Ellie and Nia

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This is a story about girl-girl recreational sex in which one of the girls was born with a penis and looks out upon the world and is perceived by others as a female.


Ellie and Nia discover one another as kindred spirits

Ellie is a young woman who learned about sexual practices from her parents. During the summer following her graduation from high school, her parents took her to Europe: Paris, Cap d’Agde and Barcelona. At Cap d’Agde they stayed at a naturist resort. They had taken a big risk. They loved Ellie. They had struggled with the question: of who is better to introduce their daughter to the joys and responsibilities of sex, a series of inexperienced boys or her parents who loved her dearly and only wanted the best for her?

Their risk paid dividends that they did not imagine. While there was a change in their relationship it was to strengthen the bond between parents and child and to create a new and open path of communications.

Ellie took from it an honest and understanding knowledge about sex and who she was.

Nia is attending an all women’s college. Nia had been born and raised in Africa. Her parents were doctors with Doctors without Borders. Nia was a special kind of girl. She was born with a penis and testicles. Her breasts developed fully with nice areolas and nipples with puberty. Her breasts and penis are fully functional although she is sterile. She, though. is genetically a girl. She looks out upon the world as a female and by the way she lives her life she is perceived by others as a female. Being raised in Africa she saw considerable diversity in the human body and accepts her differences with no difficulty.

Nia was consensually raped by her roommate, Jean, after she accidently learned that Nia had a cock. It was consensual by the fact that Nia retained her erection during the rape. Upon advice from her doctor Nia sought help from a friend of the doctor, a young woman, Cindy. Cindy taught Nia how to sexually pleasure a woman. Nia was an apt student. Cindy received much personal and sexual satisfaction teaching. They enjoy an ongoing relationship.

With a better understanding of her sexuality Nia had a choice about Jean. She recognized that Jean had an elevated need for sex. She was constantly horny. Nia had a choice: turned Jean into her slut or develop a friend with whom she could satisfy her own sexual needs. She had decided on the latter and their friendship and intimacy blossomed. Jean was able to focus on her studies and became an outstanding student. Her Mother noticed and upon inquiry learned of Nia’s uniqueness. When she had the opportunity she personally thanked Nia for being the person who she was. She also asked Nia if she would be interested in teaching young, virgin girls about sex.

After given it thought and discussing it with Cindy, Nia told Jean’s mother that she would be interested. Shortly thereafter, Naomi’s mother called her. Nia met Naomi and found her a very likeable person. She subsequently told Naomi’s mother that the decision for her to take Naomi’s virginity was solely Naomi’s. To pursue this Nia felt it necessary to “come out” about her uniqueness. She accomplished this by joining a group of girls from school at a nearby nude beach. As she had anticipated, in that setting, it was a non-issue. Initially there was some curiosity but heck, at a nude beach there is enough diversity in the human body for all to see. Nia became a regular at the beach.

Nia took Naomi’s virginity in an idyllic setting at Naomi’s parents’ mountain retreat. Afterwards Naomi became a frequent visitor to Nia and Jean’s dorm room. She became intimate with Jean. When Naomi would stay overnight it was always interesting to see whose bed she was in when she went to sleep and which, when she awoke. Jean and Naomi considered themselves bisexual. From time-to-time they would meet up with a guy seeking a good time but had yet to find a guy who had a nice cock and could use it as well as Nia. They would be patient. Meanwhile all three fully satisfied one another. They were never horny. They focused on their studies and were exemplary students.

The first time Ellie saw Nia was at the nude beach. Ellie regularly went to the nude beach since her return from France. She didn’t know what to make of Nia. Obviously Nia was a boy with breasts. It was what she saw. Nia appeared to be at ease with and accepted by the group of girls that she was with. Ellie was curious. At the first opportunity she wanted to get to know her.

An opportunity presented itself when Nia came forward to join a volleyball game that was about to start. Ellie and Nia were on the same side in adjacent positions. They introduced themselves. As soon as Nia told Ellie her name, Ellie realized that Nia perceived herself and was most likely perceived by her friends as a female. “Interesting,” she thought.

By the end of the game Ellie and Nia had found themselves comfortable with one another. Nia was curious. casino oyna This was an opportunity for her to get to know a girl/female outside of those from school and from Cindy. They both would come to realize that each radiated an ease of acceptance of others.

