Field Trip Follies Ch. 10

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This is the TENTH installment of Field Trip Follies. Thanks to Literotica author Laurie for lending me her characters Lindsey Foster and her sister Katie. And also thanks to Laurie for all her encouragement and inspiration.

This chapter is a direct continuation of Chapter NINE so please read that one first!

Once again, this chapter has no incest, but some freaky FURRY action!

All characters in this story are over the age of 18!



© C.B. Summers 2011

DAY 4 — 9:20 A.M.



Katie purred and stretched as she rolled onto her back. She put one hand on her pussy and felt it quivering. “Oh, shit, Brant. That was epic.”

Brant felt like he was going crazy. Did the Lion Tamer ACTUALLY come out of that silly story I wrote? Oh fuck… am I dreaming? He pinched his arm and felt the pain. No… but she’s not Mrs. Foster. I just fucked a total stranger! He stared at her in shock. She resembled Mrs. Foster, but her lips were fuller and juicier, and the expression on her face was wicked and comical, with none of the cheerful, innocence that made Mrs. Foster so incomparably perfect.

Katie laughed. “Okay, I’m not actually the Lion Tamer, nice story, by the way, and I’m not Mrs. Foster either. Well, I guess you pieced that one together. I’m her sister. Katie. Katie Jimenez. And let me tell you something else. I haven’t been fucked like that in ages.”

The strange girl sat up, swiveled her gorgeous legs around, hopped onto Brant’s lap, and started kissing his face gently with her full, moist lips. He didn’t kiss back, but neither did he push her away. He was still in shock. She’s not Mrs. Foster. Dammit! Not Mrs. Foster at all! Fuck! Wait… did she say she was Mrs. Foster’s SISTER!? He vaguely remembered seeing Mrs. Foster driving around Jacksonville with a pretty brunette in the passenger seat. Her sister? But… but why? Why did she… what is she…? His thoughts faded away as he felt her lush lips gently sucking his bottom lip into her mouth. Her hot little tongue gently slid back and forth, teasing him, tempting him, working his mouth open millimeter by millimeter. He felt something wet dripping onto the top of his soft cock. My cum… my cum is dripping out of a stranger’s pussy.

Katie had absolutely no idea what to say now that the cat was out of the bag. She wasn’t as fast on her feet as her big sister. But words weren’t her specialty anyway. This was. Seduction. She kissed Brant slowly, sensuously, trying to tease him into kissing her back.

Brant was bitterly disappointed that he hadn’t been making love to Mrs. Foster after all. I want Mrs. Foster to kiss me! Not this cheap imitation! She doesn’t kiss like her at all! He vividly remembered how Mrs. Foster had passionately invaded his mouth with her sharp, erotic tongue. But Katie’s kisses were slower, softer, more sensual and seductive. I should push her away. She’s not Mrs. Foster… but goddamn… her lips… so big and soft… so wet… mmm…

He opened his mouth and let her wide, wet tongue enter. He moaned, and soon they were performing a tongue-ballet that passed back and forth between their mouths, to the music of her gentle little whimpers and moans. Oh shit… her voice… such sweet music… He felt shivers running down his spine and blood surging into his cock.

Katie felt Brant’s cock standing erect, and nestling into her butt crack. Yeah, baby… that’s it. That’s what I want! She arched her back and raised her ass slightly. His cock slid right into position, as if it knew exactly where it belonged. Then she lowered herself slowly, and moaned as his sleek, massive shaft stretched the walls of her vagina to the breaking point. Oh shiiit… he feels even fatter than before! How’s that possible? As she skewered herself on Brant, he let out a deep, moaning sigh, until the head of his cock was pressing against her cervix.

“Oh…fuck! You’re so fucking big. Hold still. Hold still. Let me feel it. Oh shit… oh shit… oh my fucking holy shit…”

Brant could feel Katie’s tight pussy vibrating around his cock as she moaned and whimpered and shook. He looked down in fascination as her beautiful breasts jiggled with each gasp. Oh man… I’m giving her an orgasm just by being inside her. If she thinks that feels good, let’s see what she thinks of this.

Katie felt Brant’s big, strong hands grip her narrow waist. Then he lifted her up as if she were light as a feather. “Oh holy shiiiiiiiiit,” she moaned, feeling his veiny shaft pulling out slowly. He stopped with the head of his cock nestled between her pussy lips. She felt so empty without him inside her, she had no choice but to moan in frustration.

