Everything for Danny

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I’d felt Danny inside me which is something I’d always craved for and wondered just how it would feel to share intercourse with another man.

Now I had felt it I somehow felt good with the world. It was like I was wanted and Danny was a wonderful guy who was forever considerate, perhaps a little too much at times, because it would be nice if he took the masterful approach.

But perhaps in time he will, when we get more acquainted with each other’s wants and needs.

But now I was feeling his fucks regularly and something more; because since the first time I bent over for him in the bathroom – we have discovered exciting and thrilling new ways to enjoy each other.

I have discovered how he likes a thorough oral session before hand and by the time we fuck I am enjoying the residue and taste of him in my mouth as he enjoys me, having only just taken my first deep throat oral of him which really set him off in the most masterful way so far.

Perhaps that is the secret; to tease and work him up to such a frenzy that the animal instinct which is in most of us, comes through.

I was determined to work on that theory because Danny taking me like that, was a great new sensation.. The feel of his roughness entering and sinking deep into my rectum was divine. At first just the initial fuck was fine when he had me bent over the bath, when he asked me if it was alright to cum; and of course it was, because for him to have withdrawn at that moment, as I felt the beautiful curve of his hard cock give me sensations I had never had before.

And then just presenting casino oyna myself for his pleasure, was sheer ecstasy, I wanted to be all ass for him to do with as he will – and when he increased the thrusting after my consent, it was an absolute joy to feel that wonderful hard and final thrust when he grasped my thighs and let out a yell I shall never forget, a yell that told me that I had given him my all, feeling it squelch inside and hearing his moans as he gradually withdrew, and I chose to suck the residue dry, because I was so besotted by him and the method of his fuck..

He was growing on me and no mistake, I was so happy and fulfilled in a relationship that more than equalled any I have had with a girl. It brought out the true me, the real me and I realised at last, my true leaning – that I would never be truly gratified being with a girl.

To be frank I wanted cock, and a cock like Danny’s seven and a half inches which I just loved to fondle, first through his jeans, squeezing and kneading as it delightfully grew.

“I love the way you just help yourself Alex” he told me as I concentrated with the job in hand, and what a job! Because now I had undone his fly zip, and my hand was full of warm and so wonderful stiff and supple cock, It was so lovely and I breathed into my nostrils the scent of him, that certain scent of ripe cock I craved for, a scent which led me on to other things – like balling him, licking and sucking his all, prompting him to crouch over me so I could enjoy a good smothering of his all, ass, cock and balls which was delightful and really canlı casino mind bending. I prompted him to gently squash his all against my face and reveled in the sensation, I licked and tasted him between his ass cheeks too, something he loved to do to me before our fuck, rubbing in lots of lubricating jelly which was so very nice and sensual, he slowly stretching and making a wide aperture so he could easily enter me, and I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me.

It was bloody lovely just enjoying Danny to the full, and he loved every minute, soon I got the notion to tease him – like when he wanted my suck and there he was, all primed and waiting, I would just place my mouth as near to his p-hole as I could and let him feel my hot breath there, nothing else until he wriggled with frustration.

“You fucking ‘prick tease” he’d yell and then I knew it was the right time to go for it, and that way I enjoyed the roughness of his very deep and simulating fuck enter me with all the gusto he could derive and my ass got the pumping I so very much wanted, his deep stiff cock giving me what I loved full package and I was everything for Danny.

Sometimes he likes for me to play these role play games which conjure up delightful palpitations in my hind and Danny’s are obvious too. He loves me to wear silky undies and things. He delights in stroking me all over and the best time is when his roving fingers massage me fully beneath the soft slithery silk.

He asks that I bend this way or that, whichever way he fancies me at a given time. I live it when he has me kaçak casino stretched across his knee and gives me a wonderfully firm but gentle spanking with an open hand, and if it does sting a little it doesn’t matter because what he does afterwards is really deliciously stimulating, because he not only spurts dream over and under and between, he spends quality time simply sucking it off and I am feeling the out of this world feel of his tongue and mouth sucking and licking me all over, and especially when he gives me a good concentrative massage between the crease of my fresh spanked ass cheeks.

By that time the sting has changed into a beautiful numbness as he works on me and lately this has been a delightful addiction to our style of sexual mutual enjoyment.

But that is not all, he delights in sex toys too, he so loves to fuck me with all those delightfully stimulating anal vibrators he buys from the private shop, always showing me first to make sure I approve, it is like he want to present me with a new gift every time we meet for a session and I must admit I do love that.

It is another sign of his deep affection for me I know and understand that and just to hear the delight in his moans as he tries a new sex toy up my obliging asshole and just to see him suck it after he has fucked me with it is sensational, and always a really good build up to his beautiful fuck when I get to feel the real thing inside me again, as much as I like and love the things he uses to enter me I always prefer the feel of that delightfully pliable large cock probing deeper and deeper inside me as he soon reaches a climax and, just to make sure I do, he nearly always takes me bare back so he can firmly wank me to climax at the same time as he fucks the ass off me.

Everything always for Danny…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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