Their friendship developed quickly and in time Ellie had visited Nia at her apartment and had met Jean and Naomi. She sensed a connection amongst the three that transcended more than being “roommates”. It was reinforced when she saw that there were two queen size beds for the three of them.

Ellie was comfortable with Jean and Naomi. She was a frequent visitor and hung out with them. They welcomed her. In the course of time each shared how they learned about sex. Ellie was impressed with Nia’s parents as they nurtured her knowing that while she was genetically a girl her body was that of a boy until she developed her breasts. She was further impressed by Nia when Jean and Naomi shared their sexual awakenings under Nia’s tutelage. The others were amazed my Ellie’s parents’ bravery in introducing her to sex in the context of incest. They were awed that they allowed Ellie to watch them make love. They truly must love Ellie deeply.

In their telling, Ellie and Nia felt drawn closer to one another. Not in a sexual way although Ellie had strong sexual curiosity but in a compatriot sort of way. They both recognized that their way and the way of the others in reaching sexual awareness were rather unique.

One day at the beach Nia became aware that Ellie would often look at her breasts. She found herself warmed by the attention. She found herself jutting out her breasts just a little bit more. She found her cock getting less flaccid. She started to wonder how it might feel having Ellie suckle her breasts or watching Ellie’s face as she rode her cock or hearing the sounds that Ellie might make as she took her from behind.

Ellie had her things to wonder about too. She wondered what it would feel like being able to play with a cock and breasts at the same time, arousing the same person. Since her time with her folks she had reached out for additional experiences. She had been with both a guy and a gal, both about her own age. She had been with a guy several years older. She had hoped that the older guy would be more experienced. He wasn’t significantly better. She dismissed her less than stellar experiences as a consequence of amateurism. She wasn’t too eager to try again. Nia, though, represented something quite different. It was obvious that Jean and Naomi were sexually content. There was something special about Nia more than just teats and a cock.

One afternoon at the beach, they both were out swimming near one another when the force of a wave brought them together. As they separated they both said simultaneously, “That felt nice.” They looked into each other’s eyes and both again blurted out somewhat at the same time, “I’d like to have sex with you.” There was a pause, a long pause, as they both realized what each had said. They both began laughing as a wave again brought them together and this time they hugged and held each other close. They played around in the water, their breasts rubbing against one another and Nia’s cock rubbing against Ellie’s labia. It was obvious to both that they wanted more. An opportunity presented itself a few days later.

Naomi’s parents had invited Jean and Nia to join them at their mountain retreat. Nia knew it well and thought of it warmly. It is where she had taken Naomi’s virginity. Nia begged off. She said that she had made prior plans with Ellie. As soon as she was able, she called Ellie and made those plans. Ellie was to come over and spend the day with Nia. There was no doubt in either’s mind how they were going to spend the day.

Upon Ellie’s arrival, without ceremony, Nia led her into a bedroom and standing next to the bed turned to her and asked: “Do you want us to undress one another or should we just strip and climb into bed and get to know one other without encumbered by clothes?”

Ellie smiled as she proceeded to stip. Nia chuckled and followed her. When they both were naked each reached out and pulled the other forward to kiss and press and rub their bodies against one another. It was more about feeling the other’s body against their own than the kiss. The kiss was the enabler.

They climbed onto the bed lying on their sides facing one another, far enough apart to enable them to stroke and explore the other’s body. Nia asked: “Do you want me to lie on my back?”

“No,” responded Ellie, “I like the definition of your breast when you lay on your side; maybe later on your back.” Ellie thought ahead to Nia on her back with her cock standing straight and tall. It was one of her more delicious thoughts.

Nia was warmed by Ellie’s reply and the promise of later. She was hoping that Ellie would want to suck her cock. Nia wanted her to do so as she wanted to taste Ellie’s nectar.

Both Nia and Ellie were sensing canlı casino about the same things. She was with another who truly accepted her body for what it was. There were no notions of romance. There were no thoughts of “cat and mouse” gamesmanship. There were thoughts of my body is mine to enjoy. My body is there to be enjoyed by another, not to be taken, but to be enjoyed. One may take a glass of a fine Sauvignon Cabernet and gulp it down or slowly sip at it enjoying its fullness and smoothness, each sip a wonderful experience.