Brant stared into Katie’s eyes and held her there for a solid minute. She stared right back, canlı bahis biting her lip in growing anticipation. He felt the juices literally dripping out of her pussy. It knew what was coming next, and was making desperate preparations. Katie moaned, desperate with need. Brant whispered, “What do you want?”

She whimpered, “Do it. Please. Fuck me drummer boy.”

He waited a moment, then pulled her down hard. She shrieked in pleasure, then he lifted her up and pulled her down again. She screamed as if she were being murdered, her eyes bugging out of her head. She dug her fingernails painfully into his shoulder blades but she didn’t tell him to stop, so he kept on killing her this way for minute after minute after minute. His arms were strong and tireless. He had drummer’s arms.

Although Brant found Mrs. Foster’s sister amazing, he was even more amazed by himself. I was a virgin the day before last… but here I am fucking the second woman of my life! And look at her! Listen to her! I’m doing that! I’m making her scream! I guess I’m pretty good at this!

She began to shout, “Oh holy fucking Christ!!! What… are you… doing to me? Aaaiii!”

Brant suddenly stood up, easily holding Katie aloft with his hands under her smooth, round ass. She held onto his shoulders tightly, unsure what he was going to do next. Then he pistoned his pelvis forward, causing her to slide out to the tip of his cock before gravity pulled her back in, slamming balls deep against his crotch with a loud, wet slap. He instantly pistoned again, repeating the motion with slap after slap of flesh-on-flesh. Katie couldn’t believe how deep he was going. Her legs began to quiver uncontrollably and an orgasm built up quickly inside her, finally gushing with a rush of pure pleasure.

Squirt after squirt of cum started blasting out Mrs. Foster’s sister, spraying all over Brant’s abs, but he didn’t stop. He was going strong now, and kept on banging her like a drum, their wet slaps forming a cadence that he felt he could keep up all day, just as if her were marching in a parade. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

She started screaming so loud, it made his ears ring. “Oh fuck! Oh FUCK! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! YEAH! YEAH! BRANT! YEAH! FUCK ME DRUMMER BOY! YEAH! BRANT! DRUM ME! DRUM ME!! DRUM MEEE!!!!

Drum her he did.


Killian Kirk was wandering the aisles of the store, just minding his own business, trying to read medicine labels through the big eyes-holes of his Big Blue Bear costume. He was on a mission of mercy to find nighttime aspirin and indigestion medicine for group of sick girls. Another, less dedicated mascot might have removed their head so they could read easier, but not Killian. He took his mascoting seriously. He worked summers in the Florida theme parks and knew from experience that kids believed characters like this were real. If they saw the Big Blue Bear pulling his head off… well he didn’t want to traumatize anybody!

Dang… I should have changed out of the costume before shopping. Oh well… I’m here now. I’ll just get what I came for, make my delivery, and get back to the practice. No problemo.

He heard a group of girls explode into the store chattering away about this or that, but when they went silent, he knew they’d spotted him. Well, it’s hard to miss a 7′-8″ tall Big Blue Bear in a little hotel gift shop.

One of the girls shouted in a husky voice, “Wow! Look at the bear! He’s so cute!”

Another girl said, “Hey, why did they let him in here? I thought it was no shorts, no shoes, no service.”

Another girl added. “Yeah, look! His feet are ‘bear’. Get it? ‘Bear’, ’cause he’s a bear?”

“Ha, ha, he’s wearing ‘bearly’ any clothes at all!”

The husky-voiced girl said, “Oh, leave him alone. He’s looking for medicine… must be ‘beary’ worried about someone.”

“I don’t know, Laurie, but he definitely looks ‘blue’.”

“No he’s just looking for a cure for a bad case of ‘blue’ balls!”

Har, de, har har. The puns only got worse from there. Killian finally found what he was looking for and turned to head for the cash register, but the girls had him cornered. Damn, they were cute: seven adorable high schoolers, around his age, but from a different band. They were dressed in sexy orange-and-black colorguard uniforms with a glittery wildcat leaping across their breasts.

One girl in particular caught Killian’s eye. She was named Laurie, and was the tallest one in the group, about a foot shorter than himself, with long brunette hair and an impressive set of knockers. She was obviously the alpha wolf of the pack. She smiled a broad, funny smile at him as she pinched the bear’s furry cheeks, saying, in her adorably husky voice, “Aww, what an adorable blue bear! Hey, take my picture, Suzi!”

