felt so good but I don’t want to hurt you!”

Allison propped herself up on one arm, looked up into his eyes lustily, and simply replied:

“I can go deeper…”

Now it was Mick’s turn to be shocked.

Allison scooted over to the side of the bed and lied back down with her head off the edge.

“Get off.”

“I may be big but I can’t just do it on command… I mean, I’ve never really thought to but…” Mick trailed off jokingly.

“I meant the bed, dummy!” Allison exclaimed.

They smiled at each other as Mick got up and, understanding what she wanted, again placed himself above her head except standing up this time. She again gazed at the underside of his magnificent organ and could have sworn it had gotten even bigger since it was in her mouth. She began to wonder if it was wise to boast how deep she could take him.

Again Allison grasped Mick by the shaft with both hands and guided him to her surprisingly flexible maw. The lust was apparent on her face before Mick’s member blocked it from his view and disappeared between her soft and ample lips. Allison moved her hands from his shaft as it buried itself in her mouth to his marvelous balls, stroking them, kneading them, all the while savoring their product as it was deposited in her mouth. Mick was waiting for her to acclimate herself to his girth again and stood patiently. Allison appeared to have been all out of patience.

Her hands migrated from his seed pods to the front of his hips, searching, it seemed, for something that he was unaware of. She grasped the base of his cock and tugged it towards her face, beckoning it. Mick was still hesitant though. Allison then positioned her hands on the sides of his hips and managed to get another couple of inches in to match her previous record of ten inches, his cock head just past the back of her throat. With her head positioned the way it was, she could have easily swallowed the pork sword of a man of normal proportions, straight through her head and down her throat an inch or two. Mick was nowhere near normal though and he demonstrated his understanding of this by constantly keeping from advancing.

Allison let Mick out a few inches to get some air and more of his pre-ejaculate which, by now, was almost in free flow without any signs of letting up. The taste was sweet and tart at the same time, with a little bit of salt mixed in; not unlike the margaritas that Allison drank on their date before coming back to her place. She was starting to believe she liked drinking Mick even more.

After a few well paced inhalations, Allison made absolutely sure she was correctly positioned for another of Mick’s unaggressive oral assaults. For a brief moment, Allison thought, What the hell.

She let go of Mick’s hips, reached her arms as far as they would go behind him, and dug her fingers into his asscheeks, pulling him inexorably toward her. Mark tried to stop but was taken off guard and found himself moving forward deeper into Allison than he ever thought possible. When he finally stopped moving he looked down worriedly. Underneath him, Allison had jammed almost all of him into her mouth, leaving only about seven or eight inches not covered in her slippery saliva.

Holy shit, Mick thought. She took two thirds of my cock in her! I’m going to marry this girl!

Holy shit, Allison thought. I took two thirds of his cock in me! I’m going to need to breathe soon!

Suppressing the urge to panic, Allison held her grip on Mick long enough for him to look down and assess the situation. She had indeed taken 16 inches of meat in her mouth and down her throat. Her neck muscles strained and Mick could see that her throat was impossibly distended with pulsing cock stuck in it. Allison was holding on just long enough to prove to Mick that not only was she unafraid of his gigantic unit but that she was actually enjoying it.

After about ten seconds, Allison released her grip on her lover’s ass and let him pull out. She let his throbbing meat head pass her lips and she continued to try to control her breathing after ramming kaçak casino something the size of a baseball bat down her throat. Sticky ropes of what appeared to be cum trailed from her face to the head of his cock and Allison wondered if he had spent himself deep in her chest.

“Did you cum all the way down my throat?” Allison asked.

“No,” said Mick smiling past himself down at Allison. “Still pre-cum.”

Allison was amazed to hear this because not only did she have a lot of the sticky stuff on her face but it was also all over her mouth and continuously oozing down Mick’s engorged rod. He was pre-cumming more than most men Allison had seen cum. She stared up at him mesmerized by the bouncing cock that would just not stop leaking. It was turning her on so much that she started to ooze out on her own satin sheets, the navy blue darkening to almost black under her wet orifice.

After a well deserved repose, Allison turned over and, looking up expectantly at Mick, said, “Turnabout is fair play. Your turn to get on your back.”

Mick eagerly climbed back on the bed expecting to feel Allison’s warm mouth wrapped around him again but instead saw her unsteadily stand up on the bed. Her juices were now plain to see, dripping down her leg, and she was even wetter than she was when he was invading her with his two fingers. Allison knew she didn’t just want him anymore, she needed him. And on some level, it seemed, he needed her too.

Mick was still over two feet tall lying down and Allison looked down, a little daunted. Taking him in her throat was one thing; there was room for Mick to go. Her love tunnel was a whole other story altogether.

Mick looked up at Allison and asked, “Um, are going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

Allison looked down lustily, nodding. Mick advised, “You probably shouldn’t; my last girlfriend was in tremendous pain after my first thrust.”

Allison positioned herself above Mick’s towering cock, looked down at him again and said, “Well, you’re not going to thrust into me are you? That’s why I’m on top; to control how much I take. Besides, I’m not your last girlfriend, am I?”

And with that, Allison lowered herself quickly but steadily onto Mick’s pole. In an instant, Mick’s cock was pressing against Allison’s cervix 6 inches into her abdomen. The sensation was incredible for both of them: Allison was filled to the brim with throbbing meat, causing tingles to run up and down her spine, ending at the swollen pussy lips wrapped around said meat. Mick couldn’t believe how tight and yet so accommodating Allison’s pussy was. She stayed there for a few moments, perched upon his huge dick, getting accustomed to having him inside her.

When she finally got used to the feeling, Allison started moving up and down very slowly, all the while feeling the suction of her tight, wet pussy around Mick’s massive girth. Mick just stared up in amazement at Allison’s face, her half closed eyes rolling back with each downward motion. Fluids started to stream down Mick’s cock and Allison’s thighs, their love juices mingling and mixing inside Allison’s pussy; her love tunnel was so filled with cock that it couldn’t contain everything anymore.

Allison’s hands were not idle during this interaction; her hands were moving from between her legs to her 32B breasts. While her hands were at her boobs, she kneaded each one and then gently squeezed her nipples. When she was done up there she would move a hand down to Mick’s throbbing member, give it a reassuring squeeze, and look down at Mick to see his reaction. Needless to say, Mick wanted more. Allison would then run her fingertips from his shaft to her clit and swirl around it a bit, rubbing the love juice into it and enjoying the electrifying sensation. Finally, with a sticky hand she would return her attention to her tits, rub the Mick/Allison Love Lotion into them, and start the process anew.

After a little while though, Allison’s legs were beginning to get tired from standing unsteadily on a bed and wobbly from the sensations emanating from her pussy. Allison looked down at Mick’s sweaty face and said, “I can’t hold myself up on you much longer, I’m going to try shifting.”

Mick looked up quizzically and asked, “Where are you going to shift to? You should just come down from there.”

Wordlessly, Allison looked deep into Mick’s eyes and lowered herself further.

“Wait,” said Mick nervously.

Allison could feel the apple sized head pressing against her cervical opening and thanked goodness she was on the pill. Though with all the cum in these balls, she thought, I hope the pill is enough!

Mick’s eyes rolled back into his head as Allison continued to descend his member. He wanted to stop her but the feeling was just too amazing for him to form a coherent thought, let alone warn her not to hurt herself. When she was done, Allison was kneeling on the bed upright on Mick’s massive tool. All but about 6 inches of his manhood was inside of her and Allison could feel Mick at the back of her cervix, pressing against the organs above it. When Mick had the sense of mind to look, he could see Allison’s eyes squeezed shut, half from pain and half from lust.

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