There was a bright flash in Nia’s mind. There are two basic forms of sex: recreational sex and procreational sex. In procreational sex, the objective is intercourse with the intent to impregnate. Foreplay is intended to prepare the woman for intercourse. In recreational sex the objective is to enjoy and extend foreplay and to orgasm. It may include penetration with a penis or phallus or not. Girl-girl sex is the ultimate of recreational sex. Women can have multiple orgasms. Unfortunately she couldn’t.

In Nia’s case, she recognized her talents when taking a woman from behind. She knew that Ellie was in for a surprise. She would insure that Ellie was not only satiated by the foreplay but would be awed by Nia’s abilities.

With that in mind, Nia began exploring Ellie’s body differently than she had explored anyone else previously. She was also tuned into how Ellie was exploring hers. There wasn’t much kissing. While they looked into one another’s eyes, it was obvious that their minds were elsewhere.

Nia began caressing Ellie’s body with the palm of her hand. It was the smoothest part of her hand and she felt things that she didn’t feel with the flat or tips of her fingers. She began at Ellie’s shoulder and caressed down and back up her arm several times and then from under her arm to her hip along her side. She listened to Ellie’s murmuring but really didn’t know if that was because of what she was doing or what Ellie was doing to her. Nia was aware that she was murmuring also.

Ellie had moved her hand quickly to Nia’s penis. She wanted to see how different it was to other penises that she had met. She wrapped her hand around it and gripped it as she would with her vaginal muscles. Nia’s cock grew hard in her hand. Once hard she began to explore, first with her fingers and then, like Nia, with her palm. She would often grip Nia’s cock and pulse it to maintain its hardness. Nia’s cock had been circumcised. Ellie enjoyed the feeling of the crown as she caresses it, “painting” it with the palm of her hand. She’d often roll a ball on top of a desk with the palm of her hand. That felt good. This felt better.

She reached down and held each testicle in her hand and squeezed each gently. They felt like she imagined that they would.

Ellie became aware that Nia had started to explore her pussy.

Nia was rubbing her palm from her mons to her perineum. She rubbed several times varying the lightness of her caress. Ellie slowed what she was doing to Nia’s cock and waited with anticipation for Nia to dip a finger between her labia. She didn’t have to wait long.

As Nia again caresses Ellie’s labia she bent her middle finger and dragged it between Ellie’s labia. She repeated this several times until she had spread Ellie’s wetness along her labia lips such that everything was slippery.

“Can I have some?” Ellie asked.

Nia dragged her finger through Ellie’s labia again, collecting as much of Ellie’s nectar as she could and presented the finger to Ellie’s mouth. Ellie grabbed Nia’s wrist and brought the finger into her mouth. She sucked it clean. Upon removing it she quietly said, “Hmm, that taste good.” She leaned up and pushed Nia on her back and kneeled beside her.

She leaned down and kissed Nia but not for long. She had other things in mind to put in her mouth. She licked down to Nia’s breast and captured a nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Nia squirmed and whimpered. Nia brought her hand to behind Ellie’s head and pulled her into her breast. Ellie continued. It became an assault. Eventually Nia could not take anymore and pulled Ellie’s head back. Ellie began teasing Nia’s nipple with the tip of her tongue and caressing it with the flat of it. She teased around Nia’s areolas searching out the sensitive areas and upon finding them, lathe them with the flat of her tongue.

Nia moved Ellie to the other breast. Ellie repeated what she had done to the other until Nia dropped her hands from Ellie’s head.

Ellie proceeded on her journey. Her destination was Nia’s cock. She planted a kiss on the tip of her cock and immediately engulfed the crown into her mouth. As she did with Nia’s nipple she worked it aggressively, increasing its sensitivity. Nia raised herself up until she could reach Ellie’s head and pushed it down firmly, pushing her cock into Ellie’s mouth until it could go no further. Doing so ignited Ellie and she sucked Nia’s cock aggressively until Nia kaçak casino orgasmed, filling Ellie’s mouth with her cream. She swirled it around her mouth and swallowed it. She had never done that before. Nia pulled her to kiss her and kissed Ellie with the same aggressively that Ellie had sucked her cock.

After the kiss Nia rolled Ellie onto her back. It was her turn now. Would she ravage Ellie as Ellie ravaged her? That wasn’t her way.

