Finishing School Ch. 05

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Monday Night

As it did every night, Mara’s bed lowered into the workroom below, and the observers set about their work. They hooked her band up to a monitor, and it started transferring all of the information it had gathered, such as her heart rate, arousal state at different intervals, and breathing rate. Once they received all of the information from the band, they moved onto the belt. For the first few weeks, the only protruding accessory would be the one in her vaginal canal to give her time to adjust. Once her instructors started working with her, they could add the anal attachment.

The chastity devices made it much easier for the Observers to do their job, and Mara was soon raised back into her bedroom, none the wiser about her night time excursions.


Once again, the vibrating in my vagina woke me up at what I assumed to be 8 am. I dragged myself out of bed and splashed water on my face to try and wake up. After, putting on a fresh set of black underwear, I put on a clean uniform and noticed that the dirty one had been removed from the bathroom floor. The vibrations stopped as I walked out of my room and headed towards the Cafeteria.

Natali was already there and she waved me over after I grabbed some food, “Hey Mara, meet the girls, this is Hanna, Viktoria, and Josefine. Girls, this is Mara, she’s in the black room.”

The other girls said hi and I set down my tray and started eating. I studied them as they started talking about skincare routines. Hanna had light brown hair that went all the way down her back and pretty brown eyes, and she was dressed in a light green variation of the uniform. Viktoria had stunning icy blue eyes, with dark brown hair and a deep purple uniform. Josefine had caramel-colored hair, dark eyes, and her uniform was a beautiful gold. They were all gorgeous, and I felt out of place sitting with them.

I noticed casino siteleri Viktoria watching me and I opened my mouth to ask her what she was staring at when I felt the vibrator kick on again. The Cafeteria became a flurry of motion as all of the students stood up and started clearing their places. I noticed that my table mates had already left me, except for Hanna, who noticed me still sitting and gestured for me to move. I rose and copied her as she dumped her trash into the garbage and placed her tray in a neat stack.

“It can take some getting used to, but they prefer to use internal methods of time measurement rather than clocks, they say it encourages punctuality.” Hanna continued talking, “We have the same class schedule this week, so I’ll take over as your guide. Our first class is in Room 4, with Mr. Williams.” Hanna was silent for the rest of the walk to the classroom, and when we got there the vibrations stopped completely.

Mr. Williams had the same level of attractiveness that all of the teachers here seemed to possess, and he beckoned me to the front of the room. After having me introduce myself to the class, we spent the rest of the time playing ice breaker games. The rest of my classes were pretty much the same, and by lunch I was famished. After lunch, it was the same thing for my remaining classes. Hanna showed me around a little after our last class, and then we met up in the main courtyard with Natali, Viktoria, and Josefine. We all walked to dinner together, and afterward, Hanna walked me back to my room.

I took a quick shower and climbed into bed in only the metal undies again. When the bra started to repeat the same process as last night I moaned in frustration. Everything happened the exact same way as the night before, and right after my climax, I felt the prick under my left boob and was soon asleep.

Tuesday Night

Tonight all of canlı casino the Instructors that Mara had met today were observing. She had been in an almost constant state of arousal from the vibrations between each class. The vibrations started at the end of each class and increased in intensity every 3 minutes until the student passed the threshold of their next class. If a student failed to make it to their class on time, without a valid pass they would receive a punishment. The usual punishment was an electric shock from their chastity belt, which repeated every 5 minutes until the student made it to class, or got a valid pass. A few of the students had started to purposely be late and had activated the band’s punishment as well, they seemed to enjoy the pian. Those students had been moved to different classes, and the punishment was changed for them.

Mara’s Instructors shared their observations of her and notes were added to her file. She had made quite the impression on all of them, and a few, in particular, had taken great interest in her. The notes complete, Mara’s bed rose into her bedroom.


The rest of the week passed in a blur, my classes were all boring and every night, as soon as I lay in bed after my shower, the metal underwear did the same routine. Each night, it took much longer for me to reach my climax, and by Friday, I was ready to try and get expelled again. I didn’t even bother to shower at the end of the day, and instead just collapsed on my bed after writing in my journal.

I was glad that I had stayed clothed because my bedroom door opened, and Mr. Attenbourough walked in, “Hello love, I’ve come to take your measurement again, one of the teachers said your uniform didn’t fit right and we can’t have that.” He said with a smile. “Why don’t you go ahead and undress so we can begin.”

I gaped at him, he wanted me to undress?! Did he know kaçak casino about my new, permanent underwear?

My disbelief must have shown on my face because he chuckled, “It’s alright love, nothing I haven’t seen before. I need to get those measurements as accurate as possible this time and to do that, I need you unclothed. Don’t worry about your chastity belt or band, I have a key.”

When I still didn’t move to undress, he sighed. He pulled out his phone and did something on it, and I felt the click as my metal bra loosened. I quickly pulled off my shirt, and wrenched the bra off, it felt so good to be free!

Mr. Attenbourough smiled, “That’s better, now your skirt please.”

I reluctantly removed my skirt and he did something on his phone again, and the underwear released and fell to the floor. I was completely naked for the first time in a week, and it felt amazing and strange all at once. My vagina felt cold without the warm metal, but my breasts had been aching for release the past few days.

Mr. Attenbourough gently took my arm and started to measure everywhere.

I was still reveling in my freedom when he stood, “Your breasts have grown significantly, as has your ass. I’ll need to make you whole new uniforms to fit now, You are now at 98 cm for both, though your waist is still the same size as before. If I had to guess there are a few other changes as well.”

I stared at him, my bust had stopped growing at 70 cm years ago, there was no way it had grown so much in just a week! But my breasts had been sore, as well as all of my intimate places. I was getting cold standing naked, and I moved to put my clothes back on, leaving the metal underwear on the floor.

“Not yet, love. I need you to drink this for me. It should help with your sore muscles.”

I took the cup from him and drank the pink liquid. It tasted like raspberries. After I drank the last drop, he took the cup from me and set it on the nightstand. I started to feel strange, and I could feel my body falling. Strong arms caught me and lay me on the bed. As they let me go, I heard myself mumble, “Stay.”

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