Elizabeth and Lucille Ch. 01

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This story is a complete fantasy. There is no underage sex or cruelty.

I felt so excited as I thought about telling my friend Elizabeth what I had done to my husband Derek. It was so ridiculous and silly. Here I was a 41 year old married woman thinking and feeling like a young teenager.

Derek was a very good husband but he was such a stick in mud. So stern with no sense of humour. He never seemed interested in sex so we had lived an almost celibate life. When we had indulged on the few occasions he had insisted on the lights out and no talking.

He had an excellent job as a top Accountant, but most of his spare time was taken up with taking part in Church functions and supervising his Bible Class.

I knew that Elizabeth would laugh when I told her that I had masturbated him in our lounge just before he went to Bible classes. A few months earlier it would have been inconceivable.

To be fair, Elizabeth had told me there must be another side to be husband when we had found those naughty pictures on his computer when he was at work. I will explain more about that later.

I picked the phone up and dialed her. When my next door neighbour answered I was bursting to tell her “Liz, I have just done it to Derek. He has just left to go to his Bible class. I heard her chuckle. We had talked about things like this for the last 3 months.

I could almost imagine her sitting there on the phone smiling as she asked me “Did you do it properly to him Lucille? Like we talked?” I wanted her to be pleased “Yes Elizabeth. I did it to him in our lounge.”

She chuckled “You wanked him off?”

“Yes Liz. I wanked him off, just like we said.”

She sounded pleased with me, but wanted me to explain more “You had his cock fully out Lucille?”

She was about 50 but always seemed more like an attractive older Aunt. I wanted to tell her everything that had happened but was concerned about her husband and asked “Where is William, Liz?”

She laughed again and said “Don’t worry about William. He has gone upstairs for a rest. Now Lucy I want you to tell me how you did it.” She usually called me Lucy when she was being personal with me.

I loved explaining “He was sitting on the easy chair by the window making notes for his lecture. His Bible was on a small table next to him.”

“Where were you?”

I was on the settee directly opposite him, messing about with my laptop pretending to be busy.”

“What were you wearing?”

I had my white blouse on and knee length skirt.”

She sounded disappointed “Knee length?”

I giggled “I had let it rise up my thighs as I pretended to be having some difficulties with the computer.”

“I hope you weren’t wearing tights.”

No of course not. I think he could see my knickers.” She chuckled again. This was exactly as we had planned. “What made you think that?”

“I could see his trousers swelling and he was staring.”

She knew what sort of man my husband was and she was enjoying it as much as I was. “What about his Bible?”

I laughed “He seemed to forget about it.”

“Lucille. I want you to tell me exactly what happened. Don’t miss out anything.”

She sounded like an old Head Mistress or a sort of Auntie who must be obeyed. Although we were both married women, I sometimes called her Aunty as a little joke although it did suit our naughty games sometimes. I giggled “Yes Aunty.” She ignored my joke and almost ordered me to get on with it.

I loved it when my friend became officious and told her “I put my laptop down but kept my legs open. As he was still staring I reached over and pressed his swelling.”

“Did he say anything?”

“No, he just groaned a bit.”

“He could see your panties and must have had a horn on for you.”

“He did. I could feel the heat through his trousers.” She just waited for me to continue.

I told her “I just knelt in front of him and undid his trousers and pulled it out.”

“Did you like seeing it in the light?” Although I had been married to Derek for such a long time, I don’t think I had seen it properly.

I murmured “His cock was standing up straight.”

“You mean his prick, Lucille. Tell me about your husband’s prick.”

I was panting as we talked now. I remember we had seen that word in little fantasies on Derek’s computer.

“Yes Elizabeth. Derek’s prick was throbbing in my hand and the knob at the top was nice and red and the slit was glistening.”

Elizabeth was groaning herself now which made me feel even nicer for me and I continued “As I used my fist on him the slit started to leak some liquid.”

“That lovely Lucy. It was pre cum. He was getting ready to spunk.”

“Yes I knew that, Elizabeth, so I did what you told me to.”

She knew, but waited for me to explain. I told her.