As Laurie snuggled next to him, he felt as ridiculous as he looked. Before he landed the role, Big Blue Bear had always bahis siteleri been round and fat. But Killian was at least a foot and a half too tall for the costume, so they remade it by taking fur out of the belly to lengthen the arms and legs. The body ended up nearly form-fitting on his seven-foot frame. With the big round head on, he looked less like a Big Blue Bear, and more like a Big Blue Q-tip. To cover the loss of bulk, they made an oversized football jersey for the character, which only made him look dorkier because it wasn’t really long enough. But worked out in the end because the costume was tight enough to allow him to do the acrobatic moves that had earned him the role. People stopped snickering when he did one of his long power tumbling passes down the field, particularly the one with the double full back flip in the end. That one always brought them to their feet.

All the girls started taking photos of Laurie as she playfully snuggled up next to him. Killian’s mind went blank as he felt her big, firm breasts bracketing his arm. She started changing poses against him, rubbing those massive knockers back and forth, flopping them across his arms and back with careless intimacy, resting her hand on his hip, and rubbing her crotch against his fuzzy ass. Since his costume was so tight and threadbare, he could feel everything. Laurie was really starting to get a rise out of him.

One of the other girls, a blonde named Steffie, who had eyes so pale blue they were almost white, said, “Watch out, Laurie, he’s not wearing pants. He’s totally ‘bear’ assed!”

The girl named Suzi added, “Yeah, Don’t let his blue balls thwack ya!”

Laurie laughed, “I guess this is what they mean when they say ‘bear’ naked.” The girls fell about themselves with hilarity. He’d heard that joke ten thousand times before. Yawn. But then she stood on her tiptoes, leaned in close to his fuzzy blue ear and whispered in her husky voice, “I bet you’d love to see me ‘bear’ naked, wouldn’t you, big fella?”

Damn, her voice was sexy. Even though he knew she was just joking around he felt his cock surging to life. Then Laurie made things worse by whispering “I bet you’d like to rip my clothes off with your claws until I have ‘bearly’ anything on. And then you could bend me over and ride me ‘bear’ back. Yeah… I’d like that. It would be so fucking sweet. You look like a teddy, but I bet you’re hung like a grizzly!”

That did it. His cock bulged outward, pressing against the fur in his crotch, tenting it forward. He tried to cover it with his big blue paws but Steffie noticed and pointed at it. “Oh, gross! He’s popping wood!” The girls started laughing like crazy and letting out ear-splitting shrieks, like only teenage girls can do.

Well, not all of them. The tall girl, Laurie, blushed and made a funny, apologetic face, “Oops. Sorry dude. I didn’t mean to… uh… do that to ya. Hey, I owe ya one.”

He pushed past the girls desperately, almost certainly rubbing his boner against one or two of them as he stumbled past. He paid for the medicine as quickly as possible, and left the store holding the bag over his boner. The girls wanted to chase him, but he heard Laurie holding them back.

“Let him go girls, we don’t want to ‘bruin’ his day.” The girls groaned at the worst pun so far, and Killian was free.


“Alyson, please let me in. I need to make sure you’re okay.”

Lindsey looked at her watch. Alyson had been locked in the bathroom for ten minutes, doing who knew what with the photos she’d taken on her cell phone. But at least Ayako and Brandi had finally settled down, thanks to the Valium she’d given them. They were dozing in bed, cuddled in each other’s arms.

Lindsey whispered, “Alyson… believe it or not, I understand what you’re going through. Okay, I don’t know your exact situation at home, but I do know your mother, so I have a good idea what kind of crapola she’s been feeding you about homosexuality.”

She heard Alyson’s voice softly say, “She’s just quoting the Bible.”

Lindsey sighed. “The Bible is long, Alyson, and chock-full of beautiful stories and parables… and a lot of boring crap too, including endless lists of persnickety ancient laws, some of which are so outmoded that nobody follows them anymore. People like your mother like to cherry-pick the bible to support their prejudices. Well… it’s human nature. All I can say is that if it’s evil to lick pussy, then I guess I’m evil. But I don’t think so.”

“It don’t matter what you think, or what I think. She thinks lesbians are an abomination. If she found out about me… fuck. I don’t want to be this way, Mrs. Foster.”

