Farm Boi Life Ch. 02

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From the holes in the crate I saw a flag. I was in Texas. I had learned that the plane was a Company plane. It was full of slaves in crates all around me. The conversations we had were enlightening.

Female slaves tended to hate service completely I heard from them it was because many were prostituted. There was only one female on that flight that truly loved her new Master. Over 40% of the male slaves had fallen in line with their new life. The plane had landed 6 times. By the the time I ended up in Texas, only the Mexican bound slaves were still on board. They were all disgruntled female slaves.

My crate was off loaded and I was put onto the back of a truck. It was a plain Ford truck. The airstrip wasn’t close to any city or town I could see. I could hear crying from the plane, as the forklift placed me in the truck bed.

I knew that this “incognito” travel arrangement was needed, and thankfully, almost over. I still found it a bit ridiculous. I was down to one last bottle of water. I needed to urinate badly. I focused on my mission, trying to forget my bladder.


“So Master where are you sending me?” I had asked. I really didn’t want to leave again. The Judge finding a loophole to strong arm the Company put them as a whole in a precarious situation. The Company operates below the radar. The Judge selling the video with certain things being talked about in the background would make the Company visible.

“A friend of ours has heard about you, and…well saw the videos. He’s an ex government agent. He has the ability to make people disappear. He’s asked for you and a small chuck of cash to make the Judge go away.” Master had explained. He didn’t say I’d be on a plane for almost an entire day, or that I’d be sent to Texas.

“Boi, do your very best with this guy. Oh….and good news, by the time you get back we will be moved into the farm house.” Master tried to give all of this a silver lining.


It was getting hot in the crate. October was still warm in Texas apparently. Even with the truck moving quickly down the two lane highway, there was hardly any air coming into the crate. Thankfully the trip was short. After a right turn down a long gravel driveway, I had arrived.

Two pony type slaves pulled the crate off the truck and opened it as soon as I hit the ground.

“You can urinate on the grass. Do it quickly. Master is eager to see you.” The shorter of the men said. I climbed out of the box, careful of splinters on the edge. I still managed to get one in my taint. I stood and began to relieve myself. I felt a firm nudge.

“On all fours slave, you are going to get me in trouble!” The short one pleaded. “Only ponies can piss standing.”

“I’m a house slave guys.” I said as I went to all fours and continued my relief.

“Yeah we can tell. What do you weigh, 150?” The taller one asked. I looked at him. He was solid muscle, completely hairless with the exception of his long light brown hair.

“140, last I checked.” Talking to two nude guys in a strangers front yard, while peeing like a dog, somehow didn’t feel weird to me.

“With arms like those, it’s has to be that ass.” The short one said to the tall one. They shared a laugh. I finished and stood back up.

“I’m Ryan, you are?” I didn’t find the joke funny. Must be a pony vs. house boi thing.

“I’m Trigger, and he’s Tantrum.” The short one said.

“Horse names?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” They looked genuinely confused. I didn’t push the issue.

“So where am I supposed to be?” I asked. I began to get nervous, I had no idea what to expect from someone that named his slaves that way.

They escorted me to the front door, and opened it. They explained that they weren’t allowed inside, as they were outdoor slaves. I walked in and knelt in the foyer. I think I had been there an hour before someone casino oyna finally noticed. A handsome young slave walked up. He was shaved bald, about 5′-6″, tanned and toned. Other than eyebrows, he didn’t have a hair on his body.

“You must be Chef. You are late. I’m the house Alpha, you can call me “Alpha”. Your schedule is as follows. Master wants some your cooking for dinner at 18:00 hours. At 20:00 hours you will have served Master, eaten yourself, and the kitchen is to be cleaned. You will be meeting with the ponies outside of the barn at 20:30 hours. At 23:00 you will shower, shave, enema, and meet me outside the Master’s bedroom at 23:30. Clear?” He asked.

“Yes Alpha. What time is it now?” What a strange household.

“17:00. You better get to work. The kitchen is this way.” I followed him through the spacious ranch style home. The kitchen was sparse compared to what I was used to. It was no matter. I could make anything happen in a kitchen. Improvising came naturally.

What didn’t come easily was service. I had no idea what was expected of me, or for how long.

“Alpha? Two questions?” I asked as he was about to turn and leave.

“Yes?” He seemed anxious to leave the kitchen.

“How long will I be serving your Master, and what does he want for dinner?” I asked as I took inventory of the freezer.

