Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 11

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Kim did not have any immediate family at the wedding and it had been decided that Richard would travel to the church with her and would give her away. As the luxury limo drove to the church Richard thought to himself:

“I am certainly giving her something if not giving her away,” as his cock ploughed into her along the back seat. The darkened windows meant that the crowds were oblivious to the fact that Kim was enjoying a shuddering orgasm as the car pulled up and Richard finished depositing his load deep inside her and then had her suck the remaining cum from his dick so that her mouth was full of his seed. The darkened window between the driver and his passengers meant he was also ignorant of what had just happened.

Richard stood by the happy couple as they said their vows. He noticed the vicar, the busty Mary who he had fucked the evening before, staring often at the bulge in his trousers. After the service Mary dragged Richard off to speak with her husband.

“Darling, Richard has insisted on taking me back into the church and drilling me over the pulpit. Isn’t he naughty?” said Mary. “Do you want to watch us?” she asked with a smirk.

“I thought I knew you. You are nothing but a cheap slut.”

Richard stepped in. “I don’t fuck cheap sluts. Your wife is a loving caring wife who just happens to crave more than you can give her. That is your fault, not hers. Come and watch your wife submit to me.” The man suddenly seemed utterly defeated as if he had lost everything he valued.

Richard proceeded to fuck her for 10 minutes over the pulpit whilst she insulted her husband and he watched in tears but with a cum stain spreading across his trousers. Mary was in heaven and awaited the flood of cum between her legs. Richard was building to a crescendo when he saw Sally who had sneaked back into the church walking up to them with a smile.

She wore a tight white mini skirt when emphasised her long tanned legs and tight arse. Her blouse was see through and showed her lacy black bra supporting her firm tits.

“What a sight. Sorry to interrupt” she giggled. “You must be Mary, well Mary there is something you need to know. Richard has a pecking order and I am at the top. Sorry.”

With that she put her hand on the base of Richard’s cock and eased it out of Mary. Mary looked furious but Richard was ready to blow and Sally eased her tight arse over the huge prick and lowered herself onto the pleasure pole. His dick was still sinking into her when she turned casino siteleri to him and said in her arrogant but sweet girl’s voice:

“Cum in me instead. I know you want to.”

Just 40 minutes after he had empied his balls in his future daughter in law and just 30 seconds after his dick had left the vicar’s pussy he started to empty himself into Sally’s tight pert arse. “Just because Kim is part of your family doesn’t mean I get less than before – ok” she said with a smile and she finally eased herself off his huge cock and he pressed his cock down Mary’s throat. Despite it having just left Sally’s arse she gobbled his remaining blasts down her throat and begged him to fuck her properly when he returned from his honeymoon with his daughter in law.


After the celebrations Kim and her husband found themselves in the bridal suite and Kim bent forward, showing huge amounts of tanned, deep cleavage over her low cut wedding dress. She unzipped her husband and pulled out his throbbing 4 inch cock.

“Something tells me you have waited a long moment for this” she said pulling on his cock and teasing him by bringing her sexy lips close to his cock head.

“Please Kim, I need you, please suck on it.”

“Of course I will” she said as she glanced at her watch – 10.30 pm. She opened her mouth and bent slowly forward.

There was a sharp tap on the door and it opened immediately. Martin could have died with anger, frustration and fear as his father walked in and viewed the scene before him.

“What are you doing here, get out. It is our wedding night” said Kim. Martin was so proud of her and so relieved by her anger.

Richard smiled. He walked forward. “I had heard that it was small son but surely you can get it bigger than that for a girl like Kim.”

Martin was unable to speak and again it was Kim who replied:

“You think that because your prick is a bit bigger than your son’s that all women will choose you ahead of him. Well I chose him and you have to live with it,”

Richard unzipped his trousers and pulled his semi flaccid schlong out of his trousers. Kim smiled lovingly at Martin:

“Is that all your father has, 8 or 9 inches. I have had bigger Martin. That doesn’t impress me, don’t worry my love.” Martin smiled but he looked terrified.

His father continued to walk towards them.

“Kim, you are so pretty and you have the most amazing firm large tits on such a slim tight body.” As he said canlı casino it he wanked his cock and it rose up and grew and thickened.

