Elli and Mike’s Story

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I was at my wits end, frustrated and horny, not concentrating, I literally bumped into Heather in the supermarket. We had worked together for many years, but had lost touch after retiring.

“Elli, fancy seeing you after all this time, how are you?” She asked.

“Oh, hi Heather, sorry, I was miles away, ok, I suppose, and you?” I replied.

“I’m fine, but you look distracted, you sure you’re ok?”

My eyes welled up, I blinked away the tears. “It’s nothing, really.” I said.

“I know you better than that, lets leave our trolley’s near the checkout and go and have a coffee.” Said Heather.

“Right, out with it, what’s the problem?” She asked.

“Oh, Heather, nothing really, it’s um, it’s personal.” I said.

“Elli! Come on honey, you know you can talk to me, besides a problem shared is a problem halved.” She said smiling.

I looked at her for a while, sighed, “It’s Mike.”

“Your husband! Oh dear, what’s happened? Is he ill? He’s not left you?” She asked.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that!” I replied, “It’s just that, oh, I don’t know if I can talk about it.” I said.

Putting her hands over mine she said, “Out with it Elli, it will do you good to get it off your chest.”

“Oh dear, um, it’s just that, um it’s sex.” I said, feeling myself blushing. “Or rather the lack of it.” Putting my face in my hands, “I can’t believe I told you that, sorry!” After a while, I looked up, Heather was looking at me, obviously thinking.

“Right.” She said briskly, “This is not the place for this discussion, lets finish our shopping together then you are coming to my place and unloading, ok?”

“Um, you sure? It’s not your problem Heather.” I said, wiping away a tear.

“I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer, now lets finish shopping.” She said.

When we had finished we loaded our cars and I followed her back to her house, helped her take her shopping to the kitchen.

“Wait here Elli, I’m going to tell Jack not to disturb us.” said Heather. When she returned she said, “Come through to the snug, we won’t be disturbed there.”

“Right, lets have it honey.” She said.

“It’s, oh, this is difficult.” I said, looking at her, she just looked back and didn’t say anything, just waited. “Mike can’t get his thing up anymore…” She just looked. “He says I should ‘go’ with another man…” She just looked. “Oh, Heather, this is hard.”

“Start at the beginning.” She said.

I sighed, “The beginning, when was that, seems so long ago… Well about a year ago, whenever we made love, Mike’s thing would just go down, after a couple of weeks of this happening he went to the doctor’s, they discovered that his blood pressure was so high he was lucky not to have already had a stroke, so he was put on medication, when he was stable he was given a prescription for pills to help, it was fine for a while, then it happened again. This time they found that he had an irregular heart beat, so more medication, all of which didn’t help him get his thingy up. The doctor said that with the pills to help get him up he should be fine, but he isn’t! He says that he still wants to but the pills don’t seem to help. Now he suggests that if he watches another man make love to me it would probably help. I don’t think he loves me any more!” With that I burst into tears.

Heather came and sat next to me, hugged me, “You poor baby” She said, “Shush now.”

When I had calmed down, she gave me a tissue, I wiped my eyes, blew my nose, and said, “Sorry, but you did ask.”

“Don’t apologise, honey, you’ll feel better, now, why do you say that Mike doesn’t love you?” She asked.

“He wants me to ‘go’ with another man, he can’t love me!” I replied.

“Honey, believe me that is a fantasy that many men have, men who are sexually active. Can I ask you something?” She asked. “Why do you refer to his ‘thing’? It’s a cock or a prick, and did he suggest that you ‘make love’ to another man?”

“I’ve never used those words!” I replied, “He used a rude word for it.”

Smiling at me she said, “You mean he asked you to ‘fuck’ another man?” I nodded. “Elli you have never struck me as a prude, but you do sound like one, why don’t you use words like ‘cock’ and ‘fuck’ in context with sex? It’s not swearing it’s what people do!”

“I don’t know, it seems dirty.” I replied.

She laughed and said, “You need some training girl, seriously, do you call Mike’s cock a ‘thingy’ in the bedroom?” I nodded. “What do you call your pussy?”

“Down there.” I replied blushing.

“Blimy, girl, do you suck his cock.” She asked.

“No! That’s dirty.” I responded.

“So I suppose you don’t let him go down on you?” She asked

“He used to try but I said no.” I replied.

“How long have you been married?” Heather asked.

“Forty eight years.” I said proudly.

Heather looked at me, shook her head and said, “And you doubt that he loves you! He must love you with every fibre of his being, the vast majority of men would have left you years ago, frankly Elli, I think that YOU are the problem, not Mike’s cock.”

“Why? I have never refused him.” I casino oyna said indignantly.

“No, I suppose you haven’t,” She said, “Elli, what positions do you use?”

“Me lying down of course, sometimes I will let him go behind.” I said.

