Farting Contest Goes Awry

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*This story goes after “Mary’s Gassy Dorm”*


A couple days later, Mary and Amy decided to have a farting contest. Mary was extremely shy about it, but Amy insisted that it would be fun and something to laugh about.

Mary could barely contain her excitement. She had always wanted to hear another girl fart around her, and now her hot blonde roommate was making it possible.

Mary prepared for the contest by eating her usual grub of beans, cabbage, and eggs. Amy, being lactose intolerant, fueled up on dairy products. A couple hours later they met up at their dorm.

Mary was nervous and sitting on the bed rubbing her tummy. She still had reservations about “letting go” in front of Amy. Amy walked into the room groaning about her stomach cramps.

“Ooof,” she moaned, “I can feel a rumbling down there,” said Amy. She leaned forward a little bit and emitted soft gurgling fart.

“Prrrrfffrffrfftssssss.” went her ass, Amy’s face was one of pure ecstasy.

“Ahhhhhh……that feels sooo much better, I’ve been holding that in for so long.” said Amy. Mary blushed and was ridiculously turned on. Not only was Mary feeling bloated and about to explode, but she was wet and practically soaking through her jeans. Mary couldn’t hold it in any more.

“PRbblbltPRRRP PRRRP PRRURP!” Mary practically doubled over as the fart tore out her ass.

“Ohhh…my tummy,” moaned Mary, feeling much relieved. Amy doubled over laughing and letting out little farts with each giggle.

“Oh *pprp* my *phurt* casino oyna god! *pprrrp*” gasped Amy while laughing and farting.

“That was so big, Mary! Let out some more!”

Mary strained and pushed out a cheek flapping popper.

“PRRRRPPPPPPPFFFPFPFPFPFPF!” even louder her ass went.

“Here,” said Amy, “Let me try a bigger one.” She grunted and pushed out a rumbling “PLP PLPPRR PLLPRR FRRRPRPRRFFFRRR!”

“Ohh…” Amy moaned, she reached the point were she couldn’t control her farting anymore. They all starting pushing out in a series of long chain farts. Amy was on her hands and knees, eyes wide, impressed that her seemingly had a mind of its own.

“Blrprpbblblprrrr GLORP! PROOM PLbnbrblblrrrrrrr,” her ass kept farting.

“I don’t think I can stop it!” exclaimed Amy, looking a little scared. Mary watched in horror and fascination, she had never been so turned on before.

“Ohh nooo,” groaned Amy while her ass blasted away, “I think *POOM POOM* I need *PHURT* to poop!”

“Wait!” said Mary, “You can’t go yet! We just started!”

“I can’t-” before Amy could finish, her ass interrupted her with a huge gas explosion with a wet slapping sound at the end.


“Oh god!” shouted Amy, humiliated, “I’m shitting myself! I can’t stop!” Amy remained on her hands and knees while she filled up her pants. She moaned and whined with each uncontrollable movement while Mary watched in horror. She felt bad for Amy, but couldn’t help feeling really turned canlı casino on too. Amy’s shorts grew larger as she filled them up with shit. The noises were incredible, like bubbles gurgling through very wet mud. Amy continued to fill up her shorts, a large brown stain was showing on the back, and they had significantly increased in size. It looked like she was wearing a huge pair of adult diapers, only full of poop.

Mary was embarrassed and turned on, she wasn’t really sure what to do. She awkwardly inched toward the bathroom door to fart the rest of it out.

“WAIT!” commanded Amy, she looked up fiercely wiping the tears away from eyes, “The contest is NOT over yet, you still need to finish up, even though I lost already. But YOU need to finish your end of the contest in order to win”

Mary didn’t realize that Amy would take the “contest” so seriously, but being submissive in nature, Mary sat back down on the bed and started straining for farts. Mary had farted most of her gas earlier, so she had to push and grunt a little.

“Errrngh,” grunted Mary. Nothing. Amy stared at Mary expectantly, it made her nervous.

“Unngh…” she tried again, then thankfully, her ass started back up again.

“Prrrp. Blrprprprrrrr” her ass emmited a nice warm popper. It felt warm and soothing for Mary’s asshole. Mary sighed and leaned to one side to let out more gas.

“Prrrrrp! PRBLRLRLPPphuuuuurrrrrt!” It felt so good! Here Mary was, just farting away like it was no big thing, in front of her hot poopy roommate. kaçak casino Mary farted and farted, pooting away in ecstasy.

“Blorp, blorp, prrblorpprpr,” Mary kept farting away happily, but then she felt that inevitable heaviness of needing a shit. Mary then made a move for the toilet.

“No!” shouted Amy, “You need to keep going!”

“But-” Mary tried to explain, but Amy cut her off.

“You need to keep farting til the VERY last minute, otherwise we both lose.” Mary trembled, not feeling very confident. She didn’t understand the importance of all the rule nonsense, but she knew she had to keep her butt cheeks clenched or else she’d shit herself.

“Prrp. Prrp, pffft,” went Mary’s ass, only letting out small amounts of gas at a time. Mary could barely hold on any longer. She was sweating and REALLY wanted to poop. She decided to just let loose, what’s the bother?

“Plorrp, prrrmmblrbrr, plorp, plorp!” Mary decided to just shit herself since Amy was being so bossy about it. Mary pushed and more shit filled her panties, it felt nice to get it all out.

“Ahhh” sighed Mary, farting and shitting away.

“Wait, are you shitting yourself?” Amy asked shocked, she didn’t think Mary would actually do it.

“Yep,” replied Mary, then strained her face a little and pushed out another gurgling crackling turd. “I just really had to shit, and..you wouldn’t let me use the bathroom, so….” Mary finished her sentence with a punctuating fart. “PRRRBLLLLORP!” Mary sighed with the last ass blast, and sat down on the bed with her very full pants. She felt warm and squishy down there, but the smell was something that needed attention.

“Well…” Amy started, “Re-match tomorrow.” Mary responded with a “BLORRRRRPPRPRPRR.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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