“Two nights, and Spaghetti.” He answered. My jaw hit the floor. Any moron could make spaghetti. I was shipped halfway across the country for spaghetti? I simply nodded. The Alpha didn’t see it though, he took flight from the kitchen before his answer hit my ears.

It was clear that I was not welcome here, at least not by the slaves.

I made dinner and served it to the strange, strange, Master. I cleaned the kitchen and made my way outside. I was followed outside by the Alpha.

“Go to the barn, your royal cunt is going to be soiled by the ponies. Master will be watching.” The Alpha seemed to enjoy this. I walked into the barn and was cat called by the pony bois inside. They let themselves out of their stalls. As the 12 of them surrounded me, I had the distinct idea I was going to be gang-banged. I looked behind me and saw the Master and his Alpha. The Alpha had a camera.

“Your Owner has nothing to worry about. This is for my Master’s private collection.” Alpha said.

I went to the floor onto all fours.

“It’s been a long time since we had a mare in this barn.” Trigger said. I found it odd that the Alpha had his head shaved clean, but every pony in the barn had very long hair.

These ponies were starved for sex. I was attacked as soon as I touched the ground. Tantrum gave me just a mouthful of spit for lube. Thankfully, he wasn’t very endowed. It still hurt. He pushed in rudely. I wanted to complain, but a different pony pushed himself into my mouth.

I sucked on the 6″ cock, it was a perfect cock for my mouth. I enjoyed it completely, with the exception that the first few seconds was me sucking off the dirt. These slaves were true animals. Tantrum came inside of me within 3 minutes, followed closely by the pony in my mouth.

These poor animals were truly starved. What they didn’t make up for length of coitus, they made up for with rebound time and size of load. The first load in my mouth was so large I damn near drowned. I was a bit more prepared on the second round of ponies inside me. The bois had very heavy balls, obviously filled to the brim.

After the third round of ponies, my ass was leaking constantly. I wondered if I really needed an enema, I was fairly sure that the three loads in me and filled my cunt completely. When the fourth entered me, I felt that my cunt was full and I lost a lot of the pony seed down my legs. I was glad I didn’t eat too much at dinner, cause I was now getting full from the loads in my mouth.

I was only halfway through the barn when I saw canlı casino it. It was already hard, it was tan, wide and hairless. I was frightened. He was walking to the back of me. It looked like a straightened out kielbasa.

It had to be close to a foot long. The Pony touched my shoulder and rubbed the monster on my cunt.

“So glad you are here. None of these guys will let me touch them.” The giant cock’s wielder said. I didn’t have words. I was just bracing. I was thankful I had so much cum in me to make sure I was lubed.

“Relax Chef, you are a house cunt, you are going to love this!” The pony said.

He pushed into me. The head popped in easily, but then he pushed further. Now my cunt was simply being cleared of all of the pony cum in me as the large cock pushed deeper. I was alright with the first few inches. Soon he was moving forward to the second half, and I was beginning to make noises.

The whimpers were not as embarrassing as the crying out I did when he bottomed out in me. Once he had gotten his pony meat buried inside me, he paused. I was able to catch my breath.

“Oh, you are everything the Alpha said you’d be.” The pony breathed into my ear. I felt him retreat slightly. Then he began to pound my cunt.

I was screaming. My organs were being bruised. He grabbed my hips and began to pound even harder. Someone shoved a cock in my face, and I sucked it eagerly, trying to get myself distracted from the intense pain being delivered to my veteran fuck hole.

His long strokes were torture beyond reason. Normally by 20 or 30 minutes of being fucked, even by a larger cock, I’d have adapted and would have started to cum from my clitty. I wasn’t enjoying this just yet. It was just pain.

The pony in my mouth came, and I tried hard to swallow in between my complaints of pain. Most of it fell out of my mouth and sat on my chin, when the next pony lined up into my face. I sucked on that cock with all my might, feeling his pony cock lose his load directly down my throat.

The pain was still the only thing my world was ruled by. It had been an hour. This horse was pure cavalry, trying to kill me. No matter how I adjusted I couldn’t adapt to this super long cock. I was just thankful he wasn’t especially wide. I finished the rest of the ponies with my mouth.

Horse cock didn’t finish till I could only focus on him. I clamped down on his meat, and fucked back, even though it was still very painful. He began to moan lightly. I squeezed harder. Finally I felt his cock head swell larger and the first splashes of his giant load fill my cunt. This set off my own desperate need, and I lost my clit load on the straw covered floor of the barn.