She looked at me in horror, “Girl you are seriously lucky to have such a loving husband, you don’t deserve him, I mean that. Will you let me try and help?” Heather asked.

“Um, ok, but it’s Mike who has the problem I just miss the sex.” I replied.

“No, I think that Mike is right you need to be fucked hard, not by him, by a man who will really screw you hard.” Said Heather, “Has Mike only just asked you to fuck another guy?”

“Um, no, often in the past, I always said no.”

“Hm, be honest, did you never think that it might be fun?” She asked.

“Er, I may have… not often.” I stammered.

Heather sent me home, reeling with guilt, was I really bad in bed! She gave me a web sight and made me promise to watch some naughty films, made, she said, by loving couples, she said watch and listen and learn.

On Friday afternoon she phoned and asked if I had watched when I said yes, she asked what I thought.

“Disgusting.” I said, “But you told me to watch more than one so I did, and I found myself getting wet.”

“Good, now will you do as Mike asks and fuck another guy?” She asked.

“Um, er, I don’t know anybody to do it with.” I said.

“So that’s a’yes’ then. Ok you and Mike are invited to a BBQ with Jack and I, noon tomorrow. I told Jack about your problem and asked for his help, he was reluctant, to say the least, but he agreed to meet you and take it from there, oh, and bring costumes we’ll be by the pool. See you.” With that Heather rang off.

Holding and looking at the phone, I thought, ‘what have I done,’ but my pussy was wet. Yes I now called it a pussy!

Mike was quite happy to be invited to a BBQ, so we duly arrived at Jack and Heather’s at midday.

Introductions were made, I noticed Jack looking me up and down. We went through to their pool, a lovely indoor one.

Heather said, pointing, “You guys can change through there.”

We went and changed, Mike remarked how stunning Heather was in her bikini, I had to agree, we went out to them.

Heather looked at me and said, “Come with me Elli.” When we were out of earshot of the men, she said. “Elli you are supposed to be getting Jack turned on, where did that costume come from, the ark?”

“Er, it’s the only one I’ve got.” I replied, blushing at the thought of Jack.”

“Then lets go and get something better.” She said and led me to her bedroom. “Right, take it off.” She turned and went into a walk in cupboard, She rummaged around, “This’ll do.” She came back. Stopped. “Well?”

Blushing, I pulled the shoulder straps off and peeled the suit down, stepped out of it, stood, hands covering myself.

“Let me see you.” She said.

I dropped my hands to my side.

Heather gave a sharp intake of breath. “Golly, Elli, you are stunning, you really need to change your clothes, you always look so drab. Those tits are amazing, what are they DD? But that hairy pussy, very unbecoming!”

“Yes they are, what do you mean? unbecoming” I asked.

She looked at me and peeled her bikini bottoms off. “Wow, you’re shaved, I thought only the young did that.” I exclaimed.

Grinning, she said, “Come here,” Turned and went into the bathroom. “Sit.” pointing at the loo. “Right, I’m going to shave you, no if’s or but’s, ok.” I just nodded. Right lean back and spread your legs.”

She lathered my pussy and shaved me, I could feel my pussy moistening. Heather looked up, grinned and said, “This is turning you on!”

“Um, phew, mm, yes, how did you know?” I asked.

Your pussy lips are engorged.” She said. She pushed a finger in, “Also you’re wet.”

She licked her finger, “Mm, nice! Jack will love this.” She laughed. “Come lets get you dressed before I seduce you myself.”

We went to the bed room, she gave me the bikini she had chosen, put her own back on.

Looked at me smiled and said, “WOW, that’ll knock ’em dead!”

Looking in the mirror I said. “I can’t go out like this, I’m nearly naked, and look at my pussy!”

Heather smiled, and said, “Your tits are bigger than mine, but that covers what it needs, and as for your pussy, that, my dear, is called a camel toe, very fetching.”

“But it’s too revealing, Mike will hate it, and Jack can’t see me like this!” I exclaimed.

“Honey we want both guys lusting over you, remember, we are trying to get Jack to fuck you.” Said Heather.

“He’s your husband, I don’t think I can.” I said, panicking.

Heather put a wrap on me, “Looking like that you could fuck any man you wanted, now enough nonsense .Take the wrap off when you are talking to them both.”

She led the way to the pool, Jack glanced up, “About time, the steaks are ready, Mike said that you would drink a red wine Elli, ok?” He handed me a large one, I took a big gulp. set it down.

“Thanks Jack, Heather lent me a costume, what do you think?” I asked, slipping the canlı casino wrap off my shoulders.

“Shit, that’s hot!” Exclaimed Mike. Jack’s mouth hung open.

“Heather laughed, “Told you! Approved!”