As Nia began laying kisses from Ellie’s lips to her breast, Ellie raised her own chin so that Nia had easier access to her neck. When Nia got to her Ellie’s breasts, Ellie held them so that Nia could focus upon giving pleasure than keeping the nipples and areolas where she wanted them. When Nia began moving lower, Ellie grabbed her head and brought it back to her nipples. Ellie wasn’t ready for Nia to move on. That was something new and exciting for Nia. Here was someone who not only enjoyed what another was doing to pleasure her but involved herself proactively to insure she got as much as she wanted.

Nia quickly realized that Ellie was different than any other girl or women she had been with. Ellie was completely comfortable with her body. She wanted it to be enjoyed by others. In doing so, she herself found enjoyment. While others, like Jean and Naomi would whimper or moan to indicate their pleasure, Nia quickly found that Ellie would whisper things like “I like that.”, “Use your tongue more”., “Harder”. “Gentler”, and “Fuck, that feels great.” She would guide you to where she wanted. She was 100% uninhibited and honest.

Ellie pushed Nia’s head gently when she was ready for Nia to continue moving to her pussy.

Nia left a trail of soft kisses and wet lickings arriving at Ellie’s pussy .Ellie lifted her knees and spread them apart to give Nia a full view and easy access. Nia was awestruck. Ellie’s pussy was beautiful. Pink. Wet. Inviting. Nia had never encountered a girl before who was so relaxed and comfortable with themselves to open their body as Ellie was doing.

“You like?” asked Ellie.

“Yes!” exclaimed Nia, “I’ve never seen one as pink and delectable nor a girl so comfortable with herself to display it so brazenly.”

“I like your response.” replied Ellie, smiling.

Nia wet her finger and began exploring Ellie’s pussy, touching everywhere. When she stroked Ellie’s cit she found it big enough to pinch it gently. As she was doing it she looked up into Ellie’s eyes. They were closed. From the expression on Ellie’s face it was obvious that she was concentrating on her feelings and upon what Nia was doing.

Nia brought her index finger to her mouth, wet it and returned it to Ellie’s pussy where she found her vagina and slowly inserted the top of her index fingers into it. She searched and found Ellie’s G-spot. She placed her thumb onto Ellie’s clit and began gently massaging her clit while moving her index finger to caress her G-spot. She again looked up to Ellie’s eyes to see that Ellie was watching her. Ellie smiled broadly. “That feels so good,” she said.

Nia could feel the tremble in Ellie’s body.

Nia bent down and placed her mouth where her thumb had been. She began lapping Ellie’s clit with the flat of her tongue and teasing and stroking it with the tip. She felt Ellie’s tremble strengthen. She tongued Ellie’s clit harder and faster. Ellie raised her pelvis to push harder against Nia’s mouth and her tremble became a shudder. Nia held her position until Ellie’s body quieted and her butt rested again on the bed.

Ellie reached down and pulled Nia up to kiss her and hugged her tightly. Ellie felt that she just couldn’t put enough of her feelings and appreciation into the kiss. She tried though, repeatedly, sharing with whispers also.

Ellie guided Nia to prop up on pillows against the headboard. Ellie straddle Nia thighs and adjusted Nia so that Ellie had access to her mouth for kisses and her nipples for her own pleasure. It seems that Ellie had developed”thing” for women’s breasts.

She leaned forward and took one of Nia teats into her mouth and sucked gently for a while, teasing her nipple with the tip of her tongue, increasing its sensitivity by scrubbing it with the edges of her teeth and pinching between her lips until she sucked upon it again with greater pressure. When she removed her mouth she leaned back and saw a very “angry” teat. It was red and did appear to have been used. She then did it to the other teat while keeping her fingers on the other nipple teasingly.

While she was doing this she felt Nia’s cock become aroused. She inched forward until it was lying against her labia. Nia was murmuring her delight while Ellie “adored” her breasts. When Ellie was satiated for the time she leaned forward to kiss Nia. As the kiss became passionate, Ellie raised herself slightly and with her hand positioned Nia’s cock at the entrance to her vagina and slowly lowered herself on it. The feelings that she had so grabbed her attention that she lost focus on her kissing. When she was fully impaled she began rising and lowering herself. As she did so, she hardened her tongue and started “fucking” Nia’s mouth with the same tempo. Nia whimpered.

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