“I just let go of his penis and stood up in front of him and pulled my knickers down to my knees.”

“But you made sure he could see you?”

I giggled “Of course. I had my skirt right up and my legs casino oyna open.”

“So he could see all your minge?”

“All of it.”

I loved explaining the detail and knew she loved listening. We were both feeling so flushy. She murmured “He could see your hairy cunt.”

I would have giggled but I was also panting “Yes my hairy cunt, and when he looked down he could also see inside my panties. He was even holding his cock and staring inside my panty gusset.”

Elizabeth groaned “Go on Lucy. What happened next?”

I was enjoying telling my friend all the details and enjoying it almost as much as when I was doing it to my husband.

“I let my panties drop to my ankles and then reached down and slipped them over my shoes. He was watching me all the time, Liz and not saying anything?”

I emphasized “Not a word Elizabeth. He was panting a lot and had his hand on his penis.”

“On his prick.”

“Yes, Elizabeth. I picked up my panties and removed his hand and then wrapped my knickers around his prick.”

“He must have been very excited by now Elizabeth.”

“Yes, Liz. He likes my panties. I was just in time.”

She realised what I was telling her “Did he cum a lot?”

“Yes, like you said he would.”

“All over your face?”

“Yes Liz. Loads of it.”

She chuckled “Lots of lovely spunk all over your face. Tell me more about his spunk.”

“It was in my hair, on my cheeks and on my teeth.”

She loved it “In your mouth?”

“Yes Elizabeth, a lot of it dripped off my face into my mouth.”

“Did you like it? What did it taste like?”

I hesitated for a moment. I hadn’t thought about that. I just said “I think it tasted like spunk.”

She laughed “A nice spunky taste. That’s lovely Lucille. We will both enjoy making him spunk for us.”

I noticed that she used the words ‘we’ and ‘us’. That excited me even more and I agreed “Yes, we will use him to spunk for us.”

We both felt a tremendous sense of power and were both half laughing and half giggling and saying outrageous things in a sort of possessive way.

I loved it and she piled it on more “Derek will be our spunky boy. We will make him spunk whenever we want to.” I agreed.

I enjoyed thinking how we would do it to him. We both knew that he had a panty fetish.

We both knew his fantasies from his computer and I whispered loudly “We will use our panties to start him off and do dirty things to him before he goes to Bible Class.”

Somehow, bringing in the subject of his Bible made it even more outrageous and taboo and flushy. My words must have made my friend think and she asked “So how did you finish it, Lucille?”

I calmed down a little and told her “I used my panties to clean him up a bit and then gave them to him and sent him to the bathroom.”

“Did he say anything?”

“He was out of breath but he managed ‘Thank you very much’. He seemed more grateful than at any time since I married him.”

She laughed “Did you say anything to him?”

I nodded “I was a bit dismissive and simply told him to wash my dirty knickers before he returned them. He just mumbled ‘Thank you very much again’. He was so grateful. He knew things would be different from now on.”

Elizabeth had enjoyed our chat and told me so. I thought this was a good time to ask “Derek is out now Elizabeth. You did say that William was in bed, would it be convenient if I called over for a cup of tea.”

We both knew I was asking for more than just a cup of tea.

She laughed “Better not today, Love. I have some shopping to do and my daughter-in-law Claire is calling over later on.”

I had met Claire a few times. She was very attractive and clearly very close to both Elizabeth and William. I felt disappointed but it couldn’t be helped. As I said earlier, although Elizabeth and I were both married women, I accepted she was in charge of things.

It had been like this since we started being friends 6 months ago when Derek and I had moved to this new house. Elizabeth and William had been lovely next door neighbours and helped us settle in wonderfully. From that period the relationship between Liz and I blossomed and then changed so gradually that I had hardly noticed.


Although we already lived in a very nice house, Derek and I had been on the lookout for something nicer for quite some time. Derek was even more enthusiastic than I and saying “We are almost 42 now Lucille, we have to think where we want to spend the rest of our lives when we retire.

I didn’t want to move very far, as our village was very pretty, set in the hills and dales of Southern England and it suited my social life and Derek’s work. He traveled around a lot as his services as an Accountant were required by many people. Nevertheless he didn’t want to travel too far.