After lunch Jack followed Heather to the kitchen, they came back together, Heather said, “Elli, come swim with me honey.” Swimming to the far end, Heather turned to me. “Jack said ‘yes’ he wants to fuck you, he asked me to set it up for tonight, Did you tell Mike?”

Horrified. I shook my head, glanced across at Mike and Jack, they were chatting away, but Jack glanced over and caught my eye, I looked away. blushing, I said, “I didn’t think he would want to, I mean you are so lovely, why would he?”

She answered, “Because he’s a man, because I’ve said he can, because you are very fuckable, now you leave Mike to me, lets go and join them.”

We swam back, and stepping out of the pool I felt both mens eyes on me. My nipples hardened, I glanced down, they were sticking out, very visible, I felt my pussy clamping and relaxing. I realised that I loved the way the boys looked at me!

Heather had Mike go to the kitchen with her, leaving Jack and I alone. He coughed, I looked at him, seeing lust in his eyes, I blushed and looked away, suddenly short of breath.

“Relax, Elli, relax, here have a glass of wine, calm you down.” Jack said, handing me a glass, his hand brushed up my arm, giving me goosebumps, “If Mike says ‘no’ that’s fine, but I hope he doesn’t.”

Mike and Heather appeared, Mike looking stunned, Heather had a smile on her lips and nodded to Jack.

Mike went to the changing room, looking at me Heather she said, “It’s on.” and smiled. When Mike came back he was dressed. “Come Elli time to go home.”

“Oh, I’ll just change.” I said.

Handing me her wrap Heather said. “Go as you are, use this.”

Silence all the way home, god, I hope that I haven’t messed up.

When we got inside, Mike turned to me, put his hands on my shoulders, looked into my eyes, then hugged and kissed me. “Thank you, darling, thank you! Take that wrap off, let me look at you, god but you are gorgeous, when did you shave! So fucking hot. I love you so much!” He kissed me again, held me at arms length, “You are so, so sexy in that bikini. Jack will be here at eight. Why didn’t you tell me?” He gabbled.

“Oh, darling. I didn’t say anything because I was sure he would say no, I’m still not sure that I can cheat on you, can we phone and stop him?” I gabbled!

“He’s coming to fuck you with my blessing and with Heather’s as well, and I’m taking a double dose of Cialis now!”

Eight, golly that’s less than two hours! “Honey, you sure about this?” He grinned and nodded. “Oh, hell, what am I doing? Um, going to shower, better get dressed, phew! This is crazy! Darling tell me it’s a joke.

Grinning at me he said, “No joke, honey, go get showered.”

I looked at myself in the mirror, I was still wearing Heather’s bikini, I nearly died! my brea… Tits! were barely covered and as for my pussy, the material liked like it had been sucked in by my, um, cunt, it was obscene, yet they had all liked it! Taking it off I looked again, tit’s sagging a little, nipples hard, pussy bald, yes, maybe I didn’t look too bad.

After showering, I lay clothes out, looked at them asking myself what Heather would think, virtually everything she would say ‘drab.’ Hmm, I think I know. With that looked in the mirror, did a twirl, not bad. I went down to Mike who had a drink waiting.

“Wow, stunning!” He said.

Doorbell rang, Mike let Jack in, I felt a hot flush creeping over me, I downed my drink and went to meet Jack.

“Jack, hello.” I said my heart hammering.

“Hello Elli, you look stunning.” He said kissing my hand.

“Er, um, thank you.” I squeaked, unable speak.

Mike, smiling said, “A drink anyone?” I nodded, staring into Jack’s eyes. Jack said, looking at me. “Red wine please.”

While Mike was away Jack held my arms, “This evening is about you, Elli, only you, if, at any time you say no, I’ll stop, ok?” He said.

I nodded, I was shaking, my heart hammering.

“Good, now take off the wrap.” He said.

As Mike came back I was shrugging the wrap off, it fell to the floor, I was standing naked.

I heard Mike hiss as he sucked in his breath. “Bloody hell, fabulous!” Said Jack.

Still shaking, I took the glass of wine, took huge gulp, felt it sliding down, warming… All my senses seemed heightened, I gulped the rest, handed the glass back to Mike, I stood feeling suddenly horny, thinking, oh, god why is he just looking at me, do something, please, someone, do something.

Jack stepped up to me, kissed me then knelt, “Spread your legs baby.” I spread my legs. his hands went to my bum pulling me towards his face, I felt his tongue lick my pussy.

“Unnngg.ooh.” I said pushing my pussy into his face, he licked my slit and then found my clit, my hands came to his head, held him. “Suck it, please, I need to cum.” His one hand came off my bum, he stroked me from my anus (Would Heather say arse?) to my cunt, back and forth, putting kaçak casino pressure every time he got to my anus… arse, then he pushed his fingers into my cunt. “Aaargh, oooh yeeesss, ooh, umm, ung.” I came, my legs buckling under me I fell to the floor.