“Have you had bigger than this?” he said as he stood next to his son and held his 12 inch cock up next to his son’s 4 incher. “If you were her, which would you choose son?”

Martin was silent and Richard just looked into Kim’s eyes and pulled hard on his cock with both hands and soon it stood proud and throbbing, all 15 inches of his manhood.

“A bit bigger eh Kim, would you call this a bit bigger”.

“You were right Martin” she replied. “He is huge but there is more to love than cock size.” She smiled deeply at Martin.

“Son, I have fucked every girl you have ever so much as smiled at and today I claim your wife for my own pleasure.”

“You shit” replied Martin. Don’t you hear what she said. She doesn’t want your freakish cock.”

“Select one Kim and suck it. Choose carefully for the cock you reject, you reject for life” said Richard.

Kim smiled at Martin and bent towards his cock. Martin felt her hot breath of his cock head for the first time and smiled.

Next thing he knew Richard was sliding his huge cock over her nose and his thick shaft was passing before her eyes. It dwarfed her pretty face.

She pulled back and turned to Richard. His cock head was pointing at her face as she spoke. “Martin and I could be very happy without your big co….”

As she opened her mouth to say cock Richard pressed forward and his huge cock head pressed between her lips. His hands went instantly to the back of her head and he turned to face his son.

“This is just about where you had reached when I walked in. Do you agree that she looks better with her jaw stretched around my cock?”

Without waiting for an answer he eased 7 inches deep inside of her mouth. Her dark eyes burned with lust and then she broke Martin’s heart. A sweet girlish sparkle transformed into a wicked cruel glint and her hands reached up and started worshipping the remaining 8 inches of solid cock which was yet to enter her throat.

“Your wife has made her choice. You naughty girl” he said smiling at the brunette in her 20s with a body to die for as she slavered on his asset. “I thought you were going to select shrimpy for a moment but then again, I know how much you love my huge cock”.

With that he raised himself up and thrust the remaining 8 inches deep down her throat. Her throat expanded to take the monster all the kaçak casino way down and her face turned slightly red as he held the weapon in place as her tongue unbelievably found a way to stretch out and lick his tight balls.

“You have cheated on me with him before?” Martin asked in desperation.

Richard continued to hold his dick in place and was amazed that Kim was still holding her breath and enjoying the feeling of being stuffed with cock down her throat.

Richard eased his cock out to let her breath as he answered:

“I fucked your fiancée within 10 minutes of meeting her at the restaurant that first night. She has a thing about huge cocks you see and mine is the best she has had. You never stood a chance of fucking her and all this has been a game leading to tonight. We planned it all. Did you taste my cum on her tongue at the service today. I unloaded a nice load just 10 minutes before the ceremony.”

Kim pulled her dress down to reveal her large tanned tits which she pressed up and together to form an amazing site. Martin finally saw the tits he had dreamed of for so long and her mischievous smile brought him over the edge and he came. It dribbled and splattered to the floor.

Richard pointed his weapon at Kim’s pretty face and amazing boobs and started to feel a churning in his huge balls.

The door opened and Richard’s wife Marjorie stumbled in. She looked shocked at the sight of her husband’s huge cock pointing at their topless pretty daughter in law. It was too late for Richard to stop and he unloaded jet after jet of thick cum over her face and hair. His dick pressed through her cleavage and he empied yet more cum all over her torso and tits. He pressed his cock between her pretty cum stained lips and fucked her head for the best part of a minute.

He withdrew his still hard cock and looked back at his wife who was staring at her cum drenched daughter in law as if in a trance.

Martin cried out “I am so sorry mother, I did not want you to see what a shit he is.”

Marjorie pointed to the small splatter of cum at her son’s feet and said:

“If that is all you can produce then I don’t blame her. I always thought my husband’s huge cock was wasted on me.”

Richard smiled at Kim and lifted her onto the bed, his dick already pressing against her firm tight bubble shaped arse.

Marjorie began to walk to the door but before she left she turned to see her husband impaling their daughter in law with his huge cock:

“You lucky girl, you will get a proper seeing to on your wedding night. Richard was elsewhere on our wedding night. Breed her darling, I want grandchildren and judging by that pathetic offering our son will not produce any.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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