“I know baby, but you are. Let me tell you a little story. When I was a kid, my family spent a week in Boston. One day we took a road trip out to Cape Cod, because my mommy spent a few summers there as a kid and wanted to show it to my sister and me. We drove bahis şirketleri all the way out to Provincetown, which is a beautiful little village way out at the very end of the peninsula. My daddy came to a stop near the center of town, and right away he noticed several same-sex couples walking around holding hands… in public! In front of god and everybody! He grimaced and made a nasty comment in Spanish. I don’t know what he said, but my mother was totally offended and just about tore him a new asshole. A few minutes later he saw a couple of guys kissing on a park bench, and that was it for him. He turned the car around, ignoring my mother’s protests, and drove straight back to Boston. Daddy didn’t know that Provincetown is a gay Mecca… they comprise almost a fifth of the population, in fact. ‘

“Well, that night my parents had such a huge fight that Daddy never said anything disparaging about gays in front of me or my sister again, but it was too late. We already knew his opinion, so when we got older and started liking girls… well, we had no choice but to keep it a secret from him. And then we found out our mother is bisexual too, and also our aunt! Poor daddy… he still doesn’t know that he’s surrounded by pussy-eaters.

“The point I’m trying to make is that I love my Daddy, but I couldn’t be who he wanted me to be. I didn’t even try. That’s just not the way the world works. You have to live your life or you’ll whither away.”

Lindsey fell silent, thinking about the many ways that she still needed to learn that lesson. She’d married the man who made her pregnant because Daddy told her it was the right thing to do. And she’d lived an artificially monogamous life for years, trying to fit into that mold.

But on the flip side… for the last few days she’d been suddenly reverting to that crazy little cock-whore she’d been in high school and college. It felt great, but at what cost? She’d had sex so far with four high school students, one total stranger, her boss and her sister! As a result she was in serious danger of losing her job, her family, her dignity…. her whole life! Hmmm… maybe this advice isn’t so great after all.

She cleared her throat and said, “You’re only eighteen, Alyson. There’s plenty of time for you to work through this stuff. You don’t have to solve all these problems right this second. Just give it time. Give it time.”

Alyson finally opened the bathroom door, much to Lindsey’s relief. Lindsey was once again stunned by the naked redhead’s beauty, in spite of the magic-marker tattoo Brandi had drawn all over her torso.

Alyson was weeping bitterly. “I’m so confused, Mrs. Foster!”

Lindsey held Alyson’s chin up and looked into her green eyes. Her pupils were still dilated, but not as bad as before. “You’re just having a weird reaction to those joints you smoked. I think they were laced with something…”

“No, Mrs. Foster. Not possible. My friend Amy gave them to me!”

Amy Gleason? Shit, that girl’s a major cokehead! But then again, so was I when I was her age. And I doubt she’d play a trick like this. She’s a sweet girl. “Well whatever the cause, you’re tweaking like crazy. But I have something that can level you out a bit. Are you allergic to any medicines, sweetie?” Alyson shook her head, so Lindsey gave her a Valium.

Then Alyson hugged her tight and wept into her shoulder. Meanwhile, Lindsey reached around Alyson and picked her phone off the counter and looked through the photos Brandi had taken of Alyson’s crazy magic-marker tattoo. In the last one, Lindsey could be seen reflected in the mirror, leading Ayako into the room. Shit! One of Ayako’s bare breasts was hanging out of the loose uniform. And Dana Lee’s naked, sleeping body was visible in the background. Lindsey deleted that picture first. I’d rather not have to explain that one. Damage control, Lindsey, damage control. Then she deleted all but one picture, leaving it for Alyson to remember this crazy night, if she wanted to.

When that was done, Lindsey held Alyson at arm’s length and examined the black marker drawing that covered her torso and face. “Now, what are we going to do about this? You can’t march this way.”

Alyson barely registered the comment. She was looking past Mrs. Foster at the love of her life sleeping naked on the bed. Dana Lee… Dana Lee… She looked into the eyes of her beloved English teacher and started to blubber. “She’ll never love me, will she Mrs. Foster? She’ll never, never ever, ever love me.”

Lindsey hugged Alyson and stroked her long red hair. “Never say never, Alyson.” She smiled with the secret knowledge that Dana Lee had been planning to kiss Alyson as soon as they were alone together, but obviously the moment hadn’t presented itself yet. Maybe I should tell Alyson. That would cheer her up… but no… I better not spoil Dana Lee’s surprise. Besides, this is no time to play matchmaker. I need to clean her up so she can perform this afternoon!

Lindsey didn’t want to wake up the girls, so she put a robe on Alyson, then led her down the hall to her room. Just before she got there, she heard the elevator ding, so she hustled Alyson inside.

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