When “Franken-pony” finally slid back out of me, I felt as much pain as I did when he entered.

My sloppy cunt was dripping all the way to the house.

The shower felt amazing. The enema hurt like hell. The only good news was my bowels were clean to begin with, and I only had to do it once. My cunt was wrecked. It was still splayed open when I met Alpha at Master’s bedroom door.

” I hope you love pain.” Was all Alpha said when he opened the door. The weird Master had a 7″ long cock that was as wide, if not wider, as Officer John, in one hand. In the other he had a video camera.

I laid on my stomach, and felt my bruised cunt take him inside. The Master licked a spot between my shoulders, over and over. I stopped feeling pain when his pace picked up. I began to feel pleasure finally. I looked at the mirrored walls.

The Master was 65ish, thin and tall. His gray hair only thinned in the front. His skin was tanned, but not age spotted. He was a very healthy man physically. Mentally he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

He laid down on my back, with his hard on still buried in me. He twitched inside me, and I was wanting to cum from my clit again. kaçak casino

“I’m a voyeur.” He said. He got back up on his arms and began to fuck me again. His cock was filling me nicely, and as long as it was moving I was enjoying it. I felt the head hit my happy spot over and over, and came again.

He began to slam his old balls into mine. He felt wonderful in me. I wanted him to last forever. Of course, when a slave wishes for something, the exact opposite happens. Master CIA/NSA/Homeland blew his wad into my cunt and my clit spit it’s unwanted stain.

Then it got real weird. Master James Bond, went down on me, and ate his own cum from my slavecunt. It felt wonderful. I was losing my mind as his tongue dug deep in me. When he couldn’t get it all he asked me to sit on his face. I opened the floodgates and listened to him suckle the last of the cum from my hole.

When he was finished he pushed me off and laid next to me with a cuddle grip most mothers use when someone is trying to steal a child. His chest hair felt pleasant against my back.

I woke to find him inside me again. It was heavenly. He went slow and easy. I was flat on my stomach, he was nibbling my neck.

“You do have an amazing cunt Ryan.” He whispered. He slid deeper into me. “Tell your Master, the problem is already fixed.” He picked up his pace.. He felt phenomenal. I moaned. His cock was almost perfect. I still wanted to be with my Master however/

He plunged into me quickly for a series of panted strokes. He then filled me with a fresh load of real man cum.

“If you have questions Ryan, you may speak.” He rolled off of my ass, and without cock in me, I missed my plug.

“Am I going to have to spend time in the barn again tonight?” I asked.

“No. the Judge was erased last night about the time you took on Firehouse.” He said.

“Fire….house?” I asked.

“Yes the pony with the huge hose. My favorite thing is watching. I loved watching you get fucked by my dirty ponies. I fixed Daniel’s problem last night. You can go home.” He leaned over next to me and wiped a finger up my crack. He took a blob of his own seed from my cunt and ate it like a kid stealing frosting from a cake. His smile creeped me out.

Before I left, he handed me a thumb drive.

I was not happy with the travel arraignments. It was the same crate! New nails were pounded back in. One less bottle of water, and the blanket had gotten wet.

The crate was opened and my Master grabbed me and pulled me out of the crate. He held my body and planted a huge, long kiss on me. His tongue invaded my shocked mouth. I kissed him back.

GOD I missed him!

I looked around when he set me down. We were at the farm. He gently squeezed my ass. As I looked over the fields.

“We have problems already cunt.” He said.

“Master?” I was so happy to be home, and now what???

“You have a lot of training to do.” He said then pulled my leash so I followed him into the house. I remembered the thumb drive, and gave it to him as we walked in.

We went to his study, and he waved me over after he plugged the USB storage device in the computer. It had one file on it. A twenty second video file. It was a long camera shot that zoomed in on the Judge. Two men walked behind him on the street. The men snuck up on him, and put four bullets into his head from behind, and 4 more into his heart. Master and I both smiled.

Master kissed me as soon as he laid me on the bed. I wrapped my arms around him. I suckled on his nips as he groaned.

“I’m so glad you are home baby. No more missions for you little cunt.” He said as he pushed my legs up over my body so he could get access to my boi hole. He pushed against it, I opened wide for him, and he slid into his home. I was riding the cock to which I belonged. His cock felt perfect. It only took me a few minutes for me to cum the first time.

He pounded my fat ass harder, and I came again. I could feel every vein on his meat.

When he finally filled me with his cum. I was lost in the emotion.

“I love you Master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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