One day he came in really excited about a lovely cottage he had discovered at the other end of the village just above the river. The fact that he was excited was a good sign canlı casino as he was a very dour sort of man who never showed his feelings.

This had in fact impacted on our sexual life which was effectively nonexistent. However he is a good man and I settled for the comfortable life that he gave me. We were quite happy.

To cut a long story short, the cottage was so beautiful we put in a cash offer straight away which was accepted and within a month had moved in.

On our first day, we met our next door neighbours, Mr and Mrs Kent, they were really lovely and so helpful. I think Mrs Kent was a little older than we were although Mr Kent must have been about 60. They were very elegant and smart and Mr Kent had sparkling eyes and seemed full of fun.

When we were on our own Mrs Kent quietly explained that her husband William was in fact 66 years old and did have some health problems which made him very tired and he usually went to bed very early.

Over those first few weeks I found myself turning to my next door neighbours for advice on so many things. They were so proficient at many things and they both encouraged us to ask.

It turned out that Mrs Kent was also Chair Person of the local Women’s Institute and on the Governors Panel at the local school and was very much in demand. Although Mr Kent had retired years earlier he had so many respected contacts that he was able to help Derek with some new clients who were really well heeled.

Although they always referred to us as Lucille and Derek, we still tended to call them Mr and Mrs Kent as it sounded too familiar to call them Elizabeth and William. It was something of a joke until Mrs Kent insisted that I call her Elizabeth or Liz if I wished and she emphasized that her husband was William. We did but would slip up at times.

After about a month we really were on close terms and would call into each other’s cottages about 3 or 4 times a week. I really looked up to Elizabeth and if the truth be known I thought about her a lot too much and if we didn’t see each other some days I felt quite down.

If we were both in the garden we would always end up in one of our houses having a cup of tea and a piece of cake. We were usually alone as Derek was always in work and mostly William had popped up to bed for a rest.

Elizabeth had been a Personnel Manager for a large firm for most of her life and some of her stories were so interesting. It wasn’t really just gossip as no names were passed on but it made me think that perhaps Derek and I weren’t such an odd couple after all.

I had such confidence in her that I gradually told her that although Derek and I were very happy, we had very little sexual contact. She didn’t seem surprised.

She was so motherly as she explained “That sort of contact isn’t absolutely necessary for a happy marriage but in real life it does improve things.”

I wanted to tell her more about Derek and myself but didn’t want to over burden her with my problems.

She was lovely and told me that up till about 10 years earlier, William had been such a dynamic man in bed that it came as a bit of a shock for him when he started to fail. She had however discovered other little ways in which she could help him achieve satisfaction and pleasure.

She didn’t elaborate but I must confess it made me wonder what she did to him.

Our conversations were so honest that I found myself confessing to little fantasies of my own. She laughed “There’s nothing new in that Lucille. We all do it. Have you read any of the stories on Literotica?”

Actually I had and I blushed a little as I thought this was a terrible secret.

She smiled “Most women seem ashamed of it Lucille but in a survey carried out about 2 years ago, it was established that women are more prone to fantasize about naughty things than men. Although our fantasies are probably more gentle and erotic rather than the wham bam affairs of men.”

I felt a lot happier now about my guilty secrets. I also told her that I had found some naughty pictures on Derek’s computer and some fantasy stories that he must have written. They had shocked me at the time as it was so unlike his general everyday personality.

She was so reassuring and explained that both men and women could have really lurid fantasies and explained that sometimes it was better if they were spoken about as it could cause some strain if bottled up.

Over the next few days I told her some of my dreamies which could involve a lot of underwear and older people and even some cuckolding.

She laughed “I like the cuckolding ones as well Lucy especially if the husband is made to watch and it excites him.”

It made me blush as that was one of my favourite squishies and I told her.

She smiled and took me to her computer and showed me some pictures which I think were from the internet and showed a young woman kneeling on a bed with a man’s penis in her mouth.

What made me gasp the most, was the fact that another man was watching with his trousers down masturbating. kaçak casino It was like a scene from one of my most secret fantasies.