Jack kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth, I tasted myself, responded to the kiss, remembered Mike, broke the kiss, looked at a glazed Mike, “You ok babe?” I huskily managed to ask, realising that I had never allowed him to do what Jack had just done, giving such pleasure.

“Fuck yea.” Was his response.

“Jack, please undress.” I asked. “Then lets go to the bedroom.”

Standing he quickly stripped, his cock hard and proud, dripped pre cum.

“No, Elli, stand up I want you here, not on your bed.” He said.

Standing, he held and kissed me, backed me up the the table, lifted my one leg, took his cock, put it against my cunt looked at me, pushed… “argh, um, fuck me, (I was learning, the films had taught me.) ooh, that’s so good, aargh, Jack, fuck, fuck,oh yes, yes.” I said. I looked at Mike, he was naked and playing with his hard prick. “Is this what you want honey? Do you like seeing me fucked by my friends husband?”

“Fuck yea, babe fucking hot, fuck her hard, Jack, fuck her, screw her hot cunt, make my wife cum on your prick.” Was his response.

Jack pulled out turned me round pushed me over the table, pushed into me again thrusting hard, hand holding my hair, pulling me into him, I held the table, my tits being rubbed with the pounding I was getting, and enjoying it!

He pulled out again, turned me round bent me over, and said. “Mike come and stick your cock in Elli’s mouth, while I fuck her.”

I looked at Mike, smiled, and beckoned him over, Took his cock into my mouth for the first time, it tasted lovely, why had I never done this for him before? I slurped sucked and pumped, hopefully like the girls in the films.

“Aarrgg, cuumminng,” Grunted Mike and tried to pull out, I held him in and closed my eyes as his cum blasted into my mouth swallowing as much as I could, the rest dribbling out. “Fuck love that was awsome!” He said staggering back.

Jack again pulled out, lay on the floor, “Come ride me baby, get my rocks off in your cunt.” He said.

I impaled myself on him, “What must I do?” I asked.

“Whatever you want.” He replied.

I wriggled myself back and forth, up and down, his hands pulling pinching, twisting at my nipples.

“Lean forward babe, I want to see your cunt riding his cock.” Said Mike. Doing so had Jack sucking on my big tits, “Ouch!” and biting! “That’s magic, babe, magic, fuck him, harder, harder.” Babbled Mike.

I came, oh fuck did I come, a flush spread over me, I could feel my cunt pulsing around Jack’s lovely cock, when he erupted deep in my cunt, thrusting up and groaning, I collapsed onto him, held his face kissing him hard. He held me and kissed back. I looked down at him, “That was amazing, and you are still hard! “I exclaimed.

He glanced over at Mike, pulled me down, whispered in my ear, “You need to go to Mike, he is hard again.”

“What about this?” I whispered back, flexing my cunt on his cock.

He grinned and whispered, “Heather’s lucky night!”

“What are you two whispering about?” Asked Mike.

Getting off Jack, I went to Mike, “Nothing sweetie, now lie down I’m going to fuck you.” Standing over him, my legs on either side of him, playing with my cunt, I asked, “How do you like seeing Jack’s cum oozing out of my freshly fucked cunt, did you enjoy seeing another man’s big cock stretching your wife’s pussy?”

Looking up at me his hard cock pulsing, he replied, “I loved it honey, better than my imagination, fuck me like you fucked him.”

I knelt and placed his cock at my lips, gyrated round on him, he tried to push up, I held him out.. then dropped on him, and fucked my lovely husband, like I had never fucked him before, we were both sweating profusely when he grunted, thrust up hard, and came… He pulled me down and kissed me.

“Oh, Elli, baby, that was fantastic! I can’t believe that you’ve made me cum twice. I’m amazed, after all this time, finally I stayed hard.” He kissed me again.

When we eventually looked, there was no sign of Jack, he had quietly left.

Mike and I drank the wine that he had poured before we started, went and showered, then cuddled together in bed.

“Sweetheart, thank you, and I am really, really sorry that I have been such a drab, sexless wife, Heather was right,sex is good!” I said.

“Oh, honey, I just love you so much!” Said Mike.

I woke first, Mike, on his back lightly snoring. I moved the covers off, took his limp prick and sucked it, ran my tongue round his pee hole, played with his balls with my hand, slowly his cock started to thicken, lengthen and throb. I heard a groan from Mike, felt his hands on my head, I went at him with gusto, sucking slurping and trying to swallow, I gagged, making my eyes water, backed off went down again, gagged, backed off, Mike thrust up, held my head on him and came, I swallowed the first spurt, the rest held in my mouth, some dribbled out. When he released his hold on my head I sat up, opened my mouth, showing the cum to him (I had seen this in a film) closed my mouth swallowed. He groaned, squeezed my tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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