She was sitting in front of the computer as I stood at her side bending forward looking at the screen.

I muttered “Gosh, that is so exciting Elizabeth. It looks as if the man standing up could be the woman’s husband and he is a cuckold.”

I found that even saying the word cuckold was exciting.

Elizabeth spoke seriously “In the story with that picture that is exactly the case. Just imagine Lucy if you were that woman and it was Derek watching you do that with another man.

I had already had that thought in my mind and it made me feel excited. Then I felt her hand go up the back of my skirt and squeeze my thigh half way up.

I was in a sort of exquisite ecstasy. I had never thought too much about women and women together although I had read the exciting stories. I was so confused now that I actually opened my legs and bent forward more.

It was obviously an invitation, but Elizabeth simply removed her hand and gave me a single slap across my bottom through my skirt saying “That’s enough for today. If it goes on any further you may get spanked for being a naughty girl.”

I wanted to giggle but I was breathing too heavily. I wished she had gone further.

She made us both another cup of tea and asked me about Derek’s clients. I told her that the last few clients that William had obtained for him were really first class. Derek was really grateful.

We talked about the WI and the local schools and the gardens. She was so interesting but didn’t touch on the fantasy things any more. I felt disappointed.

That night I took ages to go to sleep. I kept thinking about Elizabeth and her joke about spanking me. I wondered if she would do other things to me. It made me feel so strange and a little gushy.

The next day after Derek had left for work, I rang Elizabeth up and invited her into my home for a cup of coffee. She was so pleasant but told me that she and William would be out most of the morning but they would probably be back early afternoon. She added “William will probably go to bed for a few hours Lucille so we could manage to have a chat then.”

I was disappointed but couldn’t do much about it. I was on pins for the rest of the morning waiting for her to call. She didn’t, so just after lunch I rang again and she had just returned saying “I will call over in about half an hour Lucille.” I was over the moon.

When she sat down, she looked gorgeous in her nice dress. It was a little low cut and it made me feel strange. I realised that I may be making a nuisance of myself and nervously apologized.

Elizabeth was wonderful. She laughed out loud and scolded me for being such a silly girl. “You should realise Lucille how much William and I appreciate how nice you and Derek are to us. We both enjoy chatting. I know I am older than you are and William must appear to be positively ancient to you.”

I was so relieved. She didn’t realize how lovely she made me feel and I went into a rather stumbling monologue about how grateful my husband and I were and so on and I thought that William made me feel nice. I must have made my feelings a bit too clear.

She just laughed and joked “You will have to be careful about being too nice to William, Lucy. He has already told me he fancies you. Actually so do I.” Our chatting had become very light hearted now and I poured the coffee and brought out some nice cakes.

Again we talked about everything but she didn’t say anything about the things we had talked about the previous day.

Finally I could wait no longer and said “You really made me feel less guilty about my fantasies when we talked yesterday Elizabeth. Thank you so much.”

She smiled in a motherly way “That quite OK Lucille. I will talk to you any time on any subject. Don’t forget with all my experience in Personnel Management I have met with most problems. And additionally I am very human as well and most of the feelings and excitements you experience, I do as well.”

She was wonderful. I had been bothered for some time about the use of bad words in the Literotica stories. I told her that although I never used bad language in real life the words tended to excite me when I read them in naughty stories.

She looked at me kindly “You are worrying too much Lucille. All women feel exactly the same. Tell me, when you read about exciting things, does Derek know how they make you feel?” I shook my head.

“So what happens? I suppose you go to the bathroom to be alone and do it to yourself?”

I nodded. I realised that she knew but was just helping me to bring it out.

“Do you undress to do it?”

I shook my head.

Do you take your panties off?”

“Sometimes, but I usually leave them on.”

“What about plastic things or vegetables?” I shook my head.

She nodded. She obviously understood everything “So it appears Lucy that you usually use your fingers and do it without taking your panties off?”

She really did understand and I felt embarrassed as I said demurely “Yes, Elizabeth.”

She smiled “That seems perfectly normal, Lucille. The main thing is whether you enjoy it.”

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